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Funny: One Piece: Grand Line 3.5
  • Their very first play-through of One Piece:
    GM: A pirate ship! Enemy Attack! Enemy Attack!
    Sailor 1: I roll for initiative! 16!
    GM: They haven't boarded the ship yet!
    Sailor 2: I use my grappling hook!
    GM: Why-No! Just go look for the Captain.
    Sailor 1: Good Idea. We can kill the Captain and take the ship.
    GM: I meant your Captain.
    Sailor 1: That's who I meant.
  • When Natalie first appears in the story:
    Nat: I poke my head out the door and look around. Do I see anything?
    GM: You see nothing.
    Nat: I step outside.
    GM: As soon as you step outside, you notice Alvida's ship pulling alongside the ship.
    Nat: This is the same ship you told me about?
    GM: Yes.
    Nat: I run back inside.
  • When Luke first appears in the story by popping out of a wine barrel:
    Nat: Wait hold on. You were inside that barrel the whole time?
    Luke: Yep.
    Nat: The barrel made for holding wine.
    Luke: Uh huh...
    Nat: The completely sealed barrel that had to be broken open?
    Luke: That's the one! Anyway, I was probably sleeping in there and didn't notice someone was sealing it up.
    Nat: I get it now.
    GM: You do?
    Nat: Luke's playing an idiot.
  • When Cory's character was about to be killed:
    Alvida: Are you prepared to 'DIE', Coby?
    Luffy: Dun Dun Duuuun... wait I thought Cory wanted to die to get a new character?
    Alvida: ...Are you prepared to be KNOCKED OUT?
    Luffy: Dun Dun Duuuun!
  • When entering the tavern:
    Cory: I immediately search for traps.
    GM: Not this again...
    Cory: Damn, got a 4.
    GM: We're in a tavern.
    Cory: Taverns can have traps.
    Luke: One way to spot a trap is to look for an adam's apple.
    Cory: ...I stop searching.
  • The GM uses skittles to represent Mooks. Cue this during the second arc:
    Cory: Hooooly Crap. The GM just opened up three bags of skittles.
  • Luffy Vs. Mohgi
    GM: Look, you got cover bonus for the bars, okay? But he's likely to either hit you or miss the cage. Unless I roll an 11 or 12.
    * Rolls*
    Gm: Sonuva-
    Luke: FREEDOM!
    GM: Who cursed my dice?
  • Under the inexperienced Phil's control, Usopp's introductory lies become him misreading the GM's horrible handwriting. Doesn't help that he's also screwing with him:
    Luke: Hahaha! Did that really just happen? Can we say that's what happened?
    Phil: Look, I'm a pirate, right? So that means I at least have a gun, right?
    GM: Eh... not really. You do have a slingshot, though.
    Phil: ...the fuck?!
    GM: And no, I'm not screwin' with you. About that.
  • This exchange, after learning that Luffy and Zoro ate a month's worth of food in a day:
    Phil: Don'tcha think the amount of food Luffy and Zoro are eating is kinda unrealistic?
    Cory: Hey. Back. Picked up three buckets of KFC, tacos, some burgers, hot pockets, Doritos, and half-off sushi. Oh, and those ten bags of Skittles you asked for, GM.
    Phil: Holy shit.
  • After Kurahadol shows up and insults Usopp's father, the others try to help Phil by putting words in his mouth.
    DM: You guys are a bunch of idiots. On a seperate note, can anyone here do a good Tyson impression?
  • Luke fits Luffy REALLY well.
  • Any time Luke needs to make an important diplomacy check he pulls out his special dice. Cue the newest player going "WHY IS IT ALL ONES??!??"
  • Cory failed on his navigation rolls so bad that he ended up on a whole other island.
    Cory: I have a swim speed, so that's actually kinda plausible.
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