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Saitama, "Caped Baldy"
"Just a guy who's a hero for fun."

Voiced by: Makoto Furukawa

Originally an ordinary aspiring salaryman, Saitama was inspired to become a hero when he managed to save a big-chinned boy from a monster crab with nothing but his necktie. He trained for three years doing an ordinary if absurdly intense regimen until his powers awoke and he lost all of his hair. Now he's become so powerful that, no matter the opponent, he can defeat them with a single punch. Because of this, he's grown bored with his life of super-heroism.

What Saitama doesn't know is that the big-chinned boy he saved all those years ago was the grandson of a multi-millionaire, who was motivated to establish the Hero Association when he heard about the incident.
  • Adaptational Attractiveness: His past-self three years ago in the reboot manga. He's not actually that bad looking bald either, but the majority of the time he's so lazy that not even his artist can be bothered to finish his artwork making him look like a Muppet or a doll for some reason.
  • Almighty Janitor: The strongest hero bar none, but started off as a C-Class hero due to a poor written score on the entrance exam. Not to mention that all of his observed victories are seen by the public as nothing more than flukes. His unobserved victories were all attributed to someone else, who is now the most feared hero in the entire organization, despite being an otherwise ordinary person.
  • And Then What?: Achieved his I Just Want to Be Badass dream and became so badass that nothing posed a challenge to him anymore. Which turned out to be incredibly boring.
  • Anti-Hero: Definitely a Knight in Sour Armor. He has the power to completely change the world, but is way too lazy to do so. He's also quite cynical about the hero business (not that he's wrong about said business). However, without a doubt, he will do the right thing.
  • Art Shift: Saitama is drawn as either a weird, stick figure, a slightly more detailed stick figure, or a fully drawn, highly detailed normal figure that matches the art of the other characters. It's all part of the joke that most of the time he does not look like the type of protagonist you'd see in a Shōnen manga and his normally unassuming appearance belies his strength.
  • Badass Cape: Arguably the only thing his old tailor got right with his outfit.
  • Badass Normal: He managed to defeat a crab monster with nothing but his shirt tie before he ever even started training.
  • Badass Teacher: Not that he wanted to be one, but Genos considers him such. Saitama even comments that, despite making it up as he goes along, Genos is eating out of the palm of his hand.
  • Bald of Awesome: In that his awesomeness is the reason he became bald in the first place.
  • Batman Can Breathe in Space: Downplayed during his battle with Boros. While he does seem to still need oxygen given how he takes the time to hold his breath and pinch his nose shut, Saitama suffers no other ill effects from being on the moon's surface after Boros kicks him there, even casually taking his time in figuring out how he was gonna get back.
  • Berserk Button: People commenting on his baldness tends to irk him. But a much grander button for him is heroes who act cowardly.
  • Big Brother Mentor: Plays this role to Genos. Although Genos originally joined Saitama to learn the secret behind Saitama's strength, he instead learns compassion, humility and heroism. Saitama is a positive influence that is helping Genos transition from a vengeance-fueled Antihero into a true hero.
  • Big Damn Heroes: A reoccurring theme and pretty much how most story arcs end. Saitama is usually late and if other heroes are involved, they have probably already been beaten or are in trouble when he arrives. Biggest example is when he defeats the Sea King. As this series is a deconstruction of the whole super-hero genre, this is probably intended. Besides, he isn't aware that he was behind the foundation of the Hero Association for saving the big-chinned person's boy from a monster crab.
  • Blood Knight: Part of his depression about being so goddamn strong is that no opponent can give him a challenge anymore. Whenever he faces a seemingly strong opponent and defeats it in one punch, he laments that the opponent "kinda got his hopes up", examples being Asura Rhino and the Deep Sea King. He even had a dream that had him really enjoying the rush of fighting an opponent he thought was on equal footing.
  • Book Dumb: Saitama is not stupid, but he did so poorly on the written portion of the Hero Association entrance exam that he was placed in the lowest possible category of hero, despite his record-shattering performance during the physical portion. He scored a 100 on the physical, and a 42 on the book. Thus, he got a 71 (the cut-off was 70 points).
  • Brick Joke: While talking with Genos before the training session, he wonders what his superhero name would be and comes to the conclusion that he would be called Caped Baldy. Several chapters later, and he does end up getting called Caped Baldy. He doesn't really like that.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Or in this case, unbelievable yet lazy. While skill wise and intellectually, Saitama isn't much higher than a regular person, his strength and abilities outrank the best of the best and if he wanted to, he could probably single-handedly hunt every mysterious being to the point of extinction. He's just way too lazy, bored, and laid back to even consider how his power and abilities could change the world.
  • Calling Your Attacks: A more literal example as Saitama doesn't have named techniques. His "Consecutive Normal Punches" are just a bunch of normal punches thrown in rapid succession and from what we've seen so far, his "Serious Series" is just him applying actual effort into a move.
  • The Cape: Saitama is both an aversion and a straight send up of a classic superhero. He's often selfish and is only a hero because I Just Want to Be Badass. He's a bit of a Blood Knight at heart and he literally dreams of fighting something that can give him a challenge. His knowledge of the world he lives in is borderline nonexistent at times. However, he inspires devotion from the heroes around him for a reason. Genos, Person of Mass Destruction and cliche android boy hero, regards Saitama as his teacher. He's the World's Strongest Man who lives in virtual obscurity, but doesn't use his absurd power for anything except being a hero. He doesn't care about the ranks as long as they don't inconvenience him, and he fought off monsters for years without realizing he wasn't getting credit for his work.
  • Cassandra Truth: When he first tells the secret to his success at becoming the strongest hero, those present don't believe him.
  • Catch Phrase: He often introduces himself as "just a guy who's a hero for fun".
  • Character Development: Starts off as a Punch Clock Hero who only cares about the thrill of the fight and the public's recognition, but eventually grows into a genuinely heroic person who makes himself unpopular so that other people can get the respect that they deserve.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Played with. His training regimen isn't even that intense (100 sit-ups and 100 squats aren't a big deal, and while running 10 km is more impressive it's still well within ordinary human limits); his commitment to doing it every day is noteworthy, but when he tells people about it they react with incredulity that it could have made him so strong. Genos even notes it would be impossible for a normal human being to reach Saitama's level just by training.
  • Clark Kent Outfit: While most of it is because of how he is drawn, Episode 5 shows that he is more muscular than he usually looks. Notably, he has a different build in Episode 2.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Saitama is all over this trope. He actively subverts Talking Is a Free Action, tends to use his ludicrous speed to get behind people before attacking, nearly always one shots his target, and will kill his opponent if he feels they're irredeemable. This is actaully part of the reason the public doesn't like him much as his pragmatism actually makes him boring compared to flashier heroes like Genos.
  • Comically Invincible Hero: Played with and explored — he almost had an existential crisis simply because he grew so strong he couldn't enjoy his hobbies anymore. By the way, deified.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: While Saitama is NOT stupid, he is extremely lazy and bored with just about everything. Given that he is functionally indestructible (nothing has yet appeared strong enough to hurt him), this is understandable. Most of the time he barely pays attention or puts effort into anything which gives him the APPEARANCE of being a moron. And then when someone like Boros destroys a city or the Sea King mocks the resolve of heroes...
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: He dishes them out regularly.
  • Cursed with Awesome: He's insanely powerful, ridiculously fast, and practically immune to damage, to the point of shrugging off anything that is thrown at him and defeating anybody that he fights in, well, one punch. This is exactly why he's so depressed about his superhero job, because there's literally no challenge for him no matter how strong and seemingly invincible his opponent is.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Subverted example, as he doesn't care about his troubled life at all in the past.
  • Deconstruction: Saitama deconstructs the Blood Knight type of hero that became so prevalent in the Shounen genre after Dragon Ball, showing what might happen when such a character becomes bored with heroism because their main motivation was having exciting fights rather than doing the right thing.
  • The Dreaded: Any sentient monster that becomes even somewhat conscious of Saitama's true strength will be absolutely terrified of him, as shown early on with the (real) Subterraneans, Ground Dragon, Armored Gorilla and Asura Rhino. Humans are generally less shaken. Even the virtually powerless and incredibly timid King shows no real signs of fearing Saitama, since he never harms innocent people.
  • Dreaming of Things to Come: Played with and parodied. He has a dream about saving the world from the mole people who've risen from under the ground in order to wipe out humanity, and having a truly thrilling battle in the process. When he wakes up, the very same mole people from before are in the midst of launching their attack but, as usual, Saitama does not have a hard time at all defeating them.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: He's almost never given credit for defeating a lot of the major villains early on (in fact, King's "victories" are almost all Saitama's), though he finds out it's mostly because he wasn't a registered superhero. In addition, he's unaware that the creation of the Hero Association is down to him. Even after registering, the people rarely give him credit for his victories, or are unappreciative when they do. In some cases, Saitama will deliberately avoid getting credit when he thinks others deserve it more. He also tends to neglect to report any monsters he defeated to the association or there were no witnesses to see Saitama beat the monsters. That said, Saitama still moves up in rank after each victory, because the Hero Association at least recognizes that he is responsible (and if he's not, they figure promoting him will prove it). He's also slowly gaining the respect of various heroes, who do realize that Saitama really is as powerful as advertised.
  • Dull Eyes of Unhappiness: Almost always seen with a blank expression on his face due to extreme boredom and lack of passion, since he's so powerful that almost no one is strong enough to give him a proper challenge.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: He's not pleased to know that the Hero Association gave him the hero name "Caped Baldy".
  • Empowered Badass Normal: "Road to Hero" depicts Saitama being a hero while in the midst of training; while he's nowhere as strong as he is now, he still has far superior strength and reflexes compared to the average human, to the point where he can knock out most of his opponents in a single punch to the face. Key word being knock out; he had yet to gain the power to pulverize his targets into split atoms.
  • Enlightenment Superpowers: One reading of how Saitama got his godlike abilities, given the very Buddhist connotations of his baldness, training regimen, and his unwavering commitment to being a hero solely for the sake of being a hero.
  • Expy: Flying Brick powers? Check. Tights and cape? Check. The most powerful, unbeatable hero in the world? Check. Superhero who is a superhero because he just wants to do good? Check and check. Down to his jumping, since Superman in his early days didn't fly, but "just" jumped very high.
  • Finger Tenting: When he contemplates his lack of fame as a hero.
  • Flash Step: Even the fastest beings in the story going at full speed are terrified when he casually outpaces them. Took this Up to Eleven during his third encounter with Sonic through another of his "Serious Series", called "Serious Consecutive Side Hops".
  • Flying Brick: Short of actual flight (he gets around that by jumping when he needs to), his only powers are that he's both preposterously strong and fast.
  • Food as Bribe: Was bribed by Bang to eat at his dojo in hopes that he would learn some martial arts.
  • Friend to All Children: He's shown giving a child lost in the mountains a ride home at one point, and his first heroic act was saving a child's life.
  • Friendless Background: Before Genos came along, he's shown to not have any friends, not hang out with anyone, and have no desire to befriend others, even when he still was in school. He would spend most of his time training to become stronger, going out shopping, watching the news, or fighting monsters. However, as the series progress, he eventually makes new friends, though he views them as acquaintances.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: A heroic example. Once upon a time, Saitama was a recently-fired salaryman looking for work, until an encounter with a boy with a big chin and a crab monster changed his life. After three grueling years of training, he became so powerful that he could defeat any foe with a single punch.
  • Fun T-Shirt: His infamous Oppai shirt.
  • Good Is Dumb: Played with and subverted. While not the intellectual type (he horribly failed the written portion of the hero exam) he's actually quite insightful and perceptive.
  • Good Is Not Soft: While Saitama isn't the Punisher, and doesn't just go around killing bad guys, he has no problem turning sentient feeling creatures (albeit monsters) into piles of meat, bones, and gore. He also doesn't even give it a second thought after turning said creatures into piles of blood and offal. That said, he rarely ever goes for the kill right off and tends to give bad guys the chance to turn themselves in or run. If the bad guys turn out to be real jerkasses, however...
  • The Greatest Story Never Told: Bordering on Perception Filter; most literally can't seem to see the things he does. Doctor Genus believes this is the true price Saitama paid for his vast power. It also helps that King was erroneously given the credit for the sole reason of being the only other person present in those fights.
  • Groin Attack:
    • Accidentally does this to Sonic at one point (Saitama just held out his fist, but Sonic's momentum carried him too far forward). Luckily for Sonic, he'd wanted to stop right before making contact instead of actually hitting him, otherwise Sonic would likely be nothing more than a red mess on a tree at this point.
    • Accidentally does it to Sonic again in a special chapter, this time elbowing him in the groin (Sonic was trying to attack him from behind).
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Played straight and later invoked by the man himself. Because of his anonymity and the fact that he beats villains without any effort, people have accused him of being a fraud who isn't a "real" hero. He saves a town from a meteor but the debris destroys the city anyway, although everyone lived. After he kills the Sea King, a random Jerkass starts mocking the heroes who couldn't beat him before Saitama showed up. Saitama decides to paint himself as a selfish Glory Hound so said heroes get the credit he feels they deserve at the cost of his own reputation.
    • Thankfully this is mostly subverted when it comes to his fellow heroes, especially those in the S-Class. They tend to have enough combat expertise to know he's the real deal from the start (Bang) or discover it for themselves the hard way (Tatsumaki and Fubuki). Most of the higher ups in the Association also seem to think he was placed low due to a fluke and that he should be much higher since he utterly destroyed his physical exam.
  • Heroism Won't Pay the Bills: He does receive a monthly stipend once he joins the Hero Association. Despite that, he spends an entire chapter trying to get pocket change to try a drink from a vending machine. Prior to joining the Hero Association, he did not have an apparent source of income. Word of God reveals that he made a living doing troublesome part time jobs, living frugally with his savings, and living off vegetables given to him by people he saved. And despite Genos moving in with him and paying his rent his standard of living hasn't changed all that much.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Genos. He's not exactly thrilled by Genos following him around at first, but eventually warms up to him. It's helped by Genos paying part of the rent.
  • Hidden Depths:
    • Saitama originally comes across as a Brilliant, but Lazy type of individual, bored with everything around him. During his fights with Boros and Blizzard, however, Saitama proceeds to show that not only is he much smarter and well versed than he appears, he also has an exceptionally strong moral core.
    • Saitama has techniques that utilize his ridiculous strength. He calls them his 'Serious Series' and you have to be a special kind of villain for him to stop simply punching you and fight a little smarter.
    • He was once punched so hard he crashed into the moon (as in his starting point was Earth), and then he jumped all the way back to Earth, and landed almost exactly at where he started from. There's Improbable Aiming Skills, and then there's GTFO.
  • Humble Hero: He doesn't seem to care much about notoriety, and goes as far as to deliberately undermine his own reputation in order to ensure that weaker heroes (who were taking more serious risks than him even if they weren't able to win) get the respect he feels they deserve.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: Saitama's "Serious Series" of moves, where he actually bothers to put some effort into his attacks. Most of the time, he's so lazy and disenchanted he's barely trying.
  • I Am Not Shazam: The series is named "One-Punch Man," obviously attributing the feat to Saitama. In-universe, he's never been called that.
  • Improbable Weapon User: He once defeated a giant crab monster using only his neck tie.
  • In a Single Bound: Saitama can't fly, so he usually has to jump using his Super Strength to get places. And since he can easily jump off the Moon all the way back to Earth, it's good enough.
  • Inexplicably Awesome: Saitama is basically the most powerful person in the universe, and there's no logical explanation as to how he got to be that. In his view it's because of his training, but it's pointed out various times that a normal human couldn't possibly become that strong just by following a moderately (even by real life standards) tough training regimen.
  • Invincible Hero: Deconstructed. Saitama is completely aware of this trope applying to him and the series deals with him coming to terms with this, eventually treating his superheroism more as a hobby than as the standard motive of eradicating evil.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold:
    • He became a super hero for rather selfish purposes, is lazy, and seems to care more about having a fun fight and will sometimes ignore problems in his city until he's directly involved, but he does genuinely want to protect the world. He's just fallen into a lull because of how easy it's become.
    • While he doesn't always act like a paragon of heroism, some of his lines imply that, while he may not act like it, his heart is in the right place. One of the best to date? "If the heroes run and hide, who will stand and fight?" During his dream fight against the subterraneans, while he admits that he's just a hero for fun, he also says the surface is under his protection.
    • He's also quick to let people think he's a phony, just so that the other heroes who put their lives on the line and nearly died would get the respect they deserved. He doesn't care about getting recognition from the public, but thinks the other heroes should get it.
  • Jerkass Façade: He does not care too much about getting recognition for his deeds, since he does not really put a lot of effort into what he does anyways. But he does want other heroes, those who do risk their lives to save innocents, to be respected. And to achieve that, he will sometimes paint himself in a bad light for them to look better.
  • Killed Mid-Sentence: Not him, but most of his opponents are in the middle of introducing themselves and gloating about their awesome powers before Saitama punches their heads off.
  • Kirk Summation: To Blizzard:
    Saitama: You won't survive. You don't get what hero means. There's a lot of incredibly strong bad guys in the world. Those who oppose them are called heroes. Even if they are alone. You, who gathers weaker subordinates to feel strong, won't make it. At this rate, you are gonna cry sooner or later. When a monster stronger than you shows up, none of your subordinates will save you. Factions? Newbie crushing? Keeping your ranks? They have nothing to do with anything! Do not look down on heroes, you moron!
  • Last Name Basis: "Saitama" is his last name. His first name has yet to be revealed.
  • Let's Get Dangerous: Anytime he decides to pull out his Serious Series, which is where he puts in some actual effort into his moves.
    • To a lesser extent any time he is drawn with the same level of detail as everyone else.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Strong enough to kill most adversaries with one punch, faster than other heroes renowned for their high movement speed and he has yet to receive a single battle wound, even after taking some really heavy hits (like getting kicked so hard he flew all the way to the moon).
  • Limited Wardrobe: He seems to have only a few sets of clothing, if you exclude the special chapters. There's also his iconic hero outfit, of which he apparently made himself.
  • Line-of-Sight Name: His hero name "Caped Baldy" is due to the fact that, well... he's a bald guy with a cape. Compare this to Genos' "Demon Cyborg" because of his trait of fearlessly confronting enemies without regard for their numbers or strength.
  • Lonely at the Top: It's implied at different points that one of the prices for his power other than No Challenge Equals No Satisfaction is that Saitama feels fundamentally isolated from basically everyone else as it's been so long since he had to struggle or feel challenged by anything he finds it difficult to relate to other people.
  • Megaton Punch: Saitama often pulls these off when he's holding back more than ever to avoid killing a person. It's either smacking them to the ground so hard they leave their grin imprinted in the concrete, sending them flying into the sky, two with one punch, or simply sending them halfway through town. Again, this is when he holds back a lot. Any less and Reality Ensues in a rain of Ludicrous Gibs.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: In "Road to Hero", Saitama discovers he can make money to pay his rent by turning in all of the criminals housed up in the apartments next to his, and proceeds to beat all of them up. When he shows his caught criminals to the landlady, she berates him for getting rid of her sole source of income, and proceeds to kick him out anyways.
  • Nigh Invulnerable: His training didn't just make him insanely strong, it also gifted him with incredible endurance, so much so that hitting him can actually harm his opponent.
  • Nightmare Face:
    • Played for laughs when Saitama catches up to a mole-like enemy by punching into his tunnels, bursting out of the wall with a horrific smile.
    • Played straight later, while fighting Asura Rhino. As Asura attempts to attack him from behind, we get this shot of Saitama looking positively pissed, and Asura Rhino jumps back in terror.
    • During his first encounter with Sonic he moves his face so fast it blurs giving an incredibly unsettling effect
    • During a later encounter with Sonic, Saitama bites Sonic's katana blade into pieces while Sonic is attacking with it. His face mid-chomp is very demonic-looking and unsettling.
  • No Challenge Equals No Satisfaction: Implied to be the real price for his unbeatable power. Being too strong robs the excitement of uncertainty and satisfaction from effort for any task (especially killing monsters and saving people).
  • Nonchalant Dodge: Not that he needs to dodge, but it does illustrate just how much faster he is compared to his opponents when they go all out with an attack and he sidesteps them as if by accident.
  • The Nondescript: His baldness is the only strange thing about him, and even that just makes him look more like a cartoon stick figure.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: While many characters in the series are subject to this, Saitama is remarkable in how unremarkable his appearance is, being distinct not from having particular facial features but from how simplistic his face is. His baldness just adds to the simplicity even further. See the series page image for a perfect example of how he stands out.
  • No Sell: Being essentially invincible, he regularly tanks incredibly powerful attacks without flinching. In extreme cases, he doesn't even realize he's being attacked.
  • No Sense of Direction: Despite his speed, he gets lost fairly easily, which is why he tends to be the last person to make it to a fight.
  • One-Hit Kill: His specialty, as he can defeat literally anyone in with one punch. Not that he's very happy about it.
  • One-Man Army: Considering he almost single-handedly wiped out an alien invasion force AND beat their much more powerful leader with strength to spare, it's safe to say he's this.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: If Saitama gets angry then he's come across a truly despicable villain.
    • In a more meta sense if the artist/animators bother to put in the effort with how much detail he's drawn with, it means he's more than a little worked up.
  • Outside Context Hero: While the World of Badass the series takes place in is no stranger to tough guys in costumes fighting giant monsters, Saitama is something different because of just how easy every single fight is for him.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: Despite being the most powerful person in the world and possibly the universe, his plain looks and penchant for finishing fights effortlessly in one hit mean that most people overlook him for the more conventional badass-looking characters. He also invokes this intentionally to himself, as he's willing to paint himself as a hero who takes credit for others' deeds in order for people to appreciate the efforts of those heroes who truly have given their all to save people, in contrast to his effortless work. In short, he is invoking this trope upon himself.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: His "barely trying" punches turns monsters into Ludicrous Gibs and can leave massive holes in buildings, while his strongest seen punch split a planet-ruining Kamehame Hadouken, killed the one who fired it, and left a miles-wide split in the cloud cover of the planet until it reached the horizon.
  • Pre-Asskicking One-Liner: The two words you don't want to hear from him are "Serious Series". It means he is going to unleash a multi-megaton can of whoopass and turn your arrogant ass into paste.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs: "Consecutive Normal Punches". And considering just one punch can kill pretty much anything...
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: He gives one to a whole city when the residents complain about his method of stopping the meteor that was going to hit the town. Never mind that he saved their city from total annihilation, the citizens started blaming him for the destruction. He wasn't happy about it.
  • Required Secondary Powers: He possesses ridiculous control over his own power. He can punch any adversary just hard enough to either kill or incapacitate them instantly, obliterated a mountain range while leaving Genos unharmed at the end of their sparring match (when his fist had stopped right in front of Genos' face, no less), and can control his strength to the point where he can do everyday tasks without issue... mostly. He did break one of the buttons on King's handheld console, after all.
  • Salaryman: Was interviewing to be one, before he ran into Crabante and took up being a part-time superhero instead.
  • Secret Keeper: He's fully aware of King's true strength (or lack thereof). However Saitama's so blasé that he doesn't bother telling anybody.
  • Seemingly Profound Fool: While Saitama does have plenty of genuinely wise views, at times Genos will read too much into the more innocuous things he says, slipping into this trope. It doesn't help that it's hard to tell whether he's doing it on purpose.
  • Shounen Hair: Before he went bald from training.
  • Simple-Minded Wisdom: Saitama is chock full of this. He's a very humble and down to earth kind of guy and often points out how complicated other people tend to make a situation. While he might not be the best intellectually speaking (he only just passed the hero exam due to his terrible written section), he's got the emotional IQ of Stephen goddamned Hawking.
  • Skewed Priorities: Due to having overpowered strength, he doesn't really care for things like beating up monsters, only focusing on mundane things like supermarket sales. A good example of this is in Carnage Kabuto's fight, where he panics when he realizes that he missed the special Saturday sale.
  • Stealth Mentor: Played with. Saitama never really intended on teaching Genos anything when Genos convinced Saitama to take him on as a student. Once he had revealed his training regimen to Genos, Saitama felt that he had nothing more to teach him. Genos still arduously tried to learn all he could from Saitama, even after learning this fact, and it paid off in the end. Being with Saitama has taught Genos a lot about selflessness and humility. Before he was only out for revenge, hence why he never registered with the Heroes Association, but now he also wants to protect people.
  • Story-Breaker Power: A Deconstructive Parody. Saitama's life has become incredibly boring from winning all fights easily, but it's Played for Laughs.
  • Stylistic Suck: Saitama's model has a lot less detail than most other characters, almost as if he were drawn by a child. It's also the only way he stands out when he's on a manga cover and surrounded by larger, more well-drawn characters.
  • Superpower Lottery: He's just about the biggest winner in the setting, with Super Strength so ridiculous he can One-Hit Kill literally anything, Super Speed that allows him to casually outpace even the fastest characters and avoid their attacks as if by accident, and being so Nigh Invulnerable that he doesn't even feel an opponent's attack. The only drawbacks were the loss of his hair and 3 years of a simple (albeit arduous by reality's standards) training regimen to get there.
  • Super Reflexes: He can casually keep up with Sonic's Super Speed, sidestep Genos' blasts during their sparring session, and even parry Lightspeed Flash's attacks (which, if said hero's name can be believed, should be physically impossible).
  • Super Senses: Saitama is able to very casually follow enemies that are moving so fast they are barely a blur, and can even accurately track enemies underground (who are trying their best to flee from him).
  • Super Speed: He can casually dodge attacks faster than the speed of sound and can create nigh-infinite amount of afterimages with "Serious Consecutive Sidehops". And considering he can jump from the Moon all the way back to Earth, which is about 384,000,000 meters in less than one second, he is faster than light itself.
  • Super Strength: With a single punch Saitama can level mountains, fell giant city destroying monsters, cut planet destroying energy blasts in two and stop an object traveling at escape velocity. And that's not even at his full power, which we've only seen a fraction of.
  • Super Toughness: Verging into Nigh Invulnerable. He's only ever taken damage in a dream. Boros hit him so hard once it knocked him to the surface of the moon; Saitama wasn't noticeably injured by the blow, the impact on the moon, exposure to vacuum, atmospheric reentry, or his impact on Earth.
    • The moon on the other hand...
  • Tall, Dark and Handsome: In the reboot version of the manga, prior to becoming bald due to his training three years ago, he basically looked like a brunette version of Genos with normal-colored eyes.
  • Thou Shall Not Kill: Played with. Saitama has no qualms about killing monsters because the monsters that he usually faces are always Chaotic Evil, out to kill people, or have already killed people. When he faces human opponents, all he does is incapacitate them, even if said human opponent is out for his blood like Sonic. Even if the opponent himself acts in a way that all other people would consider too irredeemable to let live, Saitama still spares said opponent, believing that he's still a human and can change if given a chance, like Garou.
  • Training from Hell: Subverted. Saitama claims the secret to his power is "100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 squats, and a 10 kilometer run, every single day". While it can be grueling for the average person, it's still well within the limits of ordinary human endurance. And for a person whose super power is the One-Hit Kill, it's rather anticlimactic.
  • Troll: He has a gift for it.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: He has no formal combat training, and doesn't need any, due to being stronger, faster and tougher than anyone else.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: You'd think someone wearing a bright jumpsuit and a cape would attract people's attention, but he is often ignored, something he complains about. Justified, since there is actually an association for heroes and there are many more people wearing garish costumes, although Saitama didn't know that until Genos pointed it out.
  • Warrior Therapist: While it's unknown if Saitama has reached enlightenment or not and has become a buddha, he certainly has a way with words when it matters and he uses his strength and speed to leave his opponents speechless as he verbally beats them down. If he thinks they are a danger to others or irredeemable, he just kills them. That or he's panicking because he forgot about a sale. That being said, he usually either does give enemies a chance to surrender or he doesn't attack until they attack him first.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: Played brutally straight, almost to the point of parody. Saitama kills obviously-sentient non-human monsters (even ones whose inhumanity is physically slight, like a Cute Monster Girl) without the slightest hint of remorse; but he refuses to kill humans ever. This is particularly obvious in the Garou arc, where Saitama decides that Garou is human and won't allow the heroes to kill him. Part of this is that some monsters were never human in the first place. Those who were human typically went crazy due to a particular trauma or obsession and mutated; after the mutation, the monsters have lost all humanity and will slaughter and kill without rhyme or reason, so Saitama shows them no mercy. One reason he refuses to see Garou as a monster is that Garou won't kill other humans.
  • What You Are in the Dark: Despite needing occasional good publicity in order to maintain his status as a hero, Saitama will far too often ensure that others get credit for his deeds.
  • When All You Have Is a Hammer: Big bad monster terrorizing the neighborhood? Punch it. Unstoppable meteor plunging from the sky about to destroy the city? Punch it. Planet-busting energy blast being fired from a dimension-conquering alien overlord coming straight for you? PUNCH. THAT. SHIT.
  • Whole Costume Reference: His costume is a color-inverted version of that worn by another bald superhero, Anpanman (switched the colors of the gloves/boots and body, white cape instead of black).
  • Willfully Weak: He may end all his fights in one punch, but he only ever uses enough strength to do that. When using his Serious Series moves, he can casually create shockwaves that cross an entire ocean, and this is a mere fraction of his true power. Were he to go all out, the destruction would be cataclysmic, if not apocalyptic. He has yet to actually go all out because nothing so far has ever come close to forcing him to fight seriously.
  • Worf Had the Flu: He was actually knocked off his feet by a monster on his 300th day in training. Turns out it was just a bad tooth, and when said tooth was removed...
  • "World of Cardboard" Speech: He makes one after some people say a lot of bad things about him, never mind that he saved them from a giant meteor in the first place.
    Saitama: Let me make one thing clear! I'm not working as a hero to get you morons to admire me! I do it cause I want to!
  • World's Strongest Man: Saitama is, to put it lightly, leagues above some of the strongest beings in the known universe, and far beyond the threshold of the S-Rank heroes to the point of single-handedly outclassing them during Boros's invasion. Even then, that wasn't even a third of his actual strength. As Boros puts it:
    Boros: You really are... way too strong.
  • Zero-Approval Gambit: After defeating the Deep Sea King, one obnoxious spectator calls into question whether the heroes were heroic at all. In order to stave off backlash against his fellow heroes and ensure the Hero Association continue to get funding and donations, Saitama claimed that Genos and the other heroes softened up the Deep Sea King enough for him to kill him and take the credit. The other heroes became adored for their deeds and the Hero Association's future was ensured, at the cost of Saitama's popularity.

Genos, "Demon Cyborg"
Voiced by: Kaito Ishikawa

Genos was an ordinary young man until a rogue cyborg destroyed his home town and killed everyone he loved. He was mortally wounded, but a kind scientist saved his life and rebuilt his body. Genos traveled the world in the hopes of tracking down the cyborg responsible for killing his parents, but chooses to settle down with Saitama after a while in the hopes of also becoming more powerful. Whereas Saitama has raw, undeniable strength, Genos has everything else. That is, looks, intelligence, dedication, money, style, and appeal.
  • The Ace: Intelligent, cool-looking, and incredibly powerful. He even becomes one of the top 17 heroes right off the bat. It's just that Saitama blows him out of the water in terms of raw strength, speed and invulnerability.
  • Adorkable: He's way too serious about everything, especially when Saitama is involved.
  • Always Someone Better: No matter how many times he upgrades his body, Saitama will still surpass him in strength. So he asks Saitama to be his teacher in hopes of getting stronger just like him.
  • An Arm and a Leg: It's not a proper fight if Genos doesn't lose at least one limb.
  • The Apprentice: Officially Saitama's after the two of them became professional heroes.
  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: He focuses more on offense, and is always the first one to engage an opponent. While he can be successful in subduing lesser enemies this way, his bad habit of letting his guard down and underestimating his opponent means stronger opponents tend to capitalize on his poor defense.
  • Awesome Mc Cool Name: Might be a pseudonym.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: How he defeats the G4 robot. He used the steam to disperse the laser, enabling him to get close enough to connect the finishing blow.
  • Badass in Distress: As mentioned above, Genos usually loses his body parts, making him helpless until Saitama or any other hero comes to his rescue.
  • Bishounen: A slightly more masculine version than most.
  • Black Eyes of Crazy: subverted, he's a good guy and one of the heroes
  • Briefcase Blaster: Genos has a briefcase that transforms into a pair of arms for him to use to fire powerful blasts of energy.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Hurled insults at Tatsumaki after she began insulting Saitama after the alien invasion. Needless to say, it didn't go well for him, to the point that he corrected himself after he tried calling her a brat even though she wasn't anywhere near him.
  • Calling Your Attacks: "INCINERATE!"
  • Character Development: Downplayed. He started off as a cyborg bent on having revenge on the mad cyborg, to a much more calmer person who now genuinely wants to protect people. But his doctor remarks that the hate in his heart is still not extinguished even if he had a master and a goal set.
  • The Comically Serious: Most of the humor involving Genos is that he's dark and serious about everything (like paying rent and peeling potatoes) in contrast to Saitama's apathy and lightheartedness.
  • Cyborg: Of the We Can Rebuild Him variety. It's not made clear how much, if any of him, is still organic. He seems to have a spine, and some muscle in the shoulder area, but beyond that...
  • Determinator: He definitely qualifies. He will attack monsters without fear until his parts are destroyed. Even losing body parts doesn't stop him from fighting. To the point that he was christened as Demon Cyborg by the Hero Association as a nod to this trait.
  • Deuteragonist: If Saitama's not in the spotlight it's usually him being the focus in the earlier chapters. And he's got more screentime in the anime.
  • Did You Get a New Haircut?: In addition to an exchange of parts, he also had his hair replaced with heat and shock proof fibres. Saitama notices.
  • Distressed Dude: Whenever he loses his limbs. He'll be at the Villain of the week's mercy until someone will come and distract the monster from killing him.
  • Doomed Hometown: He explains that when he was a kid, a rogue cyborg destroyed his home town and everyone he knew, leaving him mortally wounded.
  • Eating Optional: His body is mostly mechanical and has its own internal energy source, but he has the ability to taste and can convert any organic food into biofuel so he can still eat if he chooses to.
  • Expy:
    • Of Casshan, the boy android. Also his backstory is very similar.
    • His manga design seems to be a combination of various characters from Eyeshield 21, Murata's previous work.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: Puri-Puri-Prisoner sees the meeting of the S-class heroes as a chance to get closer to Genos.
  • Fan of Underdog: He's Saitama's first and biggest fan.
  • Fatal Flaw: He has the habit of usually letting his guard down. Ultimately, this causes him to be instantly wrecked by whoever he's fighting. Genos acknowledges this himself.
  • Funny Afro: When Asura Rhino turns one of Genos' attacks back on him, it makes his hair into this. It stays that way for the rest of the arc.
  • Glass Cannon: He is powerful, as shown in some of his fights, can create powerful blasts that can destroy enemies and surroundings, and is fast enough to keep up with Sonic. Unfortunately his durability leaves something to be desired. Once his arms are destroyed his fighting prowess lowers considerably. Also, he usually fights enemies that are out of his league.
  • Good Thing You Can Heal: He was designed to be easily repairable, which means that he'll be back on his feet in no time.
  • Hand Blast: He has blasters on his palms.
  • Heroic BSOD: Had a small one when he realized he was no match for the Dragon-level monsters in the Monster Association arc. He also begins to doubt himself after he thinks he's weak because he gave up his human body and relied on artificial enhancements alone.
  • Hero-Worshipper: He idolizes Saitama to the point that he feels the need to pay attention to everything he says in the belief that there is some sort of lesson to it and is willing to be his live-in maid.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Forces the matter with Saitama by offering to pay him an exorbitant amount of money for rent, just so he can figure out how Saitama became so powerful.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Didn't realize that he was talking with a mob boss in the second OVA. He also believes Saitama to be much more wise and profound than he actually is.
  • Hot-Blooded: Downplayed. He may look like a stoic person but he actually has an aggressive streak. Dr. Stench and Amai Mask remark on this trait.
  • Hunter of His Own Kind: Hates a mad cyborg that destroyed his hometown, and for revenge became a cyborg himself in order to find and destroy it. He doesn't really resent or deny this fact — he just distinguishes himself as a "cyborg of justice" instead.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: He's smarter, works harder and generally is more reliable than his teacher. The fact that he was admitted into S-class is a testament to his abilities while Saitama failed the written portion of the test. Plus, he even does household chores!
  • Immune to Bullets: In the 2nd OVA, a mob boss and half a dozen henchmen unload their weapons at him. He doesn't so much as flinch.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Usually comments on Saitama's hair problems, much to the latter's frustration. A good example is him telling Saitama that kombu doesn't help in making hair grow, thinking that he bought so many for that purpose.
  • I Owe You My Life: To Dr. Stench, who saved him after he was nearly killed by the cyborg that destroyed his home town and to Saitama, who saved him from Mosquito Girl.
  • Iron Buttmonkey: Spends an awful lot of his on-screen time in multiple pieces, thanks to any given Monster of the Week.
  • Kill It with Fire: He is capable of creating a huge wall of fire thanks to his arm cannons. He also uses this to roast his enemies to ashes.
  • The Lancer: To Saitama. As well as being his self-proclaimed sidekick, Genos is also everything Saitama is not; namely the serious, cool, good-looking kind of guy you'd expect a superhero to be.
  • Made of Iron: Literally. Aside from that, he's survived a major genocide in his hometown.
  • Motor Mouth: This is how he fits the entire length of his life story in one panel, and in the case of the anime, under four minutes. Thankfully this is the only time he did it.
  • Mr. Exposition: In contrast to Saitama's cluelessness within the Hero Association. He's usually the one explaining the inner workings of the association.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Having a cyborg body doesn't stop him becoming one thanks to his bishonen face.
  • Mundane Utility: Can blow-dry dishes using his hands, and one of his fingers can transform into a potato peeler.
  • No Social Skills: In the second OVA, he's shown to be this. He didn't even realize that he was facing criminals, thinking they were following a procedure and would give him the keys of the apartment back after he talked. The Mob boss even lampshades it.
  • Not So Different: Realized that Amai Mask could have been him if it weren't for Saitama.
  • Overly Long Gag: His entire backstory, as rendered to Saitama. It's incredible how he manages to be so repetitive in terminology and motivations.
    • In written form, it's a Wall of Text.
    • In the anime, it's a more proper form of this: The tone is shifted to serious for a very rapid descent into parody of a montage, as he tells his life story with emotional music in the background and the scene cutting from random background shots showing the passage of time to Saitama becoming increasingly exasperated.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: Zigzagged as he, Saitama and a few others know who's stronger between the two, but most people think that he is the stronger one and assume that Saitama is using someone else's (possibly Genos's) fame, particularly in the entrance exam when the examiner thinks Saitama is nothing to write home about but sees Genos as being pretty impressive.
  • Perpetual Frowner: He's never seen cracking a grin on-screen.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: It's downplayed, since this is a gag comic and since he's overshadowed by Saitama, but his arm cannons are ridiculously powerful. Early on, he effortlessly blows up an area several city blocks in radius, and later he destroys the entire House of Evolution (aside from the underground lab) with one hit; during his fight with Saitama, he blows up entire mountains by accident when his attacks miss.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs: His Machine Gun Blow.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Does the household chores for Saitama. Bonus points that he wears a pink apron. Murata really likes to draw him either with an apron or doing chores.
  • Red Baron: Demon Cyborg.
  • Rocket Punch: Thrusters on his shoulders and elbows allow him to add more power to his attacks.
  • Running Gag: By the end of every arc, Genos invariably ends up losing one or more limbs. He almost broke this trend during the Alien Mothership attack, where he was one of the few to to remain relatively unscathed by the end of the battle. Then he called Tatsumaki a brat, and she threw him into a wall. The anime made sure to continue the gag by having Saitama accidentally yank his arm off while trying to help him back out.
  • Sleeves Are for Wimps: Always, to show off his robotic arms. Also justified, as sleeves would never survive his bigger attacks, so having them in the first place would be a waste.
  • Stalker Without A Crush: He stalked Saitama for 5 days trying to find the secret to his powers.
    • Implied in an extra chapter. How else would he know that Saitama has been staring at a vending machine?
  • The Stoic: Nothing fazes this guy, even if his body is wrecked by the monster of the week.
  • Super Speed: He actually manages to keep up with Sonic when the two fight, though Sonic ultimately proved to be faster.
  • Taking the Bullet: He takes a head-on globule of acid that melts through a good portion of his back in order to protect a little girl.
  • Taking You with Me: When he's overwhelmed by Mosquito Girl, he attempts to detonate his core so she'll die along with him. He's saved from that when Saitama turns her into a bloody smear on his apartment building wall.
  • Technicolor Eyes: Black sclera and gold irises.
  • Undying Loyalty: No matter the choices Saitama makes or how he acts, he will always be loyal to him and gets his back when he needs it and he's not afraid to stand up for him. After Saitama defeats the Sea King and puts up a Jerkass Façade to ensure that the other heroes get recognition, he has this inner monologue.
    Genos: Master Saitama. Are you really okay with this? But if this is the path you choose to take, master, I will accept your choice without a word. However, once you've turned the masses against you will you even be able to work as a hero anymore? I can't help but worry about what's to yet to come. If Master Saitama should ever find himself completely cornered, if it should ever come to that, I will.
  • Wave Motion Gun: In episode 7 of the anime, he gets prototype arm attachments that let him fire a powerful incinerating blast, which he makes all the more stronger by attaching his core to his arm and drawing power directly from it. It fails to stop the meteor he was using it against.
  • Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?: Invoked, then subverted. Upon arriving at the base of operations for the House of Evolution, Genos immediately vaporizes it, much to Saitama's surprise. However, it turns out that most of the base is underground.
  • The Worf Effect: Despite being considered very powerful by a lot of characters he tends to be defeated quite easily by named villains.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: It looked as though he was actually going to manage to get through the Alien Invasion arc without getting worfed, only for him to call Tatsumaki a brat and get embeded in a wall. Saitama completes the running gag by accidentally ripping his arm when trying to pry him free.

    S-Class Heroes 

Tropes pertaining to S-Class Heroes as a whole:

They are the highest and most powerful rank in the Hero Association. They are summoned to deal with Demon or Dragon-level threats. There is a total of 17 heroes in this class.


A mysterious figure that is never present for Hero Meetings but is still universally respected by others in the Hero Association, some have said he is either too busy or just too shy to appear in front of people.
  • Foil: Seems to be deliberately set up as one for Saitama, due to the similarity of their hero costumes as well as the fact that he sees super-heroics as a hobby. Unlike Saitama however he has a regular day job (at least, back when Tatsumaki was still young) and, most importantly, isn't bald.
  • The Ghost: Has been mentioned by the characters, but has yet to appear. Till the Garou Arc is over that is.
  • Heroism Won't Pay the Bills: As we see in Tatsumaki's flashback, Blast was a hero 18 years ago, 15 years before the Hero Association was founded. As such, he described his hero work then as more of a hobby and clarified that he had an actual job too.
  • Lampshade Hanging: The fact that nobody, not even the Hero Association, knows much about him is repeatedly and mercilessly joked about - apparently, he's just shy, really fussy and has a thing about his privacy. Tatsumaki's thoughts after her flashback now puts doubts about the latter ever being the case, as she is waiting for him to come back.
  • Shrouded in Myth: The lack of any hard fact about him leaves plenty of room for rumors, amongst which that he's stronger than all the other S-class heroes combined, that he can shoot beams out of his eyes or that he rules over psychic power and billions of robotic forces.
  • World's Strongest Man: The number 1 hero in the world. How strong this implies he is isn't certain as King is usually described as being "the strongest" on account of people mistaking Saitama's strength for his.

2. "Terrible Tornado"/Tatsumaki
Voiced by: Aoi Yuki

An insanely powerful Esper. Has a younger sister, Blizzard, who is the 1st ranker of B-class heroes. She is generally abrasive and condescending to everyone she talks to, particularly lower-ranked heroes like Saitama.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Gets the spotlight in volume 10's bonus chapter.
  • Adaptational Attractiveness: Downplayed. While her design in the manga is usually as well-drawn as the rest of the cast, she'll occasionally revert to being drawn in the "lazy" art style much like Saitama.
  • Art Shift:
    • Like Saitama, her look in the manga switches between having as much detail as the rest of the cast and being a doodle more closely resembling her look in ONE's webcomic.
    • She also switches in the anime - which is particularly funny given the utter contrast between the anime's detailed art and ONE's webcomic art.
  • Attention Whore: She has some elements of this, getting quite annoyed over being ignored by Saitama and Genos.
  • Aww, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: She may be bad at showing it, thanks to a rather dark past, but she genuinely loves her sister and will do anything to aid her ascent through the ranks of the Hero Association... by forcibly making her stronger.
  • Badass Adorable: Looks like a child, and holds the number 2 spot for the entire Hero Association.
  • Berserk Button: People mistaking her age despite the fact that her looks and demeanor give them every reason for assuming she's a kid. Also referring to her with derogatory terms for young people, like "brat" or "missy." She hit Genos so hard and fast after he called her a brat that he automatically corrected himself when he was about to call her a brat again, even though she wasn't anywhere near him.
  • Beware The Cute Ones: She may look adorable, but she's one of the most powerful psychics in the world. She isn't ranked as the second-strongest hero in the world for nothing.
  • Big Sister Instinct: You should NEVER mess with her sister Fubuki. When Garou said he killed Fubuki, let's just say she got incredibly pissed. However, it also has a darker side in that Tornado protecting Fubuki since she was little has in fact contributed to her sister's problems if not having been the cause of them. Arguably it's a deconstruction.
  • Blood Knight: As shown in the bonus chapter "Tatsumaki's Day Off". When she actually gets a day off from fighting powerful monsters, she quickly gets bored and actually starts looking for monsters to kill. Turns out she enjoys doing it a lot more than she appears, as she almost goes nuts when she keeps finding monsters already slaughtered by Saitama before she finally manages to nail a small-fry monster to sate her boredom.
  • Born Winner: This is basically the reason she's S-Class Hero Rank 2 - she was BORN with the level of power she has.
  • Bratty Half-Pint: Her personality is straight-up obnoxious.
  • Cain and Abel: Cain to Fubuki's Abel.
  • Control Freak: What she is to Fubuki. When it's clear Fubuki is outmatched by her, Tornado decides she's going to force Fubuki to retire and that she'll make the decisions for the both of them. Luckily Fubuki gets her to relent...only for Tornado to say she's going to permanently bench her underlings as she believes they make Fubuki weak.
  • Cool Big Sis: Averted; Tornado likes to THINK she's this, clearly she HAD to be if Fubuki played with her all the time, right? Wrong, it was because the kids in their neighborhood were so terrified of Tornado that it led to Fubuki being isolated from everyone. In fact, her protective nature over her sister led to Fubuki resenting her.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Green hair and eyes.
  • Cute and Psycho: When she REALLY loses it, anyone who's a target of her wrath has good reason to be afraid.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Revealed to have been taken away from her family by scientists interested in studying her powers and making them stronger as a child. She was kept locked up when she wouldn't use them, and would beg for her little sister. It's quite obvious it's the reason she believes she only needs herself and why she's so fixated on trying to isolate Fubuki from her subordinates.
  • Death from Above: How she easily defeats the Ancient Lizard King. When he told her that nothing short of a meteor could hope to kill him, she responds by dragging a meteor from space and slamming it onto him. All that's left of the Ancient Lizard King is a molten skeleton at the bottom of a giant crater.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: She has a REALLY bad habit of doing this to anyone who pisses her off. Gets doubly bad if it involves Fubuki.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: In the anime, she gets an early appearance getting annoyed at the Hero Association admin with the stubble for not sending her to do the City Z investigation in place of Golden Ball and Spring Moustache. She also gets a "I told you so" moment when she hears that the investigation went awry due to the seeweed monster.
  • Family Theme Naming: Tatsumaki and Fubuki are named after windstorms.
  • Fatal Flaw: Pride. She is a really firm believer of the class system within the Hero Organization and believes skill should match as such. Her pride also makes her think that she's a really good sister to Fubuki, when in fact a lot of her actions have damaged their relationship.
  • Flight: With her psychic aura, she can fly. She seems to prefer hovering over walking as well. Not to mention that she can also launch herself at high speeds that form thick trails in the sky whenever she goes.
  • The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: With Fubuki, who she thinks is wasting her time and talent in Class B and should ditch those losers and become the hero she was destined to be. Considering this is Tornado we're talking about, her saying her sister belongs in S-Rank with her might be a stealth compliment.
  • Going Commando: Many shots in Murata's re-draw and the anime seem to imply she wears nothing BUT her dress. A scene in episode 10 of the anime confirms this, with her naked butt viewable from an angle
  • Good Is Not Nice: The only reason she's not more of an anti-hero is that, despite the way she acts, she does seem to genuinely want to help people and that she does love her sister.
  • Hypocrite: She gets mad when people call her a brat, yet her attitude is exactly like that of a spoiled child.
  • I Will Find You: The reason why she joined the Hero Association: she's looking for Blast, who saved her life 18 years ago.
  • Jerkass: Her attitude toward the people around her leaves a lot to be desired. Case in point, after the alien leader is beaten and she finds out Saitama was the one who did it, she goes and starts yelling at him because he's a B Class Hero (although she may have just been annoyed about being ignored). When Genos objects, she uses her powers to fling him into a rock, and she would have attacked Saitama if Bang hadn't gotten her to back off.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Despite how abrasive and antagonistic her social skills are, she's still a superhero who will protect innocent civilians within view if they are in danger. Also, like Metal Bat (albeit to a much smaller extent), she does have a soft spot for her little sister.
  • Little Big Sister: Big sister of Fubuki, and much shorter.
  • Logical Weakness: Head injuries can cripple her psychic powers.
  • Love Makes You Crazy: While no one doubts that she genuinely loves Fubuki and wishes the best for her, the problem is that Tornado's behavior in expressing it is completely out of control and even downright disturbing at times.
  • Magic Skirt: That dress of hers floats around but always manages to stay just shy of her waist.
  • Meaningful Name: In the original Japanese manga, her name is not written out with kanji, implying that Tatsumaki (meaning "Tornado") is actually also her real name. She just added "of Terror" to it.
  • Mind over Matter: Tatsumaki is shown to be the most powerful esper in the series. She can manipulate objects many times her size and from great distances. She once called down a meteor from space, and sent an entire volley of huge bullets back up to the alien ship that shot them. She also uses her psychokinesis to float and fly.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Lots of shots of her butt and also some shots of her legs. Her navel is also shown in her pajamas. This is only when she's detailed however.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Second most powerful hero in the world, sans Saitama, and essentially the Association's trump card.
  • The Napoleon: She HATES to be reminded of her short stature and to be mistaken for a kid.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: When she's called upon to make sure a monster stays dead, she doesn't mess around (though ironically, in her first appearance in the reboot, she only severely wounded the robot Blizzard and her subordinates were fighting and it got back up as soon as she left. It was finished off by a passing Saitama).
  • No Kill Like Overkill: She alone can handle enemies that can overpower the rest of the S-class heroes.
    • She sent Genos flying and flattened him on a wall without lifting a single finger.
    • Singlehandedly wrecks an alien spaceship without exerting her powers. Then again Saitama was fighting Boros above the ship and there were numerous times that the ship was hit by their attacks.
    • Calls down a meteor on a Godzilla Expy in the anime.
  • Older Than She Looks: Despite looking like a young teenager at best, she's actually 28. She even looks younger than her younger sister, Fubuki.
  • Psychic Powers: She is an immensely powerful Esper capable of obliterating most threats single-handedly.
  • Psychopathic Womanchild: See also Older Than They Look and her traits since her past, especially wanting to kill a still alive Psykos. Revealed when getting into her past. She was experimented on as a child and denied any contact with her family or the outside world. It's clearly left her with a bit of PTSD.
  • She's Got Legs: Her legs get a lot of focus despite (or perhaps even because of) her petite frame. This is further emphasized by her dress, which is cut to reveal the most amount of leg possible without exposing her underwear.
  • Smug Super: On account of winning the Super Power Lottery. Against major threats she's often the only hero who's any use at all, and she's not shy about reminding everyone of this fact. The fact that Saitama actually beat the alien leader Boros seemed to at least put a dent in her ego.
  • The Smurfette Principle: The only woman among the S-class heroes. And she and her sister are the only recurring female characters, period.
  • Steven Ulysses Perhero: Her given name means Tornado, and she fights using telekinesis. Guess what she usually does with it?
  • Tiny Tyrannical Girl: She's very short, short-tempered, abrasive and incredibly bossy.
  • Token Mini-Moe: The youngest-looking member of the S-Class heroes.
  • Tsundere: One minute she'll berate a hero for being useless but in the next chew you out for insulting the same hero, if you're lucky.
  • Underestimating Badassery: Assumed Saitama was a small fry just clinging to Blizzard for notoriety. Then Saitama stops her from murdering Psykos and when she blasts him telekenetically at full force, he shows little to no discomfort forcing Tatsumaki to exclaim "He's not just some small fry". Continued when she tries to mess him up internally and the most she can do is make his muscles shake a little.
  • Worf Had the Flu: After getting injured by a combined attack from all the top monsters in the Monster Association she doesn't last very long against Garou, though she passes out from over-exertion before he can even attack her. She claims that if she were in fighting form, he would have only taken her five seconds. Though considering how thoroughly Garou decimated the others, and how long he lasted against Saitama, this may not be true.
    • This occurs again during her fight against Saitama during chapters 102 through 105. She avoided using her full power against him because it reopened possibly fatal wounds she suffered from the aforementioned over-exertion. All her attacks throughout the arc were a No Sell on Saitama, but for a brief moment she considered going all out on him despite the risk of death, indicating she had more powerful attacks that weren't utilized.
  • Workaholic: In volume 10's bonus chapter, it is implied that the Hero Association usually calls on her to deal with high level threats, and while she may complain about it, she does her job anyway. She gets bored when she gets some time off, having nothing to do, so she goes looking for monsters to fight.
  • Yandere: For Fubuki; she HATES that Fubuki has amassed so many followers who look up to her and is determined to have Fubuki sever ties with them. When she refuses, Tornado decides she's going to make the entire Blizzard Group retire by force.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Has green hair

3. Bang, "Silverfang"
Voiced by: Kazuhiro Yamaji

A martial artist. Master of the Flowing Water Fist Fighting Style. Whether Bang is his real name or just another nickname is unknown.
  • A Day in the Limelight: The fourth OVA, focusing on his initial attempts to get Saitama to join his dojo.
  • Back-to-Back Badasses: When he teams up with his brother, Bomb.
  • Badass Grandpa: He's 81 years old, making him the oldest active hero. It can be said that he's been doing the hero business since most, if not all, of the other heroes were born and definitely way before the Hero Association was founded.
  • Badass Normal: There's nothing that indicates that he has anything other than his martial arts skill.
  • Bare-Fisted Monk: Uses nothing but his martial arts in fighting.
  • Cool Old Guy: He's 81 years old, and he's still in the hero business, still can kick your ass, and is still one of the leading martial arts figures in the One Punch Man world.
  • Covered with Scars: Under that shirt of his lies a body that's seen the wear and tear of a martial artist superhero. However, his only complaint about his body is about his hips, due to old age.
  • Fantastic Fighting Style: The Flowing Water Fist Fighting Style.
  • Friendly Rival: With Atomic Samurai.
  • Made of Iron: Remember that attack by Melzalgald that tore off Iai-Ian's arm? Bang got hit directly with that and all it did was tear off his shirt. Cue Melzalgald's Oh Crap! moment.
  • The Obi-Wan: Considered on taking Saitama and Genos as his disciples. They both decline, as expected. Genos states that he has no need for self-defense techniques and only wants unparalleled destructive power. Saitama declines because he's simply not interested and he doesn't need to resort to martial arts when he has such an overwhelming stat advantage in every area and he probably wants to get a challenge.
    • He's also the former master of the now most powerful enemy in the series, "Hero-Slayer" Garou.
  • A Pupil of Mine Until He Turned to Evil: "Hero Slayer" Garou was once Bang's disciple.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: After he witnesses Saitama's power, he treats him as one of his equals.

4. Atomic Samurai
Voiced by: Kenjiro Tsuda

A swordsman who can cut you to nothingness, slicing your very atoms with a million slashes.

5. Child Emperor
Voiced by: Minami Takayama

A 10-year old genius inventor who is the brain of the Heroes Association.

6. Metal Knight
Voiced by: Tessho Genda

A mysterious scientist controlling a powerful ballistic robot. He was sent along with Fang and Genos to destroy a meteor that threatened to annihilate Z-ville. His real name is Bofoy, but no one has ever seen him in person. He only appears in public with his remote-controlled robot that proves completely ineffectual to stopping the meteor. His real name/"Civillian Identity" is Doctor Bofoy.
  • Anti-Hero: He appears to have no interest in actually saving people or bringing justice, only fighting monsters to test weapons or study them.
  • Destructive Savior: Metal Knight's usual MO is to use intense firepower to obliterate an opponent, as well as everything in the opponent's vicinity.
  • For Science!: To get him to even appear to a fight, you have to promise him that he can take the monster/whatever back to his lab to study it.
  • Hero Antagonist: Depending on what Drive Knight meant by him being Genos' enemy.
  • Macross Missile Massacre: His newly developed weapons are a bunch of missiles that he first field tests on the meteor falling to Z-city.
  • Mad Scientist: His "heroism" is rather ambiguous, as he only ever shows up to take samples for research or test out his new weapons.
  • More Dakka: His modus operandi.
  • No Kill Like Overkill: According to data about him, his style is usually hitting an opponent with overwhelming destructive power that he completely obliterates the opponent. He'll probably hold back a bit if the opponent is something he wants to bring back to his lab.
  • Older Than They Look: A variety. He is actually an old scientist. While he looks about his age, he's not exactly seen in public since he only shows up outside of his lair via remote-controlled robot.
  • Powered Armor: Defied. Unlike most heroes who use Powered Armor, such as Iron Man, Metal Knight does not actually wear his, instead sending it out as an unmanned drone. This allows him to accomplish dangerous missions with no real risk to himself. This could be argued to be the biggest indication that he's not a true hero, as avoiding risks isn't what a hero does.
  • Reed Richards Is Useless: Averted, he's responsible for the sturdy bunker of the Hero Association, and his robots rebuilt A-city within days.
  • Refusal of the Call: Seriously, they literally call him up saying he should do SOMETHING, and he doesn't actually bother to even answer the phone (personally at least).
  • Science Hero: He uses unmanned robot suits to battle monsters and builds Bunker-like buildings that are pretty damn resistant to being blown up for the Hero Association.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: He hasn't yet done anything villainous, but Metal Knight's already established that he's not on the same side as the heroes and his current interest in Saitama's strength does make him come across very Dr. Genusish.
    • It's also implied he's Genos target of revenge and the one responsible for the creation of the cyborg that destroyed Genos' town and killed his family.
  • The Worf Barrage: Despite his reputation for overkill, Metal Knight's arsenal has been completely useless against the two disasters he's faced so far.

7. King
Voiced by: Hiroki Yasumoto

The world's strongest human and the so-called most powerful hero of all times whose powers are said to be comparable to Tornado.
  • Badass Arm-Fold: Is often seen doing this on the battlefield, standing aloof and alone, although that is because he doesn't know what to do with his arms and has to stop himself shaking because he can't fight.
  • Badass on Paper: Parodied. Even though he's powerless, King can still intimidate the enemies just by glaring at them, forcing them to flee in terror.
  • Becoming the Mask: Upon learning his secret, Saitama recommends that King become strong for real and actually earn his feared reputation.
    • Subverted during the Monsters Association Arc. When asked to use a special attack to fight Black and Golden Sperm, he bluffs it by shouting some made up attack name, but the strength of the courage that was keeping him there instead of running away allowed him to tap into his true power and fire a Kamehame Hadouken said to rival Saitama's power, killing both the monsters... before it revealed that this was all King's imagination and he ran away.
  • Blatant Lies: He claims that he mistook a dating sim for an action game when Saitama catches him playing it. Despite the box cover making that impossible.
  • Born Lucky: Played for laughs. Although he is rather pathetic, it still doesn't stop him from being S-Class through sheer coincidences and sometimes absolute pure luck, simply because he's always in the right place, at the right time, and usually does something completely mundane that helps the situation.
  • Bring My Brown Pants: Saitama points out he's widdled himself after they're attacked by a monster.
  • Brown Note: Whenever he appears on the battlefield/is confronted by a monster, a loud DOOM DOOM DOOM sound can be heard from King. This has been dubbed the "King Engine" and is usually enough to scare the unlucky monster shitless. This turns out to be King's own heart as he tries not to freak out.
  • Cowardly Lion: Although he confesses that he's always completely terrified of his opponents and considers himself a coward, he still manages to put up a strong front even against enemies that send other S-rank heroes fleeing, despite having no powers at all.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: He defeats 30 members of the Blizzard Group all by himself in a video game contest. Still, one of said Blizzard Group members was a former professional gamer.
  • Dirty Coward: He decided to run away from G4 despite its threat of executing innocent civilians if he wouldn't fight it. He seems to become braver later on when he temporarily draws the attention of enemies that bested other S-Class heroes, but still runs away when it's apparent that he's not much help beyond that.
  • The Dreaded: His reputation alone is enough to send powerful enemies running in fear.
  • Face of a Thug: Good thing too since he can use it to scare his enemies.
  • Fake Ultimate Hero: King just doesn't have the heart to tell people they're wrong about him because it might upset the civilians, and so the tales of his 'deeds' keep piling higher and higher...
  • Foil: To Saitama; while Saitama is outrageously strong with no recognition, King is a totally ordinary guy who everyone thinks is an invulnerable superhero.
  • I Owe You My Life: He got his scar from an Octopus-Claw Man that attacked one day, and if it wasn't for Saitama, he might have died then and there. It takes a while for him to recognize Saitama again, due to him not having his hair, but it's what cements the beginning of his friendship to Saitama.
  • I'm Not Afraid of You: Many monsters have tried this claim against King. He just continues staring at them, very intently. They don't keep their courage for very long after that. And King gets a moment to play this too; although he's scared of the amassed monsters of the Society, he still is able to make them immediately be on-guard through using his reputation alone, is able to scare one of them out of his wits with a small comment about him watching his step and practically scaring him into running for it (right into a regenerating Zombieman who's beneath the rubble), and ALL the monsters basically scatter when he unfolds his arms, right into the reinforcements.
  • Mistaken for Badass: He's the one who took all of Saitama's superhero deeds (from the very first chapter with Vaccineman and even before that) since he happened to be the only man in the vicinity.
  • Muggle Best Friend: Played with - Anyone who sees King and Saitama together playing video games would think Saitama is the "normal guy" hero (being a B class) to King's "Superhero" (being a S class) - that is, if they don't think Saitama is trying to boost himself via this friendship somehow, or if the neighbours don't get cowed into being awestruck because, y'know, KING IS VISITING RIGHT NEXT DOOR (and might even ANSWER THE DOOR POLITELY IF YOU KNOCK) - But it's actually the other way around.
  • Oh Crap!: When Saitama went to his apartment and caught him playing "Doki Doki Sisters."
  • Outscare the Enemy: How King defeats his opponents, with a little help from "the King Engine", which is the DOOM DOOM DOOM sound he gives off which turns out to be King's own heart as he tries not to freak out.
  • Paper Tiger: Even without his reputation, from his looks alone, one could imagine very few people would mess with him anyway.
  • Perpetual Frowner: Always wears this expression. Except when he's alone during a dangerous situation, in which event his expression breaks and is replaced by sheer terror.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Played with - King doesn't get a word in on any sort of discussion most of the time, which leads to odd misunderstandings such as Child Emperor mistakenly thinking King can fire laser beams. This gets the S-Rank heroes into serious trouble (until King draws attention to himself by pretending to do the move), which just makes his reputation reach even greater heights because "he used a special move to save all the S-Class heroes" is all that will get circulated in rumors later.
  • Rugged Scar: Has a big claw mark over half of his face, which adds to his already intimidating appearance. The Hero Association believes that the scar was given to King during his fight against God-threat level monster. He actually got it from a Tiger-level threat that Saitama defeated back when he still had hair.
  • Snowball Lie: Played with - the lies are spread by other people, and almost every time that it seems like the bluff might get called, SOMETHING happens that is 1. Extremely lucky for King, because he no longer has to prove he can fight (most weak monsters have a small heart attack and collapse when he appears, and most strong monsters usually get engaged by another hero, which makes them think King was merely distracting them so the other hero could get the credit, or Saitama one shots them completely coincidentally) and 2. Usually happens in a manner that somehow gives King all the credit for his incredibly lucky windfall (for example, practically every kill Saitama does somehow gets accredited to King, no matter how absurd the logic jump is), so he gets a even bigger reputation for being the ultimate hero.
  • The Stoic: Played for laughs - see that really tough expression as his profile picture? That's the face he makes to stop himself from expressing absolute terror.
  • Terror Hero: His reputation is such that he can defeat monsters by causing them to faint out of fear.
  • That One Player: Later in the story, Saitama gets to know his secret, and becomes his gaming buddy. King is VERY good at those games, to the point where the reputation he's earned in-manga actually applies to video games, such as absolutely broken infinite combos and being able to beat really hard games with one hand. To the point that he made Saitama rage and scream "This game is shit!"
  • Victory Through Intimidation: King can turn the tide of a battle simply by showing up - his reputation alone makes monsters and heroes alike freeze in place, and villains that randomly run into him on the street literally have a stroke because he's that big of a surprise. And if you try to attack him? all you hear is DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOM, which can make even the most hard-hearted monster falter with doubt and reluctant to hit him, in case of it being fatal to themselves to even touch him. It's a good thing too, considering King has the fighting ability of a completely normal person.
  • Wild Card Excuse: King is mostly busy because he's fighting monsters and/or raiding monster lairs. He's actually just playing an RPG, but his statement saves him from having to actually fight monsters.
  • World's Strongest Man: Despite his actual ranking in the Hero Association, King is regarded as the strongest hero, respected by most heroes and feared by even the strongest monsters. His feats of killing fierce monsters with ease are renowned by all and are almost of mythical nature. In actuality, he's just a normal guy, who simply happened to be at the wrong place at the right time.
  • Your Mind Makes It Real: King fakes knowing a special move as a bluff against Black Sperm and Golden Sperm, but his courage allowed him to manifest it into an actual attack, at least in his head.

8. Zombieman
Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai

An immortal superhero that simply cannot die. He will always regenerate no matter how bad his wounds are. He wields various weapons from chainsaws to axes to shotguns.

He's a product of the House of Evolution, where his codename was "Subject #66".
  • The Ageless: Being an experiment, not only is he immortal he also does not age.
  • An Axe to Grind: He carries an axe as one of his weapons.
  • Artificial Zombie: He was a experiment from the House of Evolution.
  • Chainsaw Good: One of his many weapons.
  • Clothing Damage: His body can regenerate, but his clothes can't. After being blown apart by Homeless Emperor, he spends most of the Monsters Association arc completely naked.
  • Complete Immortality: He's impossible to kill by any means.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Zombies are traditionally considered an undead monstrosity, not to mention that he comes from the House of Evolution. Despite all of that, Zombieman is one of the most heroic characters in the series.
  • Determinator: He once fought against mysterious beings in a fierce battle for 140 hours and emerged victorious.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Introduced as he has finally found the trail of the scientist who created him (the House of Evolution antagonist), and having sworn to kill the scientist for his evil ways, talks with him (while pointing a gun at him) until the discussion shifts to how Saitama (his name isn't mentioned but the reader knows who the scientist is talking about) basically crushed his evil ambitions. Zombieman, seeing that the scientist has actually been "defeated" to the point he's dramatically changed, actually puts away his gun instead of shooting him.
  • From a Single Cell: He can regenerate.
  • Implacable Man: He WILL be back to kick your ass no matter how many times you knock him down. He will NEVER stop or surrender pursuing you if you're a threat.
  • Irony: His weapons are a pistol or an axe. These weapons are usually used to kill zombies in zombie movies and the like.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: When he pulls out a sharp object, someone's gonna get chopped into pieces, and the battle turns into a messy bloodbath. Sure, most of the times all the limbs and blood scattered around are usually Zombieman's, but the difference is Zombieman's wounds heal and his limbs come back, and his opponents usually don't.
  • The Quiet One
  • Resurrective Immortality: Exactly What It Says on the Tin. He cannot be killed as he will just regenerate.
  • Revenge: Subverted as part of his Establishing Character Moment. It's implied that he spent most of his life after escaping from the House of Evolution searching for revenge, but once he actually has the leader at gunpoint, he's willing to listen to them and ultimately lets them live once he's convinced they're genuinely reformed.
  • Terror Hero: Comes with being a zombie - the concept of a hero that just won't die until you are either under arrest, defeated, or dead, slowly but surely terrifies his enemies. Because absolutely nothing can kill this guy, nothing can get in his way, and he can hunt night and day to find and capture you. In fact, it's this sheer determination quality alone that got him to the S-Rank hero status in the first place, which makes him the only S-Rank Hero that got in due to his pure, absolutely unkillable defense instead of the absolute fighting strength that usual S-Rank Heroes have.
  • Weak, but Skilled: He doesn't have freakish strength, or much offensive capacity at all, but his main skill is not being able to die, ever, and since he can practically regenerate from everything, with a skill like that you don't need to be terribly strong when you can simply outlast the strength of your enemy.
  • Why Won't You Die?: Gets this a lot from his enemies, mostly because no matter what, HE. DOESN'T. DIE. Blow his arms off? They come back. Blow his entire body to bits? They just regenerate together. Vaporize him to a atomic level? All that does is slow him down, because he'll have to regenerate from nothing and that takes longer. He will only die if he's reduced to mince meat.
  • You Are Number 6: Subject #66 of the House of Evolution.

9. Drive Knight
Voiced by: Yoji Ueda

A mysterious hero who doesn't appear much. He told Genos to "Be careful of Metal Knight".

10. Pig God
Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa

A super obese guy who can swallow anything. He mitigates incoming damage with his thick layer of fat.
  • Always a Bigger Fish: The first monster he faces in the Monster Association is one who threatens to swallow all the heroes whole. What happens? Pig God swallows him whole.
  • Big Eater: He's constantly seen eating. In his debut, he was eating during the S-Class meeting.
  • Eating The Enemy: How he deals with monsters. Yes. He really does eat them. It's as disgusting as it sounds.
    • Strangely, this is also how he keeps his fellow heroes from harm... by swallowing them and keeping them safe in his cushioned belly until he can safely cough them up.
  • Extreme Omnivore: He can pretty much eat any monster regardless of what they're made of.
  • Fat Bastard: Seriously, he's so overweight his hero name is "Pig God". Ironically, he's one of the most sincerely heroic characters.
  • Gonk: but considering he's like 500 pounds overweight, it's to be expected.
  • Hidden Depths: Although his characterization seems unsympathetic at first, making him seem like just a Fat Bastard, he drags himself (while severely injured) all the way from the hospital to a recent battlefield in order to make sure none of the monsters he fought can escape, telling the people who come to get him that it's his responsibility.
    • Earlier, he is also heard muttering quietly to himself about some kind of prophecy, believing that his greatest act of heroism would also coincide with his death. He is naturally scared to die, but not for himself. He's scared because if he dies, who would protect the people?

11. Superalloy Blackluster
Voiced by: Satoshi Hino

The strongest of the S-class heroes in terms of raw power and durability. He's the only one who could stand up against Hero Slayer Garou's final form (though just for a few minutes).
  • Bald of Awesome: He used to have real Samson-like hair to go with his physique, but then he realized his body wouldn't be truly shiny with hair, which is why he trained until he went bald.
  • Blood Knight: Deconstructed. He was looking for an opponent that could push him to use 100% of his power, but when he finally fights against Garou, he realises that what he wanted wasn't so much a "good fight" as a fight that could make him feel good about himself. He never considered the possibility that he might actually lose.
  • Captain Ethnic: Though he was shown to be fair-skinned before being truly "shiny"
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: His origin story even shows him as previously being a weakling who was bullied who worked out to become super muscular.
  • Color Character: His name literally means that he's a black guy with a shiny muscular body.
  • The Dreaded: He's said to be one of three heroes you must never anger, the other two being Tatsumaki and King.
  • Everything's Better with Sparkles: His entire body produces sparkling bishonen effects when he flexes his muscles and poses (which he does a lot)
  • Foil: Another one to Saitama. He gained his strength just by muscle training (albeit with weights rather than push-ups), was looking for an opponent that could push him to 100%, killed Bug God with one punch and most strikingly he's bald.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Amazingly enough - it turns out he trained hard to make himself feel a lot better about himself so he could try to avoid this, but being beaten by Garou briefly puts him into a funk until he gets snapped out of it.
  • Muscles Are Meaningful: It's the centrepoint of his heroism - his muscles keep him from being harmed and make him extremely strong.
  • Shirtless Scene: Constantly. He's only ever seen wearing speedos.
  • Scary Black Man: Subverted, he might have the appearance of one, but is actually a nice fellow who tries to make the other S class heroes get along with each other.
  • Super Toughness: That body of his isn't just for show, you know. Most monsters can't even bruise his skin, because aparently the shine protects it.
  • Training Montage: Shown in-manga how he got his super shiny body - he lifted weights every day, going from a skinny scrawny guy who could barely lift into a superbuff weightlifter. There were two effects: His body became so muscley his muscles actually shone, and he became bald.

12. Watchdog Man
Voiced by: Yuji Ueda

Superhero in a ridiculously funny dog suit. Able to rip apart his opponent with his claws.
  • Almighty Janitor: Was tearing the heads off Demon class monsters with no effort since he was C class. He is also the only hero in charge of the most dangerous city, takes out more monsters than anyone else, and is the ONLY S class hero that has never struggled in a fight. On top of all this, he never reports anything to the association, meaning he moved up the ranks purely from being seen fighting. He could very well be the most powerful S class hero.
  • Animal Motifs: In case you missed something, his motif is of a Dog - He took the term "city watchdog" literally, so he wears some sort of dog costume.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: He may occasionally speak in thought bubbles, but don't dare underestimate him, because he can rip through hundreds of monsters with ease. He's been slaughtering demon/dragon level monsters with his bare hands alone since his C-Class days.
  • Creepy Monotone
  • Fluffy the Terrible: Look at him and you won't think he's a hero. Cross him, however, and be prepared to be ripped apart.
  • Lethal Joke Character: When he says there's "nothing interesting to report", what he actually means is "Now that I'm here, I killed practically every monster in the area, and now there is no longer anything left to report to you".
  • The Stoic: Appears even more apathetic to his surroundings than Saitama, but is very diligent in his role.

13. Lightspeed Flash
Voiced by: Kosuke Toriumi

The fastest of all the S-class heroes, even faster than Sonic.
  • Agent Peacock
  • Badass Cape: His costume features a white one.
  • Badass Longcoat
  • Bishōnen: He could give Amaimask a run for his money.
  • Foil: To Speed of Sound Sonic. Both are prideful, effeminate speedsters who take an interest in Saitama after he No Sells two of their attacks. Whether there's any relation between the two is brought up in a question and answer segment but gets deflected by Genos not remembering who Sonic is.
    • They even share a technique, the "Wind Blade Kick". It's likely that they share the same teacher/clan, and due to the numerous similarities, a popular fan theory is that they are related.
  • Light Is Good: His speed and color scheme make people associate him with light, and he's on the side of good.
  • Lightning Bruiser: So far, only Garou and Saitama has outclassed him in speed.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Very noticeable since unlike other characters who fall under this category, he doesn't tie it up.
  • Super Speed: If his nickname is to believed, he can move at the speed of light.

15. Tank-Top Master

The master of Tank-Top fighting style.

16. Metal Bat
Voiced by: Wataru Hatano

A hot-blooded guy whose weapon is a metallic baseball bat. His home-run swing is no joke, really.
  • Affectionate Parody: Of a certain type of Shonen hero. Specifically those like Yusuke Urameshi and Ichigo Kurosaki who tend to be Japanese Delinquents with the Face of a Thug and matching personality while still being unexpectedly heroic. No matter what fantastic powers they possess their biggest asset tends to be their unwavering will to win.
  • Almighty Janitor: Was taking out Demon level threats back when he was in C-class.
  • Badass Normal: His super power is having a mean homerun swing.
    • His remake-original fight against Garou is a testament to this. He not only gave Garou the fight of his life, but the only reason they stopped was because of Metal Bat's little sister breaking things up. As such, Bat fought Garou to a draw.
  • Batter Up: He wields a metal bat which doesn't seem to break or get damaged.
  • Bullying a Dragon: He tried to pick a fight with Tatsumaki in spite of her rank and Super Power Lottery after she insulted him. Luckily for him, Flash defused the situation before the fight could take place.
  • Coat Cape: How he wears his black jacket.
  • Determinator: Part of his style is that he refuses to go down even after getting beat up. In fact, he becomes stronger and faster the more he gets beat up. When Garou thinks he won Bat gets right back up and is microseconds away from caving Garou's skull in. And then Bat's little sister shows up.
  • Good Is Not Nice: He's a delinquent, is not afraid to say what he thinks, and is all too willing to get into fights with other heroes if they rub him the wrong way. However, he is a good guy deep down.
  • Heroic Second Wind: Murata's Centipede arc shows this is something he takes active advantage of. When he takes serious damage, he gets stronger and faster, something he describes as his "fightin' spirit". He can take an incredible amount of punishment, to the point of multiple bone fractures, and be ready for another fight.
  • Japanese Delinquents: During his C-Class days - he still has the pompadour to prove it.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Has a soft spot for his little sister.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover: Has a pet cat named Tama. He was absolutely livid about being called out to fight a Dragon-level Kaiju on the day she was expected to give birth.
  • Shout-Out: To EarthBound - he wields a baseball bat, which when it connects makes a audible SMAAAAASH! sound.
  • Turns Red: In his fight with Garou, the latter notices that he becomes stronger the more damage he tanks.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: During their fight, Garo remarks that Metal Bat is strong but lacks the skill needed to fight against someone who uses martial arts like Garo. Justified as other than his ridiculous strength and endurance, he's just a delinquent whose fighting style is simply "smash opponent with metal bat."
  • When All You Have Is a Hammer: Metal Bat solves all his problems by smashing them with his metal bat.
  • Would Hit a Girl: He was not afraid of challenging Tatsumaki to a fight when she insulted him, showing that he does not discrimate genders at the time of fighting.
  • Younger Than They Look: He's seventeen, despite looking a tad older, and it also makes him one of the youngest S class heroes.

17. Puri-Puri-Prisoner
Voiced by: Masaya Onosaka

A burly drag with gay yet super powerful special moves, who loves good looking guys, and addresses everyone with the suffix -chan.
  • Arrested for Heroism: Played with - apparently he put HIMSELF into prison (with a infinite year sentence) because he didn't want to use his strength just to try and stalk guys. He literally breaks out of prison when given the call (he writes an apology note for the damage and promises to be back soon to make it okay).
  • Battle Strip: Flexing his muscles at 100% strength tears all his clothes, leaving him butt naked.
  • The Big Guy: Huge and ripped like no one's business.
  • Everyone Has Standards: He may be a Stalker with a Crush to attractive men, but he does not hesitate to stand up to Sweet Mask when the latter insults him and the S-class heroes for the destruction of A-City.
  • Expy: Many people also notice he resembles Hugo/Andore from Street Fighter/Final Fight.
  • Full-Frontal Assault: His "Angel Style" is simply him flexing his muscles so hard he tears off his clothes, so he fights in the nude.
  • Gentle Giant: As the lowest ranked hero in S-Class, he seems to be more down to earth and genuinely heroic than some of the more self-absorbed heroes in S-S-Class. He tells Saitama about Lady Shibabawa and her predictions when the former asks him about her, without caring about him being a B-class hero in a meeting for S-class heroes. Much more so in the anime, where Saitama supposedly taking credit for the victory against the Sea King ruined Prisoner's reputation.
  • Ham-to-Ham Combat: His fight against Sea King - it basically boils down to "You call that an attack? THIS is a real attack!" over and over.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: After both of them lost to Garou, he admitted to Superalloy Blackluster that he only does hero work so he can hook up with guys.
  • Macho Camp: Muscled enough to rip all his clothes when he flexes, and gay enough that his superheroing uniform's a cute little sweater with a big red heart in it.
  • Made of Iron: Though he still lost to it, the fact that he survived The Sea King's chain attack, and took no apparent long-term damage, speaks volumes for his toughness considering every strike was said to pack the intent to end his life.
  • Please Put Some Clothes On: Everybody wonders if he's a streaker half the time.
  • Prison Rape: Implied to be what he does to other inmates as punishment, though he'll sometimes let them off with just a French kiss.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs: His Angel Rush, and later Dark Angel Rush.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: wears a hand knitted sweater with a heart on it made by his boyfriend, until he ripped it to shreds in his fight againts the Sea King.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: The Sea King really plays his attacks down and laughs at his conviction to protect men. Heck, during his fight with Melzagald, he even gets a small flashback of the insults Sea King threw at him... and then he shows off what he learned from that fight.
    • He also has an entire newspaper article calling him an S-class failure for being unable to stop the Sea King.
  • Rousing Speech: He gives one to Super Alloy Darkshine after said hero experiences just how strong Garou has become, and begins to think the battle is hopeless.
  • Stalker with a Crush: The reason he is in jail. In the anime, he breaks into Lightning Max and Stinger's hospital room.

    A-Class Heroes 

Tropes pertaining to A-Class Heroes as a whole:

They are the second highest rank in the Hero Association. There is a total of 38 heroes in this class.
  • Worf Effect: Despite them being the second most powerful rank, they are usually seen getting beaten by threats more powerful than them whenever they make an appearance.

1. Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask
Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano

  • An Arm and a Leg: Evil Natural Water cuts his left arm off. Sweet Mask just reattaches it.
  • Anti-Hero: He's the kind of hero who is all too willing to dirty his hands to execute those who he perceives as "evil", all for the sake of his rigid definition of "justice." Genos says Amai Mask is basically what he could have been, if Saitama didn't enter his life.
  • Beauty Equals Goodness: He certainly believes this. Subverted when he shows his true colors in battle.
  • Beauty Is Bad: Kinda drives the point home given his hardline sense of right and wrong regarding villains, monsters and people who defend them. Hell he physically literally distorts when enraged or in battle to showcase this point.
  • Beneath the Mask: Under his lavish hero lifestyle, he's almost certainly hiding a few nasty secrets. Which sort of fits his hero name, really.
  • Berserk Button: Anything that tarnishes the image of a hero in the eyes of the public. Ugly things also pushes his buttons so much that in his fight with Furher Ugly he flew off in a rage after looking at his face.
  • Break the Haughty: Garō later appeared after Sweet Mask mocked the rest of the S class hero for failing to protect humanity, then proceeded to effortlessly defeat him, ending with caving in half of his face RIGHT INTO HIS SKULL, knocking quite a few teeth out.
  • Bishōnen: He's got "handsome" in his hero name and is good looking enough to be a model/TV celebrity.
  • Broken Ace: Genos notes immediately that Sweet Mask is similar to himself... except that Sweet Mask has absolutely no compassion or empathy for the monsters. Not even the ones that have surrendered.
  • Declining Promotion: While he has the skills and powers of an S-Class, he purposely stays in A-Class to ensure that heroes who are "weak, good-for-nothing 'garbage'" do not become S-Classes and make the Hero Association look bad.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: His name when translated completely comes out as Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Appears in the anime in episode 5 to welcome Genos to the Hero Association.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Although he appears earlier, the first time we see him actually doing his job as a hero counts as this. He gets a mission to capture a escaped unfrozen caveman, and return him alive. He butchers the escapee on sight instead. And the people cheer him on, not knowing the wiser.
  • The Fighting Narcissist: Called such by Garo, who points out the flaws of his Beauty Equals Goodness mindset.
  • Good Is Not Nice: He's a hero, but apart from his celebrity persona, he's not a very pleasant person and is downright merciless.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: His face when he confronts the Monster Society warps and spasms in a nasty way, making him look down right freakishly terrifying, like he just took off the human mask he wore to let through the disfiguring anger and hatred for monsters he has inside. It's like he's letting it show through so he can have the determination to beat them.
    • happens again at the end of the Garō fight. Even when Garō has seemingly calmed down, Amai Mask is absolutely adamant Garō should die for being a monster, all the while making the scariest, horrific face possible. He even uses it to scare the kid bystander, especially when the kid points out that Garō, y'know, didn't even kill anyone.
  • Heroic Willpower: It's a ability he actually invokes - His arm gets sliced clean off... and he simply re-attaches his arm again and the arms still works. Remember, he's mostly a normal human, and not a cyborg like Genos.
  • Jerkass: He berates the S-Class heroes for not preventing City A's destruction, even though there was nothing they could have done to prevent it.
  • Knight Templar: He believes that all monsters must be killed, even if they are of no threat or if given explicit orders to capture them alive.
  • Merchandise-Driven: Go ahead, give him even a small amount of room to promote some of his merchandise. He'll talk about it anyway whether or not you prompted him.
  • The Perfectionist: Together with his Beauty Equals Goodness belief, he also advocates the idea that heroes should always be a paragon of perfection, especially when it comes to their job. To him, if you're a high-ranking hero, you have to do your damn job perfectly and that means not only saving lives and stopping the threat, but also making sure that nothing gets destroyed and not suffering a single injury or scratch. He chastises the S-rank heroes who stopped the alien invasion by telling them that they're failures for letting A City be destroyed despite the fact that they stopped the invasion and Atomic Samurai pointing out that they only knew of the threat after they got out of the Hero Association HQ and found the city already in shambles.
  • Razor-Sharp Hand: He metes justice on evil by chopping their heads off with his bare hands.
  • Renaissance Man: He's a professional hero, a recording artist, a model, and a TV star.
  • Smug Super: He has all the stuff needed to be one of the S-class heroes but purposely remains as the top A-ranker. However, he's not shy about telling other heroes that they suck, and he's better than them in every way.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: He just can't deal with really ugly looking people. This comes back to bite him later when he encounters a Ugly Mysterious Being, and his body practically freezes stiff from looking at it.

2. Ia-Ian

3. Okamaitachi

Atomic Samurai's second best disciple.

4. Bushidrill

Atomic Samurai's third best disciple.
  • This Is a Drill: It's in his hero name, but he's only been seen using swords so far.

6. Blue Fire

11. Stinger
Voiced by: Tomokazu Seki

  • Badass Normal: While he does take a lot of damage in the process, he single-handedly took out nearly all of the Sea King's underlings on his own. Each of them was, individually, ranked a Tiger level disaster. The main reason he took any damage? Because he was worried that his ultimate attack would hurt the innocent bystanders cheering him on. Given that it one-shot four opponents in one go, he was probably right.
  • Blade on a Stick: His weapon of choice
  • Death from Above: Is able to rip off a cat monsters limb from above this way.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: The moment he sees the cat monster was just its spawn, he tells Lightning Genji they should retreat.
  • Reused Character Design: Looks like a black haired Hiruma from Eyeshield21.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: During the Seafolk invasion, which was level Tiger, he thinks he fended off level God opponents, which are threats that can destroy the human race.

16. Butterfly DX

17. Lightning Genji
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: He retreated along with Stinger after realizing that what they fought was the child of an even bigger mysterious being.
  • Shock and Awe: His Stun Batons harness electricity.

20. Lightning Max
Voiced by: Soichiro Hoshi

Class A hero who fights with rocket-powered shoes.
  • Defiant to the End: Decides to go out swinging (or kicking in this case) against the Sea King even though he knew he didn't stand a chance.
  • Hit-and-Run Tactics
  • Speaking Simlish: When he gets suddenly suprised, he just blurts out a string of completey random letters.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: Twice during his "fight" against the Sea King. First when he's punched all the way from the building he's standing on and through the window of the building on the opposite end of the street he thinks "Ah, I am so dead" and second when he decides to retreat from the fight after the aforementioned punch only to see that the Sea King has caught up to him in the time it took for him to recover to which he mutters a deadpan "Shit".

29. Golden Ball
Voiced by: Sato Arai

Class A Hero who fights with a slingshot. Defeated by Kombu Infinity.
  • Abnormal Ammo: Spiky balls made of shape memory gold.
  • A Day in the Limelight: In the Yusuke Murata redrawn version, he gets an expanded version of his fight with Garou, covering an entire issue. He does considerably better than the original version implied, although he still loses in the end.
  • Meaningful Name: His name can be read as testicles in Japanese language.

31. Forte

A hero who listens to music and fights with the rhythm.

  • Awesome, but Impractical: His fighting style isn't all that original, but it's apparently effective enough to land him in A-Class. Having his headphones on makes it impossible for him to hear what's coming up behind him though. Such as a car.
  • Amusing Injuries: Hit by a car driven by the Blizzard group. He had it coming.
  • Berserk Button: Suggesting that working up a rhythm to fight seems pointless.
  • Dance Battler: Fights his enemies by dancing to the beat of the music he listens to.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: Gave up on his revenge plot after seeing Saitama unharmed after being thrown by Tatsumaki.
  • Poor Communication Kills: He got hit by the Blizzard Group's car because he couldn't hear Saitama's warnings.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Demanded respect from Saitama for being his senior insofar as being a resident of the same apartment despite being a year younger than him.

33. Spring Moustache
Voiced by: Makoto Yasumura

Class A Hero who fights with a rapier. Defeated by Kombu Infinity.
  • A Day in the Limelight: In the remake he gets a chapter to himself fighting Garou after he tries to pull a Big Damn Heroes to save Golden Ball. It fails, but again, he comes off a lot better than he did in the original.
  • Badass Grandpa: If his face is any indication, he's well past his prime. However, he fights equally among much younger A-Class heroes.
  • Badass Mustache: It's in the name, and he lasts longer than Golden Ball against Kombu Infinity.
  • Implausible Fencing Powers: He can coil his sword and launch the blade great distances, in addition to his mundane skill with the blade.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: Wears a tuxedo.

34. Heavy Kong

36. Chain'N'Toad

A martial artist who wears a frog mask to make up for how plain he looks.

  • Kid-Appeal Character: In-universe. Wearing that headgear makes him a little bit more popular amongst children.

38. "Snake Fist" Sneck
Voiced by: Shinichiro Miki

The lowest ranking A-class hero.

    B-Class Heroes 

Tropes pertaining to B-Class Heroes as a whole:

They are the third highest rank in the Hero Assocation. There is a total of 101 heroes in this class.
  • Yakuza: A heroic example. Because Fubuki remains in the number 1 spot in this class and prevents any other heroes from advancing to A-Class, she controls the B-Classes in this type of manner.

1. "Hellish Blizzard", Fubuki
Voiced by: Saori Hayami

Tornado's younger sister. Also an esper, albeit much less powerful. Leader of the B-class that she treats like a Yakuza mob.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Has had a few special chapters focusing on her or the Blizzard Group, as well as the fifth OVA.
  • Adaptational Attractiveness: Far more attractive in the more detailed reboot. In the original she was androgynous at best; in the redraw, it would be very hard to confuse her for a man.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: Invoked. She uses her high rank in the B-class to amass a mob-like organization of lower ranking B-class heroes and rule over them like a yakuza boss.
    • A Volume 9 omake has the Blizzard Group pooling money to get a car, mostly through part-time jobs (having misinterpreted Blizzard's idea). Fubuki, however, was out bounty hunting (which was what she actually meant by checking out flyers) and earned over a third of the required funds by herself. She EARNED her rank.
  • The Atoner: She is this after revealing her Dark and Troubled Past, wanting to change herself and be a better person.
  • Big Little Sister: To Tornado. Child Emperor mistakes her for the older sister.
  • Boobs of Steel: The most busty character of the series (in manga and anime version).
  • Born Unlucky: Feels that she is doomed to always pale in comparison to her sister. The fact that in her childhood she was always being bullied by the kids, and that no one wanted to play with her because her older sister was known to be dangerous by other kids, didn't help her state of mind. However, it is revealed before her psychic powers manifested properly that her older sister received WAY worse than her.
  • Break His Heart to Save Him: Tells her subordinates that she's disbanding the Blizzard Group and coldly tells them that they're weak. It's obvious she's doing it to protect them from Tatsumaki.
  • Cain and Abel: Abel to Tornado
  • Character Development: Starts off as a haughty, conceited jerk who is clearly taking out her frustrations over her sister on other people by either forcing them to be her goons or threatening them. After befriending Saitama she genuinely wants to change herself, starting with finally standing up to her sister.
  • Combat Stilettos: Though since she can do Power Floats with ease she can get away with it. It turns out one of her hobbies is collecting high heels.
  • Declining Promotion: Despite her psychic powers making her more than qualified to be in the upper A-Class ranks, she stays in B-Class to control the B-Class heroes so she can try and surpass Tatsumaki, and it's impossible for her to reach A-Class Rank 1 with Atomic Samurai's three disciples taking Ranks 2-4 and Sweet Mask taking Rank 1.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Part of her arc, going from distant and bossy to a more compassionate, caring person.
  • The Don: Sort of - Class B has become an almost Mafia-like system due to all the strong Class Bs being loyal to her, and basically forcing the other heroes into working in Class B for the rest of their career since she kept the number 1 spot.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Shows up in the anime at the end of episode 6 receiving word of Kombu Infinity in Z City.
  • Family Theme Naming: Fubuki and Tatsumaki are named after windstorms.
  • Friendless Background: As a child she couldn't make any friends, her sister having scared away everyone in the neighborhood.
  • The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: With her power, she was meant for great things and would've been the number 1 of many things in life. Sadly, her sister came first, and being a super-powerful Esper in her own right, she completely eclipsed her in everything. This causes a little friction in that Blizzard firmly believes the power has gone to her sister's head and made her the aloof, alone jerk she is today.
  • Green Eyes: The only way to tell she and Tornado are related
  • Inferiority Superiority Complex: Feels very insecure about her abilities, so she stays a B-class while surrounding herself with weaker subordinates, despite having abilities that could easily put her in the top ten of Class A. Hilariously, even after accepting that Saitama was far stronger than her, she still refers to him, and by association Genos, as her underlings.
  • Kirk Summation: Gets one from Saitama, although it's just him telling her that no matter how many B-Class heroes she has below her, they won't be able to save her from an overpowering monster. Sure enough, while she can hold her own against Demon-level Monsters by herself, the moment DemiGarou appears and thoroughly trounces the S-rank heroes in quick succession, all she can do is just hide, knowing she isn't strong enough to even be worth Garou's attention, but not ever being certain.
  • Knife Nut: Carries around a box cutter in case she needs to resort to melee.
  • Lady of War: The elegant and professional leader of B-Class who is more than qualified for A-Class, she has a graceful style of fighting using psychokinesis.
  • Meaningful Name: In one of the flashbacks, someone calls her "president Fubuki" (Fubuki means "Blizzard"), implying that just like her sister's, her Hero name is also derived from her actual real name.
  • Mind over Matter: Although not nearly as powerful as her sister Tatsumaki, Fubuki is a skilled esper. She has been shown to mainly use her psychokinesis when fighting an opponent, throwing rocks, pebbles and various other items at her target, or manipulating their surroundings to her advantage to impede or crush them. Through her constant research and quest for versatility and innovation, Fubuki has learned notions that not even her sister knows about, such as that resistance to psychokinesis is directly linked to one's willpower.
  • A Mother to Her Men: While her methods to recruiting them are a bit questionable, it's clear that most of her subordinates follow her because they WANT to. She even says she didn't mind bringing in dangerous bounties as it was for the Blizzard Group and genuinely cares about them.
  • Ms. Fanservice: A mild example; her clothes cover a lot of her body, but they still make her curves visible.
    • And then came an illustration in Volume 9 which shows her in her underwear. And a chapter cover with her posing in a bikini.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: Make no mistake, Fubuki is one of the most powerful people on the planet (and one of only a handful of people with psychic abilities), but she's unfortunately outclassed by her far more talented sister.
  • Picky Eater: Counts calories when ordering at a restaurant.
  • Pretty in Mink: Often wears a fur jacket she uses as a Coat Cape.
  • Psychic Link: She can sense her sister's presence, and could tell when she was incapacitated by the Monster Association.
  • She's Got Legs: It seems to run in the family.
  • Shrinking Violet: When she was little, no doubt due to her abilities. And her sister.
  • The Smurfette Principle: One of only four confirmed women in the Hero Association
  • Sugar and Ice Personality: Fittingly, she's typically cold and professional like how a mafia don would act. However, she also has a soft side, like when she smiles for Lily when it's clear she was worried about what Fubuki was doing to earn money for the group.
  • They Really Do Love Each Other: She may think Tornado is a crazy psychopath out to ruin her life, but she does still love her. When Fubuki at one point goes all out against her sister she panics at whether she might have actually gone too far and hurt her.
  • Tsundere: Seriously Fubuki, it would be easier if you would just call Saitama your friend instead of your underling.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Despite Fubuki insisting Saitama is her underling and Saitama being annoyed with Fubuki bugging him to join the Blizzard Group it's clear the two of them have developed a sense of camaraderie.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Her Esper Powers count as this, as she manages to defeat a friend from her past, who turned into a mysterious being, by diverting a psychic attack she otherwise couldn't handle by using a spinning barrier of carefully controlled psychic waves.. However, her sister, Tornado, figured out how to perform the same trick a long time ago.
    • Furthermore her physical power-rating, as shown by Child Emperor's device, was a mere 19, way below C-Rank. However, her psychic abilities can't be measured and those are the real reason she's so powerful.
  • Willfully Weak: Or willfully in a lower rank. Fubuki has power equivalent to a high A-Rank, but doesn't believe she could be at the top. Tatsumaki surmises she has the potential to be S-Rank along side her, but believes there's something mentally holding back potential. Tatsumaki incorrectly surmises its her friends and associates; its actually fear and inferiority of her older sister.
  • Younger Than They Look: Is actually Tornado's younger sister.

2. Eyelashes

3. Mountain Ape

50. Jet Nice Guy
  • Good Thing You Can Heal: Like Genos, he can shrug off a lot of damage thanks to being a cyborg that can be easily repaired.
    "Snake Fist" Sneck: Calm down. He's a cyborg. He's not necessarily dead.

56. Darkness Blade

74. Lily of the Three-Section Staff

81. Tanktop Black Hole

A top class B hero. It is uncertain exactly which rank he has on the top.
  • Blatant Lies: At one point when attempting to get the people to hate Saitama, he tries to make it seem like Saitama was going to lash out against him even though Saitama hadn't made a single physical movement.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Running a smear campaign against Saitama can go two ways: You either get ignored or get destroyed.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Black Hole is a rather strong individual, boasting a grip strength of 200 kilos.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Saitama dispatches him as easily as you'd expect.
  • Dirty Coward: When Saitama catches his hand and squeezes, Black Hole immediately say that he gives up and that he's sorry for lying.
  • Jerk Ass: When Saitama had prevented a meteor strike but hadn't been able to prevent its fragments from decimating a lot of the city note , he takes this as a chance to prop himself up by tearing down Saitama.

93. Mushrule
  • Ambiguous Gender: Mushrule's gender is not specified and no one seems to know what it is.

    C-Class Heroes 

Tropes pertaining to C-Class Heroes as a whole:

They are the lowest and weakest rank in the Hero Association. Because of the large amount of heroes in C-Class, if any hero is inactive for one week then they are removed from the Hero Registry. In order for them to maintain their quota they usually deal with minor crimes such as purse snatchers, robbers, and street assailants. There is a total of 390 heroes in this class.
  • Cowardly Lion: If a group of civilians are in danger, they'll try to help the people despite their fears.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Despite some of them being ridiculous, they're still capable of fighting back as long as the threat isn't too powerful for them.
  • Glory Seeker: Most of them are more concerned about ranking up and getting attention.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: If the threat is too dangerous for them, some of them know when not to get involved.
  • Non-Powered Costumed Hero: Many of them seem to have no superhuman powers at all, Licenseless Rider being the most obvious example (although his powers may have been overshadowed by the supervillains he faced).
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: Most or some of them will team up to deal with a threat. Eyelashes describes them as the "alliance of C-Classes who often act in groups".

1. License-less Rider
Voiced by: Yuuichi Nakamura

The top C-Class hero, License-less Rider is a bike rider who earned his rank by doing just about any good deed he sees. Unlike other heroes in the series, he has no superpowers nor any real fighting ability but more than makes up for that with courage and willingness to face off against any threat no matter how great or small.
  • Action Survivor: By the standards of the series, he's just a completely average guy with a bike. He has no special powers nor is he a particularly amazing fighter, but what he lacks in strength he makes up in resolve (as long as he can reach them).
  • Almighty Janitor: Played with. Apparently he's done a lot of heroic things so that he can actually move to B-Class, but he refuses to do so. It doesn't translate to him being more powerful though, it just means he's earned a place in B-Class, but would rather continue helping in C-Class.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Subverted for the most part, but as far as C-Class strength heroes go he's this, and that's mostly because he stops EVERY crime he sees while on patrol. All of them. Yet, he failed to save any person in the series (Mostly what happens is the antagonistic thing of the week simply concentrates on beating up Licenseless Rider while the original victim escapes). Nonetheless, his heroic resolve is quite amazing.
  • By-the-Book Cop: When attempting to hurry to fight the Sea King, he cursed his luck at having to stop at a red light. On an abandoned street, where no one would watch if he ran the light. He's following the law, but this also falls into Honor Before Reason.
    • So much so that he even stops Tanktop Master, a S-Rank hero, from beating the life out of Garou (by jumping into his attack, no less!) because it would be murder if he killed a street punk like that when Garou looks to have lost. Of course, Garou returns the favor by smashing his head into the concrete, but hey, you gotta give License-less Rider props for his unwavering determination to do things legally.
  • Car Fu: A variation; his "Justice Crash" is just him running his bike into someone. It might work for a normal mugger, but not much other than that.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: He will always try his hardest to fight the monster of the week, no matter how powerful they are or how hopeless the situation may be. He never gives up the fight which causes him to be respected by Saitama.
  • Declining Promotion: He declines the promotion to B-Class because he says he's not fit to be in that class.
  • Determinator: His real super power is his enormous brass balls.
  • Determined Defeatist: As shown by his speech to the Sea King.
    Mumen Rider: Nobody expects much...from me. They think a C-class hero won't be much help. I know that better than anyone! I know I'm not good enough for B-class...I'm weak, I know that much. No one has to tell me I have no chance of beating you. I already...KNOW THAT! And yet, I must try.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: He used to ride a motorcycle, but he lost his license for going over the speed limit while helping people, hence his hero name.
  • Expy:
    • Of Kamen Rider, if that wasn't obvious.
    • More subtly of pre-training Saitama as well. He has the same convictions at heart, refuses to give up despite the overwhelming odds (though it worked out better for Saitama even before his training), and always does the right thing... though Rider takes it a bit overboard with his by-the-book thing. It's probably why the anime gives him a surprisingly large number of scenes despite not being able to actually do anything in major fights, and is why he's able to sympathize with Saitama far more than any other hero outside of Genos.
  • Failure Hero: Played for laughs.
  • Fan Of The Underdog: The only person to thank Saitama for defeating the Sea King (granted, one of the few who knew he was only pretending to be a fraud).
  • For Great Justice: His sub-title is "The Cyclist for Justice", most of his attacks incorportate justice in the names, and he even named his bike "Justice".
  • Hero Stole My Bike: Played with - Having a bike is his gimmick, and every time he gets trashed his bike usually gets bent horribly out of shape along with him, so he's given a new one.
  • Heroic Resolve: Actually goes up against the Sea King, knowing full well he's not strong enough to stop it, and delays it long enough for Saitama to show up and do his thing. Hell, Saitama even compliments him on it and tells him that in his eyes, he'll always be a true hero, no matter what rank he is.
  • Opaque Nerd Glasses: Has them whenever he's not wearing his helmet.
  • Reality Ensues: He gets his ass kicked every time he fights. It doesn't matter how pure his attempts of heroism are or how strong his Heroic Resolve is. He's still a human with limited fighting skills facing off against monsters that are way out of his league, leading to him suffering one Curb-Stomp Battle after another. Downplayed, as he is aware of his weakness and this is why he chooses to remain in C- Class rather than rise up to B-Class.
  • Running Gag: Throughout the manga he appears at the scene, only to get quickly taken out off panel. This gets subverted in the Sea King arc
  • Too Long; Didn't Dub: The Viz translation kept his name as "Mumen Rider", even though "License-less Rider" would have been a perfectly acceptable translation. The fact that he's a Kamen Rider reference might have had something to do with it. That and the fact that he has the letter M on his chest.

6. Tanktop Tiger

A C-Class superhero, rank 6, and the younger brother of Tanktop Black Hole.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: He uses a tiger-like fighting style, which is an actual Chinese kenpo. He is confident in his own power and looks down upon superhero newbies, making him quite arrogant and hostile.
  • Driven by Envy: He's a very sore loser who refused to believe Saitama jumped ranks past him after the meteor event.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Prone to receive this a lot though not many pity him.
  • Glory Hound
  • Jerkass: After Saitama destroys the Giant Meteor, he is taking a walk through the damaged Z-City when Tanktop Tiger shows up, accusing Saitama of lying and cheating.

??. All Back-Man

  • Bring My Brown Pants: Happens in a confrontation with the Sea King. Then again, it's hard not to with an enemy like Sea King.
  • Cowardly Lion: He initially fled during the Sea King attack, but when Sea King broke into the shelter, he stood up and fought despite his fear.

    Hero Association 

The organization that oversees and manages the individuals that want to call themselves heroes and serves as the governing body for all heroes. Their headquarters is located in A-city. Founded three years ago and is currently funded by donations from citizens, which they use to pay heroes depending on their rank and performance.

Tropes under the Hero Association.

  • Heroism Won't Pay the Bills: Inverted. They pay the heroes at the end of each month based on their rank, with C-Class heroes receiving the lowest pay. Their ranking is based on points earned for heroic deeds which only the assessment board knows the criteria to. Because the Hero Association is supposed to be a non-profit organization that receives their money through donations and they're supposed to be dedicated to justice and compassion, the heroes cannot complain about their pay as it would make a poor impression on themselves.
  • The Nicknamer: One of their duties is giving "Hero names" to those who have achieved a high-enough rank and/or popularity or simply making a Hero's preferred name official. While they sometimes give pretty cool names (Silverfang, Demon Cyborg, Tornado of Terror), others border on being too simplistic (Metal Bat, Eyelashes, Zombieman) and others are really quite non-flattering (Pig God, Caped Baldy)
  • Super Registration Act: They take in and sponsor superheroes, tests them on their capability as a hero, and assigns them ranks and classes based on their abilities. Unlike most cases, operating as an unregistered hero isn't technically illegal, but it isn't very good for PR (Saitama only signed up because he wasn't getting any recognition for his deeds.)


The Minister Officer of Justice for the Hero Association.
  • Enemy Mine: He proposes one with all the super villains for the upcoming "God Level Class threat prophecy" but is ruined when Garou shows up and beats everyone up.
  • Oh Crap!: Definitely suffered one of these (among other psychological breakdowns at the time) when The Hero Killer first introduced himself, After single handedly slaughtering an army of assembled rogues & felons coupled with three top tier heroes.
  • Only Sane Man: He gets annoyed that the Hero Organization spent two hours debating on what Saitama and Genos's Hero names should be and only spent 15 minutes on the countermeasures on taking down Garou.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: So far one of the only few people in the upper establishment with any real sense be it common or otherwise.


Mccoy is a muscular man with glasses and an eyepatch on his right eye. His hair is combed upwards and he dresses in a formal business suit.
  • Big WHAT: Given when a mysterious cop secretly a disguised Saitama hands the police a win over the heroes on live television.
  • Break the Haughty: He tries to humiliate the Z-City police by getting the news crew to broadcast the heroes defeating the monster but Saitama, dressed as a police officer, already defeated the monster thus making the heroes who came to save them unnecessary.
  • Jerkass: Refused to dispatch heroes to protect the police station during a monster attack until the chief swallowed his pride and begged him.
  • Slime Ball: The way he wants to give The Hero Association and it's glory seeking soldiers unmitigated impunity to act by dragging the pride of the Police' through the mud and then turning it into a publicized media stunt of an over-glorified Newbie Crushing on live television makes him this.


A pudgy, unattractive Corporate officer working for the Association. Loves to boast about how big a deal his is to hot hero loving fans.


House of Evolution

An organization founded by Dr. Genus to pursue the goal of human perfection though artificial evolution. First antagonist fought by Saitama and Genos and easily annihilated by the master and his disciple. After being defeated by Saitama, House of Evolution becomes a takoyaki stand.

Dr. Genus
Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa

  • Break the Haughty: Saitama inadvertently does this by entering his "House of Evolution" and casually destroying Asura Rhino, whom he considers the proof of his belief in artificial evolution.
  • Evil Old Folks: He is over 70 years old, but doesn't looks it thanks to having used a youth serum.
  • Evilutionary Biologist: The entire gimmick of the House of Evolution.
  • Four Eyes, Zero Soul: Glasses? Check. Evil? More or less, though he more doesn't exactly like people.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Sort of. Having been psychologically beaten, he decides he's done with evolution and decides to open a takoyaki stand.
  • Karma Houdini: Despite having unleashed Mosquito Girl (who killed a lot of people), sending his minions to attack Saitama, and creating Asura Rhino (who is implied to have killed plenty of people), he gets off scot-free short of the injuries he sustained at the hands of Asura Rhino. It helps that he decided to put being a supervillain behind him.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: After being defeated, he decides to devote his life to running an otherwise entirely-normal takoyaki stand, using regenerating octopi for meat.
  • Lack of Empathy: He has difficulty empathizing with people, paired with his drive to improve the human form through artificial evolution, he feels that the rest of humanity are practically lowly animals.
  • Mad Scientist: Of course!
  • Meaningful Name: Genus looks like "genius". It is also a biological term, suggesting his mad science specialty.
  • Me's a Crowd: He created countless copies of himself. They are actually his employees and he doesn't seem to care much about them.
  • Mistaken for Gay: A throwaway joke used when Saitama was told that the scientist had "a great interest" in his body... Of course, he is only interested in Saitama's strength.
  • Omnidisciplinary Scientist: His backstory implies that he was an expert in several fields, though genetics became his specialty.
  • Social Darwinist: He believes humanity should use its expertise to accelerate their evolution to become stronger and smarter. When his ideas didn't get support, he resolved to build a utopia shaped by and for himself.
  • Sole Survivor: After Saitama and Genos destroyed the House of Evolution and killed all of the members... Apart from some small fries.
  • They Called Me Mad!: In his youth, he called for humanity to find new ways to evolve. He didn't receive and mainstream support, and decided to go about it by himself.
  • You Are Number 6: While he wears dark clothing, his clones wear white jumpsuits and are differentiated by the number on their jackets.

Mosquito Girl
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro

  • Adaptational Attractiveness: Mosquito Girl in ONE's style is essentially a woman's head and upper chest stuck onto a mosquito body, with her arms and legs being far more shriveled and insectile. Murata designs her more as an attractive woman with mosquito features, with a defined lower body and even hips.
  • Bishonen Line: She looks less insectoid after her transformation. She was still cute before, though.
  • Blood Lust: Well she is a mosquito, kinda a given and it's what powers her up.
  • The Beastmaster: She can control a huge swarm of mosquitoes.
  • Cute Monster Girl: Given her Adaptational Attractiveness thanks to Murata style.
  • Drunk with Power: Somewhat. She seems suave, but after absorbing all that blood she becomes much more unhinged, complete with Slasher Smile and shrunken eyes. Either that or she was always that crazy to begin with and just attempted to hide it.
  • Genius Bonus: Why is the blood sucking Mosquito villain a woman? Because only female mosquitoes drink blood.
  • Glass Cannon: Very, very fast and powerful, shredding Genos easily - but he didn't seem to have much trouble with ripping her lower legs clean off.
  • Karmic Death: Mosquito Girl gets swatted by Saitama, leaving a bloody stain on the wall (although the "death" part is debatable; see A Twinkle in the Sky below).
  • Ms. Fanservice: As stated above, she is an attractive woman with mosquito features in the manga. In the anime she get also various shots of her body and has a sensual voice.
  • One-Winged Angel: After injecting herself with blood, she become much faster and powerful.
  • Paint the Town Red: In the manga, she's just swatted through a building. In the anime, her blood-engorged abdomen messily explodes, leaving a large smear on the side of the building.
  • She's Got Legs: And Genos takes care of them. She gets better, after absorbing blood.
  • Super Prototype: Said to be just a prototype, despite being the second strongest monster of the House of Evolution after the transformation.
  • A Twinkle in the Sky: It's blink-and-you-miss-it, but it can be seen right after Saitama's swat sends her hitting the building. Some fans base themselves on this to argue that she may have survived after all.

Asura Rhino/Carnage Kabuto
Voiced by: Unshou Ishizuka

  • Aura Vision: He is capable of visualizing Saitama's power as an overwhelming aura.
  • Ax-Crazy: Extremely unstable. He is very intelligent, but has an insatiable blood lust and thus had to be locked up because he kept killing anything that got near him.
  • Dub Name Change: The official translation refers to him as Carnage Kabuto, and he enters "Carnage" mode instead of "Asura" mode.
  • Elite Mook: He is an artificial mutant created by Dr. Genus of the House of Evolution and is by far their strongest creation.
  • Freak Out: Has one when he realize Saitama is much, much stronger than he thought, it leads to his using Asura Mode.
  • Genius Bruiser: Despite his arrogance and violent temperament, he's actually very intelligent and observant. He immediately realizes how strong Saitama is when he attempts to attack him.
  • Gone Horribly Right: The pinnacle of the House of Evolution's experiments, but has to be chained in the basement because of his madness.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Enough to beat Genos to a pulp.
  • Nonindicative Name: Aside from the horn, his body doesn't really based on rhinoceros. Rather, it's more like a rhinoceros beetle (''kabutomushi" in Japanese), which is why some translations refer to him as Carnage Kabuto.
  • Overly Long Tongue: In the anime. And he likes to remind the audience of it.
  • Shout-Out: The green Tron Lines that it gains in the anime, along with its horn and purple skin during Asura Mode, make it look like EVA-001.
  • Spider-Sense: He could sense just how dangerous Saitama is.
  • Super Breath: Capable of reflecting Genos' incinerator back at him.
  • Super Mode: Asura Mode. Of course against Saitama it doesn't help much, and he gets killed in one hit.
  • Super Strength: He boasts a great amount of strength seen as how he was able to badly damage Genos with minimal effort.
  • Super Speed: Despite his enormous size he boasts an exceptional amount of speed that he uses to attack his enemies before they can even react.
  • Super Toughness: Completely unfazed from Geno's blasts or punches.
  • Unstoppable Rage: The effect of his Asura Mode, declared to last an entire week. Leads to his undoing in a roundabout fashion.

Beast King

  • Absurdly Sharp Claws: Sharp enough to slice entire buildings to pieces.
  • Bad Boss: Doesn't hesitate to slice weaker allies to pieces if they are in his way.
    "Such is the law of the jungle!"
  • Calling Your Attacks: "LION SLASH!"
  • King of Beasts: A human-lion hybrid, although he is only the second most powerful member of the House of Evolution, not the most powerul.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: What Saitama's Consecutive Normal Punches reduce him to.
  • Smug Super: Somewhat understandably self-confident, due to his high power level.

Armored Gorilla

  • Adaptation Expansion: Is spared by the heroes, but never shows up again in the manga. In the anime, it is revealed he works with Genus in his takoyaki stand.
    • He reappear in the manga also when Zombieman find him and Genus.
  • Cyborg: He's the only combat cyborg in the House of Evolution.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin : Well most monsters in the House of Evolution are like this, but he is well, essentially a gorilla in an armor.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Reappears alongside Genus in episode 11 of the anime, with the two of them cooking takoyaki and watching the events of the Alien Invasion on TV.
  • Robo Speak : He's just faking it because he thinks it sounds cool.
  • Sole Survivor : He's the only monster of the House of Evolution to actually survive, surrendering to Saitama after seeing him hold Beast King's eyeball.
    Armored Gorilla: "Umm...I'm sorry, I'll answer all your questions, so please spare my life."
  • The Worf Effect : Gets quickly beaten by Genos in one of the battles where he doesn't lose a limb.

Paradise Group

A terrorist group led by Hammerhead and consisting of unemployed young men, striving to create a utopia in which work is voluntary, and the unemployed receive full financial support.

  • Bald of Evil: A defining trait of the Group is that every member has a clean shaved head. Saitama wasn't pleased when he heard about it.
  • Curbstomp Battle: The whole Group was effortlessly slaughtered by Sonic and, while Hammerhead himself survived and even managed to put up a decent fight, he was still easily defeated.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: They have no powers or abilities beyond that of a normal human, it all comes from their combat suits.
  • Helmets Are Hardly Heroic: Admittedly, neither are they, but wearing helmets might have lead to less of them being decapitated by Sonic.
  • Off With their heads All of Hammerhead's henchmen by Sonic
  • Powered Armor: They use advanced combat suits to make up for their lack of powers.

Voiced by: Wataru Takagi

  • Badass Normal: While he is taller and far stronger than most humans (he is said to have sent 20 people to the hospital in a street brawl), he has no powers whatsoever and his superhuman abilities all come from his battle suit. The only thing that stands out about him is his very, very thick skull, which saved his life when Sonic threw a kunai to the back of his head, and later when two agents of the Organization tried to kill him for stealing the battle suits in the first place.
  • Bald of Evil: He's not the nicest fellow around, and there's not a single hair on his head (nor on his whole body, as seen when Saitama destroys his armor, leaving him butt-naked).
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: He managed to create a whole gang of devoted followers and outfit them with combat suits stolen from The Organization. His motivation for doing it ? He just wants to remain unemployed and get paid for slacking off.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: He thanks his mother for the thick skull he has after said thickness saved his life twice. He also started looking for a job out of a desire to make his mother proud.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: He has a large, horizontal scar across his nose.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After the events of Chapter 12/Episode 4, he gave up on terrorism and is actively looking for an honest job. Also, in Episode 11 is seen watching the events of the alien invasion on TV with his family, while filling in a job application.
  • His Name Really is "Barkeep": Hammerhead is indeed his actual name as it's what he uses to sign legal documents.
  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: Even Saitama seems to have a soft spot for him, and simply destroyed his armor and told him to run instead of gibbing him like most of the villains he usually deals with.
  • In the Style of...: He looks like an Akira Toriyama character.
  • Large and in Charge: He's over 7 feet tall, clearly towering over the rest of his henchmen.
  • Large Ham: He's better at talking the talk than he is at walking the walk, that's for sure. It doesn't make him less of a threat, though.
  • Not So Different: Saitama notes that like him, Hammerhead is a slacker by nature and wonders if he would have gone down a similar route.
  • Powered Armor: Just like the rest of his Group, he wears an advanced battle suit to boost his physical strength to superhuman levels. The specific one he's wearing is an even more powerful variant, distinguished by unique flame decals emblazoned across its torso and thighs.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: He really wasn't kidding when he thanked his mother for his hard head: both his mother and grandmother share his unique skull-shape.
  • The Big Guy: See Large and in Charge above.
  • Unwitting Pawn: To the Organization, which let him steal their battle suits so he could test them in the field.
  • Utopia Justifies the Means: Even if his "utopia" is just an excuse for lazy people like him to keep slacking off all day and still get paid for it.

The Organization

A mysterious technological faction seemingly made up of robots. Their only known members are two unnamed robots who attempted to kill Hammerhead for stealing battle suits from them, and Machine God G4, which was sent to fight King.

Dark Matter Thieves

A group of intergalactic invaders filled with some of the strongest species in the Universe, led by an alien called Boros. Having already conquered several worlds in the universe, Earth is their most recent planet to plunder.


  • Battle Aura: Have you guessed he's the DBZ parody yet? It's so powerful that it destroys the area around him whenever he moves.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: He really wanted a exhilaratingly powerful opponent to fight, and he got one.
  • Blood Knight: He really, really wants a good fight.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: His entrance into the story shifts the light-hearted nature of the manga a little. Just a little, though. Oh, and he's the first villain to survive a normal punch from Saitama. Subverted when, as he lays dying, he accuses Saitama of not fighting seriously the whole time, although his arc still changes the mood of the story for the darker due to the sheer devastation it causes.
  • Composite Character: He's a mish-mash of various Dragon Ball characters. Mainly, he's got bits of Frieza (Evil Overlord, big battleship, Quirky Mini Boss Squad, restrictive forms, The Prophecy) combined with bits of Goku (Anime Hair, questing for a stronger opponent, a glowy Super Mode that makes his hair grow bigger and gets compared to anaerobic exercise) and Piccolo (big pointy ears and regenerating limbs). In the anime version his cape and baggy pants are also reminiscent of Majin Buu's.
  • Curbstomp Battle: Clearly capable of delivering these, as his character somewhat mimics a darker version of Saitama. Lampshaded by Boros himself in a melancholy sort of way while dying after a vicious one-sided battle against Saitama.
  • Cyclops: Only has one eye - on his face at least, see Eyes Do Not Belong There below.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: Meteoric Burst, a Super Mode that amps ups his already impressive strength and speed but at the cost of putting tremendous stress on his body similar to anaerobic exercise. He usually only uses it to finish fights quickly.
  • Disc One Final Boss: He's the last major enemy faced in the first season of the anime. And after his death in the manga and webcomic, more enemies start showing up that can survive Saitama's normal punches.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Saitama. Both of them are incredibly overpowered to the point where they lose interest in their later battles, and search for a Worthy Opponent. Saitama does that by being a hero for hobby. As for Boros, Saitama put it best upon hearing his reason for attacking Earth...and punching him for it.
    Saitama: Are you stupid? You can't just go attacking other planets just to liven up your boring life. Even telemarketers wouldn't think of that.
  • Explaining Your Power to the Enemy: Boros does this in a short break between his fight with Saitama, namely how he has the best Healing Factor out of all the species in his planet. He demonstrates this by regrowing the arm that Saitama managed to tear off.
  • Eye Beams: Shoots his energy blasts out of the eye on his chest.
  • Eyes Do Not Belong There: A big eye on his chest.
  • Face Death with Dignity: Accepts his loss against Saitama with dignity, having a civilized talk with the man about everything before dying, and acknowledging he never really had a chance against Saitama.
  • Galactic Conqueror
  • Good Thing You Can Heal
  • Humanoid Abomination
  • Healing Factor: Apparently has the best of his entire species. Because of it, he's the first villain to take multiple punches to kill, capped off with a Serious Series punch, and even then he lingers long enough to deliver a final speech before kicking it.
  • Invincible Villain: Not so much in the series itself, but he was alluded to being the final boss of ONE's earlier work "Sun Man" where he was far too powerful for the hero to defeat. Also deconstructed, as a lifetime of easy victories prior to meeting Saitama made him numb to any sense of accomplishment.
  • Kamehame Hadoken: His Planet Buster Roar Cannon, which fits in his being an Expy of Dragon Ball characters.
  • Lightning Bruiser: The strongest opponent Saitama had faced at that point, strong enough to kick Saitama to the Moon and fast enough that the shockwaves from moving around were wrecking his ship.
  • Not So Different: He's a powerful being who, after becoming the strongest being in his home planet, fell into a depression because there was no one left worth fighting.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: He does more unintentional damage to his own city-sized spaceship while fighting Saitama than everything the S-Class heroes hurl at it deliberately. He also claims his ultimate attack could wipe out all life on the Earth's surface.
  • Power Makes Your Hair Grow: In Meteoric Burst, making him look like a Super Saiyan 3.
  • Powered Armor: His armor channels the powers he was born with, and also acts as a Power Limiter. Destroying it—which Saitama does with his first blow—just makes his power go out of control, energy wise.
  • The Prophecy: The entire reason he came to Earth? Some alien prophet predicted there'd be a worthy equal to be his opponent for him there. He finds his opponent alright, but Saitama is in his own league. But Boros doesn't mind, because he got the duel he dreamed of.
  • Pulling Themselves Together: He gets punched into an eye and a smear of blood, thanks to Saitama's Consecutive Punch Combo, and manages to pull off this trope by sheer strength of will.
  • Rubber-Forehead Aliens: Ironically the only non-human things about his looks are his blue skin, pointy ears, and single cyclops-like eye.
  • Too Powerful to Live: His final epithet to Saitama.
  • Tron Lines: Appears on him when he uses Meteoric Burst, along with a Power Up Full Color Change.
  • Victory Is Boring: The entire reason he became a galactic conqueror was in the hopes that one day, he'd find a enemy worth fighting.
  • Villainous Valor: During the later part of his fight against Saitama even when it becomes clear that all of his attacks up until this point have pretty much done no damage, he continues to use Meteoric Burst despite the massive strain it puts on his body, and even after he gets pulverized completely he pulls himself back together with visible effort and defiantly declares that he will defeat Saitama while preparing his ultimate attack for one last stand despite all the damage he's taken so far.
  • Wave Motion Gun: His Planet Buster Roar Cannon, which channels all his energy into a planet-killing beam.
  • The Worf Barrage: He immediately proves how he's on a completely different level compared to the previous antagonists in the series when he gets back up after getting punched by Saitama. It's a downplayed example though since he still took quite a bit of damage from it.
    • He's later on the giving end of a Worf Barrage when his ultimate attack, Planet Buster Roar Cannon, is blown away by Saitama's Serious Series: Serious Strike.
  • Worthy Opponent: To Saitama, for being the only person to ever last long enough to legitimately exchange blows with above his bare minimum strength with the exception of Garou and Tatsumaki, both of whom are humans that he went to great lengths to fight with non-lethal force and attempt to talk down from continued combat. He is the first opponent to survive a single punch of Saitama and leaves such a strong impression that Saitama tries to comfort him as he dies, mourns over his last breath, and in the anime expresses disgust when he fights a Dragon level threat the next day that can't also No Sell his typical One-Hit Kill.


Voiced by: Kouki Uchiyama

  • Achilles' Heel: Each head has a small marble-like brain which allows them to regenerate endlessly. If a marble is destroyed, the associated head melts instantly, and Melzalgald dies once they're all destroyed. This is mitigated somewhat by the fact that he has multiple heads and can freely move his brains within his body. However, his regeneration always begins with his heads, meaning that the brain can be easily found if his body is completely destroyed and forced to regenerate from scratch.
  • From a Single Cell: He can be reduced to a pile of chunks, but as long as his brains survive he can rebuild himself in seconds.
  • Lovecraftian Superpower: He can freely control the shape of his body, from separating into one body for each head, merging all of his heads and bodies into a single form, and shapeshifting his limbs into any weapon he needs.
  • Multiple Head Case: Each head possesses a different personality and speech pattern. One speaks in broken, simplistic language; another is analytic of things happening around Melzalgald; another one is violent and suggests killing everything; one only praises the other heads by saying their ideas are good; and the final one seems to be in charge, taking action based on what the others say. It should be noted that the fewer heads Melzalgald has, the more developed its speech patterns are.
  • Nightmare Face: With all five heads combined, it has stacked pairs of eyes and multiple layers of teeth.
  • Oh Crap!: Gets an amazing one when Metal Bat grabs one of his brains.
  • Smug Snake: Repeatedly taunts the S-Class heroes on how their attacks are useless due to his regeneration, only to slowly lose control of the fight once they figure out his weakness. He later claims that the S-Class heroes would die instantly if he focused solely on attacking them, only to be shocked to find that Bang wasn't hurt from his attack. It's also noticeable that he only lands two hits on his whole fight (one on Ia-Ian and one on Silver Fang), and the latter doesn't even do any actual damage: despite his claims about his strength, he's only able to get beaten over and over again by the heroes until they find a way to kill him.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: What's mainly dangerous about him is his incredible attack power and how his regeneration allows him to shrug off most attacks.
  • Villainous Breakdown: With each head he lost, he lost his head some more, going from a Creepy Monotone to a rambling and cackling lunatic.



  • Boom, Headshot: How he dies. Saitama flicks a rock through his head.
  • Death by Irony: He attacks Saitama by telekinetically hurling lots and lots of rocks at him, to no effect. Saitama kills him by tossing just one rock at him.
  • Everything's Squishier with Cephalopods: Just a head with a bunch of tentacles.
  • Gravity Master: Using his telekinesis, he can increase the force of gravity. This would have been impressive if his opponent were anyone but Saitama, who isn't even affected by it.
  • Mission Control: Seems to be his role on the alien ship.
  • Mind over Matter: Claims to be the most powerful telekinetic in the universe.
  • Oh Crap!: Continually as every attempt to stop Saitama fails. Has a more comical one when Saitama trolls him by saying he's lost and then going in the opposite directions Geluganshp gives him.
  • Smug Snake: Calls himself the greatest telekinetic in the universe. Saitama is unimpressed, though, and his shown feats are not even on level with those displayed by Tornado of Terror.

"Hero killer" Garō

  • Anti-Hero: Fits this trope and Anti-Villain (marking him the second person after Sonic). As it turns out he never really killed any heroes and doesn't even target civilians. Hell, he actually killed quite a few members of the Monster Association.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: Used to be Bang's top student, before Bang found out Garō wanted to be a Monster. Garō is still quite confident of his skills, and pushes his limits daily. This backfires because Bang gets worried Garō might become an unstoppable monster, so he calls his brother, Bomb, for backup and they kick Garō's ass straight to the monster hospital. Yes, the monsters have a infirmary for monsters that get beat up by heroes and survive.
  • As Long as There Is Evil:Played with - Ultimately, Garō wants to be the "world destroying evil" simply because at least against him humanity would stand a chance, because they could stand up against him as many times as it took to beat him. And by focusing on him, humanity would never have to worry about its greatest enemy: Itself.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: Garou is not only very skilled at fighting, he's also able to figure out the weaknesses of his opponent's fighting style through simple observation alone. Opponents may get some hits in at first, but once Garou figures out the technique, he will be able to counter anything that the opponent uses. He also does research on his targets to be able to better prepare himself for their inevitable meeting.
  • Berserk Button: Absolutely DO NOT be a condescending jerk about Justice and Heroism in Garō's presence unless you want the most humiliating beatdown of your life, which Sweet Mask learned the hard way when he tried to give a lecture on how pathetic the S-Ranks were being mid-battle. Garō responds by literally punching his face in, mid-rant.
  • Big Bad: The first true over-arcing villain the series has ever had, and genuinely retained this for a time.
    • Big Bad Wannabe: His motive is essentially to become the ultimate villain so humanity will unite with the common goal of defeating him.
  • Big Red Devil: His unusual being appearance plays with it. His horns used to be his hair before he gained the desire to become a real monster for heroes to fight. This does two things: it changed his physical appearance to that similar to demon, and all his hair turns into his two "horns", leaving him bald.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: He has "Hero Killer" as a title. He introduces himself by walking into a meeting at the Hero Association, which is full of various rogues and evil doers. (in-context: The association was putting the word out about the world-ending prediction, hoping the Underworld might decide the world ending is against their own self-interests), and loudly proclaiming they are all weaklings and that he, the Human Monster, could defeat all of them right here to prove it... and then he actually does it. He then goes for a casual stroll while making a threat to the Hero Association head. He also doesn't pay for his meals.
    • Ultimately, however, it's Deconstructed. Saitama realizes that despite his power and title, Gar&#333 didn't actually kill any heroes, and from there he realizes Gar&#333 is a Well-Intentioned Extremist and Noble Demon with no small degree of self-loathing.
  • Came Back Strong: One of his abilities seems to imply "What doesn't kill me, only makes me stronger". And he's become very, very strong indeed.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: He is mentioned in passing as the student who Bang beat up and expelled due to going wild and beating up all of the other students in Bang's dojo. He shows up several chapters later as a villain.
  • Clipped Wing Angel: When all of his areas of expertise are trumped by just how horribly unfair Saitama's strength is, Garō gradually becomes more and more of a literal monster. However, all this does is make him bulkier and easier to hit. Saitama even points out that he's weaker than he started off.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Both played seriously and played for laughs - played seriously in that Garou is really brutal in beating up heroes, then played for laughs when Saitama lightly "tap" punches him for Dine-and-Dashing, which results in a OHKO. Ditto when Saitama mistakes him for a mugger while he's out wig shopping.
    • His ultimate fight with Saitama is inevitably this. Even after evolving over 4 times into his "unfair evil" ultimate mode, he's unable to hurt Saitama. Despite this, it is one of the few fights that subverts the titular One-Hit KO rule, even getting Saitama to pull out his "Serious Series" moves to incapacitate him.
  • Deconstruction: Of As Long as There Is Evil. Garō represents that idea that as long as good and evil both exist in the world, there needs to be a "balance" between them. As long as evil exists in the world, there needs to be good as well, and the only way that an absolute good can exist is for an absolute evil to simultaneously exist. Garou (and most people) assume this means that the "good" have to be good, kind people and that the "evil" have to be evil, despicable people. The deconstruction comes into play when it's revealed that Garō isn't really evil. He has a body count of zero, causes no fatalities and actively avoids harming others. Garō doesn't even want to be evil, but he feels he has to in order to create an absolute good to beat him and protect the world. Saitama slowly challenges his worldview by bringing up the fact that he's a good person, and in the end defeats him by asking him if he's okay with being a villain- Garō's facial expression very clearly says he isn't.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • Isn't interested in killing civilians like "some sort of crazed mass murderer" - He's only a Monster to fight Heroes - and still takes time to help some fat kid with his bully problems who is later kidnapped to lure out said Heroes by the monsters, repeatedly, but the latter times were mostly to save the kid's life from Garō's monster allies who would have killed the child. Then Garō kidnaps the child back from the other monsters, just so a hero is guaranteed to come after him.
    • He seems to subvert this when, after beating every S-Class hero who came to stop him, he threatened to kill the child, but this turned out to be a bluff, as Saitama pointed out he was walking away from him.
  • Expy: Give him a few guns and make him wear football gear, he'll look like Yoichi Hiruma from Murata's previous work Eyeshield21.
  • Foil: To Saitama; their backstories are extremely similar, save that Garou wanted to be a villain rather than a hero.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Began as a somewhat eccentric kid who thought Evil Is Cool. Became one the strongest villains in the world, and proud of it.
  • Flash Step: Most notably when giving his "Reason You Suck" Speech to the contingent of S-Class heroes, he frequently starts a sentence in front of one hero, and finishes it in front of another, with the heroes still looking at his old location, the implication being that he flash-stepped so fast that nobody could follow him. He also manages to close the distance between himself and many of the heroes, hit them, and then move back fast enough that it appears that the hero was hit by thin air. Happens to Sweet Mask, Child Emperor and Zombieman. He also flash-steps multiple times during his other fights.
  • Good All Along: Saitama certainly thinks so. Judging by Garō's expression when Saitama explains it, he's right. He (and the other Monsters) also note that Garō went out of his way to avoid actually killing any humans during his so-called Hero Hunt. He also reveals that Garō's threat to kill the child he spent his entire story arc protecting was a bluff by pointing that Garō was walking in the wrong direction. Saitama quickly grows bored of their fight for this very reason: Saitama became a Hero because he wanted to fight villains. Garō isn't a true villain — he's just a guy making a ruckus in Saitama's neighborhood.
  • Good Thing You Can Heal: Another of his abilities: the ability to adapt his body and slowly heal himself. His body is physically battered by the end of his arc, but the man has sustained such a massive beating that it's a wonder hes even standing.
    • After a few more evolutions later on, he could even regrow limbs in seconds.
  • Healing Factor: Gets his ribcage broken in his fight with Super Alloy Darkshine. It heals in minutes.
  • Hero Killer: Oh come on, it's in his villain nickname. Near the end of his arc, he beats nearly every single hero that was S class, including a partially weakened Tornado, and even the A class number 1 without any effort. Though Saitama notes that Garō didn't actually kill any of them.
  • Horned Hairdo: His hair is styled in Mishima-style horns.
  • The Faceless: As Demi Garō - although you see a few features, eventually he gets so strong due to Saitama getting serious on him, almost everything about him is blacked out and featureless - you can't even tell WHAT he looks like anymore. And then Saitama literally punches his face and scalp off revealing his human eyes.
  • Knight of Cerebus: Ultimately, this is the sort of Monster Garō wants to become - the type of monster that, once it appears, changes the atmosphere of a battle completely. He becomes capable of defeating almost all the S-Rank heroes and he actually makes Saitama fight seriously-ish, but in the end he never manages to get Saitama to consider him a monster.
  • Large Ham: He's loud and bombastic, like the cartoonishly hammy supervillains he worships.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Second only to Saitama in terms of strength, speed and durability. Word of God implies he's approximately as powerful as Boros.
  • Mook Horror Show: Probably the best example, since he managed to last an entire fight against Saitama. Not only he is a category above the entire S-class heroes, but his abilities went to the point that he could block literal light-speed punches, and cuts that could split atoms, by evolving god-like abilities in martial arts. Then Saitama, an amateur with "normal punches", crushed him over and over again, to the point that he crossed all the possible ways to defeat him. Due to this, Garō labels him the representation of the unfairness of justice. Even becoming the unfairness of evil left him only as a punching bag for a couple of minutes.
  • Meaningless Villain Victory: played with, In the case of the Hero Association officer Muffintop, Garou likened the sense of clobbering him to stepping in crap knowing full well said pencil pushing reprobate was lying douche bag looking to cop a feel off of those girls.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Ever since he was a kid, he would always play the role of the monster that the heroes fight. Always. Of course he respected the monsters due to their more often than not superior effort. Unfortunately, certain kids took advantage of this to have an excuse to beat him up. This just made him more determined to become the sort of monster that can beat self-centered, self proclaimed "heroes" like them. Ironically, if it was the other way around, he would've been a lot like Genos. And it later turns out he never really went evil, either.
  • Noble Demon: He definitely shows a degree of martial honor and is upset by crueler tactics or sleazy individuals, though he claims otherwise. Saitama realizes, if anything, the Demon part is the one that's suspect. A certain manipulative Skirt Chasing HA administrator who milks the company budget to pick up chicks found this out the hard way.
  • Oh Crap!: Breaks instantly out in cold sweat in the manga when he first meets Saitama who no sells Garou's sneak attack with the highly sophisticated method of not reacting to it at all. Garou forgot about this encounter afterwards.
  • One-Winged Angel: Played straight when he becomes a bald, horned figure to mirror Saitama's own generally basic appearance. Then inverted when he starts trying to milk it further.
  • Pet the Dog: When Metal Bat's little sister throws herself in between the two of them, Garou actually follows her request to stand down, claiming he's too busy to keep wasting time on Metal Bat. And when a Monster Association goon considers grabbing Zenko as a hostage, Garou kills him, supposedly because he didn't like being watched.
  • Poke the Poodle: He doesn't pay for his meals. And ultimately, his entire "villainous" career-compared to monsters in general, the property damage he does (accidentally) and repeated nonlethal humiliation of heroes is barely worth mentioning.
  • Power Makes Your Hair Grow: His hair grows outwards wildly, and becomes more horn-ish as he fights and becomes stronger until he transforms into a mysterious being and his hair becomes real horns. He goes bald in exchange, though.
  • Pummel Duel: Manages to counter Saitama's two-handed Consecutive Punch Combo for awhile. The is quite an achievement, considering what normally happens when Saitama uses the one-handed version.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs
  • Scarf of Asskicking: As he progressively gets stronger, he eventually gets an ominous scarf.
  • Super Speed: Fast enough to outspeed Lightspeed Flash.
  • Super Toughness: Durable enough to survive several punches coming from Saitama and able to walk away from it relatively unharmed.
  • Talking the Monster to Death: It's very gradual, but Garō's worldview is very slowly deconstructed. Saitama breaks it by asking simple questions during the fight ( it didn't hurt that Garō's previous responses stopped working), and even after he's beaten ("Are you Okay with that?") Garou seemingly decides to stop being a villain after seeing the kid that constantly got kidnapped throughout the arc stick up for him, simply because Garou saved his life every time, and retreats.
  • A Twinkle in the Sky: Eventually Saitama uppercuts him so hard he flies into orbit... AND THAT STILL DOESN'T KILL HIM. This just makes him disappointed that Saitama's strength is unfair, so he just resolves to become a "unfair Evil" in order to stand against him and he returns in a bigger form.
  • Walking Spoiler: You seeing all this white?
  • Weak, but Skilled: For extremely relative values of "weak", but Garou is noted as posing a particular threat because, while previous monsters relied on brute strength to overwhelm heroes, Garou fights with actual martial arts and specializes in redirecting his opponents' attacks instead of just countering them. Basically, his fighting style is geared specifically towards defeating heroes.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: For all of his posturing, this is what he really is-by forcing the world to unite against his "evil", he's unifying it. That, and he really isn't a cruel person at all.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: Played with - Garō has a interesting mindset on what a monster should and shouldn't do, and other monsters question if he's either too human or an outright scary, wild force of nature.
  • Wild Card: Garō doesn't have any qualms about massacring weak "villains" or monsters that disappoint him. He also has a weird habit of letting the Heroes he savagely beats up live, simply so they can get stronger for the eventual rematch.
  • The Worf Barrage: In the end, his self-evolution-adaptability powers. Each hit of Saitama literally made him stronger and stronger until he became a demonic god-like being... and then it simply couldn't go higher, and ended up regressing him with each subsequent punch ultimately reverting him to his human form. Saitama literally killed his ultimate villain concept of Came Back Strong, one attack at the time .
  • Would Hurt a Child: Garō has no hang-ups about punching Child Emperor hard enough to send him flying through the air. He also taunts the defeated S-class heroes by threatening to kill the boy who has been used as a hostage throughout the story arc. Saitama calls his bluff, pointing out that Garō was walking away from the boy instead of towards him (Saitama was the only person whose night vision was good enough to see this).
  • You Are What You Hate: After finishing his desperate Motive Rant, he becomes outraged that Saitama isn't acting as a proper hero... which means that for all his hatred of heroes, he did have a concept of an ideal hero after all, and his actions, at their core, were born from a desire to make the world a better place, as described below.
  • Zero-Approval Gambit: Revealed to be his true modus operandi: he believes that only a grand, unifying evil can force heroes to truly act like ideal heroes, and force everyone else to set aside their own differences.

    Monsters/Mysterious Beings 
The One Punch Man setting has a lot of monsters and mysterious beings, mostly due to a currently unknown factor (although some beings have an explained background). Normally these monsters would be quite dangerous, but in One Punch Man these creatures usually exist simply to be reduced to a fine red mist in a single panel the moment Our hero, Saitama, shows up. There are some subversions to this, like monsters that are fought by other heroes being shown to be quite strong, and the monsters are slowly getting tougher. It is later revealed that they even have their own secret society, so expect longer articles the further into the series we go.


A giant monster crab man, and the first monster that Saitama ever defeated.

  • Attack Its Weak Point: The carapace may be tough, but those eyes on stalks are convenient weak spots...
  • Disproportionate Retribution: The big-chinned child drew nipples on his shell with a magic marker. His reaction is trying to hunt down and kill the kid. The same thing happens to anyone who even off-handedly comments on his appearance.
  • Evil Is Petty: Primarily attacks people who make fun of his appearance or otherwise inconvenience him, no matter how slightly.
  • Eye Scream: Saitama tears off his eyestalk... and the entirety of his insides with it.
  • Giant Enemy Crab: But of course.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: After Saitama tears off his eye, all the crab meat inside starts rocketing out like a firehose, covering the area.
  • Signature Laugh: "Buuu-ku-ku-ku-ku!"
  • Starter Villain: The very first monster Saitama fights, in-universe, before his training - and the one who causes him to start training in the first place.
  • Stock Underwear: Sports a pair of tighty-whiteys on his human lower half, making him look quite silly.
  • Super Hero Origin: Parodied, Crablante turned into what he is simply by eating too much crab food.
  • Super Strength: He is powerful enough to shatter the earth with his claws.


Voiced by: Ryusei Nakao

Oldface & Beefcake
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Beefcake gains a truly terrifying size. Skyscrapers only go up to his ankle.
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy: Averted. Saitama demands Beefcake put on some pants, though nothing is shown to the audience thanks to literal clouds being used as Censor Steam.
  • Big Guy, Little Guy: Before and especially after Beefcake's transformation
  • Brains and Brawn: Literally the name of their team
  • Dumb Muscle: Beefcake accidentally kills his own brother just because he tried to smash Saitama... who was on another shoulder.
  • Exact Words: Oldface, while on Beefcake's right shoulder, commands Beefcake to kill Saitama who is on his left shoulder. However Oldface ordered him to "kill the man on your shoulder!" So Beefcake kills him by accident by slapping the wrong shoulder.
  • Mad Scientist: Oldface.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: Beefcake. He can sweep multiple city blocks clean with a literal wave of his hand.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Beefcake goes on one after accidentally killing Oldface and blaming it on Saitama.
  • Sibling Team
  • Super Serum: Oldface makes one that turns Beefcake into an immensely giant man.

Kombu Infinity
Voiced by: Ariumi Naito

Sea King
Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama

The first regular monster to have his own arc. His impressive abilities matches even Class S heroes.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: He's the leader of the Sea Folk, and is by far the strongest member.
  • Battle in the Rain: For once, it serves a purpose other than just being dramatic: the rain actually increases the Sea King's power significantly.
  • Cool Crown: Goes with being King.
  • Healing Factor: Is able to do this when it rains.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: After curb-stomping Pri-Pri Prisoner in a fight, he reveals that he had been fighting in a weakened dehydrated form the entire time.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Strong enough to curb-stomp Puri-Puri-Prisoner and fast enough to keep with Sonic's speed.
  • One-Winged Angel: His more humanoid form is the result of him spending an extended period of time out of the water and dehydrating. The rain (and the water in general) allows him to return to his much stronger original form.
  • Overly Long Tongue: ...with mouth.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs
  • Requisite Royal Regalia: Wears a regal crown and an ermine cape, but strangely very little else.
  • Slasher Smile: Not helped by his very sharp teeth.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: While he's not a small name and is actually quite powerful, he thinks that he's the World's Strongest Man by virtue of being the king of the seas since all life originated from the sea. Saitama quickly proves him wrong.
  • Super Spit: It's acidic as well.
  • Super Strength: Comparable to an S-Class hero from the get-go... and it increases even further while in contact with water.
  • This Cannot Be!: After getting a hole punched through him by Saitama, his final expression screams this before he keels over.
  • To Serve Man: He wants to turn humanity into food supplies for the Sea Folk.
  • Underwear of Power: His attire oddly consists of only a crown, a cape, and underwear.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: In the anime, he's the first villain to last more than one episode. He also defeats several other heroes including two S-class ones, albeit the lowest-ranked ones.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Oh yes he would.

    Monsters Association 

Lord Psykos

Black Sperm

  • The Assimilator: Golden Sperm, a permanent fusion of 10 trillion cells with one consciousness, demanded the remaining 100 Black Sperm cells be absorbed as well since they no longer had a reason to exist with him around.
  • Berserk Button: He seems to really hate being underestimated.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: He looks like a guy wearing a latex suit with an antenna, yet he is a legitimate threat.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: He was a threat to the other S-class Heroes with the exception of Tatsumaki. The esper was easily beating him up until he created Golden Sperm.
  • Black Eyes of Crazy
  • Catch Phrase: "Are you looking down on me?"
  • Clipped Wing Angel: Multi-Cell Sperm. He can't stand up to Tornado at all despite being comprised of over one trillion cells, and his death reveals a crucial shortcoming in the cells' Fusion Dance: that they lose their ability to split apart.
  • The Dragon: Apparently.
  • Flash Step
  • Fusion Dance: Apparently comes in two varieties. One is for multiple cells to merely form the same body while retaining their individuality and the other is for the cells to merge permanently, forcing all but one to basically disappear into nothingness.
  • Golden Super Mode
  • Lightning Bruiser
  • Me's a Crowd
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: He might look like a rejected teletubby, but he is one of the Association's strongest members.
  • One-Winged Angel: The Golden Sperm mode. He becomes powerful enough to no-sell Tatsumaki's attack and trashes her with no effort.
  • Power at a Price: Merged cells like Muti-Cell Sperm and Golden Sperm are a lot more powerful but they lose their ability to split, meaning that unlike the regular cluster cells they can be killed by being torn apart.
  • Sleep-Mode Size - After his Golden Sperm mode and the fusion of one hundred cells was defeated by the awakened Garou, he was left with what seems to be just one copy of himself remaining and is as large as rover, to the point where he can be mistaken for an animal.
  • Smug Snake
  • Smug Super
  • The Worf Effect: His One-Winged Angel form was completely trashed by Garou.

Homeless Emperor

Evil Natural Water

Fuhrer Ugly


Overgrown Rover

  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever
  • Breath Weapon
  • Brought Down to Normal: after the collapse of the Monsters Association with the underground base literally falling atop of him. Rover has shrunk down considerably to a more manageable size.
  • Fluffy the Terrible: After shrinking down, he looks almost adorable enough to eat. One would never suspect him of being a titanic super beast capable of leveling city blocks Saitama even considers keeping him as a pet at his new pad in Hero HQ.
  • Made of Iron: And how! Was able to withstand a blow from an unawakend Garou with ease till he got serious and knocked him down a couple of levels in the building. He even resisted Saitama's legendary Death Blow and remained strong enough to take on three individuals equal to S-Class in Strength with ease.
  • Sleep-Mode Size: After taking much damage he was shrunk down to a normal, albeit still monstrous looking, size.
  • Team Pet
  • Worf Barrage: Capable of tanking several high end attacks from two high profile heroes, one lower tier hero and an associate with upper tier hero strength with ease, but is still prone to getting owned by the likes of Garou and Saitama; quite easily in the latter's case.

Hotrod Brothers, Gale and Hellfire

Phoenix Man

Goddess Glasses

  • Love Potion: In beam form.
  • Mugging the Monster: Tried to make Amai Mask her slave. Unfortunately for her, he wasnt affected by her beam and was killed by him.

Vampire (Pureblood)

The Great Food Tub

Royal Ripper

Bug God

Devil Long Hair

    Other Characters 

"Speed-O'-Sound" Sonic
Voiced by: Yuuki Kaji

A ninja with super speed who hires himself as a freelance assassin. After a humiliating defeat by Saitama, Sonic declares himself his unofficial nemesis and hounds him for the opportunity to avenge his defeat.
  • A Day in the Limelight: The third OVA is centered around his training after Saitama defeats him for the first time.
  • Amusing Injuries: The first time he fights Saitama, he's defeated via a Groin Attack. In their second fight Saitama smashes his face into the ground so hard that in the extra page it's shown that it left an imprint in the concrete. In a special chapter later on, Saitama defeats him with another Groin Attack, this time accidentally elbowing him in the groin.
  • Anti-Villain: Primarily an antagonist but he's just as likely to fight a human villain or a mysterious being if it serves his best interests. More so in the third OVA where he's portrayed sympathetically and aptly described as "complicated".
  • Assassin Outclassin': He's a Professional Killer, and his primary target is Saitama. While he was never actually hired to kill Saitama, in their first encounter Sonic mistook him for a Paradiser, who he was tasked with disposing of.
  • Axe Crazy: At times.
  • Bishōnen
  • Blood Knight: He's positively thrilled when he comes across an opponent who can actually be a challenge; he immediately realizes that Saitama isn't his target, but doesn't care as long as he gets to fight someone that powerful.
  • Butt Monkey: Has his moments.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Declares himself as one during his second encounter with Saitama in order to goad the latter into fighting him. This works much better than expected, as Saitama was in the middle of searching for a villain to defeat in order to prevent him from losing his hero status due to inactivity.
  • Close-Call Haircut: During his fight with Genos, Sonic's hair was cut short by the former. It also counts as a Traumatic Haircut, as said haircut pissed him off.
  • Clothing Damage: Gets his clothes torn in almost every fight he's in.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: No points for guessing who wins in his fights against Saitama.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: His name. Lampshaded by Genos.
  • Determinator: The man simply will not give up on his quest to defeat Saitama. He knows when to quit and come back later, but that's about it.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: It was a hot topic for a while before it was revealed for sure that he was a guy.
  • Flash Step: He can do this thanks to his super speed.
  • Full-Frontal Assault: Being forced to take off his clothes to escape a monster doesn't seem to faze him. Genos thinks he's weird.
  • Giving Them the Strip: When the Sea King tries to crush him in his fist, he abandons all of his clothes in a last ditch effort to escape.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: In the third OVA, he helps a baby boar by killing a giant snake that tries to eat it and befriends an old man named Frank. He even goes and names the baby boar "Ino", spends the rest of the episode with it in his training, and gives some advice to Frank to help the old man defeat his arch-enemy.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Sonic speed means there's a lot of momentum behind his attacks, even without factoring in his various weapons.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Until his hair was cut short, but remains a bishie.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Murata puts a lot of effort into showing just how tight his suit is.
  • Mythology Gag: As a side note, this character also appears in one of ONE's other series, Makai No Ossan (Old Man Of The Underworld), as a flasher who startles people at random in school. This joke is referenced during Genos' first encounter with Sonic during the Sea King story arc.
  • Ninja: Of course! He was raised as one.
    • Highly Visible Ninja: While he is capable of stealth, he always announces his presence to his opponents, particularly to Saitama.
  • Off with His Head!: How he deals with anyone he attacks.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: The series makes it clear that, despite his obsession with the nigh-unbeatable Saitama, Sonic is possibly one of the most dangerous human characters in the series. He just picked the exact wrong person to see as a rival.
  • Scarf Of Ass Kicking: Until his fight with Genos.
  • Slasher Smile: He's a master of this!
  • Smug Super: He will always boast about how untouchable he is because of his Super Speed to his opponents.
  • Stalker Without A Crush: Becomes obsessed with defeating Saitama after being curbstomped by him twice. In his own words, he can't overcome the feeling of being a loser unless he beats Saitama. Unfortunately for him...
  • Super Speed: Hint: his name.
  • Time to Unlock More True Potential: You've got to hand it to him, he trains really hard to try and give Saitama a challenge. Not that it helps, mind, but still he goes off to train and get more abilities after almost every defeat.
  • Unknown Rival: Although he declares himself to be Saitama's rival, the difference in strength is obvious and Saitama even has a difficult time remembering his name (he calls him "Cross of Bones Panic").
  • Villain Respect: While Sonic can't stand the fact that he keeps losing to Saitama and trains hard to defeat him, Sonic is one of the few individuals that takes Saitama and his power seriously.
  • Vocal Dissonance: Virtually the only way someone can tell his gender without being told is his surprisingly deep voice.
  • When He Smiles : Not his slasher one. The OVA shows him smiling and it is pretty nice.
  • Wild Card: Due to being an assassin for hire and having no status as a member of the Hero Association.
  • Worf Had the Flu: His fight with Sea King; he is unarmed, having just broken out of prison, and while even a fully powered Sea King still couldn't match Sonic in speed, Sonic could not land any blows powerful enough to hurt him. Sonic runs away, and after arming up comes back, but by then Sea King had pissed off Saitama. According to Word of God, Sonic would have defeated Sea King in his base form.
  • Worthy Opponent: He sees Saitama as this and won't rest until he defeats Saitama. On the flip side, while Saitama doesn't see Speed-o'-sound Sonic as a threat, he keeps letting him go so that Sonic can grow stronger and maybe pose something of a challenge next time. This is even lampshaded in the third special comic chapter "Catch and Smash".


Bang's only disciple. Quite the braggart. He was "expelled" by his master for his lack of skill at martial arts, only to realize it was for his sake to keep him away from encountering Garou. Unfortunately, he ignored Bang's secret warning and ended up being beaten by his former fellow disciple.
  • Doomed Moral Victor: Despite everyone telling him (and perhaps Charanko even realizing) that Garou is too dangerous to mess with and that Charako is too weak to ever match him in a fight he does it anyway to defend his master's honor. Saitama even mentions to a former disciple of Bang's that Charanko was way stronger than the former disciple (who was second only to Garou in the dojo) because Charanko didn't run, and indeed faced Garou head on.
  • Honor Before Reason: He attacks Garou head on even after Bang makes it clear that doing so would end in disaster. It doesn't end well.
  • Overly Narrow Superlative: Was originally the lowest ranking member of Bang's dojo, which was also pretty much what saved him from being trashed by Garou, and subsequently became the top ranked disciple by virtue of being the only one left.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: He thought he could take Genos and Saitama in a fight. Genos proved him otherwise.

Dr. Stench

Voiced by: Kenichi Ogata
The scientist who saved Genos 4 years ago by turning him into a cyborg.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Appeared in episode 4 fixing up Genos and created the arms that Genos used in the sparring match with Saitama.
  • Gag Nose
  • Improbable Hairstyle: He has a bowl-cut that looks more like a mushroom cap.
  • Nice Guy: Saitama considers him this after hearing how he gave Genos the ability to taste and convert food to bio-fuel so he can still eat despite being mostly mechanical.
  • Science Hero: Genos refers to him as the 'Doctor of Justice'

Bomb's older brother. A martial artist who is also the Master of the Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist Style.
  • Bare-Fisted Monk: Like his younger brother, he also uses martial arts in fighting.
  • Cool Old Guy: He's Bang's older brother and he's willing to close down his dojo to help his brother deal with Garou.
  • Fantastic Fighting Style: The Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist Style.

Metal Bat's younger sister. First appears in Murata's redraw.
  • Badass Normal: For essentially taking her life in her hands by stepping between Garou and Metal Bat. She had no way of knowing whether Garou would respect her rules, but it was all she had to protect her brother with.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Steps in between Garou and her brother during their fight. Though considering how the fight was going it's unclear who she was preventing from getting killed.
  • Canon Foreigner: A god-created one - the arc she first appears in is only in the redraw, but the story's still credited to ONE and she had been mentioned in the webcomic long before this.
  • Hair Decorations: A hairclip.
  • Morality Pet: Metal Bat's not a bad guy, but he'd be more of a Jerkass if it weren't for her, not to mention more recklessly hot-blooded.
  • No Hero to His Valet: She tends to scold Metal Bat for things like missing her piano recital when his hero work gets in the way. Word of God is that she's not the kind to brag to other schoolkids about her brother being an S-class hero.
  • Not in Front of the Kid: Invoked. Metal Bat promised not to fight in front of her, which she uses to break up his fights when she's nearby.
  • Tsurime Eyes: And quite justified, given her first appearance sees her standing up to Garou. (It helps that they're similar to her brother's, giving her "delinquent eyes" despite being very girly in appearance otherwise.)


A very powerful mysterious being that gave Homeless Emperor his powers.
  • Absolute Xenophobe: It hates humans to a passion and wants them all dead which is why it gave Homeless Emperor his powers.
  • Expy: Of the Anti-Spiral of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Both hate humans to a passion for some reason, they both live in alternate dimensions and they even have a somewhat similar design and are both shown to be super powerful in comparison to everyone else except the main character.
  • Greater Scope Villain
  • Humanoid Abomination: Appears as a giant humanoid with Creepily Long Arms, covered in scar tissue from head to toe and with no face.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: It is called "God" by the Homeless Emperor, but we don't know how it calls itself.
  • Super Empowering: Gave the Homeless Emperor his powers, and took them from him as well. He may also be the source of Garou's powers.
  • Walking Spoiler: This thing spells major villain in the future, is super important to the plot and so far only appeared in a few panels in the webcomic.
  • You Have Failed Me: The reason he kills the Homeless Emperor.