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Heartwarming: One Punch Man
  • Licenseless Rider standing and fighting against an opponent that can kill him in an eyeblink is a crowning moment of awesome. The crowd of civilians watching cheering him on, even though they know that there is no way he can win? Heartwarming. Even Saitama is impressed by his Heroic Resolve.
    "You did well. Nice fight."
  • Genos' description of Sweet Mask is that Genos would have been like that, had Saitama not been in his life. His Sensei may not have taught him special abilities, but he did teach him the most important power.
  • Saitama making himself out to be a jerk in front of the civilians that watched him defeat Sea King... so that the heroes who had risked their lives and nearly died would get the recognition for having "weakened" the opponent beforehand. Bear in mind, Saitama became a member of the Hero Association for the primary purpose of getting the recognition he deserved for repeatedly going out and defeating the Monster of the Week... so him giving up that chance for the sake of others getting the recognition they deserve is truly heroic.
  • "B-Class". Saitama's starting to get hate mail, and the Hero Association are questioning whether he's for real, but there's someone aside from Genos who wants to thank him for what he's done. It's from Licenseless Rider, who later treats him to oden.
  • In one of the bonus chapters, Saitama gets picked up by the police for generally being suspicious. During his interrogation, a demon-level monster strolls into the station and lays waste to the officers there. The chief swallows his pride and asks the Hero Association, which the police regularly butt heads with, for help. The man in charge there rubs it in and makes the chief beg for it. Saitama smashes the phone before he can.
    Saitama: Heroes and Police don't do their jobs because someone says 'please.'
    • A large number of Heroes bribed by the Hero Association show up at the station to kill the monster and humiliate the police. Then a bald police officer comes out the door dragging a dead monster...
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