Awesome / One Piece: Grand Line 3.5

  • Luffy jumping in and Taking The Bullets for Zoro without suffering any damage... because Luke knows that period ammunition equals bludgeoning damage, which he's immune to.
    Cory: You do realize that he can just switch out to a different set of weapons, right?
    Luke: Yeah, but he'll have a hard time finding ones that won't be out-of-place.
  • Zoro is a walking badass.
    • He was designed as one, after all. What makes him more badass in some respects is that his player, Cory, is the GM's personal Butt-Monkey. His entire world is dictated by a Killer GM who has his sights set on humiliating Cory as much as possible. The mere fact that Zoro survives this constant assault is impressive; that he's able to pull off moments of incredible badassery despite the world constantly working against him even more so.
  • Nami blows up a sea monster. The DM thought it was so awesome, she didn't even need to roll for damage.
  • Just when Nami and Usopp need help the most, Cory rolls a 100, meaning Zoro makes his navigation check.
    Phil: Did you just knock every single enemy back down the slope?! ...With only six attack rolls?!