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Hilarious In Hindsight: Anime
Above, an It Makes Sense in Context scene from Go Lion.
Below, a gag from Robot Chicken.

  • In general, Adaptation Induced Plot Holes, courtesy of Filler arcs.
  • From One Piece:
    • The 4Kids dub was already a joke for, among other things, cutting out a story arc involving a whale named Laboon, and another involving giants. Two later arcs that came up about 200 to 300 episodes later involved plot points based on those stories. The first one involved a character being friends with the two giants from the missing arc, and, in the second, the author introduced a new crewmate, Brook, whose entire character motivation revolves around getting back and seeing Laboon.
    • There's also the cover of Chapter 14, which shows Luffy as Dracula. Much later, this becomes an inadvertent Stealth Pun when you consider that "dracula" means 'son of the dragon', at least in older Romanian, which is quite accurate as Luffy is indeed Dragon's son.
  • There's no need to make fun of the 4Kids dub to get these moments. CPR (Clean, Pretty, Reliable) has been depicted twice in One Piece: on Luffy in the Arlong arc, and on Usopp in the Skypiea arc. Both times, it's depicted without mouth-to-mouth. Fast forward 5-10 years later real-time, and medical guidelines today recommend chest compressions ONLY in CPR now.
  • Minor early example: when Nami first met Luffy, she called him "Boss" as a way of getting Buggy's goons who were chasing her to go pick on Luffy instead. Three arcs later, she wound up officially joining the Straw Hats as Luffy's navigator.
  • A voice-acting related one. Brook's VA, Yuichi Nagashima way before being known as Brook, voiced a character in the gag series Sexy Commando Gaiden named Tsuyoshi Tsobe also better known as Kyasharin or "Living Bones".
  • Also a voice-acting related one; the protagonist himself, Luffy's VA (Mayumi Tanaka), is voicing a villain in DokiDoki! Precure, the little boy Ira. The hilarious part? Eiichiro Oda considers the entire Precure series as his rival because his daughters love it more than his series. The fact that Luffy's VA is voicing a villain also adds the hilarity.
  • In The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, the moments of Haruhi molesting Mikuru are funnier than the first time round, due to Haruhi's Japanese voice artist (Aya Hirano) voicing Kaoru, a 10 year old Lovable Sex Maniac, in Zettai Karen Children.
  • In an episode of The Nineties Sailor Moon, Usagi and Rei are shown blushing while reading a Takarazuka Revue magazine. Cut to the 2013 Sera Myu revival, where Usagi's love interest is played by Yūga Yamato, a former Takarazuka alum. And note that the critics praised Yamato's onscreen chemistry with the actress playing Usagi...
    • In episode 145, Yamagishi, the young balletmaster, tells Fish Eye that he had always wanted Kiriko for the lead in his production of Giselle because she's able to convey a wide range of emotions, unlike Fish Eye, who risks coming across as one-dimensional. You know, like most every Albrecht in productions since the Commies took over in Russia. If she lived in the days of Rudolf Nureyev, Kiriko would be a perfect partner for him.
  • The live-action part of the Toon Makers pilot of Sailor Moon that never aired received a great deal of criticism for taking the original anime and turning it into a Power Rangers knock-off. This was already funny given that Sailor Moon was always openly an all-female take on the popular Super Sentai franchise which spawned Power Rangers in the first place. It becomes funny in hindsight when you fast forward to 2004, when Toei literally made a tokusatsu of the show in the style of Super Sentai with Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. They even included many seasoned veterans of the Super Sentai franchise in the production side of things, bringing the reference loop full circle.
  • In Kanon (2006), Yuichi is chastised for having a boring introduction to his new class. Yuichi says, "If's there an interesting way to introduce yourself, I'd like to see that." In that same year, his voice actor landed on the role of Kyon.
    • Yuichi is also once called out for talking narration to himself by Kaori, something that Kyon does all the time.
  • Shugo Chara! had this weird moment where our resident crossdresser makes a return and apparently, if Kukai, Tadase and Nagahiko were in the same scene, they resemble the trio from Boku No Pico.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima! had a scene with Nodoka being attacked by a perverted bounty hunter with tentacles, who starts stripping her clothes off while ranting about "boobies". After Negi saves her in a Big Damn Heroes moment, the group later runs into the same gang of bounty hunters in a Bath house. Turns out the tentacle guy is actually a hot female with a healthy appreciation for breasts. Skinship Grope ensues.
    • Waaaay back in chapter 15, some eavesdropping caused the class to think that Negi was a prince. Roughly 200 chapters later, it turns out he is.
    • Also in chapter 210, after everyone important has left for the magical world, several characters are joking with the twins about how the main cast was abducted by aliens. The twins panic, saying "next time we meet Asuna she won't be Asuna anymore." Turns out not long into the arc, Asuna gets kidnapped and replaced with a lookalike that has her personality and memories.
    • When Evangeline was still Negi's opponent, during her duel with him, she captured a bunch of his other students and dolled them up as Meidos. Among her victims we have Akira Ookochi and Ako Izumi, who end as maids again much later... in the Magical World, when alongside Natsumi they sell themselves into slavery.
    • In Chapter 229, when they find out that Fates real name is tertium, which means the third, they start to worry if theres more then one of them. Come Chapter 311, and we meet Quartum, Quintum and Sextum.
    • The English dub of spinoff series Negima!? has a point where Shichimi says "Perhaps it is time to dine, nya" a paraphrase of Enma Ai's catchphrase from Hell Girl. It's even more hilarious when realizing that the joke was simply a Shout-Out in the Japanese version. In the dub it's a Shout-Out and a "same voice actor" joke, since Brina Palencia voices both characters.
  • One of the episodes of Soul Eater features a throwaway gag about how, since Shinigami-sama's soul is bound to Death City, the city would have to sprout legs and walk if he were to track down and defeat the Kishin, who has now gone into hiding. Cue episode 47 of the anime. While this might sound like Foreshadowing, the same scene appearing in the manga, which lacked the eventual plot twist.
  • One infamous fansub of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex mistranslated "foreign mafia kidnappings" as "mass naked child events." Funny enough at the time. However, in 2009, along came Eden of the East (from the same director, no less)—which involves something that could accurately be described as a "mass naked NEET event." Apparently Kenji Kamiyama watches fansubs of his own anime...
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, Scar is voiced (in Brotherhood) by J. Michael Tatum, who also voiced Enel/Eneru in One Piece. Scar attacks state alchemists in the name of God... or, rather, he attacks in the name of himself.
    • In a bonus feature in volume five it shows that one of Ed's boxers' possible designs was Automail. In a volume 7 bonus feature, guess what the Truth takes from him.
    • Kind of a weird example of both Fullmetal Alchemist and Cowboy Bebop with the latter's episode Sympathy for the Devil. The Bebop episode features a character, Wen who essentially looks identical to FMA's Selim Bradley. This is funny because of the common twist that both characters are far older than they look and are only masquerading as children. While probably accidental, it means that if you watched Bebop after FMA, you'd probably guess the twist immediately, and vice versa.
    • Rewatch episode 19 knowing that Mustang and Lust are married.
    • In a Dissidia: Final Fantasy mod, there is a video with Zidane fighting Cloud of Darkness. Now look at Lust and compare her appearance with that of the Cloud of Darkness and realize that Laura Bailey voices both in English. Edward Elric and Zidane have the same seiyuu, Romi Park.
    • In the 2003 anime version, episode 15, Maes Hughes (voiced by Sonny Strait in the dub) says something along the lines of "What do you want me to do, fire my slingshot at him?!". Flash forward to 2007, and his voice actor became the new voice of the One Piece sniper Usopp...
      • Also from the 2003 anime: Selim Bradley is introduced at the last second only to be killed off by the anime's version of Pride, King Bradley. Four years later, Selim Bradley turns out to be the manga's Pride. And King Bradley is his direct subordinate.
      • A similar case comes even later with Scar's death in the 2003 anime, where he continues to fight even after having his arms blows off. Come chapter 105 of that manga and not only does Bradley do the same thing, it was caused by Scar.
  • In the Naruto Shippuden dub, Chiyo is voiced by Barbara Goodson. Her grandson, Sasori is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch. That's right, Rita Repulsa and Adam are doing role reversal (Goodson as one of the heroes, and Bosch as a villain).
    • There's also the joke when Choji sees Naruto's Rasenshuriken and assumes, based on the name, that it was a projectile attack (it isn't). Nearly one hundred chapters later, it shows up again and now it is.
    • Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja is the newest Shippuden movie set in an alternate universe (or something), the difference? Naruto's parents are alive and Sakura's are dead. Now remember that comment Sakura made in the beginning of the series about Naruto and his behavior because of a lack of parents and it turns into Gallows Humor.
    • Back in the first chapter/episode, Naruto is doing graffiti all over the Hokage Monument. One of them is his dad.
    • Chapter 599 revealed that Obito is the Big Bad Tobi, while in the English dub Obito was voiced by Vic Mignonga who also voiced "serious Tobi" in one of the video games. Consequently, Tobi might not be a good boy now, but he once was one.
    • In the preview for episode 25 attached to the end of episode 24, Naruto is freaking out over Part 1 of the Chuunin Exams, worried that he'll be "the oldest living Genin". As of now, Naruto's still a Genin and it looks like he's gonna stay that way. Not that it really matters.
    • In one Omake, Sakura calls out the staff because the current ending only features Hinata. The omake ends with her angrily demanding her own ending - which she got for the very next ending.
    • Naruto's fight with Gaara has him and Gamabunta due a joint transformation into an image of the kyuubi, though just to use its tails and claws for gripping. During the Fourth Shinobi War arc, Naruto gains the ability to turn into the real thing.
    • Akira Ishida (Gaara of the Desert's Japanese VA) is the defacto voice actor in Japan for Luke Skywalker. Luke was raised in Tatooine, a desert planet. Also overlapping with Relationship Voice Actor, Hiroshi Iwasaki (Shukaku's Japanese VA and Gaara's Tailed Beast) is also the defacto Japanese VA for C-3PO in the same franchise. Extra hilarity both Shukaku and C-3PO are the opposite of each other. Even more hilarious is the fact Gaara's life is basically what could happened if Luke was raised by his father Anakin aka Darth Vader, rather by his uncles and killing (a resurrected) Vader by himself, rather than Emperor Palpatine.
    • Tessho Genda's role as the Kurama The Nine-tailed Fox is pretty hilarious if you take into account he voiced some roles with some odd relation with him voicing a giant-sized fox.
  • Richard Steven Horvitz had a small recurring role in Duel Masters as Fritz the bitter goblin. One of his main running gags was his Berserk Button, where he would yell at anyone who called him a squirrel. Thus, fans of the dub were amused when Horvitz was later cast as the titular animal character in Squirrel Boy.
  • In 2003, made an April Fools' Day announcement of a Mobile Suit Gundam SEED sequel. After Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny got released, it only became funnier.
  • In Bleach a lot of people were joking around that Yammy Rialgo was the strongest Espada. And then he tells us that he's the 0th Espada.
    • There's also Urahara's "Who's my favorite pussy?!" said to Yoruichi when in cat form, in the English dub. Then we get to learn the cat's gender...
    • Fans started referring to the Big Bad's One-Winged Angel forms by a number of unflattering nicknames. One of them, inspired by a speech about the form simply being an intermediary stage to help him evolve into a higher being, was "Butterflyzen." Then his next form rolled around and actually had butterfly wings.
    • For a long time, a popular Memetic Mutation statement was that "Nobody Dies in Bleach" — in other words, if you're a captain or lieutenant, you're always just going to be nearly killed instead of actually dying. Kubo didn't get the memo for the Thousand Year Blood War Arc — Sasakibe and Yamamoto both died.
    • For the majority of Bleach's run, a popular — if unsubstantiated — pairing was Unohana x Kenpachi. Cue Chapter 520, when we learn that Unohana was the first Kenpachi, and her real name is Yachiru — aka the only person Kenpachi ever admired!
      • On top of that, remember how the 11th Division soldiers were terrified of her when they messed with anyone from the 4th Division? We've always been told about her combat abilities and how people would rather take on Yamamoto's Bankai than making her angry. Messing with the subordinates of the woman that laid the Blood Knight foundation of the 11th Division that they're a part of, not to mention the most diabolical criminal of Soul Society history... yeah, that's not very smart. Looking back, their frightened reactions to Unohana come full-circle now.
    • Something you might have missed: shortly before Chad undergoes his first loss in the Soul Society arc, Ichigo says that he's the person he's least worried about, because he 'Can't imagine Chad ever losing.' Well, Ichigo...
    • Iemura, fourth seat of the 4th Division, complains about how someone like Kyoraku would get to be a captain and thus outrank him. He's talking about the future Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13.
    • Early on, when Uryuu was mistaken for Ichigo, a close up of his face was accompanied by his response, "You got a good look at his face, didn't you? So what part of me resembles Kurosaki?" which was used for Only Six Faces gags among the fandom. Cue the revelation that they're related.
    • Ellyn Stern, the dub voice actress for Ichigo's mother Masaki, is married to Richard Epcar, the voice of Old Man Zangetsu, Ichigo's Zanpakuto. During the final manga arc, it's revealed that just as Masaki was a Quincy, Old Man Zangetsu is actually a personification of Ichigo's Quincy powers, taking the image of Yhwach as he appeared 1000 years earlier.
    • Gin Ichimaru provides an odd, twofold example. When BlazBlue first came out, the character Hazama was so similar to Gin in both appearance and demeanor that he was immediately touted as Gin's Expy. On top of this, many players were under the impression Hazama was voiced by Doug Erholtz (Gin's English VA), which turned out to be a misconception (Hazama's actually voiced by Erik Davies)... until Erholtz was brought in due to localization time constraints to record some extra lines for Continuum Shift Extend (and seems to have assumed the role full-time as of Chronophantasma). Then we have all of those "length" jokes due to Gin's Shinso and its extendable blade, which would later be mirrored by Yuuichi Nakamura (Hazama's seiyuu) constantly joking about Hazama's "size" during the BlazBlue Radio W "Riot" live special promoting CP. A double dose of trolling from beyond the fourth wall, it would seem.
  • A running joke on the Pokémon site Pokemopolis is that Togepi is evil. An episode of the anime years later focuses on "The Worst Togepi Ever!"
    • From their guide to the episode: "Look I don't mean to sound like a broken record here but I TOLD YOU I FUCKING TOLD YOU ALL THESE THINGS ARE EVIL! EVIL! EVVIIIILLLLLLLL!!!!"
    • And anyone who's familiar with "aim for the horn" probably had their laughs back in Gen III of the games, when the Rhyhorn family (including Rhydon, which was the victim of said move) gained the Lightningrod ability. So not only is it immune to electrical attacks, probably to the frustration of those who can't tell between anime plot and game mechanics, but with that ability, as long as it's on the field, you can't aim an Electric attack at any other Pokémon!
      • Related to this, in the episode Tag! We're It...!, the first pair of opponents Ash and Paul face had...a Magmar and Rhydon. And the Rhydon had Lightningrod.
      • In the original anime, you aim for the horn. In Pokémon Origins, horn aims for you! Rhyhorn gets back at Electric-types by delivering a One-Hit-KO Thunderbolt to Red's Jolteon. Jolteon gets Volt Absorb in Gen III.
    • Another bit regarding Lightningrod. Even though Ash's Pikachu has Static, he balanced on his tail to dodge a berserk Thunder from Surge's Raichu. As of Gen V, the Pikachu family has Lightningrod as their Dream ability.
    • In 2006, there was an April Fools joke pulled by a Japanese fansite about an anime adaptation of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Spin-Off games. Later in the fall of that year when when the games made their American debut, Cartoon Network did air an anime adaptation alongside it.
    • In the third episode of the anime series, "Ash Catches a Pokémon", when Jessie and James both unleash their Pokémon at once, Ash states that using two Pokémon at once is against Pokémon League rules. Come 2002, upon the release of Ruby & Sapphire, Double Battles and Multi Battles (also known as Tag Battles) are introduced.
      • Not necessarily hilarious, but the Viridian Gym battle with Jessie saw her send out three Pokémon at once against Ash's three. It would take four generations for triple battles to be officially introduced to the game.
    • There's also a scene where Ash makes a remark about how Shellder clamping on Psyduck's tail would make it a Psybro due to how Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro. In the same episode, Shellder clamps onto Psyduck's head. Guess how Slowking evolves from Slowpoke.
    • When Cilan's design was revealed, there were many jokes comparing him to Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club. Mamoru Miyano would soon be revealed to be his voice actor.
    • Ash's Pikachu has the Fan Nickname "Godchu" for being seen as overpowered, including the aforementioned "Aim for the horn" incident. Come Super Smash Bros. 64, Pikachu (although it's obviously not Ash's) was found to be top-tier.
      • Contrast with Mewtwo. "We dreamed of creating the world's strongest Pokémon...and he's bottom tier in Melee and MIA in Brawl."
    • In one episode, Ash inadvertently interrupts Trip while he battles a Palpitoad, causing the Pokemon to run away before Trip could catch it. In the next episode, Ash ends up catching a Palpitoad for himself.
      • This is reminiscent of an incident in "Challenge of the Samurai." Samurai interrupts Ash, who's trying to catch a Weedle, and the Pokemon escapes.
    • In "The Mystery of the Lighthouse," Bill remarks that there are more Pokémon than one can imagine, and it will take years to find them all. The episode aired in Japan in 1997. Fast-forward 15 years, and Pokémon is one of the longest-running TV shows ever in excess of 700 episodes, 15 movies, and one of the most popular video game series ever with no signs of slowing.
      • And in that time, the series has introduced another five hundred species of Pokémon.
    • In the episode "Holiday at Aopulco," the Who's That Pokémon?, a eyecatch bumper showing a different Pokémon each time, turns out to be Brutella, the main villain of that episode. 15 years later, in episode 10 of the anime "Smile Pretty Cure!"note , the second eyecatch (usually showing the team mascot Candy one being a different outfit or background) turned out to be the main monster of the series, an Akanbe!
      • It's also worth noting that this kind of Who's That Pokémon? happened again in the Japanese version of "The Bug Stops Here!", with Jessie as a Venomoth. The Akanbe kind of eyecatch in Smile Pretty Cure! happened twice during the first half of the series, appearing again 7 episodes later, because the episode was about a joke contest.
    • In "Minccino: Neat and Tidy", Bianca tells Ash's Oshawott to use Hydro Pump, with Ash replying that he doesn't know it. Oshawott would later learn Hydro Pump in Best Wishes 2.
  • It's honestly quite astounding how the writer of Pokémon Special makes up so much for his story yet nearly all of it still manages to fit into future game canon. This is why fans joke that Hidenori Kusaka can see into the future:
    • In the Yellow arc, there's a flashback of Oak's Kangaskhan beating one of Agatha's ghosts with a Dizzy Punch, which should be a total cop out seeing how Normal moves don't affect Ghosts. Now about a decade later in the newer games, Kangaskhan is given the ability Scrappy...which allows Normal (and Fighting) attacks to hit Ghost-types.
    • The new "critical capture" feature in the Black and White games sound a lot like capture spots.
    • So, you dress up as a Rocket member to infiltrate their base, only to have your cover blown because your disguise was ripped off... Special did it long before the HGSS games were released.
    • Zapmolcuno is finished off by a Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur simultaneously using their strongest attacks. It's the Triple Finish!
    • In Pokémon Platinum, you get the chance to purchase an insanely expensive villa and furnish it with insanely expensive furniture. Good thing that the lead character of the corresponding arc was conveniently already established to be insanely rich.
    • A green jewel meant to control Rayquaza... Emerald had one on his forehead before the HGSS games came up with the concept.
    • It took five generations for Game Freak to have the Gym Leaders more involved with the plot, have secondary jobs, and have them directly oppose the evil villainous team. It took only one for Pokéspe.
    • Black's Munna clearing his head is a reference to the C-Gear. There is now a Munna C-Gear skin available.
    • In the GSC arc, some Rocket grunts fill a Spider Web with electricity. Gen V introduces the move Electroweb.
    • In the Platinum arc, Caitlin's personal Pokémon is a Gallade. As it turns out in the BW games, she is a master of Psychic Pokemon.
  • Yokota School in Blood: The Last Vampire is peppered with posters advertising the Halloween dance party and costume contest. One of them features a pretty blonde witch standing next to an ugly green witch.
  • Prowl in Transformers: Robots In Disguise is a strict police car Autobot who lives "by the book". In the English dub a year later, his voice actor was Wayne Lewis, who is a porn actor under the name "Wankus".
  • Remember that yacht that was from the delayed episode for School Days? It turns out that it is the yacht of the director of School Days, Keitaro Motonaga, and that the nature footage was taken during a TNK corporate retreat in 2005. Nice boat, indeed.
    • And when the episode was released later, it turned out to that the final scene actually does take place on a nice boat.
    • This is also applied to Pirates of the Caribbean considering who plays Will Turner in the Japanese dub. Makoto Itou becomes the captain of a really NICE BOAT — without losing his head!
  • Very early on Dragon Ball, when Goku turns into a giant ape for the first time, Oolong remarks "What's with this dude? Is he an alien?" About 15 volumes later... he is.
    • Similarly, when Goku and Piccolo Daimaô first square off, Piccolo calls Goku "smaller than ant's poop" and Goku replies by calling him "slug's poop". Slug in Japanese is "Namekuji", where the name for the later-introduced Planet Namek comes from. Guess who's from Namek? Piccolo.
      • Guess who else is from Namek? Lord Slug!
    • When Bulma is first introduced in Dragon Ball, she planned on using the Dragon Balls to wish for a Prince Charming boyfriend. She ends up married to a Warrior Prince in Dragon Ball Z. It's even lampshaded here in Dragon Ball SD.
    • We're all familiar with Dragonball Evolution, right? What about Dragon Ball GT Evolution? No? Back when Funimation were doing single disc releases of the series they did a form of Idiosyncratic Volume Naming involving words that end with "ion". "Evolution" was the volume with episodes 48-51.
    • In an early episode on Dragon Ball Z, Goku meets Princess Snake, who apparently has fallen in love with him. In the FUNimation dub she was played by Colleen Clinkenbeard, who would later play Goku in Dragon Ball: Curse Of The Blood Rubies.
    • Apparently, Mr. Satan invented planking about fifteen years before anyone else was doing it. In attempt to make it look like he had knocked out Majin Buu for a photo he was taking, he told Buu to hold still and lay flat on his stomach. He even commented that it seemed strange, but it was the new trend in picture-taking.
    • When Goku refuses to kill Piccolo Jr. after winning the fight against him at the end of Dragon Ball, stating that he could use a rival, in the Funimation dub Yamcha says sarcastically, "Oh, I'm sure you'll be best friends someday." Guess who actually does end up best friends with Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z? Goku's son.
    • One of the early antagonists in Dragon Ball was a rabbit who had the power to turn anyone he touched into a carrot. When Goku faces him, the rabbit asks him if he wants to be carrot. In Dragon Ball Z, it turns out that Goku's Saiyan name is Kakarot!
    • At one point during Goku and Krillin's training, Master Roshi tied them both to a tree, shook a hornet's nest with a stick, and told them to DODGE!
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann does this a few times, but in episode 4, Kamina says that 16 combines at once sounds "Stupid", but in Lagann-Hen, the second movie, this is almost exactly what Simon does, and turns into a giant energy reincarnation of Kamina, the same person who advised against this stupid stunt.
  • In the first episode of RahXephon, Haruka invites Ayato to come with her, saying she'll explain all the world's secrets. He responds that he's not interested in older women. Although this line is already amusing, it becomes much more so on second viewing because Ayato and Haruka actually do end up together.
  • Andy Richter recorded the voice of Notoru in the English dub of The Cat Returns; in fact, it was his only anime voice work ever. Well, that is, until The Tonight Show took a little trip to Bang Zoom...
  • In Hetalia, Japan's human name is Kiku Honda. When the Japanese soccer team later scored their first goal ever in a World Cup, the scorer's last name was Honda. Even being the most common Japanese surname, it's still funny.
    • It gets better: Kiku's name means chrysanthemum. "Chrysanthemum" is slang for "anus" in East Asian cultures... LOL, yaoi fangirls.
    • And then, even better: In Spain's version of Marukaite Chikyuu, you can hear Soccer/Football sounds, such as a ball being kicked and a referee's whistle being blown. Guess which national team won the 2010 FIFA World Cup?
  • In the opening scenes of Parte 5 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 4 supporting character Koichi Hirose meets protagonist Giorno Giovanna. Romi Park voiced the latter in the PS2 adaptation of this story arc, then the former in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle.
  • During a chase scene in an early episode of Trigun, Vash starts complaining to his maman, and then wonders aloud why he's speaking in French. Sort of random on its own, but hilarious when you consider who he ends up voicing in Axis Powers Hetalia...
  • The Prince of Tennis is a Shounen sports series, so naturally, many of the events are too far-fetched to be plausible. One match between Tezuka and Atobe leads to a 37-35 points tie-breaker. A later match between Atobe and Ryoma ends with a 116-114 points tiebreaker, implying a duration of several hours for the tiebreaker alone. But surely, no actual living person, let alone two people, have that much stamina, right?
  • Remember the whole "We're stuck in an endless recursion of time" thing? Said by Itsuki Koizumi, voiced by Daisuke Ono? Cue Ono later voicing Battler in Umineko: When They Cry, also stuck in a "Groundhog Day" Loop, albeit this one not noticeable to...part of himself.
    • For more hilarity, guess which character is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita (the voice of Kyon)? Ronove the butler, who is also caught (sorta) into said "Groundhog Day" Loop. Not only everyone is Itsuki for Kyon, but now everyone is Ronove for Battler.
    • Also connecting When They Cry and Haruhi: "Remote Island Syndrome". The episode/chapter contains Haruhi and co. getting trapped on an island during a storm and trying to "solve a murder mystery." Apparently, it was supposed to draw parallels to Umineko's sister series Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (with even one of the characters named Keiichi), but in retrospect, the basic plot is almost identical to Umineko's.
    • Happens to him AGAIN in Virtue's Last Reward.
  • In the fields of Latin American dubs, Irwin Daayan provides a really good one. His break-out role was male!Seiya Kou in Sailor Moon Stars... flashforward 12 years and have him playing another Seiya as a part of the two Saint Seiya dubs for the Hades Saga. El Oh El.
    • Since the Latin-American dub studios have similar actor pools depending on which country the series are dubbed, the Relationship Voice Actor trope brings up this more than once. One of the best examples is when Victor Ugarte was cast as Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion in both Mexican dubs, and his sister Gaby is cast as Rei Ayanami in the 2nd one. This sounds normal at first, but once you remember that Rei is his mother's clone and thus she is Shinji's sister in canon... sort of, the deal becomes absolutely hilarious. Even better... considering how that spoiler is in the It Was His Sled vein now, there's no way that such a Relationship Voice Actor bit wasn't intentional.
    • People complained how in the DiC English dub, they were called 'Scouts' instead of soldiers. And that they said, 'Scouts sell cookies! They don't fight or do battles!'....then came the PC game, 'Cookie Domination.
  • In the Japanese version of Digimon Adventure, Kari's full name is "Yagami Hikari". In Japanese, "Hikari" translates into "light". Let that sink in for a few moments and see if you can keep from envisioning her with a JUST AS PLANNED expression.
  • In an episode of Code Geass, Lelouch goes to Ikebukuro and Jeremiah comes to kill him. Sounds fairly straightforward, until Johnny Yong Bosch and Crispin Freeman got cast as Izaya and Shizuo, and all you can think about is whether Jeremiah is going to throw a vending machine at Lulu when he gets there. (For context, Durarara!! is set in Ikebukuro.)
    • After Euphemia chooses Suzaku as her knight, Cornelia calls her to scold her about it, saying that if she wants to change the system, she can do so if she becomes Empress. That happens toward the end of Nightmare of Nunnally, with Cornelia's approval.
    • Kallen's claim in episode 19 that Euphemia is a useless puppet princess of Britannia who can't make any decisions of her own. Episodes later, Euphie gets killed after being accidentally mind controlled and stripped of her free will. Could be considered Harsher in Hindsight too.
    • "Zero, you son of a bitch!"
  • In one episode of Bludgeoning Angel Dokurochan, Sakura watches the "Binkan Salaryman" with Shizuki and Dokuro, which is a movie about a guy that's pretty... sensitive to everything. This scene becomes slightly better if you've heard "Jizz In My Pants".
  • Death Note. Both of Light Yagami's voice actors have one of these. First is that Swaile voiced a guy named Lan Hikari... Let's see... "Hikari" is the Japanese word for Light...
    • More importantly is Miyano's when voicing Kiba from Wolf's Rain, when confronting Tsume for the first time. Tsume lets Kiba know that he has issues with his killing, but Kiba replies, "What's wrong with killing?" Then, Tsume tried to explain that killing is against the rules for the city, and which word does Kiba use to describe those rules? ROTTEN! In addition, how many letters in Kiba's name have to be changed to get Light's world-wide alias?
      • He had a reverse example of this for Death Note as well. At one point, Ryuk refers to Light Yagami as "a worthy shinigami." Later, in Soul Eater, Miyano voiced a literal shinigami... albiet one obsessed with symmetry.
    • Brad Swaile voiced Quatre, whose name means "four" in French, and who goes on a rampage in Wing Zero destroying colonies. Quatre also hates killing people and is a dedicated pacifist.
    • The infamous "Light gives Matsuda SWIMMING LESSONS" meme is already funny, but it takes even more levels in hilarious when you see that one of the better known members of the 2012 Japanese National Swimming Team is named Matsuda.
      • Becomes even funnier when you learn that the other Matsuda from the Japanese Olympic Team is a policeman, and takes a turn into Black Comedy once learned that this Matsuda's speciality is sharp-shooting with a 10 mm pistol.
  • An early arc in the Get Backers anime had the Recoverery service of Ban and Ginji doing battle against transporter Kuroudo "Doctor Jackal" Akabane, voiced by Shannon McCormick in the dub. In the machinima Red vs. Blue, McCormick does the voice for Agent Washington, who happens to be codenamed Recovery One.
  • Because its creator is a huge comic book fanboy, Rurouni Kenshin has several characters modeled after those from Marvel Comics. Amusingly, Hannya is sort of an accidental example, being kind of similar to Deadpool. Both are hideously disfigured ninja, and Deadpool has been presented as having a common origin with Wolverine, and Hannya uses Wolverine Claws (which one version of Deadpool also gets, kinda.) On the other hand, their personalities are quite different.
  • The second anime series of manga/Grappler Baki, "Maximum Tournament", said on its opening "The lightning only struck me once, but gee...". In the manga series, one character was indeed struck by a lightning. And he just shrugged it off. Once, but gee...
  • At the end of the DVD Commentary for The End Of Evangelion, the commentators joke about the (un)likelihood of Eva 2: Electric Boogaloo. A decade later, the oddly-titled Rebuild movies are in full swing, and one of the most popular fan theories about them is that they are actually sequels to the original series.
  • In January 2011, the Adult Swim forums temporarily changed their "Other Anime" section to be themed around Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. A few months later in April, Funimation licensed P&S. The dub being broadcast on AS in the future almost seems like a shoo-in now...
  • Venus Versus Virus and Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl both have anime adaptations with Gecko Endings and are rife with Adaptation Decay. Their manga endings were written in ways to be the opposite of the anime versions, which causes this to anyone who has seen the anime first.
  • "Town Without Streets" by Junji Ito featured a girl whose privacy is being invaded by her family (they don't trust her after catching a boy in her room - he was trying to implant feelings while she slept. Additionally, the boy's name is Kishimoto). Fed up with her parents and brothers poking holes in her walls, she goes to visit her aunt only to discover a world where there's no privacy (except for masks) and everyone must know what you're doing at all times (I don't know if this story is pre-internet but it's definitely looks pre-Friending Networks).
  • Filipino Tiger & Bunny fans get a kick out of seeing Hero TV. It actually exists as an all-Filipino anime channel since 2005, way before the anime's original broadcast.
    • And in 2013, the same actual Hero TV will air Tiger & Bunny!
  • The Reveal in the Martian Successor Nadesico movie Prince of Darkness is the experiments Akito suffered made his skin sparkle when hit by sunlight. Thanks to Twilight's sparkly vampires it's impossible not to chuckle at the sight of this.
  • In Ouran High School Host Club, lead female Haruhi has a sort-of Unwanted Harem among the members of the Host Club. Said harem includes a young man named Hikaru Hitachiin (and his brother Kaoru, too). As of August 2011, Haruhi's seiyuu Maaya Sakamoto and Hikaru's seiyuu Kenichi Suzumura have just gotten married., taking their Relationship Voice Actor to a new level. Be happy, Hikaru and Haruhi! (And Shinn and Lunamaria, too. And Aeris and Zack as well. But especially you, Mikiya and Shiki.)
    • In episode 5, the Hitachiin twins dye their hair during their fight. Hikaru dyes his pink, making him look a little like a certain Fire Dragon Slayer also played by Todd Haberkorn a few years later.
    • Similar to the Pokémon example above with Dent, one of the first things that Tamaki remarks upon seeing Haruhi's apartment is that it's very clean. Mamoru Miyano would later voice Death the Kid in Soul Eater, who is absolutely OBSESSED with cleanliness and symmetry.
    • Early on, the author Hatori Bisco stated that she couldn't see Haruhi and Tamaki ending up together. Guess how it ends.
  • A couple of months prior to Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Waltz being released in the US, someone MST'd a fansub of the three-part OVA version. One of the riffs regarding Duo's flashback in part two references a scene from episode 11 of the main series:
    Crow: (as Professor G) But go ahead and tell everyone you are part of Operation Meteor. And here's a little speech to memorize so you can amaze Quatre with how similar your orders are.
  • Speaking of Gundam, the alloy that comprised said Mobile Suit was called Gundarium and was made with Titanium ore mined from the Moon named Luna Titanium.Fun Fact  fast forward to 2011 and it has been discovered that there is up to ten times the amount of Titanium ore on the Moon than originally theorized, oh and it's denser and stronger than anything found on the Earth.
  • Before the actual announcements of the licensing and dubbing of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, there had been a joke that 4Kids will license and dub the anime, with all the bowdlerizing and name changing they're famous for. Sayaka's name is changed to Sarah, for instance. Months later, Sayaka's English voice actress is revealed to be... Sarah Williams.
    • Additonally, Kyubey's voice actress (Cassandra Lee) and Mami's voice actress (Carrie Keranen) have indeed been in a couple of 4Kids dubs.
    • Another dub-related HIH: Remember this doujin? Now imagine Casca replacing Mami: they're both voiced by Carrie Keranen.
    • Not dub-related: April 21, 2011: Episode 11 of ''Madoka Magica' airs. Homur'a, having previously stolen a few truckloads of Type 88 antiship missiles from the JGSDF, fires them off at Walpurgisnacht. April 21, 2011: In Real Life, the JGSDF's 6th Surface-to-Ship Missile Regiment, which uses Type 88 missiles, is disbanded.
    • And yet another dub-related HIH: Hitomi Shizuki's Fan Nickname is "Green Mugi". And then, we have Mugi's English voice actress, Shelby Lindley, voicing Hitomi.
  • One of the quotes describing Norio Wakamoto is "God exists and he is Japanese". Come the anime version of Mirai Nikki, he ends up voicing Deus, God of Time and Space.
  • The whole Brother-Sister Incest between Himari and Kanba Takakura becomes hilarious by episode 21. Why? Because not only they turn out to be Not Blood Siblings (though Himari had amnesia in regards to that), but then we learn that Kanba's Clingy Jealous Girl Masako is Kanba's real sister (and twin), and they knew it all the time. Meaning, the pairing that many people shunned due to incest, it wasn't blood-incestuous in the end. And the "alternate" pairing that some people shipped to not fall into BSI? Surprise Incest!.
  • Late Eureka Seven watchers might be amused when the Federation first calls out to "prepare the Mon-Soonos for launch" — spelled differently, but pronounced the same as an Animesque show that also involves launching. Kirk Thornton and Keith Silverstein are in both shows as well.
  • In The Nineties, one of Takehito Koyasu's first popular roles was Takuto Izumi from Zetsuai 1989, a character heavily inspired by Kojiro Hyuuga from Captain Tsubasa. Flash-forward more than 10 years... and guess who voices Hyuga in the Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002 TV series?
  • Ever since Funimation released Soul Eater, fans often compared the newcomer Micah Solusod to Johnny Yong Bosch. Fast forward two to three years later, and it's been announced that Micah Solusod will be replacing Johnny Yong Bosch in the role of Kazuki Makabe in Fafner in the Azure: Dead Aggressor and Claus Valca in the Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing dubs.
    • This is actually surprising to some people since Johnny Yong Bosch had worked with Funimation a few times in the past.
    • And now Mr. Solusod is playing the lead in Eureka Seven AO - that is, the son of the character played by Bosch.
  • Back in the fourth volume of High School D×D, Vali boasts to the protagonist Issei that the current red dragon-white dragon rivalry was unfair because Vali's from a privileged family by being a descendant of Lucifer, while Issei's the son of a common Muggle. He then wished that Issei was at least from a family with some background. Fast forward to Volume 12 where Issei's now the son of both Great Red and Ophis, two of the most powerful beings in this series by virtue of rebuilding his body because his old body has died thanks to an Achilles' Heel.
  • In Appleseed Ex Machina, the current must-have product in Olympus is the Connexus, which is basically a smartphone except you wear it as a headset rather than hold it. The first version of the iPhone came out the same year as the movie.
  • The Tenchi Muyo! manga collection book Sasami Stories has two yonkoma that fit this:
    • In one comic, the artist declares that Queen Misaki would be the breakout character for the third OVA series like how Washu was that for the second. She turns out to have a very big (if very short) part in it.
    • Another comic has Kiyone Makibi smacking Mihoshi with a hammer and begging her to just forget about her. Come the third OVA series, Kiyone is replaced with Noike and Tenchi's mom takes up Kiyone's name.
  • Jamie Marchi, in the DVD Commentary of Mnemosyne lamented their inability to say swear as they please in most anime dubs, even where it might fit, due to the younger program ratings, citing Mnemosyne as a breath of fresh air, with it's TV-MA rating. A few years later, Marchi went on to voice Panty Anarchy of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, an anime noted for its gratuitous profanity.
  • In ef - a fairy tale of the two., Miyako holds a phone card with an illustration that resembles Dango Daikazoku. Both Miyako and Nagisa would be voiced later in English by Luci Christian, as the two visual novel adaptations originally aired in Japan in 2007.
  • The story of AKIRA is in a backdrop of the 2020 Neo-Tokyo Olympics, and the said title character was apparently below the unfinished Olympic stadium. On September 9, 2013, Tokyo was selected as the host of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games.
  • In Slayers, a hooded man named Zelgadis offers Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev to join him in order to be paid for a statue he wants. Lina refuses because "you're the kind of person who I'd rather die than join up with." Zelgadis later helps them defeat the Big Bad of that season, and as of Slayers Next, is a main characters and and an official member of the Five-Man Band.
  • A short 4-koma titled Metroid: Shounen Ou! Shorts was released shortly after Super Metroid came out. It features, among other things, one of the scientists trying to wear the Metroid as a hat.
  • A handful of vehicles in Future GPX Cyber Formula, like Asurada, Ogre and among others, can shape-shift its aerodynamics to make the cars go faster in straightways. A few decades later, Formula One now has the drag reduction system (or DRS for short) in their cars, which has the same effect.

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