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02:13:44 AM Feb 3rd 2014
All proposals or requests for removals should go to the Complete Monster Cleanup thread set up for that very purpose. Requests to add characters on the discussion page will get ignored.
10:36:37 AM Jan 24th 2013
For Starfish on Unsounded, Word of God has also confirmed he's a child molester, which we might want to add to just emphasize that he really is a CM.
07:47:06 PM Dec 13th 2012
Cary from the The Dragon Doctors. He was the one who stole the magical idol that turns everyone in Agri Village into women, so that he could escape from his previous boss, a succubus, and her enforcer, an incubus. To do so, he had the guards on a boat patrolling the island protecting the idol's original site turned to stone, stripped, and dumped into the bottom of the ocean, possibly never to be recovered. They were trapped, fully conscious, aware, and in a near death like state for days, and from the victim's perspective, felt like years, or centuries. Cary's opinion for this? Better luck next time. Said victims suffered from severe mental trauma, some of whom would never be the same again. He then went on to run a criminal organization in Agri Village, and used a precognizant as a hitman to take out anyone who threatened his organization before they became a serious threat. The series has had as villains a shaman who used spirits of death, destruction, and madness to murder his victims, a group of magic wielding master assassins and hospital robbing thieves, and a scientist who implanted his mind in an all consuming eldritch abomination in order to evade death, and a wizard who forced innocent women to either petrify themselves or die of starvation, and Cary, a leader of a small gang of thieves, smugglers, and murderers, is managing to be a bigger monster than all of them put together. It's implied that he is working towards a larger goal, and from what we've seen of him so far, it's unlikely that it's going to end with free puppies for all the orphans of the world.
04:38:27 AM Dec 14th 2012
Take it to the Complete Monster thread in the Special Efforts section of the forums.
02:27:28 PM Sep 11th 2010
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Please don't double post
02:27:28 PM Sep 11th 2010
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For the webcomic section, can anyone think of a good picture of Xykon to use? I think he'd probably be the best example for the page, but I can't quite find a picture that fits.
03:28:14 PM Aug 8th 2010
  • Sonichu: The Author Avatar himself is one. When he's wronged in the slightest he ruins his enemies' lives, shoots people's kneecaps after disarming them, blows up buildings full of people, arranges mock trials with biased judges and jury and has them sentenced to be brutally tortured to death by every "good" character in the comic. The worst part? The reader is supposed to root for him.

"The reader is supposed to root for "him"." In other words, his atrocities are not treated as atrocities in-story, right?
07:43:17 AM Feb 25th 2011
Yes, he's not a complete monster in Sonichu. In Asperchu, however...