Awesome / Austin Powers

  • In the 1st movie, the fembots are seducing Austin and he counters their mojo with his own.
    • Which leads to a Not What It Looks Like moment when Vanessa walks in on Austin in his undies. He tries to explain in a long and confusing way, while she looks on skeptically, and then...she believes him.
  • In the second movie, we get two Austin Powers for the price of one!
    • Even if she was using him, the fact remains that Fat Bastard actually got to sleep with Felicity Shagwell.
  • Austin gets Felicity out of the gas chamber by punching the glass so hard that it breaks.
  • The opening of the third film is an action sequence. For a comedy film, it is really exciting. On the DVD extras, we get a featurette on that sequence. The Stunt Co-ordinator says "Very rarely you would have action for a comedic film." BUT IT WAS AWESOME! Followed by many cameos which will cause anyone to gasp. We have Tom Cruise, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kevin Spacey, Danny DeVito, Brittney Spears, Quincey Jones, and STEVEN SPEILBERG.
  • Also, in the third movie, Nigel's takedown of Dr. Evil's mooks in the submarine. He tells them exactly how he's going to do it and does it. He tells the last guy to just fall down and he obeys, because Nigel is that badass.
  • Dr. Evil kicking the Klansman's ass on Jerry Springer in the second film. No one gets to insult Scott like that.
    Dr. Evil: I got his hood!
  • The fight scene between Austin and Fat Bastard in the third movie. In particular, Austin is able judo-flip such a heavy man over twice.