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Funny: Bemani
  • The song "Wow Wow VENUS". The line "Wow Wow VENUS", to English speakers, sounds suspiciously like "Wow Wow PENIS".
  • During a BEMANI stream, Yoshitaka sings "Wow Wow VENUS", but notice that he omits "VENUS" every time, and at one point almost laughs at himself, implying that he's fully aware of what "VENUS" sounds like.
    • Later in the stream, L.E.D. and wac performing "Thor's Hammer". By "performing", we mean wac throwing out streamers, and then L.E.D. getting off the mixer to engage wac in a squeaky hammer duel.
  • How to Cook Delicious Rice and the Effect of Eating Rice, from the Private BEMANI Academy event. A metal song and eating rice. It's not apparent to those who don't understand Japanese, but the first verse of the lyrics are simply instructions on how to cook rice!
    • Meta example: 96 and Asaki were scolded by staff due to the Overly Long Name.
    • You can tell Asaki's having fun singing the song; at the end, after one last shout of "O-KOOOOOO-MEEEEEEEEE!", he delivers the following spoken line:
      "Ahaha...okome oishii!" (Rice is delicious!)
    • The fact that Asaki and 96 don't appear in the event, presumably due to being Reclusive Artists; instead, they have two stand-ins pose for them. Asaki's in particular is a Caucasian male who looks nothing like him.
  • "FLOWER" being crossed over into nearly every active BEMANI series, even Miraidagakki FutureTomTom, and even going as far as to be arranged one-to-one just so it could be put into GITADORA.
  • Any time wac makes a public appearance, he always wears a silly black cat mask.
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