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Tear Jerker: Austin Powers
Despite being a series of comedic movies parodying James Bond, these movies would still have sad moments.

  • While it was played for laughs seconds afterward, Vanessa turning out to be one of Dr. Evilís kamikaze fembots who attempts to kill Austin only to self-destruct can be rather disorienting for the first time viewer.
    • Austin's behavior afterwards probably didn't help the people who were big fans of her in the first film.
  • The scene from International Man of Mystery where it sinks in for Austin that almost all of his old friends are long dead.
    • The scene before that shows that Myers can act even in a comedy when he talks about Vanessa's mother.
    Austin: She was really groovy, your dad loved her very much, if there was any other cat that could love her as much as your dad, it was me. Unfortunately, for yours truly that ship has sailed.
  • "Dad? Dad? Daddy?"
  • This deleted song from Goldmember always gets this troper every time. [1].
  • Fat Bastard's little speech from the end of The Spy Who Shagged Me is surprisingly this. "I eat because I'm unhappy... and I'm unhappy because I eat" sounds like the lament of a lot of people with weight problems who don't know how to break the cycle.
  • While funny, it's at at the same sad when Austin at first assumes that his father wasn't at his knighting ceremony because he was kidnapped, and then is informed he was kidnapped after Austin was knighted.
  • When Scott Evil started to show more signs that he was evil, he started to replace Mini-Me. Dr. Evil then sadly sends Mini-Me off. However, it later became a Crowning Moment of Funny when he flipped off Dr. Evil when he was leaving.
  • When Felicity dies in the second film. "I love you Felcity."


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