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Shout Out: Final Fantasy XIV
You can barely go two yalms in Eorzea without running into a Shout-Out, Pun, or Punny Shout-Out. To name a few of them:



  • The Challenge for sending your retainers out on 15 Exploration Ventures within a week is called Venture Bothers.


FATE Titles

  • A boss FATE has you fighting a giant crab called Cancer. The name of the FATE is It's Not Lupus.
  • Clever Girls, which, for bonus points, has the players fighting off a swarm of "Anoles" (which look like velociraptors).
  • A boss fate against Voll the Sharkskinned is called Film/Sharknado.
  • One at the Blessed Bud in Gridania is called, wait for it... Breaking Bud.
  • There is a FATE that pits the characters against Karkinos, a Giant Enemy Crab. The title of which is... "Giant Enemy Crab".
  • One in Upper La Noscea is called Nine-ilm Snails.
  • One in the Black Shroud is called Robbin' Goblins.
  • The exact same Family Guy reference mentioned under Dialogue is also made in the title of a FATE involving an avian monster named Simurgh, which is - you guessed it - "Simurgh Is The Word".
  • The 2014 Saints' Wake event includes a FATE in Ul'dah titled "Main Street Spectral Parade".

Mob and NPC Names

  • The Warrior Job quests are all given to you by a Roegadyn named Curious Gorge.
  • The leader of the millers in the "Poor Maid's" FATE chain in La Noscea is named Rabid Ratata.
  • One of the Elite Marks in Western La Noscea is a crab named Dark Helmet.

Quest and Guildleve Titles


  • One vanity pet you can own is a gray cube with legs and wings called the "Demon Brick". It is believed to be a shout-out to World of Warcraft developer Ghostcrawler, who famously expressed his annoyance with theorycrafters by saying they'd use a featureless gray cube for a pet if it gave them a little extra DPS.
  • One of the attacks used in the final fight for Tam-tara Deepcroft Hard Mode is Red Wedding.
  • The final boss of Hullbreaker Isle is a Kraken, who uses an attack called At World's End.
  • A level 48 Culinarian's Frying pan tool is named Hells' Kitchen.

Legacy specific

  • In Ul'dah at "The Platinum Mirage", a Mammet will tell your fortune. After analyzing you, he can tell you "The answer... is 42."
  • In the Twelveswood surrounding Gridania, there is a type of Galago (monkey-creatures) called "Curious Galago".
  • The Quests for the battles against Ifrit in 1.0 were called "It Kills With Fire" and "Ifrit Bleeds, We Can Kill It". The latter is reused as the unlocking quest for Ifrit (Extreme) in ARR.
  • In a city to the west of Limsa, there's a Roegadyn named "Immodest Mouse".

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