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Funny / Olympus Overdrive

  • Basically whenever Zeus opens his mouth. Or writes something. Or just plain exists.
  • "Is 'dick' another word for 'deity'?" "Based on what I saw... it might as well be..."
    • "This is Eris...Dickess of Discord!" *Cue Face Fault*
  • [sobbing over pizza.]
  • Bobby's first meeting with Poseidon features an oceanic instrumental remix of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
    • Talking of said meeting... After finding out what's expected of her, Bobby breaks down slightly, wanting to be alone. She yells at Poseidon to leave, but Poseidon makes her cry by yelling back for her impunity. Poseidon's attempt to stop Bobby's tears is priceless, so is Bobbys fainting, to say nothing of Poseidon trying to revive her.
  • Alex's serious demeanor becomes quite funny when he's dressed in teddy bear armor.
  • Max manage to sing 2-Chainz's "Birthday song" to summon Hades...and he then takes the song literally and sees Max weird for wanting "that" for his birthday.
  • Bobby and Apollo meet for the first time and they already have an inside joke with Artemis' mortal P.K. "Aye aye, Captain!" "I can't hear you!!" "Aye aye, Captain!!"
  • Harper and Apollo break into Posie and Bobby's room. Apollo makes such a racket that Bobby wakes up in an instant... with the most serious case of bedhead EVER.