Self Demonstrating: Mewtwo

"Behold my powers! I am the most powerful Pokémon in the world!"

You. Young troper. Come closer.

No, I am not talking to you, for I lack the ability to form words with true speech. I am telepathically projecting my thoughts into your brain.

So, you have entered the lair of Mewtwo, the most powerful Pokémon in the world, and even bothered to document the various traits of my species. Now that I meet you face-to-face (or at least through this Internet of yours), it's time to fight.

But before I get around to destroying you with my Psychic Powers, you foolish humans should first get to know about me.

My story has been told in many forms, and in many ways. After all, I am a legendary Pokémon, and like all mythical creatures, humans know little about me, and therefore present all sorts of different interpretations of the story of Mewtwo. Except, of course, for the humans that created me.

Yes, the humans that created me...

Although many stories have been told about me, one thing remains consistent: I am a man-made clone of Mew, purportedly the ancestor of all Pokémon. However, shortly after my creation, I went insane and destroyed the lab where I was born.

So you want to delay our battle further by asking about the stories that humans have told about me? It won't matter much, because afterwards I will crush you with my mind in a matter of seconds.

My first appearance was in the Pokemon Red And Blue video games. In said games, a young trainer named Red (or Leaf) read a chronicle of my creation in Cinnabar Island Pokémon Mansion. The trainer would encounter me much later in Cerulean Cave. Many years later, Pokémon X and Y would show me once again, now having taken refuge in Pokémon Village's Unknown Dungeon in Kalos.

Upon my introduction in Red and Blue, I was by far at my most powerful, being nearly impossible to defeat by any of your foolish lesser Pokémon. While in later generations that fool Arceus has overtaken me, X and Y have given me two new Mega Evolutions that allow my power to far surpass that of even the Creator. In my X form, my body increases in bulk, and my physical strength far surpasses any known Pokémon. In my Y form, many of my traits regress to make me more closely resemble my template, Mew. I become much smaller as most of my mass is converted into brainpower, enhancing my mental capabilities far beyond known limits. In both forms, my higher offensive stat surpasses even the alien Deoxys in its Attack Forme, who thought it could outclass me in terms of psionic capabilities. I even found a way to overcome the Dark Type, which I freely admit worried me on some level for a time. Finding almost all of my powers all but useless against them was...unsettling. As such, I mastered Aura and created the Miracle Eye technique, both allowing me to overcome them.

I have also appeared in many other video games. Perhaps my most well-known side game appearance is in Super Smash Bros. Melee, where I was able to use my mental powers to compete against Nintendo's greatest heroes. Unfortunately, the game designers made me far, far weaker than a pitiful Jigglypuff, and possibly as a consequence of this, I was replaced with a mere Lucario in the games that followed. However, a group of loyal fans have flawlessly re-integrated me into their Brawl variant, and made me into the Worthy Opponent I deserve to be. Despite my general disdain for your species, I admit that I am honored by their work. Soon, however, it appears that I will return in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS as a downloadable character. While details are vague on whether it will truly be me or another Mewtwo entirely (a common guess is the Mewtwo of New Tork City), the model is very similar to my design in the first movie (even more so than my model in my home series), so I patiently await my possible glorious return.

Another of my appearances is in Pokémon Conquest, within the region of Ransei. As the Warriors of Ransei forge Links with Pokémon rather than capture them forcibly, I found the region to my liking, although the portrayal is somewhat... anachronistic. Regardless, I was able to determine the presence of a Warrior who would be worthy of my presence; thus, once Warlord Kenshin of Illusio had shown management prowess that I deemed worthy, I constructed the Mystery Rock to await his challenge.

You humans also seem to have a knack for animated television shows created in order to sell merchandise, and Pokémon is no exception. Fortunately, said anime was able to develop me into a somewhat deep and very well-respected character. Pokemon The First Movie chronicled my creation by Dr. Fuji and my subsequent attempt to search for my purpose in life. During my growth, I discovered that I was created by humans and not Arceus, and that Pokémon were little more than willing slaves to humans. Angry at these circumstances, I invited the strongest trainers in the region to my New Island headquarters to toy with them for my purposes. Using special Poké Balls of my creation, I stole their Pokémon and produced superior clones, which I would then command to annihilate my new foes in battle. My reason for this entire endeavor? It was simply to search for my purpose and prove that I was a superior being, even more than Mew itself. For the English version, in order to make said movie more accessible to children, my motivations were changed to simply Take Over the World by repopulating the planet with my clones. However, in both versions, Ash Ketchum helped me realize the error of my ways; I learned that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant, and it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are. With that, my clones and I would live in peaceful coexistence with the humans and their Pokémon. I would return in the anime special named, fittingly, Pokemon Mewtwo Returns, where I would join Ash and struggle against my former master Giovanni once again.

Many years later, the humans made Pokémon: Genesect and the Legend Awakened , which depicted another Mewtwo with the ability to Mega Evolve. But this Mewtwo was less savage and more feminine than yours truly, with many of her backstory elements simply being retellings of my own. The existence of another one of my kind both angers and captivates me. As I will teach you in a matter of seconds, I am the true and superior Mewtwo, and I wish to challenge her in battle to drive this point home. Yet, the possibility of Mewtwo reproduction intrigues me (if biology even allows for it).note 

Another series, known as Pokémon Origins, depicted me as more of a feral, superpowered animal - a much closer depiction to the games. Yet I was captured by Red, who managed to defeat me using his Charizard - though only after inducing a Mega-Evolution. I am proud of his skills, but do not wish to obey the orders of any pathetic human. It is implied the capture only took place so that he could obtain sufficient data for the quest placed upon him for one Professor Samuel Oak; however our encounter took place in the final "File" of that series, and my present state in that depiction is unknown.

I have also appeared in many other media, such as the manga series Pokémon Special. This portrayal would gradually evolve to resemble my anime portrayals, and I gained the ability to speak telepathically.

Enough talking. Now we fight!

Mewtwo used Trope Overload! It's super effective!

  • Ambiguous Gender: I am an asexual being regardless of continuity, like most legendary Pokémon. From my anime portrayals which give me masculine voices, you may be used to thinking of me as a male, but the Mewtwo that fought the Genesect Army was given a more feminine voice.
  • Antagonistic Offspring: Some continuities depict me as literally a child born from Mew. Be it my parent in a paternal or genetic sense, he and I do not see eye-to-eye on humanity and are bitter enemies.
  • Artificial Human: In some continuities, I have human genes in my genetic makeup.
  • Badass: I have always been one of the most powerful Pokémon in the world, able even to vanquish the gods of space, time and antimatter. Now that I have the ability to Mega Evolve, I am once again the most powerful Pokémon in existence. None shall surpass me, though I must begrudgingly admit that Rayquaza's Mega Evolution has become my equal in terms of stats. Nevertheless, my power remains supreme amongst all Psychic-Type Pokemon. I dare you to challenge me.
  • Badass Adorable: Many would say that I look rather cute as Mega Mewtwo Y, as I inherit many of Mew's traits that you humans associate with "cuteness" - which may also be a result of combining my traits with those of a stereotypical Grey alien or the creature known as Kid Buu. But you humans will be eating your words once I destroy you. The second Mewtwo seems to appreciate this, however.
  • Badass Boast: When one is as superior as I, can one truly be expected to be modest about it? My moniker of "the world's strongest Pokémon" comes to mind, as does much of my dialogue when I have appeared in voiced depictions. In my cinematic debut, I declared myself "the new ruler of this world, the master of humans and Pokémon alike".
    • While I took on a much less pompous persona in the original Japanese, I still had a few moments like this. When declaring my counterattack against the world, I stated, "I curse everything I was born upon. But this is neither an attack nor a declaration of war...! Against all of you who brought me into this world, I will... strike back."
  • Bare-Fisted Monk: As Mega Mewtwo X, I gain the Fighting type and the ability to use martial arts techniques more adeptly than any mortal. My base attack stat is also the highest of any Pokemon in that form.
  • Bishonen Line: As Mega Mewtwo Y, my body mass is converted into brainpower, and as a result my head becomes much larger and my body becomes much smaller and more graceful. As such, my feminine counterpart in the anime prefers this mode, and many fans speculate that I would use the X form should I appear again in the anime myself.
  • Blood Knight: I care for little more than defeating opponents and demonstrating my strength.
  • Bowdlerise: In the original Japanese version of my first film appearance, I was a confused individual wishing to prove my superiority over Mew in order to justify my existence. For the English dub, I took on a much more pompous Evil Overlord personality and wished to terminate all life on the planet to replace it with my cloned Pokémon; this was presumably to enforce Black and White Morality and make the film easier for children to understand. You are free to take or leave whatever you wish from either version; it matters little anyway, as you will be turned into so-called "mincemeat" at my hands.
  • Brought Down to Badass: The moves made to remove the errors that made Psychic Pokemon overpowered type meant that after Generation I, I was no longer the unstoppable miracle of science I was before. Nonetheless, I remained among the strongest Pokémon, especially when Generation V gave me the Psystrike move and when my Mega Stones were discovered.
  • Breakout Character: More than 700 other Pokémon exist besides myself, yet aside from the electric rodent Pikachu and the fire-breathing reptile Charizard, my fame and popularity among fans are unrivaled, and I am featured in a great deal of spin-off media and merchandise. Is it surprising that in this too I am superior?
  • Cartoon Creature: Many pathetically stupid Pokémon researchers try to figure out which Earth animals were put into my genetic mold. The most common answer is "humanoid cat" (with the genes of someone called Frieza), particularly due to Mew both looking feline and having a name that sounds like "meow".
  • Cloning Blues: Upon my birth, I was distraught to realize that I was but a mere experiment for the humans to congratulate themselves over, and that they had no plans for me beyond satisfying their own curiosity. Therefore I decided I would create my own destiny, beginning with slaughtering those fools who wanted to play God.
  • Confusion Fu: I invite you to bear witness to the listings under Elemental Powers. I know a variety of techniques with which to battle, both offensive and defensive, and may use them in whatever combination I wish.
  • Create Your Own Villain: Across countless dexes have I been described as a brutal Pokémon, a violent Pokémon. And I will not deny that I have done many deeds you humans would undoubtedly consider... unsavory. But in the end, the blame for them rests squarely on all of you. You, who created me to be your slave, your weapon, your toy. You, who subjected me to abominable experiments from the minute of my birth. You, who trap my kin in tiny balls, letting them out solely to fight their own kind. Certain events may have swayed my perspective to be more tolerant of your kind, but I will never forget what you did to me.
  • Creepy Awesome: Many of you have found me terrifying in both game and anime form, and yet at this time you find this appealing as the comes from the demonstration of my power. You humans have strange forms of flattery.
  • Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life: This was what fueled my entire rebellion against the world in my cinematic debut. In the Japanese version this continued to be the motivation for my ordeal, while in the English dub I decided on a purpose - to purge the world of human filth and rule over it with my clones.
  • Distaff Counterpart: In the anime's continuity, the second Mewtwo has a similar background to me, but assumes a feminine telepathic voice and a much more compassionate personality, although she developed a distrust of humans similar to my own. Despite this, she did not seek to prove herself worthy or repopulate the world with clones, instead choosing a more stable path and associating with natural-born Pokémon in New Tork City. I have no opinion on the matter.
  • Elemental Powers: My mastery of the elemental forces of Pokémon extends to control over Ice, Fire, Electric, Ground, Rock, Ghost, Grass, Bug, Flying, Fighting, and of course, Psychic.
  • Enemy Mine: As I previously said, I allied myself with Ash Ketchum against Giovanni in Pokemon Mewtwo Returns. I have also allied myself with the trainer Red in Pokémon Adventures, in a similar capacity.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: My power has made me one of the most famous Pokemon to this day.
  • Evil Is Cool: While I may have the most savage heart among Pokémon, I get the respect from fans that I rightfully deserve.
  • Evil Sounds Deep/Evil Sounds Raspy: My telekinetic voice adopts a strong voice with a bit of edge to it. Depending on your memories, it either resembles the voice of Phillip Bartlett, Dan Green or (for those of you who speak Japanese or play Super Smash Bros.) Masachika Ichimura.
  • Final Boss: It is only fitting I often be portrayed as such, as defeating me would be the ultimate test of any trainer's power. In my games of origin, I await trainers in the Cerulean Cave to test their prowess after they have become Champion of Kanto. I also appear before young trainers from Johto in the same locationnote . In Kalos, I once again appear in a very similar role, which is only shared by the serpent Zygarde - a much weaker Pokémon than me, and therefore not as worthy of the Final Boss title. I have also stood as the final test of power for trainers participating in the Puzzle League, to rangers operating in Oblivia, and those traveling to the Pokémon Stadium.
  • For the Evulz: In the Japanese version of my first film, I took pleasure in offering my imprisoned trainers a chance to escape from New Island... if they could make it through the raging storm outside, that is.
    • As for the English version, I might have spared the humans the ordeal of traveling through the storm, but, nonetheless, I made no illusions that they would be spared my wrath and only gave them the offer so that I could watch them squirm.
  • Game Breaker: Pokemon's long history means it has many examples of this trope, from numerous strong Pokemon to exploitable gameplay mechanics, but I remain the most famous example of this trope. Being a Psychic-type in the first Generation of games was already enough to make me this due to errors the developers made meant there were no attacks that did effective damage against them and the way the stats were arranged gave them an unfair advantage. But even among they I was considered too powerful to be used in competitive gamemeplay, possessing the highest stats of any Pokemon by a wide margin that wouldn't be surpassed until Generation Six and a devastating movepool. I lost that status due to the introduction of Dark and Steel types in Generation 2, and changes to the game's mechanics to make it more balanced. But come Generation Six, I have regained that status with the introduction of Mega Evolutions. Either of the have the highest stats in the game, even surpassing Arceus, and my X form has the highest base attack and my Y form has the highest base special attack. Yet, soon the humans would discover the great dragon Rayquaza's ability to Mega Evolve and surpass even my power... while I can still hold claim to the highest offensive stats in the series, this angers me to no end and I plan to prove myself superior to that pathetic wyrm.
  • Genetically Mutated Cats Are Mean: I feel compassion for no natural being, though it should be mentioned that I do care for the cloned Pokémon I created.
  • Genius Bruiser: Naturally, my immeasurably powerful brain affords me conventional intelligence in addition to my powers. In my anime depictions I was able to rebuild the cloning labs and the machines that created me, and was able to create a new type of Pokéball that allowed me to capture Pokémon belonging to trainers already, a normally impossible task.
    • This is taken even further when I utilize my X-type Mega Evolution, as I now possess immense physical strength in addition to my intelligence and psionic capabilities.
  • Gone Horribly Right: My creators dreamed of creating the world's strongest Pokémon. They succeeded.
  • Good Thing You Can Heal: I am often capable of using Recover to restore lost damage, making the foolish attempt of capturing me a dangerous process indeed.
  • The Greys: Much like fellow Psychic-types Elgyem and Beheeyem, I resemble stereotypical Grey aliens in all three forms, especially as Mega Mewtwo Y.
  • Improbable Weapon User: In my manga portrayal, I utilize the move Psywave by forming a spoon from psychic energy, which I wield as humans would a conventional weapon. When I have need for precise strikes, I am able to fragment the tip to form a fork.
  • Kamehame Hadoken: Though surely the jackal prophet Lucario is more famous for this due to his specialization, I am capable of numerous such moves including Heal Pulse, Aura Sphere, Focus Blast, Energy Ball, and Shadow Ball. The last is my anime depiction's Signature Move, despite being a Ghost-type attack.
  • Knight of Cerebus: As the summation of the movie events would imply, contrasting with the normally lighthearted anime I was a very dark and serious character, the film that featured me quickly taking a serious turn when the humans inventively encountered me.
  • Kryptonite Factor: Bug and Ghost attacks moves were meant to be this me and other psychic types in Generation I, but no effective ones existed, so this trope was subverted. The developers made sure to fix that in Generation II, along with giving us the weakness to Dark types, which psychic attacks could not damage, though my wide movepool means I'm still more than capable of handling them, and I do possess a weakness to them in my X-type Mega Evolution as I am part fighting.
  • Lightning Bruiser: My speed and psychic strength are rivaled only by one other: the mutated space virus Deoxys. Even so, it must take specialized forms for offense, defense, and agility, whereas I have no such limitations, rendering me, as I have stated before, without equal. Though it surpassed me in terms of strength and speed within these specialized forms, despite its frailty, I once again outclass it in all respects thanks to my Mega Evolutions.
  • Magic Knight: I prefer to fight using my special techniques, but I am not to be underestimated in contests of physical power. My two Mega Evolutions variably allow me to focus my skill in either area as I wish.
  • Mind Control: At one point I needed a human aid to my plans, and found a suitable puppet in the form of one of the Pokémon nurses near New Island. I released my control after she served her purpose.
  • No Sell: In Generation I, ghosts could not so much as scratch me. Alas for me and my fellow Psychic types, this was not to last.
    • So, the sheer power of my Y-type Mega Evolution terrifies you. You seek to defeat me using the coward's way, and attempt to lull me to sleep, so as to strike me down when I am defenseless. You might be surprised...
  • Oh, Crap: In one of my anime portrayals, I will admit to have been... startled when I realized just how much stronger the Charizard enlisted by Red had become under the effects of his X-type Mega Evolution.
  • The Power of Friendship: To my displeasure, my Mega Evolutions require the aid of a human trainer (although my counterpart in New Tork City does not seem to share this limitation). Professor Augustine Sycamore of Kalos believes this requires a bond of trust between myself and the trainer in question; although trusting a human is not something I am willing to submit to, I cannot say the same for the humans.
  • Power Floats: Floating is my preferred mode of transport; rarely do I even deign to touch the ground.
  • Powered Armor: The portrayal is not entirely consistent; nontheless, both the anime and manga have featured my form in armor. To my dismay, the armor is under the control of Giovanni, leader of Team Rocket, and suppresses my powers; however, it does fit the trope's definition by utilizing technology to function.
  • Power Up Letdown: My X-type Mega Evolution alters my capabilities to focus on physical attacks, as well as providing me with a Same-Type Attack Bonus for Fighting-type moves. Those trainers who somehow manage to capture me when I take refuge in Kalos are displeased to learn that many of my most powerful physical attacks are not yet available in that region.
  • Psychic Powers: Humans believe me to have one of the most potent psionic minds in the Pokémon universe — no human dares test my abilities against other famous Pokémon to verify my exact aptitude. I know however that my powers are unsurpassed. An incomplete list of my powers includes telekinesis great enough to manipulate and levitate dozens of objects at once, to levitate myself to fly, to erase memories and thoughts from human minds, and to teleport entire landmasses elsewhere.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: Many have noted that, in the Japanese version of my first film, I possessed a mindset and tendencies similar to a scared, confused and angry child, essentially throwing a temper tantrum as a result of my mistreatment.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Mock not my bright purple and lavender color scheme — it will only intensify the agony you feel when I destroy you.
  • Red Right Hand: You may have noticed the tube that runs from the top of my spine to the back of my skull. It delivers more blood to my brain to help strengthen my already formidable powers. In my Y-type Mega Evolution, this tube becomes a much larger tail-like structure to encase my greatly enlarged brain. In my X-type Mega Evolution, I simply develop a second tube.
  • Heroic RROD: In my manga portrayal, the experiments that formed me required the genetics of a human, due to a lack of sufficient genetics in their sample of Mew. As a result, the human in question - one Blaine of Cinnibar Island - was subject to experiencing bodily damage when I were to exert myselfnote . While I allied myself with that human, he devised a fluid that conserved our genetic link, with which he filled the Master Ball he would contain me in. Actions outside of that fluid for a period of time longer than roughly five minutes were deemed too much for his frail human body.
  • Secret Art: Psystrike, which I learned during the time of the Plasma crisis. While it draws on my immense mental capabilities, it takes form as a physical attack, allowing me to vanquish those specially defensive Pokémon who believed they would survive the onslaught of Mewtwo. Had I actually been present in Unova during that time, I would have obliterated Team Plasma and plunged their horrendously evil leader into a world of unimaginable mental and physical pain.
    • In my manga portrayal, I utilize Psywave in two unique states: as a tornado of psychic energy, when confronted by a group; and as a spoon, which I wield as you humans would wield a sword, when confronted by a single opponent.
  • Squishy Wizard: It may be tempting for you humans to judge me by my slender appearance and assume that my body is frail. While I do hold the belief that the best defense is an unsurmountable offense, I can assure you that my endurance is not to be underestimated and my physical strength, even before Mega Evolving, can easily lay all but the most durable of Pokémon to waste - even though all pales before the formidable power of my mind.
    • However, my physical defense is somewhat lackluster in my Mega Evolution Y, especially for a formidable Pokémon of my stature. I care little, though, since I can easily reduce any potential attackers to smears on the floor before they would ever get in close.
  • Super Mode: My Mega Evolutions, which enhance my already-incredible powers to surpass any other Pokémon in existence, deity or otherwise.
  • Superior Successor: Few are those who would call Mew, my template, an underwhelming foe, yet I surpass him in almost every way. At the cost of slightly inferior defenses, my offense is overwhelming compared to his, and I am also significantly faster.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: I vaguely remember having a friendship with someone who told me, "Life is wonderful," ...but why?
  • Unique Enemy: Unlike other "legendary" Pokémon, which appear to be capable of reproduction (through means unavailable to any potential captors), I am truly one-of-a-kind. In the anime based on my games of origin, another Mewtwo has shown itself, but in the games I remain the sole clone of Mew (from a storyline standpoint).
  • The Voiceless: In the English version of Super Smash Bros. Melee my dialogue simply consisted of grunts and laughs provided by Masachika Ichimura, who provided my full spoken dialogue in the Japanese version.
  • Walking the Earth: Some of my depictions portray me as traveling the world seeking something; a purpose in life, a home to call my own, or a Worthy Opponent are common interpretations.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: In my first film appearance, I sought revenge for humans out of my anger that they used Pokémon as tools, and saw Pokemon as little better, being willing slaves to this system. In the English version, I thought that the best solution would be to exterminate life and replace it all with clones such as myself... Suffice to say, I had to rethink my plans after that.
  • Wolverine Publicity: It appears that I almost became the face of the Generation VI games with the reveal of my Y Mega Evolution, much like how Lucario had the honor of representing Generation IV. However, you humans found the other Mewtwo's film appearance to be controversial, possibly leading the creators to tone down my presence and make that pathetic wyrm Charizard the face of the generation instead. This is one more reason why I wish to defeat the second Mewtwo and prove that I am stronger than her.
  • World's Strongest Mon: I was this in my games of origin, and remained so for three generations - although the introduction of the Dark type from Johto did limit my potential, statistical superiority was another matter entirely. Although many other Legendary Pokémon have attempted to match my power, my ability to Mega Evolve allows me to claim this title once again, surpassing even the Creator Himself.
  • Worthy Opponent: One such reason I show myself to humans is to find an opponent to be considered worthy. To my dismay, my ability to Recover my lost damage, this results in many trainers deeming me a Worthy Opponent for the Master Ball.

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