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Shout Out: Final Fantasy XIV
You can barely go two yalms in Eorzea without running into a Shout-Out, Pun, or Punny Shout-Out. To name a few of them:



FATE Titles

  • A boss FATE has you fighting a giant crab called Cancer. The name of the FATE is It's Not Lupus.
  • Clever Girls, which, for bonus points, has the players fighting off a swarm of "Anoles" (which look like velociraptors)
  • A boss fate against Voll the Sharkskinned is called Sharknado.
  • One at the Blessed Bud in Gridania is called, wait for it... Breaking Bud.
  • There is a FATE that pits the characters against Karkinos, a Giant Enemy Crab. The title of which is. "Giant Enemy Crab"
  • One in Upper La Noscea is called Nine-ilm Snails.

NPC Names

  • The Warrior Job quests are all given to you by a Roegadyn named Curious Gorge.
  • The leader of the millers in the "Poor Maid's" FATE chain in La Noscea is named Rabid Ratata.

Quest and Guildleve Titles

  • A mission that you need to take to obtain a permit to get a Chocobo mount is called My Little Chocobo.
  • One of the Arcanist class quests is called Grimoire Fandango.
  • One of the Dragoon job quests is called Double Dragoon.
  • There's the Mining Leve "Get to the Copper".
  • In Little Ala Mhigo, there's a leve titled "Drake's Misfortune".
  • The quest to confront King Moggle Mog is titled "You Have Selected Regicide".
  • Quest to slay some Mongrels in Eastern Thanalan is called "All Dogs Go To Hell"
  • A Story quest that has you dancing for some Sylphs is called "Dance Dance Diplomacy"
    • A few quests later and you are sent to get the Twin Alder to find the elder sylph in a quest called Spirited Away
  • There is a quest called Wretched Hive of Villainy, the questgiver opens by saying the location (a hive) Wasn't initially a "wretched nest of scum and villainy".
  • There's even a shout out to This Very Wiki! One of the quests is called "Enemy Mine" and it involves someone in the South Shroud (In a city state that doesn't approve of poaching) asking the poachers and Redberry Wasps to look out for Garleans.
  • The quest to unlock Haukke Manor Hard Mode is titled "Maniac Manor"
  • The quest to unlock Hard Mode for Tam-Tara Deepcroft is called Corpse Groom.
  • One guildleve quest in Coerthas is called "We Can Dismember It For You Wholesale", a reference to a Philip K. Dick short story titled "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale", which in turn was the basis for the movie Total Recall.


  • One vanity pet you can own is a gray cube with legs and wings called the "Demon Brick". It is believed to be a shoutout to World of Warcraft developer Ghostcrawler, who famously expressed his annoyance with theorycrafters by saying they'd use a featureless gray cube for a pet if it gave them a little extra DPS.
  • One of the attacks used in the final fight for Tam-tara Deepcroft Hard Mode is Red Wedding.
  • In Hull Breaker Isle, the final boss is a Kraken, who uses an attack called At World's End.

Legacy specific

  • In Ul'dah at "The Platinum Mirage", a Mammet will tell your fortune. After analyzing you, he can tell you "The answer... is 42."
  • In the Twelveswood surrounding Gridania, there is a type of Galago (monkey-creatures) called "Curious Galago".
  • The Quests for the battles against Ifrit in 1.0 were called "It Kills With Fire" and "Ifrit Bleeds, We Can Kill It".
    • The latter was reused as the unlocking quest for the "Extreme" fight with Ifrit.
  • In a city to the West of Limsa, there's a Roegadyn named "Immodest Mouse".

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