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Monster: Web Comics
Xykon (right).

"That right there? That's the difference between bonafide true Evil with a capital 'E' and your whiny, 'evil, but for a good cause,' crap."
Xykon to Redcloak, The Order of the Stick: Start of Darkness

Checked for an update to your favourite webcomic, and holy balls what did that guy just do? It could happen any day now...


  • Blade of Toshubi: Advisor Toh enjoys torturing and breaking women. He also has a room filled with the tails of the people he has killed (including his women) that he occasionally stuffs his women into for extended periods, sometimes for punishment, but sometimes For the Evulz.
  • Dead Of Summer: Alan Stone, in flashbacks, it's revealed that he subjected zoo animals to hideous experiments, already giving him quite a few negative points. After beating the tar out of a sympathetic character and kicking him and the main character out into the dangerous, zombie-ridden city, he finds out his wife has been working on a cure for zombiism by testing it on a monkey she adored. His reaction? TEARING OUT THE ELECTRODES TO ITS BRAIN. Then he injects himself with the “cure”, turning into a literal monster. And then he injects his wife with it, turning her into a zombie. And his wife was pregnant. After all that, heinjects the remaining zoo animals with it to build an army of the undead.
  • Dominic Deegan The Infernomancer (known by some as TIM), is a sick piece of work even by the standards of a demonically empowered murderer (yes, there are more than one of these in the comic). In an early story arc, he tried to find the headmaster of the local magic academy (Dominic's mother) by attacking the school and slaughtering students until one of them coughed up her location. Unbelievably, he topped himself after becoming the servant of an Eldritch Abomination — after escaping limbo, he celebrated his freedom by massacring random places of worship. Then he wiped out a village for kicks — that Dominic's brother was also there was just a bonus to TIM.
  • The Dragon Doctors:
    • The Crax (a horrible parasitic being that devours its victims' minds and bodies) is revealed to be the vehicle of the consciousness of a man who wanted to live foreverby eating everyone else.
    • Derek is a magic user who would force other magic users (usually girls, apparently) to turning themselves into statues which he then collected.
    • The "Messenger of Death" arc involved a killer shaman hunting other shamans by plunging them into absolute nightmares.
  • El Goonish Shive: Damien is a sadistic mass-murderer who regularly abused those under his care and planned to not only "breed" with Grace to create an army, but also to use said army to commit mass genocide on the entire human race. The closest thing he has to a Freudian Excuse, his belief that he is a God and can therefore do anything he wants, simply doesn't hold up under the weight of his crimes. Especially when one takes into account the obvious pleasure he takes in his crimes.
  • Everyday Heroes: Wrecking Paul appears to be just a typical Big Guy, until we find out that he is a Serial Killer. He specifically chooses locations where women will be present and always hires female sidekicks so that, if his regular target isn't available, he can turn on his own teammate.
  • Evon: Legune The Alchemist is the Resident Mad Scientist for The Cabal. The first thing we see him do is create a couple of homuncului to track down the title character, slaughtering a team of Cabal mercenaries sent by another Cabal member to do the same thing. The second thing we see Legune do is have Evon stripped naked and Strapped to an Operating Table, where he proceeds to violate Evon in the process of "procuring" biological samples from her. Then he decides that won't do and attempts to rape her outright, only being stopped by his patron, Maximus (but only because said rape might interfere with Maximus' own plans for her). We then see that Legune used those samples he took to create a clone of Evon. A clone which is physically and magically stronger than Evon, but since she lacks Evon's Super Empowering factor, she's deemed useless to The Cabal and turned over to Legune to do what he will with her. "What he will" turns out to be forcing her to give him oral sex while taunting her with imminent destruction if he doesn't please him.
  • General Protection Fault: Emperor Nicholas the Puissant has conquered the world in an alternate dimension. He kills people who fail him, tortures Nega-Ki to ensure his counterpart's obedience, then threatens to torture prisoners to death in front of him if he wastes time, and it is ultimately revealed that he doesn't want Project Velociraptor so that he can win the war with the aliens laying waste to Earth, but so he can escape and re-establish himself elsewhere.
  • Girl Genius: Lucrezia/The Other qualifies for this trope on the basis of enslaving and slaughtering many thousands of innocent people, betraying the world's greatest heroes, and being the worst mother ever - killing her own son, using her own daughter for a Grand Theft Me, and then plotting to kill said daughter when that plan goes badly awry. She shows no remorse or sympathy for anyone other than herself, whether they are a victim, an innocent bystander, or one of her own loyal minions.
  • Goblins:
    • Dellyn Goblinslayer, ranger and captain of Brassmoon city's Elite Guard, is a highly sadistic Torture Technician and Fantastic Racist whose hobby was capturing live monsters, then vivisecting them in order to learn their weaknesses. One of Dellyn's preferred tortures was using knives specially designed to cause certain monsters the most excruciating pain imaginable in order to permanently mutilate them by carving insults into their skin. Other tortures included amputating limbs and, in one instance, flaying the skin off of a monster's back so that her spine was clearly visible. Planning on having his Elite Guards supplant Brassmoon's current guard to increase his political power, and mistakenly believing that a goblin army was ready to attack the city, Dellyn arranged a public execution for the goblin Fumbles, whose mind had already been shattered by Dellyn's tortures, in order to lure the other goblins out of hiding. Once they did so, Dellyn planned on his guards annihilating the "invading forces" so that the citizens of the city would back his political play. When one of his men told him that a lot of innocent bystanders would surely be caught in the crossfire, Dellyn was happy, noting that this would only make the rest of the citizens more grateful for having him around by showing them what's at risk. Dellyn also had a Yuan-Ti slave named Kin, who he abducted then raped and beat on a nightly basis, repeatedly reducing her to her last hitpoint before reviving her with healing potions. Ultimately Dellyn was nothing more than a petty sadist whose greatest desire was to be worshiped as a heroic savior by the very people he'd sacrifice without a second thought.
    • Kore is a dwarf Paladin who sees all "monster" races as Always Chaotic Evil and indiscriminately slaughters any members of such he finds, even though only demons and undead can be considered such. Even defenseless elders and those begging for mercy aren't spared. When confronted with a small dwarf child who was raised by an orc to be a decent person and not afflicted by the Fantastic Racism endemic to the setting, he butchers the kid like any of the other humanoids he just massacred, ignoring the foster father's dying pleas to spare him and claiming the boy was hopelessly tainted. When Chief attempts a You Shall Not Pass on Kore so the rest of the goblin party can escape, Kore takes down Chief, heals him so he doesn't die, and then tortures him so his screams of pain will lure back the rest of the group. This proves his hypocrisy since he uses his prey's basic moral decency against them yet still considers them irredeemable scum. When Minmax and Forgath show up, he also attacks them even though they were also fighting the goblin party. He has had zero Freudian Excuse revealed, although Forgath's horrified reaction to finding out Kore is there hints that something very twisted happened involving him. Also, there is serious Fridge Horror in that either he never uses his Detect Evil, or ignores it when it reveals that his prey aren't all evil. This dovetails with his twisted world view that anyone associating with what he considers evil monsters are tainted and worthy of nothing but pitiless extermination, no rehabilitation possible.
  • Grim Tales from Down Below: In The Powerpuff Girls, Him is actually already pretty bad, but here, it gets ridiculous. The fact that when he cut off his own daughter's hands so that he could replace them with claws was the least of his crimes is an indicator. He also tortured said girl with every horrible experience he knew of in the ultimate Break the Cutie. He had Minimandy nearly kill her brother with More Than Mind Control, after screwing with their heads. When Him got betrayed by Her, he got really mad, which is understandable. But he later said he's mad not because of what she did but why she did it - to save her friend, telling her that if she did it for completely selfish reason, he would actually be proud of her, but the Power of Friendship is just disgusting to him. Could see that coming, since he's Satan. Now that he's free from the shackles of cartoon censorship, do you honestly expect him to not exploit his creative freedom?!
  • Homestuck: Caliborn, better known by his title, Lord English, killed his own sister through proxy, enslaved the Handmaid after his awakening, murdered the author out of spite in-story, and permanently killed hundreds of largely harmless doomed timeline characters. What's worse is that he essentially has no real motivation to do what he does. Power? He's already got plenty of that. Galactic domination? He'd rather destroy it all himself. If what's been said about him indicates anything, it's that he's just doing it to amuse himself, and to completely obliterate his sister and all that she loved.
    • The apple didn't fall far from the tree, apparently. Caliborn's ancestor destroyed hundreds of planets and killed millions unprovoked - and, like his son, for his own amusement. The cherry on top is that if Aranea's narration is to be believed, Caliborn is even worse.
  • Jack (David Hopkins): Doctor Rigor Thalmus is a child molester and child murderer who attempts to frame his subordinate, using his own cancer research and his subordinate's in-bed-with-cancer wife as leverage. He also serves as a very dark deconstruction and subversion of a Bunny-Ears Lawyer; he believes that he's entitled to the horrible things he does precisely because he's working on cures for cancer. And unlike Drip Tiberius Rat (previously listed as the worst character in Jack), he doesn't have any sympathetic moments or Freudian Excuse for anything he has ever done. The only reason he committed these horrible acts is because he gets off on them.
  • Kid Radd: The Seer is essentially a virus that didn't go off on the day it was scheduled to because he realized that humanity would survive. He spends the entirety of the comic finding a way to get a sprite body, then a physical body, so he could kill everybody in both worlds. The kicker? He didn't need to do any of this. He could easily kill both populations at any point, but wants to be there physically so he can see his victims cower in fear of him before he slaughters them. Then, once he was done with Earth, he planned to search the galaxy for other forms of life just so he could go on killing for eons.
  • Lackadaisy: Mordecai Heller is a Obsessive-Compulsive hitman. His OCD arguably makes him even more of a monster - he once killed his getaway driver for sneezing too much. He launched into a terrifying tirade against a man he was going to kill because his position in the backseat upset the symmetrical balance of the car. Mitzi mentions that, when the Marigold gang gave him a better job offer than the one he had, he kneecapped Viktor, his partner of several years, on his way out the door. Perhaps worst of all, certain lines of dialogue indicate that he may have had a hand in the death of Atlus May, his previous boss and Mitzi's husband. Word of God has actually stated that Mordecai has no morals whatsoever.
  • Mindmistress: Les Kidman is a pedophile and serial killer who rapes and kills little girls to suit his depraved appetites. After murdering three children, he's hired by his wealthy employer Cromwell Lyons (a friend of Kidman's late father) to kill his mentally handicapped granddaughter Lorelei, whom he considers a weak link in his family dynasty. Kidman stabs Lorelei's dog to death, but is thankfully stopped just in time by Lorelei's father from harming her. When Kidman is released from prison 20 years later, he immediately returns to his old ways. When the superheroine Mindmistress arrives to stop him after he kills his latest victim, he tries to beat her to death with a crowbar.
  • Mob Ties: Bengal is a rapist, murderer, and freakin' god of undeath confined in a human form. Among his many sins, he has raped Mika, who was 13-14 at the time, murdered Mika's best friend Kyoko, and then destroying the one object that might have undone that murder. He also killed Santa Claus.
  • The Night The Magic Died: Gralo is an evil Krassau (a god-like avian being) who saw his species as so superior to “lesser creatures” that he felt entitled to rip the life and magic out of everyone in his path, as well as the land itself leaving lifeless devastation in his wake, solely to increase his own power. By the time we meet him, he's already guilty of maiming sixty one people and murdering another thirty eight, in addition to the aboved widespread devastation. When Nahmat managed to discover a way to counter his power, he fled to Equestria rather than face the consequences of his actions where he possessed an innocent Griffin wizard named Garret and controlled him from within. It's implies Garret was aware the entire time but Gralo wouldn't let him do a thing about it and manipulate things so Nahmat looks like the true monster. The moment Nahmat has been seemingly driven off, Gralo emerges and sucks Garret dry of his magic and everything magical (emotions, liveliness, ect.) leaving him an Empty Shell solely because You Have Outlived Your Usefulness, soon doing the same to not only the mane six but Equestria as a whole, threatening to destroy all life in the universe. It's only thanks to The Power of Friendship and Nahmat keeping ponies alive that he didn't murder several hundred if not thousand innocents without a shred of remorse. He gleefully tries to give Breaking Lectures to the Princesses, seemingly only for his own amusement, and threatens to suck Cadence dry in front of them just to make them suffer. After finally being defeated and his stolen magic returned to where it belonged by the Princesses and Nahmat, Gralo is judged by his own kind, who deem his atrocities so monstrous and vile, the only fitting punishment is to be sentenced to an And I Must Scream fate because death would be better than he deserves. Even as he's being Dragged Off to Hell, Gralo never once shows one ounce of remorse for his actions, instead using his last moments of freedom to try and vainly turn the Princesses against Nahmat in petty revenge.
  • The Order of the Stick: Big Bad Xykon is funny, charming, easily bored, and probably the sickest character in the comic. As a young boy, his dog dies, but in a deliberate subversion of a Freudian Excuse, he accidentally raises it as a zombie and exults as it kills and eats a bird. As a teenager, he keeps his zombified grandmother in his closet, kills and zombifies a man who offers to train him as a sorcerer, then kills and zombifies his own parents for letting the man in. As a would-be Evil Overlord, he chooses actions solely on the basis of their potential to amuse him versus the effort required. At one point he comes right out and accuses Redcloak of being a wimp because of his principled stance, declaring that the true measure of one's evil is the willingness to utterly debase oneself to achieve one's goals. When Redcloak first began working with Xykon, he was joined by his brother, Right-Eye. When Xykon's evil and callousness with the lives of his goblin underlings grew too great for Right-Eye's liking, Right-Eye tried to assassinate Xykon with a special dagger. Redcloak, unwilling to let the sacrifices he already made be for nothing, regretfully killed his own brother to save Xykon's life. It was then that Xykon revealed both that he knew about the assassination attempt, and had a means of preventing it, but he knowingly allowed Redcloak to kill Right-Eye just to permanently bind Redcloak to Xykon's service. He then forced Redcloak to raise his brother as a zombie. He also trapped the souls of two mages, Lirian and Dorukan, in a gem in order to make them suffer forever. In the present story Xykon seeks to capture the gates that would allow him to command the Snarl, and has been going to any measure to do so. He sacked Azure City to claim their gate, and, for his own enjoyment made the entire Sapphire Guard kill each other with a Symbol of Insanity. Xykon's ultimate plan is to unleash the Snarl so he can control it and use it against his enemies, uncaring that the monster is what everyone believes to be an evil, god-murdering abomination which has the power to destroy the world.
  • Penny and Aggie: Cyndi is a manipulative sociopath who almost gets off on driving people to suicide. In a really creepy and incriminating file on her laptop, she documented how fun and easy it is to dig a hole into someone's psyche and widen it. She brags about nearly driving Michelle into starving herself to death and she had plans to destroy Daphne and Sara's relationship in the hopes of getting one or both of them to commit suicide. In the same strip this was all revealed, she successfully goaded Charlotte into slitting her own throat by using her Mommy Issues against her. Seeing someone bleed out in front of her thanks to her words puts a grin on Cyndi's face. What's even more damning is that both her biggest "success" so far AND her next intended victim, who she merely considers "practice" (Meg), are erstwhile members of her own clique from the "Popsicle War" arc.
  • Peter Is the Wolf: Gus is a truly nasty piece of work who acts out of a belief that the only value in anyone is in strength, and that the strong can and should take anything they want from anyone they can take it from. In his case, that includes killing his wife, then beating, molesting and raping his daughter for years, keeping her in his house as a Sex Slave. He initially tried to keep her existence secret from the rest of the pack, and she had never left the house until they found out about her just before she should have been entering high school. Additionally, he has repeatedly tried to take over leadership of the pack, plans on taking Werewolf!Sarah as his new wife, and sold out his own kind by siccing The Men in Black on Peter, partly out of hatred for the existence of a runt and partly out of a desire to remove an object of his daughter's affection. Some time before the start of the comic, the pack held a vote on if he should be killed for their own safety. He only survived by two votes, both of which have later mentioned they wish they had voted differently, and the only reason they haven't held another vote is to keep unwanted attention away from the pack.
  • Sire: Susan. You might be inclined to think of her cruelty to Anna as the frustrations as a lonely child. That is, until she savagely beats in the head of the only person who cared about her, simply because he didn't shower her with enough attention. After this, she pins the rap on Anna, laughs off her suicide attempt, snaps the neck of her lawyer, smuggles herself and Anna into another country, and leaves her at the hands of some unsavory types. And while she's doing all this, she coerces Anna into thinking that it was all her fault.
  • Something Positive: Avogadro Pompey stands out as a Complete Monster even compared to the Jerk Ass cast. He kept Pepito as a sex slave, psychologically and physically abused his nephew, and set Kharisma up to take the rap for a murder (his own, as a matter of fact) which she didn't commit.
  • Unsounded: Starfish is the leader of the Red Berry Boys, a criminal gang that earns money by kidnapping people, cutting out their organs, and using the available space to transport a magical substance in their captives' bodies. The process leaves its victims drifting in and out of consciousness, all the while in a constant state of pain. Recently, Starfish has made it a priority to target children for this procedure. He does so because his buyers pay him the same amount per body, not per amount of substance in each body. By using smaller bodies he can stretch out his supply, swindling his buyers out of extra cash. What this process entails is shown in gruesome detail with Cara, a little girl who the readers see slowly dying on an operating table, having had most of her organs removed and then been abandoned by Starfish when his lair was uncovered. In addition to his rampant greed, Starfish is prone to partaking in brutal and sadistic actions simply because he can. When his mook, Ephsephin, has been gravely wounded and is begging Starfish for a doctor, Starfish merely smiles and caves in the man's skull with a whiskey bottle. He also, once better muscle comes along, betrays Quigley, an Antivillain who only signed up with Stafish so long as the captive children were set free once the job ended. Not only does Starfish renege on their deal and attempts to have Quigley killed, but he even states that Quigley’s eight-year-old son, Matty, will undergo the procedure as well. Additionally, as Starfish tries to have Quigley drowned, he forces a crying Matty to watch the whole thing.
  • Wayward Sons: Doctor Chu is a brilliant scientist who gets most of his results through torturous experiments on live subjects. Or, put another way, he's a professional torturer who learns a lot of useful things while on the job. Either way, he certainly enjoys what he does.

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