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FANTISCI (FAN-tih-sigh) 1) Professional reality-dodger, anime fan, bookworm and escapee from university, set loose to torment English classrooms. Based in Scotland, near Glasgow. Often writes tropes when suffering from insomnia, which explains the nonsense, typos and formatting errors she comes up with... 2)One who harbours a deep seated hatred of the woes of the Speculative Fiction debate, given the many, many scenarios that have seen her running up and down the staircases at book shops trying to locate a book that doesn't know whether to be fantasy or science fiction. Particularly vexed by the sadistic glee with which such shops separate these genres by at least four floors, only to rearrange the layout of the place when she finally figures out where everything is.

I'm also a science-fiction convention in the USA, if Google is to be believed. Odd, really.

Did the initial entries for the tropes:

...and for the series:

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