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Trivia: Austin Powers
  • Acting for Two: Mike Myers as Austin Powers, Dr. Evil, Goldmember and Fat Bastard.
  • Actor Allusion: When Dr. Evil drops Mini-Me and he hops back up, Dr. Evil exclaims "And he's okay!" just like Myers did about Stacey as Wayne.
    • Austin's line about "controlling the VOLUME OF [HIS] VOICE" in the first film originated in a SNL sketch a few years prior, in which Myers played a British film-show host.
    • Clint Howard plays a flight controller in all movies, like he did in Apollo 13.
  • Defictionalization: Someone actually tried putting together a shark with a freakin laser beam attached to it's head.
  • Fake Brit:
    • Mike Myers, who is Canadian (although his parents are from the UK).
    • American Mimi Rogers as Mrs. Kensington.
  • Fake Nationality: Mustafa is portrayed in the first two movies by Will Ferrell, who is not even remotely Turkish.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!
  • Punny Name: According to the DVD commentary for the first movie, the Sphynx cat playing Mr. Bigglesworth was called Ted Nude-Gent.
  • Regional Bonus: A few countries had a cut with deleted scenes, including Christian Slater's cameo and the death of mooks being mourned (which includes a cameo by Rob Lowe).
  • Sleeper Hit: New Line expected nothing from the first film after it got the worst test screening scores in studio history. Then it grossed $50 million in theatres and became a monster on video.
  • Throw It In: There are probably a bunch, but one is the unscripted chair malfunction in the moon base.
    • Doctor Evil's "shh"ing of Scott was made up on the spot and went on to become a running gag.
    • Austin's one-liners when the guard was killed by ill-tempered mutant sea bass were the result of Mike Myers forgetting his scripted lines.
    • In the opening dance sequence of The Spy Who Shagged Me, one of the synchronised swimmers emerges from the water with her fluffy pink hat accidentally covering her eyes.
  • Too Soon: A throwaway line about the end of the Prince and Princess of Wales's marriage was cut from the UK and Canadian prints after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, one week before the film's premiere.
  • Trope Namer for the following:
  • Vindicated by Cable: The first movie was only a modest hit at the box office, but actually wound up making significantly more money through rentals. It's one of the only movies to do so.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Vanessa was to be featured largely in the second one but due to Elizabeth Hurley being busy with other work she was revealed to have been a fembot and written off.
    • Mike Myers originally wanted Jim Carrey to play Dr. Evil, but Carrey passed on the role due to scheduling conflicts with Liar Liar.
    • Myers wanted the second film's subtitle to be The Wrath of Khan. For obvious reasons, the execs wouldn't let him do it.

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