Heartwarming / Austin Powers

  • At the end of the second film, Scott is on the Jerry Springer Show again. Jerry says "We have a surprise or you." Frau comes out and reveals to Scott that he was her love child to Dr Evil. Scott says "But I thought I was a test tube baby." Frau answers "All lies. ALL LIES!" Scott says "I love you, Mom." Frau replies "I love you too, son."
    • Also Jerry's final thought to the audience is "No one can take your mojo."
  • Even the first time they're on Jerry Springer, the whole riot is started because the KKK guy insulted Dr. Evil, which set Scott off, which in turn set Dr. Evil off.
  • In the third film, Scott - who's getting more and more evil throughout the film - has a present for his father. The present being?
    Dr. Evil: Are...those sharks with laser beams attached to their heads????
    • Also counts as a callback to the first film.
  • A small one from the first film: Austin is having some fun with Vanessa in their hotel room, then despite his attempts to hit on her, refuses a kiss from her because she's drunk. In his words "it's not right."
    • This has become a Crowning Moment of Awesome as a meme proclaiming that even someone who Really Gets Around like Austin knows not to take advantage.
    • The various goofy bits he does behind the couch are a bit too, since he's clearly doing it just to make her laugh and have fun. He may be one of the most oversexed men in the world, but Austin cares about her.
  • Meta: Ted, the name of the sphynx cat that played Mr. Bigglesworth was very fond of Mike Myers, and often delayed filming by sleeping on his lap.