Horrible / Web Comics

"These comics are an example of the downfall of human civilization, leaving a trail of nothing but destruction, deformed mutations and cancer in their wake. Pray you, avoid them."

Webcomics offer a very low barrier of entry and instant feedback, but most humans will not continue to draw something or at least try to improve if people hate it. How do you suppose these webcomics managed to continue onwards in spite of this? Someone out there has to like 'em, but we're still looking for those (other than the authors/artists themselves) who'll come forward and admit it.

Important Notes:

  1. Merely being offensive in its subject matter is insufficient. Hard as it is to imagine at times, there is a market for all types of deviancy (no matter how small a niche it is). It has to fail to appeal even to that niche to qualify as this.

  2. A webcomic isn't horrible just because The Bad Webcomics Wiki, The Webcomic Relief or any other Caustic Critic reviewed it. There needs to be independent evidence, such as actual, professional pannings, to list it. (Though once it is listed, they can provide the detailed review(s).)

  3. This page is not for horrible chapters of otherwise good webcomics. For those, see DethroningMoment.Webcomics.

Examples (more-or-less in alphabetical order):

  • Angel Warrior Comics is a good example of the reason Sprite Comics are so hated. It has the usual recolored sprites, illegible text, and clashing background. It began as a gag strip, but then created an incomprehensible story. It's no surprise that the author abandoned it in March 2003, although the last strip is the author vehemently saying the webcomic is not canned and will be updated in a month or so.
  • Billy the Heretic is widely considered to be one of the worst webcomics on the internet. It's an allegedly-autobiographical work about a young boy who was adopted by a "rich international Jewish" family. The writing is identical to, if not dumber than, what you'd find sifting through Stormfront or /pol/ (quite fitting, as the webpage bears a link to the former, despite the fact the author claims not to support Neo-Nazism). The artwork is spectacularly awful there's no color at all, backgrounds are never anything beyond blank white stretches, and every character is poorly drawn. Special mention goes to the characters, all of whom are overblown caricatures or stereotypes. And the sad thing is, the comic makes it clear the reader is supposed to like Billy, but makes no effort to portray him as anything but a spoiled brat with extremist political views. In Cracked's 5 Circles of Baffling Webcomic Hell, this one gets a special mention at the bottom of the pit.
  • Chaos Diamonds 3 started as a rather mediocre Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic before making the transition to web comic. It's a shameless attempt on the part of the author to shoehorn his miserable fan character into a Sonic storyline (said character, despite resembling a Mobian, was not really connected to the Sonicverse) as some Super-Powered Evil Side for Tails; the writing confuses superfluous angst with something deep and meaningful, and contains its fair share of Fridge Horror (if it takes place three years after Sonic Adventure 2, that would make Amy 15 when she dated an 18-year-old Sonic, and Tails 11 when Amy starts dating him...yeah. Keep in mind that the author was eventually exposed as an abusive ephebophile). It also rather shamelessly rips off Dragon Ball Z in its fight scenes without that series's clarity or sense of flow.
  • The Easy Breather was written as an Author Tract against smoking. Fair enough, but the execution falls totally flat. First of all, the art is done entirely in an ancient 3D program called Poser, thus resulting in a great deal of Uncanny Valley. The writing is just as bad, as the anti-smoking material is constantly sidelined in favor of having the characters get naked for no reason (supposedly because the author is a naturist). Even when the comic remembers that it's about non-smoking, it results in weird things such as the main protagonist having special breath powers due to being a nonsmoker, paper-thin villains forcing others to smoke, and infodumps on the hazards of smoking that come off more as a PSA than a story. Cracked placed it #10 on their The 5 Circles of Baffling Web Comic Hell article, and Bad Webcomics Wiki has more to say.
  • Faith Mouse is sort of a funny case. It's an evangelical Christian website that appears to be of the opinion that True Art Is Incomprehensible. Seriously, this probably sets a record when it comes to the sheer level of baffling (one strip's punchline was Barack Obama laughing at a nun with two heads, three legs and seven butts). And yet while reading it, one gets the feeling that it would be entirely offensive if one actually could figure out what the hell it's talking about. The webcomic was made by Dan Lacey, who is now more famous for paintings of things like a nude Barack Obama on a unicorn, Obama in a Vault Boy outfit, and Sarah Palin (and various other political figures across the spectrum) with a pancake on their heads, often naked. Also, he was taken to court by Birther Orly Taitz for a painting of her giving birth to a pancake. So it's likely the baffling absurdity of Faith Mouse was at least partially deliberate.
    • Lacey had a most unlikely relationship with the debate and discussion subforum at Something Awful circa 2008. Against all expectations, given the content of Faith Mouse, he responded cordially and patiently to being called out as a Christian lunatic. He rapidly won over the forum and they became fans and customers, encouraging his more bizarre election-time work and not bugging him about his personal beliefs. He was, in the goons' view, a terrific artist and total madman someone worthy of support rather than scorn.
  • THe FReCKLeD FINGeR has a very good, professional art style. Too bad it's aggressively unfunny, needlessly offensive, and as spiteful as humanly possible. The bald-faced contempt for all that feels joy is clear in the writing, making every single strip a soul-crushing experience in and of itself. It's often described as "Cyanide & Happiness if it took itself dead seriously".
  • Gamer Chicks follows Suiren, a hyperactive Yaoi Fangirl who plays too many video games, and Kirei, her snarky level-headed roommate. They discuss video games and have wacky misadventures. Solid enough premise, right? Wrong. Most strips are about Suiren doing one of three things:
    1. "Assuring" the viewer that "she's totally a girl and totally plays video games deal with it you silly boy".
    2. Obsessing over homosexual pairings of video game characters without much understanding of/respect for LGBT dynamics, while assuming anyone who thinks she's strange for talking about it to complete strangers in public (a risky thing to do, mind) "must be crazy or stupid".
    3. Having to fend off silly boys who are only interested in her "boobies".
  • Girlz 'n Games, much like Gamer Chicks, is (was?) a comic exploring the "comedy" that comes from girls liking geeky things and playing video games. The jokes are stale, poorly delivered, and unfunny (such as references to Portal's cake jokes about two years late), many jokes are misogynisticnote , and the art's flat and underwhelming.
    • The comic was discovered by 4chan and Something Awful, with the predictable result of several comments left on the website ranging from constructive criticism to outright insults. Most strikingly is how people have compared the comic to Ctrl+Alt+Del due to the use of backgrounds copied from Google Images, lazy artwork which has seen no improvement since it began, the use of the same facial expressions, poor joke delivery and terrible dialogue, obvious sexism and also complaints about the author's ego getting in the way of real improvements and accepting any constructive criticism, resulting in her being labelled as Tim Buckley's Distaff Counterpart.
  • Hathor the Cow Goddess revolves around real-life naturalist feminist Heather Cushman-Dowdee in a cow mask and bottle-nipple hat preaching her views on child-rearing, healthcare, and public as well as long-term breastfeeding. This alone wouldn't necessarily make it a bad webcomic, but the comic only shows tolerance for Hathor's own views and demonizes anyone that advocates modern medicine, formula feeding, or sends their kids to school as an abusive parent. The author, essentially a hippie helicopter mom crossed with a Bizarro liberal Jack Chick, has earned the enmity of many an amateur Egyptologist for re-purposing a cool goddess for her deranged views. Cushman-Dowdee later switched over to writing a strip called Mama Is..., which is the exact same thing minus the main character wearing a cow mask.
  • Jenffer's Show, a possible Troll Fic by a user at the old 789chan, combines hideous and poorly made artwork (which is bad enough to make the art from Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff look beautiful and detailed in comparison) with an unintelligible plot where it is very hard to understand what is going on in most of the pages. The dialogue constantly includes grammar mistakes (and on some pages, it becomes literally unreadable due the small and confusing handwriting). Pretty much like Sonichu it doesn't seem to know its target audience, and despite being around the web since around 2010 (though the author appears to have been making it for decades), it hasn't show any signs of improvement.
  • Kansas O'Flaherty, Secret Agent was a weekly strip for four months on Salon.com. Every episode was greeted by a string of reader comments complaining about pretentious cultural references, bad artwork, inconsistent lettering, occasional misspelled words, non-sequiturs, and general lack of a coherent plot. The strip's few defenders generally explained it as an experiment in anti-humor designed to provoke strong reactions from readers.
  • Lessons in Distraction, by the author of Gamer Chicks, is just as bad and possibly even worse a blatant Self Insert comic where the main character falls in love with an obvious Expy of Sephiroth. The art's worse than Gamer Chicks since it's all black and white, muddling the actions even more. The main character's harassed brutally by the Alpha Bitch for no real reason, cheese is once again used as a lazy stand-in for crowds, and a confusing plot involving the two main characters turning into animal-things is introduced and dropped. It appears to be a desperate effort from the author to gain sympathy for her "dark and depressing" life. The comic stopped updating in August 2008, to the bereavement of nobody.
  • Lightbringer is a story about young man who becomes the world's first superhero, written by Linkara (yes, that Linkara), now mostly considered an Old Shame and with good reason. The comic follows Carter Granholme, a straw pacifist who's had unexplained light manipulation powers since birth, but decides to never use them because it goes against his philosophy. After running away from a woman being attacked seconds after he finishes philosophizing in his head about whether he should be using his powers or not, he comes to a realization that "pacifism breeds evil." The character is bland and unintentionally unlikable, and is prone to spouting huge, preachy monologues. The story is pretty much a Frankenstein's monster of popular comic book stories, with the main character being an orphan whose parents are murdered, who can create solid constructs out of light, and whose powers sometimes spark when he's angry. Even his costume looks like a slightly modified rip-off of Dr. Light's. The plot is poorly paced and paper-thin and often has significant events happen out of nowhere without even so much as a Hand Wave. The art itself is awful, owing to the fact that Linkara can't draw, with distractingly wonky perspectives and proportions, coupled with a badly-done MS Paint coloring job. While the art does get better as it goes on, it only reaches a decent level once the guest artists start coming in. Most of that could still work if not for the stilted writing and ham-fisted dialogue, with lines such as, "He is an evil man. Perhaps someday, if he understands that, he will be able to change and do things that will do true good. But for now all he ever will be is an evil man. And he has done nothing that is good."
  • The Loco Bandito, by none other than Mike Matei. Downright racist to extreme levels, the strips also make almost no attempt at humor (one, in particular, has the punchline be the titular Bandito ejaculating on a penny arcade, while another has him expose his testicles and threaten the host of The Price Is Right after he loses). They also contain graphically NSFW imagery (which is why there is no link here) and egregious language. The only mildly twinge-inducing strip sees the Bandito spray various bodily fluids over ethnic stereotypes, then realise he himself is an ethnic stereotype... and defecate on his own face, but even that is ruined by the disgusting nature of it all. Apparently, Matei tried to get the comics published, but "no one had the balls" to put this horrifically racist garbage on the shelves.
  • Mandatory Fun Day, a comic The Daily WTF ran for several weeks. Season 1 featured poor artwork, cut-and-paste characters, anemic writing, and humor so thin you could see through it; it was even colored in an eye-searing MS Paint style. Season 2 redeemed it somewhat, but the general distaste and endless mockery toward the comic led to it being removed.
    • The only humor to be found was usually the re-edited strips found in the comments. After some time, the comic's author started acknowledging the best-edited versions of the previous comic in each post. Not sure what that says about his attitude towards his own comic...
  • Monster Lover (No relation to the below mentioned comic by Dumok. The webcomic was made by albert-aet.) is a monster girl hentai comic on the Electronic Hentai Organisation and one of the few of their huge webcomic archive that contains more than 300 webcomics that appealed to absolutely nobody, getting a half star out of five by many reviewers. Aside from having a lame storyline it also has an art style that makes Chris Chan's work look like pure genius. Some wished that the author got a ban because he seems to be too young to go on that site.
  • Motherfuckin' Mario is considered by the few unfortunate souls who have actually read it to be the worst webcomic in history, despite never even passing seven comics. This could be attributed to the fact that it is one of the most disgusting things you will ever read. It's eye-searingly ugly even by the low standards of sprite comics, almost everyone is terminally out of character, the one character that isn't (Luigi) is frequently killed and tortured, and the whole experience just isn't funny... unless you consider Mario keeping Birdo as a sex slave and accidentally killing her because he overcharged her shock collar or Bowser overdosing on Viagra until his penis explodes to be funny. Seriously. There's no punchline in sight. Just pure, condensed, unfiltered offensiveness that would be enough to disgust even Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
  • My Little School (no connection with My Little Pony) would have remained in obscurity had it not been for the fact that the creator frequents the forums on Deviant ART, and it should have remained there because of how awful it is. The dialogue is poorly worded, the artwork is barely above elementary school-level, the characters are flat and unlikeable, and the comic tries to be dramatic but fails miserably. What you end up getting is a product so sub-par, it makes My Life Me look good in comparison. And don't get us started on the creator's response to criticism.
  • One-Frame Gags, a now-defunct webcomic that ran a little under a year from September 2012 to July 2013, had terrible artwork, unfunny "gags", and way too many terrible puns. The only thing it had going for it is that David Morgan-Mar actually wrote a guest strip for it. The creator became a Square Root of Minus Garfield and Lightning Made of Owls creator after it ended and made some slightly better strips.
  • Project 2nd is a webcomic that is inspired by another webcomic called TwoKinds. And by "inspired", we mean "blatantly ripped-off and traced from the source". The two leads being an Author Avatar that was originally created to be the brother of Two Kinds character Flora which has plenty of creepy overtones, and a tiger girl named Fauna (who is Flora in all but name). The artwork is poor despite being a trace-over, and what isn't traced looks even worse, particularly the Big Bad who has been likened to an "Evil Guitar Pick". The writing is spotty with many typos that were left unchecked (while English may not be the author's first language, he could've invested someone to proofread it). Finally, there is the cardinal sin of the author being very sensitive when it comes to criticism. Riiser had tackled this webcomic in his review right here.
  • The now thankfully defunct Shredded Moose is/was, along with being irredeemably offensive, devoid of humor or any point behind its misogyny. The artwork is somewhat competent, though an obvious rip-off of Penny Arcade's style and often glaringly unrealistic where female anatomy is concerned. This comic was a Two Gamers on a Couch comic about two fratboy gamers. A backwards hat wearing Totally Radical "Alpha Male" named Brew, who represented the writer, and, representing the artist, Trip, a youngster fratboy who looked up to Brew. Together they were Mary Sue protagonists to the extreme. The average comic strip was always about either Brew one upping their strawman targets with a talking point followed by violence, or having sex with multiple women, and all the women in the series were either bimbos, Orcs (if feminists), or Lesbians (if they did not want to have sex with Brew). This made Brew an aggressively unlikable Jerkass character who epitomizes the worst of the Fratire genre without any of its redeeming qualities. The most redeeming thing to be said about the comic is that it ended many years ago and the creator has since renounced and disowned it.
  • Single Asian Female: The dialogue is so badly written that it would be painful to read even if it wasn't overwhelmingly racist. The author stated that this was intentional, and was probably trying to portray racism against East Asians... but instead exposed himself as racist against non-Asians through ethnocentrism ("Asians should marry other Asians! White men are creepy and all have an Asian fetish!"). Reading the comic makes it seem far less like an Anvilicious anti-racism screed gone wrong, and more like a racist complaining that he can't get a date because "all the good Asian sisters are dating white guys". The way the "married a white guy" friend of the main character refers to Asian guys as "abusive, sexist losers" seems an awful lot like the author had been on the receiving end of that comment himself. Unsurprisingly, the webcomic was taken down. Encyclopedia Dramatica has an article on it, with many of the strips contained. Their analysis, when not blatantly false, is not particularly exaggerated.
  • Sonichu is the purest form of Bile Fascination condensed into a single webcomic, and nothing else can be said here that hasn't already covered extensively elsewhere on the Internet. The comic lacks even the most basic aspects of creativity, artistry, composition, sense of proportion or comedic timing. Its reliance on hackneyed exposition reaches ridiculous levels, as sometimes entire pages are dominated by impenetrable walls of text that explain the events instead of showing them. It also contains some of the worst Protagonist Centred Morality in all of fiction. Jokes, ideas, character concepts, and entire plotlines are all either flagrantly plagiarized or an obvious attempt at venting the author's spleen. It didn't seem to know its target audience (childish plots and humor were combined with unsettling violence and graphic sex), it had pretty much no set schedule by the time it went on a five-year hiatus starting in February 2010, and devolved into a self-righteous, disturbing vanity project in later issues.
  • Sore Thumbs. The art is okay, and at the very least it... tries to lambaste both sides of the political spectrum, not just one side. However, that's the only good things that can possibly be said about it. The characters are all woefully unlikable with the main character being a desperate attempt to pander to those seeking Fanservice as possible, the attempts at humor fall horribly flat, the plotline is borderline nonsensical, and decisions made about the story are just outside the realm of human logic ("let's made the love interest a eunuch for no reason!"). The creator himself eventually said that it was "purposefully created to be as dumb and pandering as possible". And he succeeded.
  • Stalag '99, authored by Kelly "STrRedWolf" Price, focuses on the adventures of a hermaphrodite wolf-skunk hybrid furry. Not only is the artwork rather stiff, the dialogue's horrific and the site layout is very outdated. Despite copying and pasting panels constantly, the strip also suffers from frequent Schedule Slip.
    • And to make matters worse, despite the fact that the comic started in 1999, it has shown very little improvement in the art department even after 10 years.
  • Vegan Artbook, a cutesy Sanrio-esque webcomic (with more than likely stolen/traced artwork, according to various sources) that summarizes itself as "veganism, ethics, the environment, food, peace, love and animals". The fifth and sixth items on that list would be more believable if the comic did not advocate violence against people who eat meat and reduce its antagonists to little more than strawmen. (In one comic, a straw-character's "argument" against veganism is literally, "Because I'm a selfish prick! Mmm, bacon!") The "heroic" characters are all cardboard mouthpieces and blatant Author Avatars that do nothing but spout the author's views and occasionally beat up meat-eaters for being meat-eaters and therefore "wrong" (and their actions are presented as not only acceptable, but justified). The bright, colorful art style does little to cover up the fact that the author demonizes any and all opposition to her views and espouses an "us against them" mentality in her comics, painting vegans as pure, perfect angels and meat-eaters as either 1) ignorant clods who don't understand veganism or 2) selfish baby-eating monsters that need to be wiped off the face of the earth by any means necessary, including murder (asking hunters to shoot themselves and depicting one of her characters hanging and brutally murdering the family of a commercial farmer). Between that lack of nuance and its equal lack of any plotline or story arc, the impression created is of Chick Tracts for veganism.
  • WarMage (on hiatus since 2009) is an MS Paint-spawned harem porn monstrosity covered in a hash of superhero (in)action, 20 Minutes into the Future cyberpunk, and whatever Wicca and Hindu mysticism the author feels like tossing in. Bad enough on its own, but the author decided to clone it for different genres Monster Lover (a mishmash of RPG Elements) and A Call To Destiny (a mishmash of RPG elements in space!).
    • For extra funtimes, the antagonists of WarMage tend to be assorted flavors of Abrahamic faithnote  fundamentalists.
    • The creator also had a fourth comic that breaks the pattern, but is otherwise just as bad: Shadow Root - which is basically Fifty Shades of Grey meets Urban Fantasy.