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Music: Bemani
The BEMANI franchise is perhaps one of Konami's most expansive franchises. As a Rhythm Game franchise with over one hundred games (and that's without counting ports!) across thirteen different series, eight of which are currently active, it's no surprise that Konami's had to call upon not only licensed music to make their games succeed, but also commissioned and in-house talent.

As such, we've taken the time to detail a page dedicated just to the groups and composers who provide the BEMANI series with original music. Not only do these musicians produce plenty of original tracks for the franchise, but some of these have gone on to produce their own albums, albums that contain not just long or full versions of songs from BEMANI games, but in some cases, original songs that have never appeared in a BEMANI title before.

To gush about BEMANI music you like, see the corresponding Awesome Music page and its subpages.

A more thorough list can be found on RemyWiki here.

Entries are in alphabetical order of each artist's most commonly-used stage name, with their real name (if known) after the hyphen.


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96 — Daisuke Kurosawa

A key part of the GITADORA series, 96 also appears as guitarist in songs which were not composed by him. He has one album, called BLACK ALBUM.

  • Goroawase Number: 96 is read as "kuro". As well as being the first part of Kurosawa, it sounds like the character 黒 (black). Leads to a Lost in Translation moment of brilliance when you consider the name of his album, BLACK ALBUM.


あさき (Asaki)

A rock/metal musician, known prominently for his works in the GITADORA series. He has produced two albums, Shinkyoku and Tentei.

  • Large Ham: In the refrain for "Okome no oishii takikata...", he screams about rice and its nutritous benefits, before concluding with a subdued "Okome oishii!TL "
  • Long Title: "Okome no oishii takikata, soshite okome wo taberu koto ni yoru sono kouka." Meaning "how to cook delicious rice, and the effect of eating rice".
  • Mundane Made Awesome: the above rice-related song. Heavy metal with a Large Ham vocal... and it's a song about eating rice.
  • Reclusive Artist: He does not appear to be fond of public appearances. There are very few photos of him in circulation, and he does not show up at BEMANI-related events. He doesn't even reveal his full name. In Private BEMANI Academy, he and his collaboration partner 96 are the only two participating musicians who use stand-ins rather than their actual faces.

    DJ Mass MAD Izm* 

DJ Mass MAD Izm*

A DJ infamous for producing scratch-heavy songs. He began composing for the series in the late 2000's, starting in beatmania IIDX 14 GOLD. He produces songs exclusively for IIDX, although he also has an album, I AM NOT A DJ.

  • Gimmick Level:
    • His songs are notorious for having copious amounts of scratches, not just in the tracks themselves but also in their IIDX charts. "Shakunetsu Beach Side Bunny", the One More Extra Stage of beatmania IIDX 18 Resort Anthem, is one of the most infamous examples; of the 1719 notes in its another chart, scratches make up 667 of these notes.
    • In REFLEC BEAT, the aforementioned "Shakunetsu Beach Side Bunny" uses a large quantity of TOP notes; of the 843 notes on Hard, 325 of them are TOP notes.
  • Sampling: One of his other schticks.
  • Sequel Song: "Watch Out Pt.2", a collaboration between Izm* and DJ YOSHITAKA. It is significantly faster than the original "Watch Out!!".
  • Signature Style: Scratches. Lots and lots of scratches. See Gimmick Level above for what this leads to when his songs appear in BEMANI games.

    dj nagureo 

dj nagureo — Reo Nagumo

Also known as: tiger YAMATO, reo nagumo

One of BEMANI's earliest talents. He composed a handful of songs for beatmania, and some others for IIDX. He left Konami in 2006, after composing his final song for the franchise, "tiger YAMATO".

  • Animal Theme Naming: Anything credited to tiger YAMATO.
  • Meaningful Name: "20,november" refers to his birthday.
  • Sequel Song:
    • "19,November" to "20,november", although that was composed by good-cool.
    • "5.8.8.", to "5.1.1."
    • The "R" series: "R3", "R5", "R10k", "R2".

    dj TAKA 

dj TAKA — Takayuki Ishikawa

Also known as: D.J. Amuro, Lion MUSASHI

A longtime composer for the BEMANI series, dj TAKA composed songs for 5-key beatmania starting with beatmania 4thMIX and for beatmania IIDX since its beginning. He is particularly well-known for his extensive use of piano melodies in his songs.

He has produced two albums, milestone (2007) and True Blue (2013).
  • Animal Theme Naming: Lion MUSASHI.
  • Final Boss / True Final Boss: Several of his songs are One More Extra Stage songs in IIDX, as well as the final unlock in some cross-series BEMANI events. Considering that he was a sound director for IIDX for much of the series' history, it makes sense. Specific examples:
    • "Kakumei" in 7th Style, as a collaboration with Naoki.
    • "quasar" in 9th Style, as a collaboration with TaQ.
    • "One More Lovely" in 10th Style.
    • "Mei" in Happy Sky, as a collaboration with Tatsh.
    • "Nageki no Ki" in DistorteD's CARDINAL GATE Extra Stage system.
    • "Tenkuu no Yoake" in Lincle's Lincle Kingdom Extra Stage system.
    • "Elemental Creation" in the multi-series Private BEMANI Academy event, as a collaboration with DJ YOSHITAKA.
    • "IX" in the multi-series Nettou! BEMANI Stadium event, as a collaboration with DJ TOTTO.


DJ YOSHITAKA — Yoshitaka Nishimura

Also known as: Lucky Vacuum, 朱雀 (Suzaku)

One of BEMANI's most prominent musicans in recent years. He became part of BEMANI staff in the mid-2000's, and started out by producing a variety of songs for the beatmania IIDX series. Currently, he is a sound director for SOUND VOLTEX and the director for REFLEC BEAT. He even plays REFLEC BEAT himself, with a player ID of 1.

Despite his heavy involvement with the BEMAMI lineup, Yoshitaka has not produced any albums, with the possible exception of ZEUS (as part of his involvement with VENUS).

  • Arc Number: Yoshitaka seems rather fond of making songs with a tempo of 185 BPM.
  • Boss Battle: A large majority of his songs get Level 10 charts in jubeat and Level 10+ charts in REFLEC BEAT.
  • Guyliner: In his more recent appearances, he tends to wear eyeliner.
  • Required Spinoff Crossover: Either he or someone at Konami is really fond of putting "FLOWER" or some arrangement thereof in every single BEMANI series.
  • Sequel Song:
    • "VALLIS-NERIA", to "JOMANDA". The IIDX video to the former confirms this.
    • "Lisa-RICCIA" to "VALLIS-NERIA".
  • Signature Sound Effect: All of the songs under the Suzaku alias contain a distinct overdriven guitar note.
  • Signature Style: His "TRANCE CORE" and "HARD RENAISSANCE" series of songs.
  • With Lyrics: Aside from the Try to Sing Ver. series of songs, he also rerecorded vocals for Ryu*'s "I'm so Happy".


GUHROOVY — Akira Uchibori

Owner of the techno label of the same name. He often produces songs with L.E.D. Certain songs credited to him were also produced by fellow hardcore artist DJ CHUCKY.

  • Final Boss: "KAMAITACHI", also featuring DJ TECHNORCH, is the final song of the Kaiden course on IIDX GOLD CS. The chart used in that appearance is considered a precursor to the Black Another charts.
  • Hardcore Techno: Most of his contribution to BEMANI consists of this, especially Freeform / Speedcore.


L.E.D. — Toshiyuki Kakuta

Also known as: L.E.D.-G, T.Kakuta

A long-time contributor to console versions of beatmania IIDX games, he eventually became sound director of the series. He has produced one album, 電人K (Denjin K).

  • Sequel Song: His Denjin Jaeger song series.
  • Signature Sound Effect: A very large number of his songs open with a "fading-in cymbal" for some reason.
  • Theme Naming: He seems to name a lot of his more hardcore tracks after Biblical beings. "GALGALIM", "DOMINION" and "EXUSIA" all refer to ranks of angels, and "THE FALLEN" can also be taken to mean the Fallen Angels, among whom is Satan. "NEPHILIM DELTA" refers to the proto-humans who existed before the Flood.


NAOKI — Naoki Maeda

Also known as: 180, 190, 200, DE-SIRE, Ω, RevenG/Re-Venge/Reven-G, NAOKI Underground, N.M.R., UZI-LAY, etc.

NAOKI is one of the series' longest-standing talents, and perhaps the best-known amongst DanceDanceRevolution players. His countless contributes to DDR have made him the face of the series; in fact, he was the sound director for DDR for four years. He would later go on to step down from DDR to work on Dance Masters.

NAOKI no longer works for Konami, and now works with Namco on another rhythm game, CROSS×BEATS.

  • Boss Battle: Produced a lot of boss songs for the series—most of the PARANOiA series and the MAX series, just to name a few examples.
  • I Have Many Names: Go here and just count how many alias he uses, not counting his "feat. <singer>" aliases.
  • Obsession Song: "DESTINY" featuring Paula Terry.
  • Sequel Song: "Brilliant 2U" -> "B4U"
  • Significant Anagram: "NAOKI M" is an anagram for "KONAMI".

    Nekomata Master 

猫叉Master (Nekomata Master) — Naoyuki Sato

Also known as: 猫叉Master+

A musician known for producing songs with "worldly" themes to them. However, he's open to produce darker, more traditional electronica, which he often composes under the 猫叉Master+ alias.

He is currently a sound director for beatmania IIDX, alongside L.E.D.

Nekomata has done four albums: Rain drops, Backdrops, Sayonara Sekai, and Crevice.

In addition to his work on the BEMANI series, he has also composed music for Elebits.

    Qrispy Joybox / MAX MAXIMIZER 

Qrispy Joybox / MAX MAXIMIZER — Tatsuya Iyama

Current sound director for the Reflec Beat series. His two main aliases could not be any more different: Qrispy Joybox produces light and fuzzy tracks, whereas MAX MAXIMIZER is known for hardcore, aggressive music.

  • Boss Fight / Final Boss: MAX MAXIMIZER songs all have Hard 10+ charts on Reflec Beat. "CLAMARE" is the final boss of Colette -All Seasons-, and has the hardest difficulty spread in the game (6/9/10+).
  • Mood Whiplash: Play a Qrispy Joybox song followed by a MAX MAXIMIZER song. It's hard to believe they're the same person.
  • Sliding Scale of Shiny Versus Gritty: Seen through the song jackets (compare "printemps" or "Colorful Minutes" to "ARACHNE" or "HAERETICUS").

    Sota Fujimori 

Sota Fujimori — Sota Fujimori

Also known as: dj MAX STEROID, SystemSF/SySF

A composer who is best known for his talents with synthesizers. He has been with Konami since the late 90's, having composed tracks for games such as Castlevania Chronicles, and made his BEMANI debut in 2001 in the PS1 port of DanceDanceRevolution 5thMIX. Most of his works have been for the IIDX and DDR series, though he's also composed songs for other BEMANI games.

Sota has produced four albums, all of which are part of the SYNTHESIZED series.

  • Ascended Fan: Gradius is his favorite game, and is what inspired him to start composing music. Taken to its conclusion when he produced "GRADIUS 2012", a medley of tracks from the original Gradius.
  • Dubstep: Becoming increasingly common. "WOBBLE IMPACT" and his tricoro menu BGM are two such examples.
  • Synth Pop
  • Uncommon Time: "100% minimoo-G"'s time signature is so ambiguous that IIDX doesn't bother to have measure lines for it.


TAG — Yasuhiro Taguchi

Also known as: SUPER STAR -満- MITSURU, CAPACITY GATE, TAG Underground

The current sound director for Dance Dance Revolution.

He is perhaps better known for his gig as SUPER STAR -満- MITSURU, a campy, over-the-top dancer wearing white and a pair of sunglasses.

TAG has one album under his SUPER STAR MITSURU alias, ONLY ONE ACT.

    U1-ASA Mi 

U1-ASAMi — Yuichi Asami

Also known as: 2MB

One of the first artists to contribute to DDR.

  • Final Boss / True Final Boss: As 2MB, he produced several boss songs for DDR, which players still dread to this day. In fact, "MAX. (period)" was initially intended to be the True Final Boss of the entire DDR series, and it holds up pretty well.


wac — Jun Wakita

Also known as: DJ. W, 少年ラジオ, virkato, among others...

wac is a regular contributor to and a sound director of the Pop N Music series, though he also produces songs for other series. He composes songs in a wide variety of genres.


    Be For U 


A J-pop unit formed by Naoki Maeda in 2001, out of four contest winners: Riyu Kosaka, Noria Shiraishi, Yoma Komatsu, and Shiyuna Maehaea. Unfortunately, the group had some troubles along the way, necessiating the need for two group reboots and eventual retirement of the group.



A duet group consisting of NAOKI who composes the music and Junko Karashima who does vocals. Their music appears in all of Konami's music sims and is generally of the rock and J-Pop genres. Following how their name is stylized, most of their English titled tracks are often stylized in a similar manner.



A duet consisting of DJ YOSHITAKA and Sota Fujimori, the former doing vocals and the latter composing the track. They are perhaps best known for their songs' album art, which tend to have Homoerotic Subtext, as well as the songs themselves, which tend to come off as romance songs.

Their songs debut in REFLEC BEAT, with the exception of "Brand New World", which debuted in Pop N Music instead. Furthermore, in pop'n, there is a character (duo) based off of VENUS.

In addition to original songs, they also cover a few licensed songs.

VENUS released their first mini-album, ZEUS, on October 23, 2013, alongside volume 2 of the REFLEC BEAT colette original soundtrack. It includes extended versions of their original songs, instrumental versions of those and their cover of "1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou".

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