Web Animation: Silver Quill

Meet Silver Quill. A Brony who got started on DeviantArt and then one day decided to create a YouTube account to talk about the latest episodes of the show giving a comedic, but also straight-to-the-point review for each one. He sometimes brings guest reviewers on to assist him in giving each episode a deconstruction, talking about what was done well, what wasn't, et cetera. His mix of thoughtful analysis and hammy humor have quickly made him one of the more popular brony analysts.

Unlike other MLP reviewers who favor ponies as OC, his stand-in in the videos is a hippogriff.

You can check his YouTube account and his DeviantArt account.

You can also support him via his Patreon.


  • Added Alliterative Appeal: From his review of "Friends Forever 13" featuring Babs Seed and Rarity, after seeing a pony at the roller derby who happens to look like Princess Cadence:
    Silver Quill: Our precious pink princess pummels ponies for a pastime!
  • The Alcoholic: He regularly comes up with and partakes in drinking games, and it's bitten him in the flank more than once. He claims it's because he's 90% Irish.
  • Big Bad Friend: With Sombra.
  • Bowel Breaking Bricks / Bring My Brown Pants: Seeing Lord Tirek's introduction caused him to literally pass a brick.
  • Breaking the Reviewer's Wall: He often talks to characters on the show.
  • Brick Joke:
    • At the end of the review of "Rarity Takes Manehattan", Silver states that he can't fly because his animator is too lazy to make a flying animation for him. His collaborative review of Rainbow Falls has him attempting to fly when he sees Toon Critic has a flight animation...
    • Comes back again in his review of "For Whom The Sweetie Bell Toils" when he finally gets one.
    • While reviewing the Friends Forever with Rarity and Babs Seed, Silver Quill blows out his own D'aww Meter the same way Ink Rose blew out hers in their Maud Pie crossover. He even calls her to tell her she was right.
  • The Chew Toy: Silver Quill gets quite a bit of abuse during his analysis, some of which normal Hippogriffs wouldn't survive. To summarize, he's been...
    • Beaten up by his friends.
    • Captured by the Star Spiders.
    • Fell in a deep hole no thanks to Siri.
    • Beaten up by Rainbow Dash and Big Macintosh.
    • Electrocuted several times by his producer. Each shock enough to fry a turkey, by the way.
    • Uppercut to the moon by Big Macintosh.
    • Fan reactions literally blew up in his face.
    • Had his head shoved through an accordion.
    • An ego-meter detonated in his grip.
    • Beaten up by Apple Bloom.
    • Shot out of the Party Howitzer.
    • Tackled by Fluffle Puff.
    • Was in the middle of the universe exploding.
    • Ended up at the moon by Celestia.
    • Hit by a Delorean and into a tree.
    • Had his head shoved up a megaphone.
    • Scorched by a flame geyser.
    • Had a cell phone blow up in his face.
    • Had been put through Inception's levels by Golden Fox.
    • Was turned into a "reverse" hippogriff.
    • Fallen from a six-story diving board into a pie pan of water.
    • Nearly caught in a pop rocks and soda explosion.
    • Got an arrow shot in his head.
    • Had a hangover and a caffeine rush at the same time.
    • Shot through the head with a javelin..
    • Got blown up while trying to reenact the Over 9000 meme.
    • Tirek squished him underneath his hoof and continues to review stuck in his hoofprint.
    • Nearly beaten up by an angry mob consisting of the Mane 6, the Royal Family, and Big Macintosh over all the jokes made at their expense of the series run.
    • Tried to lift a minigun, only to fall over due to how heavy it is.
    • Got chased and nearly killed by the BLU Team Analysts.
    • Got beaten up by Rarity and stuffed in a suit that Silver thinks she 'made from his own tears.'
    • Heck, his reporter title is "Universal Punching Bag"!
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The first two videos that Silver Quill released had a black background. It has changed to show locations.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Apparently there's a rule for hybrid creatures to not devour another hybrid. This is why Silver didn't have trouble from the chimera.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: He's admitted to not being a nice guy, but while taking advantage of the Loophole Abuse present in "The Good, the Bad, and the Pony", he eventually gives up mid taunt because it was "so contrived".
  • Evil All Along: Nightmare Night 2014 reveals that he's secretly been the Antichrist all along. Although this could be considered subverted by the fact that the whole video was a board game being played by the Cutie Mark Crusaders. In "The Shipping Game", he briefly goes into his Antichrist form, apparently dates a dragon, and seems to have arranged the show in order to bring together a lot of ponies for her to kill.
  • For the Lulz: He does a lot of things to get a rise out of people, even if it's particularly dangerous.
    Digibrony: Are you crazy?!
    Silver Quill: Sources point to yes!
  • Four Philosophy Ensemble: He and Voice of Reason are Realists
  • Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: Not a very good shot. As seen in his video for a TF2/MLP Analysis video project.
  • Go-Karting with Bowser: Silver's quartet, as seen in the Filli Vanilli review, is composed of King Sombra, Slendermane, and a tatzlwurm. With the reveal that He's the Antichrist, this actually makes a lot more sense.
  • Large Ham: Silver Quill
  • Mix-and-Match Critter: Silver Quill is a hippogriff. Part eagle, part pony in this case, as he has a Cutie Mark and is apparently cousin to griffons.
  • Only Sane Man: He is a tad eccentric, but compared to his colleagues, he's more of a voice of reason than the self-proclaimed Voice of Reason.
  • Overly Long Gag: When reviewing the Friends Forever of Rarity and Babs, he remarks about the comic being over 36% of a certain skit. Then goes on to repeat "36" like a calculation would for several screens, passing several characters.
    Silver Quill: 363636363636- Math is fun.
  • The Reveal: Silver Quill is the Antichrist. Maybe. It was a game played by the CMC so probably not..
  • Troll: By his own admittance as of his Flash Sentry video.
  • Running Gag: His praising of John de Lancie as if he were a holy figure.
  • Shout-Out: Where to begin? Silver Quill loves pop culture references.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Slendermane is one to him.
  • Strictly Formula: Silver points out in his "Twilight's Kingdom" review that every two-part episode has followed more-or-less the same basic premise. So much so, that he made a Mad Libs out of it.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: With all he's been through, it turns out he's really susceptible to cuteness. It's what finally kills him. He comes back to life by next episode.