Funny: One Punch Man

  • Saitama vs. Asura Rhino. Asura Rhino activates his berserker form and says it will last an entire week. At first, Saitama sounds worried about stopping him, but he works out what next week is and realizes that today was the special sale he was looking forward to and punches Asura Rhino's entire head off.
  • Genos's afro.
  • After seeing the lion get turned into a messy pulp by Saitama, the mole rightly runs like Hell. However...
    Saitama: Found you!
  • When the House of Evolution begins their attack, a praying mantis monster crashes through the ceiling. Before he can say his name, Saitama does his thing.
    "Pay for the ceiling!"
  • "Don't you dare touch this city....I LIVE IN IT!"
  • Genos declaring he wants to room with Saitama. "Hell no." "I can pay you rent." "Did you pack your toothbrush?"
  • One of the latest bonus chapters features the first, and so far only, enemy to put a visible injury on Saitama: Torako, a housecat.
  • Saitama explains to Genos why he's been troubled lately: "I'm not famous."
  • After passing the hero exam, Saitama meets teacher Sneck, who, as you might expect, is a very Smug Snake. After hearing that Saitama and Genos are MUCH stronger than him, he goes off to disprove this by attacking Saitama. We see him throw one punch about to land... And the next frame is him buried in the ground, Saitama just walking off.
  • When Garou asks Saitama why he's a hero, there's a build-up of 4 full-page images of Saitama picking his nose before he just says "It's a hobby".
  • When a group of S Class and high ranking A Class heroes begins raiding the Monster Association, there's a chapter basically dedicated to showcasing the abilities of those who haven't had much time in the spotlight so far, where they go up against members of the organisation with similar powers or attributes and completely wreck them. The funniest of these has to be "The Great Food Tub", a monster who makes his debut bragging how he's going to swallow all the heroes whole, only to be immediately eaten whole himself by Pig God.
  • In the Sea King arc, when Sonic and Pri-pri-prisoner meet, Pri-pri-prisoner tells him why he was keeping himself in prison. Sonic remarks that he should stay in jail. Also when Pri goes "Angel Style" and declares that no one has seen him in that form and lived, Sonic thinks that he'd better go home
  • Saitama deciding to enter a martial arts competition by disguising himself as Chanranko. Also Genos' reaction in seeing Saitama wearing a wig.