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Some of the things people ask the narrator to say in his epic voice, even better when the commenter misspells something and he says it that way anyway ("I here to kick ass and chem buble gum!"). Classics include, but are not limited to:

  • The Running Gag with Twilight and stares, ultimately leading up to a video composed entirely of all the stares from the movies.
    Narrator: Together, they will have the romance of a lifetime... Expressed entirely in stares. [cue stare montage] ...And even more stares. [continue stare montage]
    • Culminating in the Breaking Dawn trailer:
    Narrator: Brace yourself for two movies so unnecessarily long that they include five Volvo commercials, two montages of the previous Twilight movies, four games of chess, and the MOST...STARES...EVER!
  • The "Starring" from the original Transformers, which is just a list of Product Placement.
    Narrator: Starring: Burger King, Panasonic, eBay, Cadillac, GMC, The Strokes, Pepto-Bismol, Xbox, Furbies?, Pontiac, Mountain Dew, Chevrolet, Chevrolet, and introducing: Chevrolet.
  • In The Dark Knight:
    • "The bat device that inexplicably turns every Gotham City cell phone into a portable sonar radar, which downloads an infinite amount of data that's instantly transmitted wirelessly to Batman's eyes. Hmph, how is that possible? It takes me five minutes to download Angry Birds!"
    • Pointing out Christian Bale's eye wart. "Try not noticing that from here on out."
    • Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face is credited as "Los Pollos Hermanos".
  • The "Starring" for The Hunger Games, rather than puns on the cast, just lists off things that didn't make it into the film, including the actual hunger.
    • The narrator's naming of Gale as "This much hotter guy" culminating in...
    Narrator: I mean, I'm not gay. But I'd totally s**k Gale's d**k.
  • In The Dark Knight Rises:
    • The Half in the Bag cast ask questions about the movies which concluded with this little gem.
    Mike: Bruce Wayne was Batman?! Explanation 

  • The Skyfall/Home Alone montage.
  • In Les Miserables:
    • During the "Starring part", instead of the narrator saying the gag names, we get this:
    Fancy Wolverine (Hugh Jackman): I have a very annoying vibrato.
    Susan Boyle (Anne Hathaway): I really really really wanted to win an Oscar.
    Fat Maximus (Russell Crowe): I should have never agreed to sing an entire movie!
    French Borat (Sasha Baron Cohen): They really should have shown less of me and more of Eponine.
    Tim Burton (Helena Bonham-Carter): Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!
    • Also, at the begining, Les Miserableblebles.
    • "Now, at the dawn of revolution, one young man will give up everything for a woman he's met through a fence."
    • "Meet Fantine, a random factory worker who brings and incriminating letter to work for no reason and is fired."
  • The Starring for Jurassic Park.
    (The T-Rex) Land Jaws.
    (Ellie) Derp Face.
    (Hammond) Papa Smurf.
    (Malcolm) Brundlefly.
    (pair of raptors) The Olsen Twins.
    (Arnold) Two-Eyed Nick Fury.
    (Grant) The Guy from Jurassic Park.
  • Epic Voice Guy's cameo in "Everything Wrong With Iron Man 3".
  • The "Starring" from Star Trek with Kirk as Zapp Brannigan is just too perfect.
  • The cast of The Last Airbender is merely "This Girl, This Kid, This... Other Kid, This Dude, Who Cast This Thing?! Oh, The Guy From The Daily Show!, and Slumdog Millionaire!"
  • Epic Voice Guy's cameo in ''How Star Trek Into Darkness Should Have Ended, where once again he gets to point out "bewbs".
  • Iron Man 3:
    "THEY WERE DOING SUCH A GOOD JOB AND THEY TURNED IT INTO A PUNCHLINE?!! This is Iron Man's Arch-F***ing Nemesis! This isn't just ignoring the comic, this is dropping their pants and wiping their butt with it! What bad guy did they even replace him with? (shot of Aldritch Killian screaming "I AM THE MANDARIN!") AW COME ON!" note 
  • The narrator flying into rage in the middle of the After Earth trailer, and up and leaving, but not before alternating between complete stunned silence and angry muttering.
  • There's something inherently funny about this sentence from the trailer for Pacific Rim: "When giant aliens emerge from this iTunes visualizer at the bottom of the ocean, the entire world's resources will be spent on building giant robots to punch them in the face."
  • In the Thor honest trailer, he says that the only way in or out of Asgard is through a level of Rainbow Road from Mario Kart.
    • When Screen Junkies had Thor writer Zack Stentz as a guest, he revealed Kenneth Branagh considered changing the name of Mjölnir (Thor's hammer) because it was too hard to say.
      Branagh: Would the fans string me up if I changed that?
      Zack Stentz: They would, Sir Kenneth, yeah.
      Branagh: ...Alright, we shant be doing that.
  • In Man of Steel:
    • General Zod plans to annihilate humanity with the power. Of DUBSTEP!
    • "It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... coming right for us! Everybody run!"
  • The Home Alone trailer says that Kevin shows all the signs of becoming a sociopath - like talking to himself, or trapping a pair of nonviolent criminals inside a sadistic world of torture straight out of Saw from which there is no escape, for his own amusement. ("But gosh-darn if he isn't just the cutest little thing!"). Then it calls Harry and Marv out on being oddly obsessed with one house that has almost nothing worth stealing.
  • For Christmas 2013, they tackle Dragonball Evolution with the help of Goku, Piccolo, Krillin, and later Vegeta.
    Vegeta: How dare they make a movie about Kakarot and not invite me? I am Vegeta, PRINCE OF ALL SAYA- [sees Movie!Yamcha] oh my god, is that the beta male? Looks like a tiger with Down Syndrome. Never mind, bullet dodged.
    Vegeta: So, wait — Kaka-not wishes someone he just met back to life by the end of the movie, but he just lets the man who raised him from birth stay dead? Yeah, I can dig that.
    • " the epic ki attacks from the cartoon are replaced with CGI hand-farts!"
    • Krillin's not in it, but still gets owned for that very reason.

  • The RoboCop (1987) trailer's best moment: "Robocop: A blatant Jesus metaphor who dies, gets resurrected, and walks on water. But instead of dying for our sins, this Jesus...shoots the dick!"
    • "This trailer is rated 'R', because that's how you make a f*cking RoboCop movie!"
    • "The 80s, when movies were made for adults, and marketed towards children!" Cut to an 80s toy commercial for Robocop.
  • In the Gravity trailer:
    • A scene showing Ryan's POV as she spins helplessly out of control is overlaid with jaunty carnival ride music, as the narrator comments that "you'll be on the edge of your seat...trying to hold in your barf."
    • The astronauts bouncing off of things in space are punctuated with pinball noises.
  • 300:
    • The film is described as "a blend of historical truth and Zack Snyder nonsense, mixing... actual Persian fighting units with mutant Persian goat men? Huh?"
    • Reciting the long, long list of instances of Ho Yay from the film, including "men wearing thongs, men holding hands, men holding men tenderly from behind, men getting all wet in the rain, men getting all sweaty on the beach, men playing two flutes at the same time, and a male-to-female nipple ratio of 600 to 4. Man, I haven't seen a movie this deep in the closet since Top Gun."
  • In The Hunger Games: Catching Fire:
    • The narrator cowers when Katniss gives him a Death Glare for saying that all books must be lazily padded into as many films as possible.
    Narrator: Okay, we'll see the sequels! Don't hurt us!
    • And this:
    Narrator: Watch as this good movie gets hailed as great, because everyone wants to be BFFs with Jennifer Lawrence. [cuts to a clip of Jennifer Lawrence] God, she's just so down-to-earth!
  • The Frozen trailer proclaims the movie to be "the feature-length music video for "Let It Go"!"
  • In Captain America: The First Avenger, Sebastian Stan/Bucky is "The Winter Spoiler" and Dominic Cooper/Howard Stark is "Robert Downey, Sr."
  • Game of Thrones Vol. 1:
    • When the narrator advertises the spoiler-free version of the trailer at the beginning:
      Narrator: Just be sure to come back and watch the real version when you're all caught up... wuss!
    • "From fiction's most notorious serial killer, comes the TV adaptation of the medieval encyclopedia/dungeon master's guide/porno that is: Game of Thrones."
      Narrator: [humming the show's theme song] Duh-duh! Duh-nuh-duh-duh! Duh-nuh-duh-duh! God that song's cool!
    • "Travel to Westeros, a place where everything is the Thing of Nouns."
      King Robert: The Hand of the King!
      Sam Tarly: Light of the Seven...
      Brienne of Tarth: Brienne of Tarth.
      Ygritte: Lord of Bones...
      Lord Beric: Lord of Light...
      Lord Tywin: Master of Coin...
      Queen Daenerys: Mother of Dragons...
      Shagga: Son of Dolf.
      Melisandre: Son of Fire...
      Melisandre: Warrior of Light...
      Tyrion: Bank of Braavos...
      Lord Stark: Lord of Winterfell, and Warden of the North...
    • The video's summary of the series:
      Narrator: It's the abusive show you keep watching, no matter how many times it hurts you; full of disturbing imagery like incest, beheadings, attempted child murder, more incest...and that's just the first episode!
    • "Watch as everyone fights to sit on the world's most uncomfortable chair, while completely ignoring the invasion of ice zombies that threatens to kill them all. [shows the huge invasion of 'White Walkers'] Seriously, somebody should really get on that!"
    • "Meet unforgettable heroes... that were still alive at the time we wrote this Honest Trailer." For unintentional bonus points, right as he says it, the shot is of Barristan Selmy, who died in Season Five.
      Narrator: [Like] Tyrion Lannister, a character who's so awesome, [shows Tyrion slapping Joffrey Baratheon] (Imp slap!) Peter Dinklage will get every good dwarf role until he dies. Or Warwick Davis kills him.
    • The narrator, like many fans of the show, really hated Joffrey Baratheon.
      Narrator: Watch as these heroes struggle to end the reign of King Justin Bieber. God, if he doesn't die this season, I'm gonna f*cking kill him myself! F*cking HATE that kid!
    • The narrator lampshading the show's Anyone Can Die nature (while also noting that most cases are related to one famous Chronically Killed Actor)...
      Narrator: Ride along on an adventure where any lead character can die, whether you're Sean Bean, Sean Bean's wife, Sean Bean's best friend, Sean Bean's son, Sean Bean's daughter-in-law, Sean Bean's family dogs, or Sean Bean's unborn grandkid. All men must die... who are in anyway close to Sean Bean!
    • ...while also noting its infamous Fanservice status.
      Narrator: A series with so many monologues, they will desperately try to keep your attention by any BEWBS necessary! [30-second long montage of (censored) boobs set to epic music] ...not that I'm complaining! BEWBS!
    • The narrator giving up on naming, or remembering, the Loads and Loads of Characters.
      Narrator: Starring... the ten characters whose names you actually remember! [Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Robb Stark, Eddard Stark, Tyrion Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Cersei Lannister, Catelyn Stark, Joffrey Baratheon, Ayra Stark] And all these other characters whose names you actually don't remember! [Jojen and Meera Reed, Yara Greyjoy, Gendry, Giantsbane and Orell] Like: The Sneaky Guy [Littlefinger]; The Sneaky Bald Guy [Varys]; Carl Drago [Khal Drogo]; Those Gay Dudes [Ser Loras Tyrell and Renly Baratheon]; Lord Friend Zone [Ser Jorah Mormont]; Grumpy Old Dad [Tywin Lannister]; The Same Person? [Stannis Baratheon]; Sand-San-Sansa? [Sansa]; Bronn? [Bran Stark]; Bran? [Bronn]; Bronn Again? [Robin Arryn]; Sam? Not Sam?note  [Sam]; The One Who Had A Demon Baby [Melisandre]; The Guy That Got His Dick Cut Off [Theon Greyjoy]; I don't remember her name, but she's Super Hot [Margaery]; Tyrion's Hooker Girlfriend [Shae]; Oh, Hodor! That's Hodor! [Hodor]; Uhh... [Xaro Xhoan Daxos]; Uhhhhh... [Commander Jeor Mormont]; Now You're Just Messing With Me [Walder Frey]; No Idea [Ser Davos]; Faceless Assassin. That Guy's Awesome [Jaqen H'ghar]; Not A Clue [Pycelle]; No [Rodrick]; Uh-uh [Osha]; Nope [Benjen]; Nope [Balon Greyjoy]; Nope [Syrio Forel]; Dunno [Luwin]; I Got Nothin' [Mance Rayder]; Not Ringing A Bell [Beric Dondarrion]; Go Make Up Your Own Names, Nerds! [Barristan Selmy].
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: If you put any spoilers in the comments, I'll kill you. But to all my book bros, R + L = J. You know what I'm talking about!
  • The numerous list of people who have Oscars from The Wolf of Wall Street trailer. Especially the naming of Matthew McConaughey as "Dallas Oscar Stealers Club".
    Narrator: F**k you!
  • Grand Theft Auto Vuh:
  • While listing off everyone's favorite X-Men for the X-Men trilogy, the narrator lists Gambit: "FOOTAGE NOT FOUND."
  • Their trailer for The Lion King, doing the same lyric gags as the Frozen one:
    He's a threaaaat to our lives!
    And he'll eat us aaaaall!
    He is on display
    To remind us we're prey!
  • The trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen gives a credit for the one true star of any Michael Bay film: "BEWMS!"
    • The warning at the beginning of the trailer: "The following trailer contains scenes from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."
    • "From the director who would most likely masturbate to an explosion."
  • Epic Voice Guy insisting that Divergent and The Hunger Games are in fact one and the same, and getting into an argument over it with the sound engineer and director.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze:
    Narrator: Instead, see them fight with belts, yo-yos, ties, blankets, soft NERF Bats, sausages, and Word Power! Come on! Just stab someone already!
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier (or Captain America: He's Cool Now):
  • Team Fortress 2:
  • As a crossover, Screen Junkies and CinemaSins swapped around and did the other channel's most famous video for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.note  Sins include:
    • When Gwen phones Peter:
      Narrator: Where was Spidey hiding that cell phone? In a skintight suit, there's only one place he could be stashing his stuff. And you don't want to know where it is.
    • Two back-to-back sins:
      Narrator: [after feathers fly when Spidey takes his suit off] Did he just fight a chicken?
      Narrator: [when Spidey's holding a fish] Did he just fight a fish?
    • When Norman Osborn's on his deathbed:
      Norman Osborn: This is not how I imagined I would die.
      Narrator: "I always imagined I'd be impaled on my own glider."
    • The next sin:
      Harry: On my 16th birthday, you send me Scotch.
      Narrator: Sounds like a pretty cool dad to me.
    • Before Max Dillion becomes Electro:
      Narrator: There's your problem. The thingy's all unplugged.
    • And when he becomes Electro: "Hey boss, should we put a lid on these tanks?" "Nah, what's the worst that could happen?"
    • During the first Spidey vs. Electro fight, Electro hits a couple of advertisements for a couple of Broadway musicals:
      Narrator: [in fake Italian accent] Mamma Mia! Not the Jersey Boys!
    • When the scientist introduces himself:
      Doctor Kafka [in stereotypical German accent] I am Doctor Kafka.
      Narrator: [also in stereotypical German accent] "Ze stereotypical German scientist, ja?"
    • When Peter crashes into a wall behind Gwen: "Kramer entrance."
    • When Peter arrives at the disused subway station where his father did his secret research:
    • After Gwen tells Peter that she's been given a scholarship to the University of Oxford:
      Narrator: "With great power comes great responsibility." Unless the girl you're porking moves to England.
    • During the final fight between Electro and Spidey, Electro plays "Itsy Bitsy Spider" on the electrical pylons:
      Spider-Man: I hate this song.
      Narrator: That makes all of us.
    • At the end, when Spidey's about to hit Rhino with a manhole cover:
      Narrator: This was such a great shot in the trailer! I can't want to see what comes ne— [film ends] It's over?! Well, f*ck you too, then!
    • The video ends with 157 sins. And then they have a Bonus Round, full of all the Sony product placements. Final total? 2,899,270.
  • Ken Watanabe is credited as "DUHHHHH" in Godzilla (2014)
    • Godzilla himself is listed as "Real Kaiju Have Curves".
  • In The Fault in Our Stars (or Cancer F*cking Sucks): TEWBS.
  • The last third of the Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer is spoken in Chinese to mock Bay's pandering to China.
  • In Fight Club, Meat Loaf being listed as "Mewwwwbs."
  • The entirety of the Dark Souls Honest Game Trailer is full of win:
    Narrator: Get lost in beautiful scenery that you will actually get lost in, full of: NPCs with a dark sense of humor [shows several characters' laughing dialogue], one totally out of place optimist [shows Solaire], and some of gaming's most epic bosses [shows several large bosses]... that you'll take down with a hundred, perfectly timed butt pokes in a row [shows a sped-up clip of defeating Vendrick with countless hits from behind]
    • And the Narrator gets fed up with the "a-holes who won't shut up about beating the game".
    Narrator: Oh, good for you! Do it with a Rock Band controller. Then we'll talk. [cue someone beating it while using a Rock Band controller] Okay... wow.
  • The bathroom in Saw is dubbed "your typical Taco Bell bathroom".
  • In the trailer for Maleficent, describing the title character as "how Jennifer Aniston sees Angelina Jolie".
    • Their opinion of Maleficent not turning into a dragon like in Sleeping Beauty:
    You had one job, Disney.
  • Quite a few in the Five Nights at Freddy's trailer:
    • The Jump Scare Running Gag.
    • The Shout-Outs and clever puns in the "starring" cast: Winnie the Boo, Los Pollos Hermana, Bonnie Darko, and Sonic the Hedgefox, complete with Sonic's music paired with Foxy's run footage.
    • The narrator feeling relieved that it's a one-off internet fad, immediately followed by the end of the sequel's game trailer.
      Narrator: Aw, f***, we're gonna have a million of these, aren't we?
    • Describing it as "the horror game sensation, that no one enjoys playing, but everyone loves watching other people play".
  • The Long List of nicknames for all 151 original Pokémon in the trailer for Pokémon Red and Blue.
    • The list continues in the Honest Trailers for Gold and Silver, Ruby and Sapphire, Diamond and Pearl, and Black and White.
  • Saying the epic raids in World of Warcraft require "more cooperating nerds than the space program."
    • "This is what Warcraft looked like in the nineties, kids! 'Zug-zug', am I right?"
  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
    • The narrator describing the themes of the movie.
    Narrator: Settle for the thinking man's blockbuster chock full of complicated characters, political maneuvering, family dynamics, and a monkey duel-wielding machine guns on horseback, fighting a tank. (Beat) Okay, that was kind of dumb, but who cares? It's still awesome, right?
    • This line about the acting.
    Narrator: See Andy Serkis deliver an Oscar-worthy performance by capturing the graceful movements and emotions of Caesar and doing his best Christian Bale Batman impression, while the cast and crew deliver an even MORE Oscar-worthy performance by not laughing at a tiny British man in a unitard pretending to be a monkey.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
    • The narrator concludes that this whole movie is just Marvel trolling their audience, having grown Drunk with Power and being perfectly aware that they can do anything they want now and they'll still make billions.
    Narrator: Hey, recognize that chubby idiot from Parks and Rec? We're gonna turn him into a sex symbol! That would be hilarious! What're you gonna do, watch DC? [clip of Superman screaming "No!"] Thought so!
    • After listing off all the different colored aliens, the narrators ends with "In case you get confused, the hero is still the white guy."
    • Once again, the screen at the beginning is flooded with requests to make this specific trailer. "Okay, okay, we got it, keep your star pads on."

  • Gone Girl, and all the jokes made about the film's ambiguous stance on gender politics:
  • The stinger for The Sims trailer:
    Aw, you need to pee, huh? Well, let's see how well you pee when I sell the toilet! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's for not dating me! AHAHAHAhahahahaha...I'm so alone.
  • The use of the corridor scene at the end of the Honest Trailer for the first Resident Evil.
    Narrator: [singing] How much is that doggie in the win— [Cerberus jumps through the window] —AAAAAUGHH!
  • Five Nights at Freddy's 2
    • The narrator being completely immune to the Jump Scare Running Gag. And then falls for it when he's done saying his usual "what do you want to hear me say in my awesome voice" when Mangle comes flying down from the top of the screen.
    Narrator: AHH! Okay, okay...that was a good one, guys.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's 3 (or "Five Nights Too Many"):
    • "There's only one spooky fursuit left, and the only way to contain him is to wait for your computer to reboot so you can keep making giggle noises. (Balloon Boy's laugh plays) ...No, I can't believe this is popular either."
    • He forgoes the usual "Starring" gag to list gibberish YouTube Let's Play channels that made a living off fake overreactions to the game's jump scares.
  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 (aka Where's Peeta, Part 1):
  • Cinderella:
  • Leprechaun (aka The Hobbit: Battle of the Lucky Charmies):
    Narrator: In a World, where every holiday gets its own horror movie, St. Patrick's Day will be exploited by a film that was stupidly released in January [shows that the movie was released on January 8, 1993], that as far as holiday-themed serial killers go, ranks somewhere between Michael Myers and Jack Frost. [shows a clip from the family film Jack Frost (1998)] No, the other Jack Frost [shows the poster of Jack Frost (1997)] That's the one!
    • The narrator briefly becomes sympathetic of the Leprechaun, or more exactly, the actor who plays him:
      Narrator: Watch them team up to defeat evil the only way they know how: Spending ninety minutes beating the sh*t out of respected English actor Warwick Davis. [cue montage of the Leprechaun getting beaten up and shot] Hey, leave Willow alone!
    • The narrator saying that the movie "seems intentionally created for a St. Patrick's Day Drinking Game":
      Narrator: Take a shot everytime: The Leprechaun says who he is, [shows montage of the Leprechaun saying that he's the Leprechaun] says what he wants, [shows montage of the Leprechaun saying that he wants his gold] someone doesn't believe in the Leprechaun, [shows Tory and Alex insisting on that the Leprechaun doesn't exist] Irish culture gets set back decades, [shows O'Grady speaking about the Leprechaun in a thick Irish accent] and little people's rights gets set back centuries. [shows the Leprechaun saying that "the wee people have their magical ways", and Alex slingshooting at the Leprechaun] Oh man, we are so gonna get wasted.
    • The "starring" list: "Jorts-ifer Aniston, Hillbilly Hercules, I Know You Are, But What Am I?, Dennis the Sociopath, Irish McIrishman, and Tyrion O'Lannister."
  • Epic Voice Guy is so sure that Mario Party 10 must have an online mode that he starts shilling it, until he's informed that there isn't one, prompting him to confirm that it's not an unlockable and then chew out Nintendo.
  • Interstellar (aka Christopher Nolan's Contact):
  • Daredevil (aka Batfleck Begins):
  • The Honest Teaser for the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser (aka Batman ft. Superman: Rush to the Justice League):
    • They perfectly captured the arguments of countless online threads in the first 40 seconds:
      Is it really surprising that a movie starring the two most iconic superheroes would be controversial?
      Everybody loves Superman. Who doesn't love Superman?
      Yeah, but they couldn't even make a good Superman movie!
      They're just cramming in the whole Justice League!
      DC has a horrible track record. Green Lantern? I mean, come on!
      Hello? The Dark Knight Trilogy. Christopher Nolan is totally involved in this, you're just a butthurt Marvel fanboy. Ant-Man looks stupid. There, I said it.
      Not every comic book movie has to be fun. What are we, twelve?
      Stop with the brooding! The only one who gets to brood is Batman! They all can't be brooding!
      Maybe Zack Snyder is just a guy trying to make a good movie.
      It looks like Sucker Punch!
    • The narrator Saying Sound Effects Out Loud (more exactly, the Previews Pulse), before doing his own take of what Batman would've asked to Superman (instead of if Superman bled):
      Narrator as Batman: Tell me: Is my Batman voice better than Christian Bale's? I mean, it has to be, right?
  • Hulk (aka Sulk):
    • The narrator makes it clear from the beginning that he thinks that this portrayal of the Hulk got the short stick.
      Narrator: You loved Mark Ruffalo. You tolerated Edward Norton. But admit it, you forgot about Eric Bana until I said his name just now.
    • The narrator pointing out that Kevin Feige, current head of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was one of the executive producers of the film:
      Narrator: Travel back to a time when Kevin Feige could still f*ck up a superhero movie...
    • The narrator isn't amused with the idea of Cerebus Syndrome being given to a giant green rage-filled monster who smashes things.
      Narrator: [angry, as the Hulk looks introspectively at a bush] Stop staring at that bush and hit something!
    • The narrator says that the movie "covers up its total lack of action with super wacky scene transitions!"
      Narrator: [after a montage of the movie's scene transitions, set to wacky music that sounds similar to "The Green Hornet Theme"] Wow. [sarcastically] It's just like reading a comic book. A terrible, boring comic book.
    • The narrator points out that 2003 CGI made Hulk look like, among other things, Shrek.
    • The narrator describing the climax:
      Narrator: An impossible-to-see climax, that takes place at night, underwater, against a... cloud... dad... thing. [beat] Thor: The Dark World is looking pretty good right now, huh?
  • The perfectly deadpan response to a line in Fifty Shades of Grey:
    Anastasia Steele: What are butt plugs?
    Narrator: [flatly] It's a plug. For your butt.
    • Also, the narrator initially confuses Anastasia for Bella Swan, but before he corrects himself, he sees how similar they look and decides "You know what, screw it. Meet Bella Swan!"
    • The narrator doesn't care if Christian Grey is a complete sociopath when he's got these...
      Narrator: AAAAAAAAAAbs, and AAAAAAAAAudis, and AAAAAAAAA... really nice apartment.
  • Jupiter Ascending and it's completely insane Jigsaw Puzzle Plot being described in it's entirety...replete with Not Making This Up Disclaimers.
    • Also, listing Balem in his unique style of speaking: "[whisper] Eddie... [shouting] REDMAYNE!"
  • Entourage's never ending stream of cameos from famous people, people not famous enough to play themselves, people who were never famous [cue to one of the characters greeting David Faustino] and people who retroactively became more famous than any of the main cast members.
    Ari: You know The Station Agent?
    E: Yeah?
    Ari: It's about the midget who lives by the train tracks. Last time I saw him he was in a FedEx commercial overnighting him to London.
    E: His name is Peter Dinklage, Ari.
    [cue image of Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister looking sternly]
    Narrator: ...Awkward.
  • In their trailer for Mortal Kombat X, the narrator complains that the lag is so bad you might as well be drawing it by hand. This is then demonstrated with him drawing the match with marker, with a high-pitched "Hya!" in the background.
  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park:
    • "Stare helplessly, as [...] the claustrophobic kitchen scene from the first film becomes Jurassic Benny Hill!" Cue Yakety Sax gag sequence.
    • The San Diego skyline is credited as "A Whale's Vagina".
  • Splatoon: "...Or bring out the paint roller if you really want to see them hatin'!"
    ♫ They see me rollin', they hatin' ♫
  • Toy Story:
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day:
    • The narrator setting the tone of the film:
      Narrator: [lighthearted voice] In the grand tradition of R2-D2, The Iron Giant, and Johnny Five, comes another adorable kid and their pet robot story.
      [shows the T-800 ripping the living tissue cover from its robot arm, leaving it bloody]
      Narrator: [in his epic voice] Except this one's f*cking intense. [shows the scene of the incinerated skeleton getting obliterated while still clinging to the playground fence]
    • The narrator showing that he knows his trivia about the production:
      Narrator: [while showing the guard at the mental hospital licking Sarah Connor's face, and the T-1000 skewering people with its morphing sword-like arm] [The movie was] full of things we probably weren't ready to see, and would have been even more disturbing if it starred the studio's first choice: O. J. Simpson. [shivers]
    • The narrator demonstrates that some things just never change:
      Narrator: Watch these killers spend the first third of the film in a cat-and-mouse game that will have you guessing which one is the good guy... if the trailers hadn't given it away.
      [shows scenes from the original trailer]
      Original Trailer's Narrator: ... Once, he was programmed to destroy the future, now his mission is to protect it...
      Narrator: A lesson we still haven't learned apparently!
      [shows scenes from the trailer for Terminator Genisys that revealed that John Connor was turned into a Terminator]
    • "Thrill as they track down the Connor family: Sarah, the Che Guevara of soccer moms, with some big guns [shows her carrying a BFG]... and some big guns [shows her toned biceps], and John, her... [incredulous] nine-year-old son? Played by Edward Furlong, who would go on to star in numerous court appereances." Furlong is later credited in the "Starring" list as "So Much Promise".
      John Connor (Edward Furlong): [smugly] Did you call moi... a dipsh*t?
      Narrator: [bluntly] Yes.
  • Magic Mike:
    • Epic Voice Guy switching his voice tone from a carefree one to a dramatic, serious one and vice versa while describing the plot of the film to convey the film's constant Mood Whiplash. It has to be heard to be believed.
      Narrator: [carefree voice] Meet Magic Mike; he may not be a wizard, but he's a hot duuude, with all the right moves! [switches to serious voice] Who struggles to overcome social stigmas about his job, and can't seem to raise enough money to start his dream business, no matter how hard he tries. [switches to carefree voice] But that's okay, 'cause he's running onstage next to The Kid, a fresh-faced teen with a rawcking body! [switches to serious voice] And a drug problem, that sends him into a downward spiral, alienating his best friend, his sister, and landing him in serious trouble with a violent drug cartel. [switches to carefree voice] But check out Tarzan! The beefy slab of man-meat! Who... [switches to serious voice] ...accidentally roofies himself? Geez weez... [switches to carefree voice] And as always there's Dallas, the maestro of man-ass! This cowboy can still cut a mean rock! [switches to serious voice] Who cheats his long-time business partner out of money, abandoning him as soon as it is convening for his own selfish interests. [switches to carefree voice] But check out those aaabs!!! Woo-hoo-hoo!!!
    • The trailer pointing out Channing Tatum ditching the sexy Olivia Munn for a sour puss with an Annoying Laugh. (Cue montage of actress Cody Horn's Annoying Laugh throughout the film.)
    • "So get ready, for what's either a really dumb version of Boogie Nights, or a really smart version of Showgirls, that was way less fun that advertised!"
    • Epic Voice Guy's tendency for Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today? gets cranked up hard at the end of the trailer, almost to the point of Suspiciously Specific Denial.
      Narrator: [disappointed] Aw, come on! There's no big stripping finale?! I was waiting for one big hot dance-off at the end! It'd make perfect sense with the story, right? I mean... [nervous] I mean, I'm not gay... I just admire the technique, yunno... The athleticism, yunno? Human form and stuff, it's... It's art and stuff... I mean, not that there's anything wrong with being gay. One of my uncles is gay, it's cool... Um... Love wins...
  • Iron Man (aka Marvel Man):
  • Batman: Arkham Knight (aka Arkham: World of Tanks):
  • Super Mario Bros. (aka Super Mari-Oh Brother):
  • The Mission: Impossible films (aka Franchise: Unkillable):
  • Fantastic Four (2005) (aka Craptastic Bore):
    • "Before the reboot that will keep the characters out of Marvel's hands, but after the Roger Corman movie that also got the characters out of Marvel's hands, come two other attempts at the franchise, that prove that these characters should really be at Marvel's hands by now."
      Narrator: At a time when comic book movies began to show how good they could be, two films will remind us how badly can they suck. [...] And don't tell me it's impossible to make a good Fantastic Four movie. It's called The Incredibles and it's perfect.
    • When the narrator explains the films' use of Space Clouds, he ends up losing his cool after Galactus is turned into one in the second film:
      Narrator: [A] space cloud gives four people completely different superpowers, leading to one movie about recreating the space cloud on Earth, and one movie about trying to save the world from a completely different space cloud.
      Silver Surfer: My people call it... Galactus.
      Narrator: No, this [shows a illustration of Galactus from the comics] is Galactus, that [shows the space cloud from the film] is a space cloud. What is this thing with space clouds? Stop making cloud-based villains! [shows how Hulk and Green Lantern also had cloud villains]
    • The narrator starts listing all the bad things that happen to Ben Grimm after he gets transformed into the Thing, ending with him getting rejected by his fiancée for looking different, and then the narrator realizes something:
      Narrator: Man, I didn't think that I'd hate Andrea from The Walking Dead any more than I already did!
    • The narrator nicknames Doctor Doom and Silver Surfer "The Green Goblin" and "The T-1000", respectively.
    • The narrator tries to pronounce Ioan Gruffudd's name. Hilarity Ensues:
      Narrator: Sorry, I- Ion... Eee-oh-an... Gruffu... fudd... [cut to "starring" segment] Starring: Ioan Gruffuffu... oh not again! It has too many vowels and too many consonants!
    • Then there's the rest of the cast: Elon Mask, Mercury Rising, Battlecloud Galacticus, Jessica AlBewbs, A Rotting Pumpkin, Scandalous, and Captorch Humerica.
    • In The Stinger, the narrator weights in on the controversy generated by the casting of an African-American actor as the Human Torch in the 2015 film:
      Narrator: Make a Mexican womannote  put on a blonde wig and blue contacts to play Sue Storm, and no one bats an eye. Cast a black guy as the Human Torch, and everyone loses their minds!
  • Five Nights at Freddy's 4 (or Eights Nights in Purgatory, F*ck You):
  • 8 Mile (aka Eminem: The Movie):
  • Mad Max: Fury Road:
  • Frozen Fever (aka Frozen Reminder):
    • The narrator demonstrates that Disney and Honest Trailers aren't so different about certain things.
    Narrator: When Disney slapped Frozen's name on a short film to squeeze more cash out of their biggest hit [shows that Frozen's gross was over $400 million], Honest Trailers had the perfect excuse to slap Frozen's name on a video to squeeze more views out of our biggest hit. [shows that the Honest Trailer for Frozen has over 25,500,000 views]
  • The Happening (aka What the F*** Is Happening?):
    • The trailer begins with:
      Narrator: From M. Night Shyamalan... oh boy, this should be good... comes one of the best laugh out loud comedies of 2008, that was supposed to be a horror movie?
      Mrs. Jones: Plan on murdering me on my sleep?
      Elliot Moore: What? Nooooooooooooo.
    • The narrator doing a pretty good rundown on Shyamalan's career...
      Narrator: You loved The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable, you liked... parts of Signs, The Village and Lady in the Water made you say, "oh," but before the violent car crash that was The Last Airbender, there was The Happening...
    • ...and a pretty good summary of the film itself.
      Narrator: ...a film about a thing that happens, [cue montage of several characters using the word "happening"] then stops happening.
      Elliot Moore: Nothing happened.
      Narrator: It's even dumber than it sounds.
    • The narrator saying that Mark Wahlberg "delivers a Donnie Wahlberg-level performance."
    • The description of the film's antagonistic force:
      Narrator: [The protagonists will] run from the least scary monster in film history: Gently. Rustling. Leaves. [cut to a montage of the trees seen in the film, that goes for about 15 seconds] Wow, they actually found trees more boring than the Ents.
    • The narrator calling the movie "the first movie since Groundhog Day to make suicide look kinda hilarious."
    • The narrator asks a character in the film his opinion on hot dogs. Makes Just as Much Sense in Context in the film.
      Narrator: Hey, what's your take on hot dogs, random person?
      Nursery Owner: You know hot dogs get a bad rap? They got a cool shape, they got protein. [to Alma] You like hot dogs right?
      Narrator: Good to know.
    • And when it comes to the trademark Shyamalan twist:
      Narrator: As you wait for the inevitable Shyamalan twist... that never comes. The twist is: there is no twist. The trees did it. Then it ends. Ugh.
    • The "Starring" list consists simply of the trees and other plants that appear in the film, including the famous plastic tree, a tree that the narrator wasn't sure of what kind was until a character points out it's a maple tree, and "A Mannequin" (Alma/Zooey Deschanel).
      Narrator: [as Alma stares blankly] Uh, hello? Are you okay?
  • Furious 7 (aka Car Wars: Episode VII):
    • The trailer begins by pointing out the franchise's odd naming conventions:
      Narrator: You've seen it with the "The's", you've seen it without the "The's", you've seen it with just the "Fast", and with "2's" where the "The's" should be. Now, prepare for the latest mix of F-words and numbers in: Furious 7. Nah, that's so boring! Can we use the Japanese title? Wild Speed: Sky Mission. Way better.
    • The narrator puts into question the whole "One Last Job" theme:
      Narrator: After six Fast and Furiouses, you thought they were done, because they more or less keep saying that they're done. But now they're back for one last ride. Again. Which is, at the bare minimum, their next-to-last ride. [shows that there's already a release date for the next film]
    • The narrator referencing the series' unrelenting Sequel Escalation:
      Narrator: But after that ride, they've got to be done riding, right? I mean, where they're gonna go next? Space?
      Roman Pearce: First a tank, then a plane, now we got a spaceship?!
      Narrator: I would totally watch that.
    • The narrator's way of describing the evolution of the series:
      Narrator: What began as Point Break with cars has been spun-off, [shows The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift] rebooted, [shows Fast & Furious] turned into a heist film, [shows Fast Five] and jacked up on steroids [shows Luke Hobbs] [...] in a franchse that has completely ditched its street racing roots, but still remains as commited as ever to booty. [cut to montage of the films' Fanservice Extras]
    • The narrator thinks that, after the "awesome car skydiving sequence" and the "incredible skyscraper jump scene", "their budget ran out before the finale", which is why it is "a generic car chase while two gorillas [Dom and Deckard Shaw] hit each other with sticks in a parking lot."
    • The narrator's description of Dominic Toretto:
      Narrator: So hit the streets once again with Dominic Toretto, master of the over-the-shoulder dramatic turn around, who's so Italian, he wore a tank top to his own wedding. He's the man with the plan, even if the plan is incredibly stupid; like driving headfirst into a car, driving headfirst off a cliff, driving headfirst into a car, again, or driving headfirst off a parking garage. You'll begin to wonder if it was repeated head trauma that gave him his trademark mumble growl.
    • Starring: Michelle Roadriguez (Michelle Rodriguez), Honda Rousey (Ronda Rousey), Tyregrease Gibson (Tyrese Gibson), Ludacruise (Ludacris), Racin' Statham (Jason Statham), Jordana Vroomster (Jordana Brewster), Lucas Blacktop (Lucas Black), Drivon Honksu (Djimon Hounsou), Kurb Russell (Kurt Russell), Lane "The Rock" Johnson (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson), and Vin Diesel.
      Narrator: That's just his name, that's not a pun.
    • The trailer actually having three Stingers:
      Narrator: We couldn't decide which ending we liked better for this trailer, so here are all three:
      • Ending #1:
        Narrator: Remember in the trailer when The Rock beat up Statham, flexed out of a cast, and shot that drone? Because that's everything he does in the movie! Come on! You got The Rock; use him, for crying out loud!
      • Ending #2:
        Narrator: It's really nice how racially diverse this movie is without calling a bunch of attention to itself.
        Dominic Toretto: Race wars. We invented it.
        Narrator: Oh, nevermind.
      • Ending #3:
        Deckard Shaw: See you and me? We're from different worlds.
        Narrator: Hey, you stole that from Hootie & the Blowfish!
  • Disney's Peter Pan (aka Disney's Michael Jackson):
    • The description of Neverland: "A war-torn island where full-grown adults force orphans to join their ranks or die. It's like a magical Sudan!"
    • The narrator gets utterly embarrassed by the film's portrayal of Native Americans. It goes From Bad to Worse when he tries to switch to other Disney movies:
      Narrator: [after showing the Indian Chief say "How"] Wow, I don't even remember that part.
      [shows Peter and the Indians making a stereotypical war cry]
      Narrator: Wow, that is really bad.
      [shows John, Michael and the Lost Boys singing the "We're about to fight the Indians" line from "Following the Leader"]
      Narrator: Okay, enough.
      One of the Lost Boys: What makes a red man red?
      Narrator: Enough!
      [shows more Indians making a stereotypical war cry]
      Narrator: Stop!
      Captain Hook: Those redskins know the island...
      Narrator: Just switch to another Disney movie!
      [shows a clip of Uncle Remus from Song of the South]
      Narrator: Not that one!
      [shows a clip of the Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp singing "We Are Siamese (If You Please)" in stereotypical mangled English]
      Narrator: No, don't show that one, show a different one!
      [shows Jim Crow from Dumbo]
      Narrator: Oh that was so much worse...
      [shows Shun Gon from The Aristocats]
      Narrator: This is all so much worse than I remember! Go to starring, go to starring!
    • The Indian Chief is credited in the "Starring" list as "The Washington R... DC Football Team."
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: So his name was "Hook" before Peter cut off his hand? And I thought "Scar" was a convenient villain name.
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron (aka Avengers: Roughly One Week of Ultron):
  • Aladdin:
  • Jurassic World (aka Raptor Rex vs. Dinoshark):
    • At the beginning, the narrator struggles to pronounce director Colin Trevorrow's name, before giving up and just calling him "Not Steven Spielberg."
    • The narrator describes the film as "the best Jurassic Park sequel ever made... which really isn't saying much," showing the infamous talking Velociraptor dream sequence from Jurassic Park III.
    • The narrator lampshades how life imitates art:
      Narrator: It's been 22 years since Jurassic Park opened its gates. [...] Now, desperate for profits, Jurassic World is here [...] to exploit a new generation by selling them the same basic premise they already sold to their parents, to the point where they literally break out a pair of nostalgia googles. Wait, we're talking about the movie, or the reason this movie exists? I really can't tell anymore.
    • The narrator calls Jurassic World "an awesome dinosaur version of SeaWorld... that's another Blackfish documentary waiting to happen."
    • The narrator's completely dumbfounded response to InGen's security chief's planned use to the Velociraptors:
      Narrator: They'll have to thwart InGen's plan to strap cameras on barely-trained raptor's heads, and use them to hunt terrorists in Afghanistan. Wait, what? I need to read that again. [goes to mumblingly repeat what he just said] No, it's what it says. Wow, that is like a Dr. Evil-level of stupid right there!
      Dr. Evil: I have one simple request, and that is to have sharks with Frickin' Laser Beams attached to their heads!
    • In response of the complaints about Claire running in high heels, the narrator goes on to give a Long List of questions about what he considers Plot Holes (or just things implied to be unnecessary to the film, like the subplot of Claire's sister's family), except for the second-to-last one, which is "Wait, did that raptor jump on that T. rex's back to get leverage? Because that's awesome." At the end, he concludes:
      Narrator: But who cares? 'Cause that T. rex and raptor tag team fight was awesome!
    • Starring: Zoo Lord (Owen Grady), Bryce Dallas Texas (Claire Dearing), Vincent Donut Fritos (Vic Hoskins), Human BuzzFeed (Lowery Cruthers), Bill Nye the Evil Guy (Dr. Henry Wu), Shamu (the Mosasaurus), Tyrannosaurus Ex Machina (the Tyrannosaurus rex), You're My Boy, Blue! (the Velociraptor), and The Plotosaurus Rex (the Indominus rex).
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: You know, for such a ridiculous movie, they really nailed what's like to watch a Jimmy Fallon sketch, am I right?
      [shows a sketch within the movie of Fallon, and the kids looking bored at it while Chirping Crickets sound in the background]
  • Back to the Future (aka Doc and Marty's Excellent Adventure):
    • After the requests come up at the beginning, a soundbite of Marty saying "This is heavy!" is heard.
    • The movies are introduced as:
      Narrator: ["Steven Spielberg Presents" appears on the screen] From Steven Spielberg... [is followed by "A Robert Zemeckis Film"] ...'s buddy.
    • The three movies are described as "the blockbuster hit that stands the test of time, the sequel that lauched a million B.S. Facebook posts, and the third one."
    • The summary of the three movies:
      Narrator: Featuring the one where they travel to the past, beat up the bully, fix the future, and set up the sequel; the one where they travel to the past, beat up the bully, fix the future, and set up the sequel, and the one where they travel to the past, beat up the bully, fix the future, and leave open the possibility for a sequel.
      Biff Tannen: There's something very familiar about all this...
    • The narrator finds Doc Brown a bit questionable.
      Narrator: He's a mad scientist who steals nuclear weapons from terrorists;
      Doc Brown: They wanted me to build them a bomb, so I took that plutonium and in turn gave them a shoddy bomb casing full of used pinball machine parts!
      Narrator: Tests dangerous experiments on animals, and chose to build a time machine out of one of the most unreliable cars of all time.
    • After pointing out all the squicky parts of the films (such as how Marty's mom was into him in the 50's, and Biff, who attempted to rape her, eventually ended up doing the chores around the house), he says that "it's still not as creepy as Doc's kid from the end of the third one." The video then points out that one of Doc's kids, while Doc was doing his "Your future hasn't been written yet" speech, was doing Bring It gestures and pointing to his crotch.
      Narrator: What is he doing?!
    • Starring: Rick and Morty (Doc and Marty), Donald Trump (Biff Tannen), The Three Stooges (Biff's gang) ...Hey, That's Billy Zane! (one of Biff's gang), Crisping Lover (George McFly), MILF (Lorraine), Legit Musician Cameos (shows the cameos of Huey Lewis, Flea, and ZZ Top), and Hot Car Time Machine (the DeLorean).
  • Inside Out:
  • In their Friday the 13th Honest Trailer (the game, not the movie), they revealed that this video it's possibly the least requested video, at only one request.
    Narrator: [after a single request pops up] Uh... you got it, one guy.
  • Terminator Genisys (aka Terminator Genishyt):
    • The trailer begins with:
      Narrator: The following trailer is rated S for spoilers. Unlike this movie's actual trailer that gave away the only cool part of the entire movie!
    • The narrator being puzzled at the title, which appears complete with the red line that denotes spelling errors in Microsoft Word below the word "Genisys" in the title card.
      Narrator: They... they mean "Genesis," right? ["Genisys" is deleted from the title card and "Genesis" written instead] There we go, that feels better.
    • The narrator at one point pulls one hell of a Bait and Switch.
      Narrator: [while showing scenes of the T-1000 searching] No matter where you run, no matter where you hide, you'll never escape from... Jai Courtney, the homeless man's Channing Tatum is back, and he's turned Kyle Reese into a blank-faced moron where charisma goes to die.
    • The narrator not-quite-happy description of the rest of the cast, ending with:
      Narrator: [...] And Daenerys Targaryen as Sarah Connor. Come on, Khaleesi, you're so much better than this!
      Sarah Connor: I think I'm doing just fine!
    • The narrator concludes that the movie leaves "so many plot holes and unanswered questions" that he "won't even bother to list" the usual Long List of them, except for one:
      Narrator: How much they have to pay James Cameron to say this?
      James Cameron: I feel like the franchise has been reinvigorated, like this is a renaissance. You like the Terminator films, you'll like this movie.
      Narrator: [beat, as the T-800 does its un-smile] This is just... so depressing.
    • The "Starring" list: Hasta la vista, maybe; Mother of Connors, Another John's Made of Dust, LOL Simmons, The Whole Entire Bus Goes Round and Round, and Stop Trying to Make Jai Courtney Happen, It's Not Going to Happen.
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: So [John Connor] is sending his dad back in time to have sex with his mom? [shows Lorraine kissing Marty in Back to the Future] Why is incest always the go-to plot in time travel movies?
  • Star Wars (aka Joseph Campbell's Star Wars):
    • "From the once-masterful director who just couldn't leave well enough alone, comes the special effects blockbuster that transformed the entire film industry... into an assembly line for special effects blockbusters and action figures."
      Narrator: Star Wars. The first one. We are not calling it A New Hope.
    • The narrator saying that Princess Leia is "the most interesting of the two human female characters in the entire movie."
    • The narrator points out that the droids are "conscious beings with feelings and free will, who were bought and sold as slaves." But that's not the funny part, of course, but rather his reaction to it:
      Narrator: #DroidsLivesMatter guys!
    • The narrator calls Luke Skywalker "a whiny space brat." Then he realizes something:
      Narrator: Hmmm, kinda reminds me of someone... [cue montage of Luke Skywalker's angsty scenes interspersed with Anakin Skywalker's own angsty scenes] Wait, so Hayden Christensen's acting choices were... intentional?! WHOA! Mind. Blown!
    • The narrator is not exactly impressed with the Empire:
      Narrator: ...the evil Empire, with an army of clumsy idiots, [shows the often repeated scene of the Stormtrooper hitting his head on the door frame] led by the most threatening villain of all time, Darth Vader... until you hear his original voice. [shows Darth Vader speaking with the voice of his physical actor, David Prowse] Ha, not so epic now, are you bro?
    • The narrator doesn't let the "Special Editions" pass:
      Narrator: Return to a time when technology forced George Lucas to collaborate with other people, as he teams up with masters of sound design, score, editing and practical visual effects to deliver a near perfect movie, that he's made progressively worse with each special edition, because if there's one thing the original Star Wars wasn't missing, [getting progressively angrier] is poorly-rended, out-of-place CGI animals filling up every square inch of the frame! Dude! Come on! Get out of the way! Argh, I can't even see the movie.
    • The narrator also points out scenes that "nostalgic googles" keep one from realizing "were kind of dumb," like the lightsaber battle between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader being "two old geezers gently poking each other," and the destruction of the Death Star being "the most over-the-top Freudian finale of all time." Cue a hefty montage of all the lines of dialogue during that scene that could count as Accidental Innuendo:
      "Luke is the best bush pilot in the Outer Rim Territories."
      "Look at the size of that thing!"
      "They came from behind."
      "...should be able to penetrate the outer defense."
      "Almost there... Almost there...!"
      "Didn't go in."
      "You're all clear, kid! Now let's blow this thing and go home!"
      "Luke, at that speed, will y'be able to pull out in time?"
      Michael Scott: That's What She Said! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    • The narrator wants to make one thing clear:
      Narrator: So whether you're an old man who can't move on from a 38-year old movie for children, or a contrarian kid who thinks he's being edgy when he says the prequels were better, one thing is for sure: Han. Shot. First.
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: As bad as we all want a real lightsaber, let's be realistic: We could've cut off our own hand in a week.
  • Fantastic Four (2015) (aka Fant-Four-Stic):
    • At the very beginning, the reference to a certain tweet:
      Narrator: From the director of Chronicle, and a fantastic version of this movie that you'll probably never see...
      [shows a screencap from a tweet made by the film's director Josh Trank (since deleted) that read:]
      Josh Trank: A year ago I had a fantastic version of this. And it would've received great reviews. You'll probably never see it. That's reality though.
    • "It's been ten years since the last good Fantastic Four movie." Footage playing over this part is of The Incredibles.
    • The description of the cast:
      Narrator: There's Reed, the genius who can bend his body to new and exciting ethnicities; Ben, a big-hearted rock monster whose superpower is not having genitals?; this underused actress in a terrible way, who's left behind to make the guys' uniforms; and Johnny, a street-racing Brad cliché with the power to ignite... internet comment sections for being a black guy.
    • The narrator not being impressed with the inner workings of the Baxter Institute...
      Narrator: Journey to the Baxter Institute, where kids create billion-dollar inventions, powerful enough to destroy the world, in exchange for pats on the back.
      Harvey Allen: You all deserve an enormous pat on the back.
    • ...or Doctor Doom, for that matter.
      Narrator: Tremble in anticipation for the return of one of Marvel's greatest supervillains, Doctor Doom. Then shake your head in disappointment when you're stuck with this super-powered sex doll instead, complete with vague abilities, vague motivations, and vague... Ghostbusters references?
      [cut to a clip of Ghostbusters showing Dana possessed by Zuul]
      Zuul!Dana: There is no Dana, only Zuul.
      [cut to Doom saying, in almost the exact same tone:]
      Doctor Doom: There is no Victor, only Doom.
    • When the narrator says that the protagonists were "totally phoning it in," a cellphone is shown.
    • The "Starring" list: Were You Stretching Or Were You Dragging?, A Wasted House of Cards Actor (Kate Mara), A Chocolate Snowman, Michael B. Glad You Don't Have to Do Any More of These,note  Another Wasted House of Cards Actor (Reg E. Cathey), and Crash Test Doomy.
    • In The Stinger, the narrator realizes that the movie missed something:
      Narrator: Man, you know it's bad when Stan Lee won't even make a cameo.
  • Minions (aka Despicable Greed):
    • The narrator lets it clear from the very beginning about what's the real reason behind the movie:
      Narrator: From Universal Pictures... marketing department, comes one of the most expensive, far-reaching promotional campaigns of all time. And also a movie!
    • The narrator comparing the movie with Joey, The Cleveland Show, and The Battle for Endor in that it's "a Spin-Off that takes a character who's fun in small doses, and makes you wish that they stayed in the background."
    • The narrator saying that, for an Origins Episode about the Minions, it doesn't tell a lot about their origins:
      Narrator: Get ready for a Minion origin story... that doesn't even tell you what a Minion is, or where their language comes from, [shows the Minions saying "Que pasa?", "Sayonara!", and "Mazel Tov!"] or whelther they're immortal, or whether they have genders, [shows the Minions doing a Totem Pole Trench in drag] or why some have just one eye, or why always they wear goggles, or how do they reproduce. [shows a Minion getting romantic with two yellow fire hydrants] But who cares? You're either a six-year old or a parent wishing to check your phone in the movie theater.
    • The narrator saying that the movie is so full of "lazy gags" that it makes Cars 2 look like the beginning of Up.
    • The narrator warning the audience about the movie's Family-Unfriendly Aesops...
      Narrator: Try to undo the harmful messages the movie would drill into your kid's impressionable head, like: Be an mindless follower, don't question authority, and shooting at the cops is okay as long as you're little and cute.
    • ...then, weighing in that last point, realizes that it also has Family-Unfriendly Violence. ("You know, for kid's characters they do really kill a lot of people.") Cue the Failure Montage showing the Minions trying to serve their various masters and failing miserably on every occasion with a death count; it first shoots up from 5 to 105 after the Egyptians are crushed when a pyramid falls over, and then to "???" after a giant Kevin pushes a Scarlet Overkill wearing a skirt-transformed-into-a-giant-rocket onto several buildings.
    • The "Starring" list ending with "those horrible Facebook memes your aunt keeps posting that don't even have anything to do with Minions at all."
    • In The Stinger, the narrator points out that if the Minions hadn't been driven to live in the ice cave after accidentally killing Napoleon Bonaparte, they might've served as Adolf Hitler's henchmen. Complete with a photoshopped image of the Minions taking a selfie with the Führer.
  • Ant-Man (aka Tiny Iron Man):
    • The Honest Trailers title card being "ant-sized" like the first teaser trailer for the film.
    • The narrator says the movie is "based on a superhero so ridiculous, you'll swear that Marvel's choosing their projects on a dare."
      Narrator: Now get ready for a hero so silly, no one can even keep a straight face when they say his dumb name; [shows The Falcon and Darren Cross not being able to keep a straight face when saying "Ant-Man", and Scott Lang aking if they can change the name] in a superpowered heist film that against all odds... actually, kind of works! I mean, it's still more believable that somebody joining The Avengers just because they're good with a bow and an arrow, right?
    • When the narrator does his usual "Meet [X]" routine with Scott Lang, the trailer shows instead a scene from Behind the Candelabra, another film in which a character played by Michael Douglas has a relationship with a character named Scott, just a very different one.
      Narrator: [shows Matt Damon as Scott Thorson] Wait, no, not that one. [shows Scott Lang] Yeah, that's the guy.
    • As the alternative title he gave for the film implies, the narrator believes that Hank Pym and the overall plot of the film look familiar:
      Narrator: Hank Pym [is a] billionaire industrialist who lost control of his company to a bald former ally, who betrays him, and plots to use his advanced suit technology for evil. And if that sounds familiar, it's because it's the exact same premise as the first Iron Man movie.
      Scott Lang: If it ain't broke...
      Narrator: I mean, seriously, it even has that "friend staring at the suit they wear in the sequel" moment.
      James Rhodes/War Machine: Next time, baby.
      Hope van Dyne/The Wasp: It's about damn time.
    • The "few unique twists" that made the film "separate itself from the other 11 MCU films":
      Narrator: Making another schlubby comedian get abs for a superhero role, actually getting you to care about disgusting insect monsters (NOOO!!! Not Antony! Aw man! I liked that one because he had a name.), and saying the one thing everyone's been yelling at the screen since Phase 2 started:
      Scott Lang: I think our first move, should be calling the Avengers.
    • The narrator says that film made Marvel "prove once again that they can literally sell you anything, and they don't even have to try that hard to sell it." Cue the Dada-esque "ANTS" TV spot.
      Narrator: ... Huh?
    • The "Starring" list: I Love You, Mant, Tony Stark, Sr., Wasp Machine, The Only Latino in the MCU, T.I. As Himself,note  Antz, The Biggest Avenger They Could Get, Thomas and the Mant-gic Railroad, and Disposable Marvel Villain #9.
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: [while showing the Quantum Realm] Man, after this one, I cannot imagine these movies getting any strang— [the Doctor Strange logo appears] Oh yeah, forgot about that.
  • The Revenge of the Sith trailer opens by referring to George Lucas as "Disney's bitter ex-boyfriend".

  • The Martian (aka Cast Away IN SPACE!):
  • Pearl Harbor (aka Bore-a! Bore-a! Bore-a!):
    • Besides pointing out the most obvious offense leveled at the film ("a stupid, campy, made up love triangle"), the trailer points out the other thing that the film also had: "a bunch of wacky slapstick comedy!" Cue a montage of comedic scenes such as Rafe McCawley getting a syringe in the buttocks, a stuttering soldier, and Rafe getting hit in the nose, twice.
    • "Experience a Michael Bay fan fiction version of history, that's more American than two soldiers donating blood into a Coke bottle." (Shows a scene from the film that shows exactly that.)
      Narrator: Where all the men were noble patriots;
      Rafe McCawley: Not anxious to die, Sir, just anxious to matter.
      Jimmy Doolittle: There's nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer, Jack.
      Narrator: All the women were naughty nurses;
      Nurse Evelyn Johnson: [thinking] He did have a very cute butt.
      Nurse Barbara: See you on the beach, boys!
      Nurse Betty: [to Rafe] Would you happen to have any friends?
      Narrator: And not even polio could stop the President from getting up some sweet, sweet revenge. [shows the President standing up from his wheelchair] Woo yeah! USA! USA!
    • When the narrator does give some credit to it all, though:
      Narrator: Hot on the heels of Titanic's massive sucess, enjoy a blatant attempt to recreate the profits of that far better movie, but with way more explosions, and a bombing sequence so genuinely cool, you'll almost forgive the rest of the movie for being so terrible. Oh man, here we go! [bombing sequence starts] Hell yeah! Woo yeah! Get 'em! [a Japanese fighter plane appears] Oh, wait, sorry, wrong team. Dammit Michael Bay, why'd you make that look so cool?
    • The narrator laments that the film gave Michael Bay his "first and only Oscar win... for Sound Design." Cue a clip showing Ben Affleck's character opening a wine bottle with a comically fake "pop!".
    • The "Starring" list: A Daredevil Pilot (Rafe McCawley), Black Hawk Dumb (Danny Walker), Kate Beckons Sailors (Evelyn Johnson), Help Me Help U...SA (Doris "Dorie" Miller), and Racist Porky Pig (Red Winkle, the stuttering soldier, as he panics about "the Japs.")
    • The narrator ends the "Not Starring" list (which mentions real life American servicemen who participated in Pearl Harbor) with "Literally anyone else who was at Pearl Harbor... except for Cuba Gooding Jr.'s character. He was awesome."
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: You guys know it's only a matter of time before Michael Bay gets his hands on 9/11, right?
      Marcus Burnett: Shit just got real. [explosion]
  • Labyrinth (aka The Maze Runner):
    • "From Jim Henson, George Lucas, and Monty Python's Terry Jones, comes a kid's movie just as weird as you'd expect from Jim Henson, George Lucas, and Monty Python's Terry Jones."
    • Crossing into Heartwarming, the narrator's admission of the reason why they made a Honest Trailer about the film.
      Narrator: Get ready for the 1980's cult classic that we thought we'd never make an Honest Trailer for, but decided to do so we can talk about how awesome David Bowie was.
    • The narrator's description of Bowie's character, Jareth the Goblin King:
      Narrator: A magical creature that can only be described as, "David Bowie," who will have you spellbound by his magic tricks, dancing, and his, [zoooms in on "The Area"] ummm... "Major Tom," and by the hypnotic way he pronounces "baby," [cue montage of the times Jareth says "baby"] in a performance so iconic, you won't even care he's playing a kidnapper who has the hots for a sixteen-year-old.
    • The narrator describing Jennifer Connelly as "the teenager who made you feel funny in 1986, and grew into the adult that made you really uncomfortable in the year 2000."
    • The narrator referencing the Does This Remind You of Anything? aspects of Sarah's quest having parallels with a Coming-of-Age Story.
      Narrator: Go inside the mind of a young girl; navigating a maze full of danger, fluids, and sexual confusion over an older male authority figure. So... basically puberty.
    • The narrator saying that the film "full of amazing creatures, groundbreaking visuals... and fart jokes. Lots and lots of fart jokes." (the Bog of Eternal Stench)
    • The narrator invites to "sing along with all the Labyrinth songs that you totally remember," mentioning "Magic Dance," then struggling to come up with a second one, before giving up and saying "OK, it's basically just 'Magic Dance.'"
      Narrator: Listen, the dude is prolific, they all can't be Ziggy Stardust.
    • The narrator sums up the film as:
      Narrator: [...] A classic 80's movie... isn't quite as good as you remember, that completely bombed at the box office. [shows that the movie only grossed $12,729,917] But you know what? Who cares? 'Cause David Bowie is f*cking awesome! That guy could do whatever he wanted to me in his magic goblin castle!
    • The "Starring" list: Glamdalf (Jareth), David Bowie's Hand Double,Explanation  Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman (Sarah), Bernie Sanders (Hoggle), Rocket Racoon (Sir Didymus), The Eyes Wide Shut Orgy, Harry Knowles (Ludo), Jabba, Jr. (The Worm), and Baby Waldo (Toby, who has a red-and-white striped shirt.)
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: [refering to the film's puppets] Oh man, even by puppets standards, these things are really creepy. [after showing Toby cry while surrounded by them] Those are definitely real tears.
  • In the Honest Game Trailer for Life Is Strange, the "Starring" section calls Kate Marsh (who attempts to kill herself in Episode 2) "The Flying Nun".
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (aka Law & Order: Super Victims Unit *CHUNG-CHUNG*):
    • The Bait and Switch pulled at the beginning:
      Narrator: From Marvel Studios...'s down-the-hall neighbors, and Joss Whedon...'s little brother...
    • The trailer invites you to enter the world of S.H.I.E.L.D.... "for half a season, until Winter Soldier pulled the rug out from under it."
      Narrator: Listen, they do the best they can, okay? Marvel literally blew up their premise.
    • That "Bait and Switch" at the beginning continues.
      Narrator: Avengers fans assemble, to see your favorite superheroes... names get dropped. [cue montage of mentions of the Avengers]
    • The description of the rest of the main cast (including saying that Melinda May "is totally not Black Widow", the "quirky British scientists" Fitz and Simmons "were completely interchangeable until they sent one into space and gave the other brain damage," and recounting Grant Ward's Heel–Face Revolving Door) ends with "this revolving door of black characters" (Mike "Deathlok" Peterson, Triplett, Mack, and Andrew Garner), which prompts the narrator to say:
      Narrator: You know this isn't The Walking Dead, right? You can have more than one at a time.
    • The "Bait and Switch" keeps on going.
      Narrator: But the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are not alone, [shows the Avengers' first meeting] they're joined by some of Marvel's most prestigious... [shows Lady Sif] B-list characters. Like: Nick Fury (two times), Peggy Carter (in a flashback), Maria Hill (that's... cool, I guess?), Thor's lady friend (Lady Sif), Captain America's... drinking buddies? (The Howling Commandos), Agent Sit... Sit... good (Jasper Sitwell), this random Asgardian played by the guy from Ghostbusters II (Elliot Randolph), and... wait, that's it? Come on, Feige! You can't get Hemsworth there for, like, five minutes of his lunch break? Share your freakin' toys, man!
    • The "Starring" list, that includes: Dead Man Walking (Phil Coulson), Not-tasha Romanoff (Melinda May), Buffy (Skye/Daisy Johnson/Quake), Dry White Toast (Grant Ward), Definitely Not Mutants (the Gifteds), Tahiti (cue every mention of Tahiti), Protection (cue every mention about protection), Protocol (cue every mention of protocol), and Slowly Turning, Acting, Recting, and Emoting Silently. That's right, the S.T.A.R.E.S. montage is back, complete with the same awesome music!
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: Whatever Coulson, we all know what a real super agent looks like.
      Ari Gold: You will not f[bleep!]ck me in the [bleep!]! I will not stop until I destroy you!
      Narrator: I would totally watch this crossover.
  • Spectre (aka Dullfinger):
    • "In a year with four different blockbuster spy films, the great granddaddy of them all is back, and it's bringing absolutely nothing new to the table."
    • The narrator compliments the opening scene as "one of the best opening scenes in Bond history," but then calls the opening credits "about three minutes of tentacle porn," followed by "not much else."
      [cut to the SPECTRE boardroom scene, followed by an awkwardly long moment of silence]
      Narrator: Uh, hello?
      [silence continues]
      Narrator: Um, guys? D— did you mute the video or something?
      [silence continues]
      Narrator: I, I think somebody broke the, the volume.
      [silence continues; a member of SPECTRE rises from his chair and goes to talk to Oberhauser/Blofeld]
      Narrator: ...Aaand... speak.
      [the SPECTRE member speaks, but his words are inaudible, so the silence continues]
      Narrator: Speak! Say something!
      Oberhauser/Blofeld: Does anyone challenge?
      Narrator: Finally!
    • The narrator calls it a Bond by-the-numbers, and couldn't sound more bored while he "checks all the old tropes off the list."
      Narrator: [with half-hearted amazement] The car! Gadgets! Catchphrases! ("Vodka martini, shaken not stirred.") Aaand underdeveloped female sex objects.
    • The narrator extremely funny skewering of Daniel Craig's phoned-in performance
      Narrator: Daniel Craig sleepwalks through a performance [shows him looking like he's actually nodding off during a driving scene] where it's clear that he'd rather slash his wrists than do it again. Oh, poor guy had to pretend he's James Bond for millions of dollars! Suck it up and drink a martini! Experience a Roger Moore-era Bond film, if Roger Moore was a mopey dick trying to get fired from his own movie...
    • The narrator considers that the reveal that Franz Oberhauser is Ernst Stavro Blofeld is such a Captain Obvious Reveal that he compares it with John Harrison being Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness.
      Narrator: Ugh, didn't we learn nothing from Into Darkness? All that's missing is that mumbo jumbo about super blood.
      [cut to Q talking about his new "Smart Blood" nanotechnology tracking program]
      Narrator: AW COME ON MAN, REALLY?!
    • Comparing the action scenes to "playing GoldenEye 64 on Agent difficulty."
    • After the narrator says that the movie has "a bunch of crap you never wanted to see in a Bond movie" (like "briefings," "board meetings," "lectures about drones," "lectures about meteors," "therapy," "waiting for an Uber," etc.), the narrator wonders:
      Narrator: Guys, how do you make James Bond vs. the Illuminati boring?
    • Pointing out the multiple similarities to Captain America: The Winter Soldier and that The Winter Soldier is still the better movie.
      Narrator: If you only see one movie this year about a hero who belongs to a different era, battling a sleeper cell inside his own organization, with their own tentacle logo, against a former friend that was presumed dead in the snow... you should probably just rewatch The Winter Soldier. It's way better anyway.
    • The "Starring" gag:
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (aka Street Whiner II Turbo):
    • Edgar Wright is introduced as "the director of the Cornetto Trilogy and an unspecified amount of Ant-Man."Explanation 
    • The narrator compliments the film as a "cult classic full of so many awesome fight sequences and hilarious visual comedy," but then he says that those make one "barely notice that every character in it is a horrible garbage person."
      Narrator: I mean, seriously, these are all bad people. Except for Knives. I like Knives.
    • The narrator inviting the audience to "indulge in two hours of pure nerd wish fulfillment":
      Narrator: Where a guy with no personality, the face of a toddler, and the body of a stretched-out toddler hooks up with tons of girls, kicks Captain America's ass, makes a lesbian orgasm to death, and plays DDR with underage Asian schoolgirls who are obsessed with him. Man, no wonder the internet loves this movie.
    • The narrator really prefered the alternate ending in which Scott ends up with Knives rather than Ramona over the actual ending. And we do mean really.
      Narrator: Strap in for one proto-millennial's epic journey towards maturity, that ends with him finally growing up and choosing the girl he should have been with all along... wait a minute, they didn't use that ending? They reshot it so that he ends up with Ramona? Why?! What was the point of all it?! Be jealous and violent and chase after a toxic relationship?! Even when true love is staring you right in the face?! Ugh. I don't get young people.
    • The "Starring" list: Ready Player One (Scott), Manic Pixel Dream Girl (Ramona), Kung Foo Fighters (The Sex Bob-omb), Phony Hawk, Pro Skater (Lucas Lee), Vegan Vegeta (Todd Ingram), Um...Her? (Roxy Richter),Explanation  Get a Room (Envy Adams), Explanation  Hipster Kilgrave (Gideon Graves), Obligatory Gay Best Friend (Wallace Wells), and #NotYourAsianSidekick (Knives).Explanation 
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: I mean, it's fine, but the comic book is way better than the movie.
      [cuts to the scene of Scott entering Graves' venue, in which Comeau says "The comic book is better than the movie."]
      Narrator: Oh no, I'm that guy.
  • The entire X-COM Honest Trailer, especially if you went in not realizing that the narrator really is the same voice as the Council Spokesman. Then he seamlessly shifts into said voice at the end.
  • The Walking Dead – Seasons 4-6 (aka Yawn of the Dead):
    Narrator: From AMC, the creator of some of your favorite shows'... prequel spin-offs, comes the phenomenon that shows no signs of stopping... it's attempts to get you to watch Into The Badlands,note  Turn, that train one: The Walking Dead.
    Narrator: Now settle in for another block of eight episodes featuring two great ones [clip from "Too Far Gone"], two good ones [clip from "Self-Help"] and four hours of pure filler. [clip of the gang walking during "No Sanctuary"] Yaaawn. Wake me up when you get there, guys.
    Narrator: Meet what's left of the group: Rick, who's either in charge or completely nuts, depending on how Grimey his beard looks; Carl, his pudding-loving son who's been affected by enough puberty to make him age five years in a year-and-a-half-long story; Daryl and Michonne, two silent badasses with the strongest weapon of all: fan support; these two guys (Abraham and Eugene) who are so faithful to the graphic novel series that they feel like cartoons. [cue a scene of Abe punching out Eugene with cartoony sound effects]
    Narrator: And Carol, the meek and emotionally scarred victim who... [clip of Carol confessing she brutally killed two of the group] wait, what? [shows the "Just look at the flowers" scene] Damn! [shows Carol killing a Wolf with a knife to the back and then to the head] Whoa! [shows Carol threatening Sam she'll tie him to a tree far from home and that the walkers will slowly eat him alive] Damn, Carol, you scary!
    • The narrator lampshades that in almost every season, the group's home is destroyed. From the CDC, Hershel's farm, the prison (which actually lasted from Season 3 to half of Season 4), Woodbury (which the group never lived at), Terminus (which lasted like two episodes from the start and end of Seasons 4 and 5), Alexandria (which went a season before getting wrecked, but was not abandoned).
      Narrator: [as if he's pondering what to get for lunch] Hmmmm. I wonder where Negannote  lives? Can't wait for them to blow that place up next season!
    • The narrator notes that several plots go nowhere, such as the flu arc, the Rescue Arc for Beth which took half a season and ended with Beth dying, and half a season's build-up to the group getting captured by a fortress full of cannibals only to end with the group quickly wiping them out in the beginning of the next season.
      Narrator: So gear up for a show built on the premise that any main character can die at any moment [several clips of main characters dying up to Season 4] that's devolved into a show where any supporting character can die at any moment, that's devolved even further into a show where apparently no one can die... [annoyed] even if they're clearly eaten by a massive herd of frigging zombies! [referring to the infamous Disney Death of Glenn] Ugh. I need a break.
    • A parody of Talking Dead with an Expy of Chris Hardwick plays.
      Nerdy Ryan Seacrest: What's up guys? Be sure to join us after this Honest Trailer for Only Talking Positively About The Walking Dead! Tonight's guest stars are someone who died from the show, a random celebrity who may not have ever seen the show, and a producer who I cannot be critical of otherwise I might lose my job! Points!
    • Starring: More ugly cryface, more improbable headshots, more group debate, people losing it, mending fences, literally mending fences, NRA kids club, one-off expendable characters whose deaths will have zero emotional impact on the viewers, walking, straddle punching, more walking, digging, even more walking, Daryl chowin' down, a truly astounding amount of actual walking, and Coral.
  • The Honest Trailer for the Oscars. Yes, Honest Trailers made the effort to make a trailer for all eight films nominated for Best Picture.
    Narrator: In a world where a bunch of rich people dress up in fancy clothes to give each other trophies, these eight films will compete for Hollywood's hightest honor: being the answer to the question, "What did win the Oscar last year?"
  • The honest title for the Fire Emblem series: Waifu Wars: No Petting Allowed.
  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2:
    • "After two child murder Super Bowls, and one unnecessary feature-lenght prologue, strap in for the long-awaited finale, where Katniss Everdeen completes her epic revenge quest to murder President Snow... by not murdering President Snow."
      Narrator: Wait, are you kidding me?! They just calmly talk in a rose garden? You call that a satisfying conclussion?! That's like if Kill Bill did never kill Bill!
    • The trailer at one point straight-up marking the "all-new Red Shirts" by placing an "X" over them with "Dead" underneath it.
    • The narrator doesn't take well the discovery of "tiger people."
      Narrator: Hang on a second: tiger people? Really? Since when there where tiger people in this world? And don't tell me they were in the book, you book people! That so doesn't count!
    • "You rolled your eyes in Mockingjay Part 1 when Katniss could not shut the f--k up about saving Peeta. Now cringe as the character evolves from a liability who almost gets people killed to a liability who actively kills people, who no one in the entire franchise can shut the f--k up about."
      Narrator: [after a long montage of pretty much every mayor important character mentioning Peeta ends with Peeta himself saying that they should kill him if necessary] Man, even Peeta is over Peeta.
    • Finally, ending the Running Gag of the narrator's, um, "admiration" for Gale, he's really dissapointed that at the end, Katniss choose Peeta over Gale.
      Narrator: I mean, come on! You're choosing Cake Boss over a Hemsworth? I mean, sure, he was maybe responsible for bombing and killing your sister, but look at this kiss, man!: [shows Katniss and Gale kissing] Now that's what I'm talking about. Now look at you kiss Peeta: [shows Katniss and Peeta kissing] Now let's see that Gale smooch again, in slooow motion: [shows Katniss and Gale kissing again, in slow motion, over a slow jam] See? Now, that's how I would do it— I mean, you know, if I was Katniss. Gale is a total Hunkasaurus Rex that any guy— I, I mean, any girl would be totally lucky to make out with! Why they're putting Peeta on a pedestal? I would totally choose Gale— I mean, you know, if I was Katniss, heh... ah screw it: Gale is hot and I would make out with that face in a heartbeat.
    • In the "Starring" list: "Katniss Everdone With These Movies, Mallory Archer (Alma Coin), A Waste of a Perfectly Good Tucci (Caesar Flickerman), ♫ Teenage Foggy Nelson Turtle ♫ (Pollux), 3D Printed Killer Powders (the mutts), More Captain Phasma Than In Star Wars (Commander Lyme)..." Afterwards, however, the narrator starts struggling with naming the characters:
      Narrator: "Peeta..." Let's see, Pan? Haven't we done that already? We really have run out of jokes for the same cast, guys; [referring to Peeta; who ends up credited as "Peeta...Pan?"] "Hey...Mitch, You're Done With These Movies?" Uh, that wasn't even great; [referring to Haymitch Abernathy] "Gale's... Oprah's Friend"? [referring to Gale] Agh, you know what? They didn't put any effort in ending this franchise, so neither will we.
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: Four movies, and the only actual choice Katniss makes is saving her sister in the first one. At least that one worked out. [shows Katniss' sister being killed in a bombing] Oh, nevermind.
  • Batman (aka Batman Burtons):
    • "Before Christopher Nolan saved Batman from nipples, raves, and ice puns, Tim Burton had to save him from this:" Cue scenes of the Batman 1966 TV series.
      Narrator: Holy gritty reboot! Quick, to the Rebootmobile!
    • "One man wages a war against crime in an awesome-looking Batsuit... and a severily limited range of motion."
      Narrator: [after showing scenes of Batman being barely able to move in the Batsuit] Wow, that's stiff. Say what you want about Adam West, but at least he was able to move.
    • The narrator has some weird compliments to Michael Keaton:
      Narrator: Witness one of the best superhero castings of all time in Michael Keaton, a man so perfect for the role, his eyebrows are shaped like the logo. He's a reclusive billonaire dressed like your 10th grade English teacher, who's so unstable...
      Bruce Wayne: YOU WANNA GET NUTS?!?!?! COME ON, let's get nuts!
      Narrator: actually feels plausible that he would pretend to be a bat and beat up poor people.
    • The narrator's attempt to hype up Jack Nicholson's Joker ends up backfiring:
      Narrator: But the Batman can only be defined by his Joker, and Jack Nicholson is the definitive Joker. Except for Heath Ledger, or if your a Mark Hamill guy... and Leto looks kinda rad in Suicide Squad (2016). You know, now that I think about it, Nicholson is kind of just doing a Cesar Romero impression. [shows Cesar Romero's Joker's and Jack Nicholson's Joker's laughs] You know what, let's back this up:
      Narrator: But the Batman can only be defined by his Joker, and Jack Nicholson is... one of them.
    • The trailer demonstrates that this Batman didn't have a Thou Shalt Not Kill rule:
      Narrator: If you thought Batman had a rule against killing, YOU. WERE. WRONG., as this version of the character ditches beating up criminals and opts for straight-up murder. Fans were ticked off that he's got a gun in the trailer [of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice]? This Batman is a serial killer.
      [shows montage of mooks getting killed by Batman]
      Thug: Don't kill me, man!
      Batman: I'm not going to kill you.
      Narrator: Nah, he probably is.
    • After pointing out that the movie "would set the pace for every comic book movie to follow" ("from trailer hype, to merchandising, to angry fanboy backlash before the movie is even released"), the narrator considers that the movie "checks every box in 'Break the Internet' bingo before there was an internet."
      Narrator: Let's see here: Change the originnote  [check], controversial leadnote  [check], kill the hero's main villainnote  [check], completely change the costume [check], oh man, I'm on a hot streak; Cast a black guy to play a white guynote  [check]. Hey! I got angry internet nerd bingo! Do I win anything?
    • In the "Starring" list: Battlejuice, Heeeere's Joker!, Batgirl's Uncle (Alfred), You Either Die A Hero Or Live Long Enough To Be Recast In The Sequel (Harvey Dent), Jack Nicholson's Buddynote  (Bob the Goon), and Vicki Vale Screaming.
  • Superman: The Movie (aka Fun Man of Steel):
    • The narrator pointing out that, in reference to Superman getting billed second in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, "even in 1978 Superman still couldn't get top billing in his own movie."note 
    • The narrator believes that the producers "were too scared" to tell Marlon Brando "that he was mispronouncing Krypton."
      Narrator: Yeah, he got it wrong, but, would you correct the Godfather?
    • When the "spin the Earth backwards to reverse time" scene eventually comes up, the narrator can't help but chime in:
      Narrator: Uh, hey Supes? I know that [Lois Lane] was your girlfriend, but a couple more spins... could have undone the entire earthquake. Save a few lives, billions of dollars in property damage... but I get it, you're into pink.note 
    • The narrator calling Lex Luthor "a criminal super genius who dresses like André 3000."
    • "Dude, if I wanted to see an industrialist in a bad wig talk about real estate, I'd watch the presidential debates! Heh heh heh, amirite? ZING! Ugh..."
    • In the "Starring" list: Friendly Cavill (Superman), White Rashida Jones (Lois Lane), Jesse Eisenberg, Sr. (Lex Luthor), Peter Parker (Jimmy Olsen), and The God's Father (Jor-El).
    • In The Stinger, regarding baby Superman being found stark naked:
      Narrator: Was it necessary to see baby Superman's bait and tackle?
  • The Revenant (aka Hugh Glass and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day):
    • The trailer begins with:
      Narrator: From Leonardo DiCaprio, and— [shows Alejandro González Ińárritu] Hey, that's not Scorsese!
    • The narrator says that the film "put the cast through physical and mental torture to film, and put the audience through two and a half hours of mild boredom to watch." (referring mostly to the many Leave the Camera Running shots of the film.)
      Narrator: [while showing the many shots of the sky through the film] Yep, that's the sky. Yep, still the sky. Oh look, there's the sky again. Sky's not going anywhere. Another sky shot, oh goody. Oh look at that, it's the sky, again. Did they just put the camera down and forget it was rolling? Aaaand sky.
    • The narrator says that the movie was Oscar Bait, but that in any case, it was "released in a year where [DiCaprio's] biggest competition [for Best Actor Award] was this:" Cue to a scene of Bryan Cranston as Dalton Trumbo in Trumbo.
      Narrator: Seriously, if he lost to Communist Heisenberg, we'd riot.
    • The narrator comparing the two "powerhouse performances you won't be able to understand" of Leo's "full range of emotional grunting" and Tom Hardy "mumbling about pelts" to those "in the grand tradition of Nell and Pootie Tang."
    • The narrator says that the film has "occasional bursts of extreme violence to wake you up that will shock you, then bore you, then get so over the top, it's one music change away from becoming Jackass..." Cue the dangerous scenes being set to "Corona" while being interspliced with scenes of and Johnny Knoxville and co. laughing.
    • The narrator credits Leonardo DiCaprio as..."Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio," and then adds, "Oh, it feels so good to say that!" Also doubles as an awesomenote  and heartwarmingnote  moment for longtime fans of the actor.
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: Yeah, I know Leo went through a lot for this role, but look at the haircut of Mark Ruffalo in Spotlight! Now that's acting!
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens (aka Star Wars: A Familiar Hope):
    • The trailer begins with, "The following trailer is rated S for 'Spoilers'. But come on, you know you're already seen this movie."
    • The narrator admits that the movie had to do a lot of multitasking.
      Narrator: From diet Spielberg, comes the movie that had to satisfy decades of pent-up nerd expectations, make up for the prequels, introduce the franchise to a new generation of fans, make enough money to justify Disney's four billion dollar investment, and also, you know, be good. So, no pressure.
    • Since the film draws so many parallels with the original Star Wars trilogy, a old face (well, voice) appears:
      Narrator: The Force has awakened, and its first order is to revitalize the franchise, while setting the stage for an amazing expansion of the Star Wars cinematic universe...
      Original Narrator: ...By shamelessly remaking A New Hope.
      Narrator: What the— Who are you?
      Original Narrator: I'm the original Honest Trailer voice, and the originals are always better.
      Narrator: Yeah, you wish! Now put down, I got the best movie of the year to talk about.
      Original Narrator: Best? Oh man... I'm not going anywhere; someone has to stop you from going full fanboy.
      Narrator: Aw, I got a bad feeling about this.
    • Starring: Lei-AARP (Leia), MaRey Sue (Rey), Better Anakin (Kylo Ren), FN-2187. Hey, that's my PIN number! (Finn), Han Poelo (Poe Dameron), Emperor Voldemort (Snoke), R2D2-2 (BB-8), Han So Long (Han Solo), [...] and Butthole Eyes (Maz Kanata).
    • In the end, they are joined by other Epic Voice Guys, such as the one who did the first ever Honest Trailer for The Phantom Menace and the guy who did the one for Avatar, and Mr. Plinkett.
  • The Jungle Book (aka The Jungle Bore):
    • The trailer begins with:
      Narrator: [in an upbeat, whimsical voice] From the author of "Rikki Tikki Tavi" and "The White Man's Burden"? (Uh oh!), comes the animated classic that will get "Bare Necessities" stuck in your head, and have you struggling to remember anything else!
    • The recap of the plot:
      Narrator: Before you catch the latest live-action remake of an old Disney classic, go inside The Jungle Book... book movie, for a bear-ly feature-length collection of random scenes, tied together by a plot as thin as an orphan's loincloth, as this young boy is passed from one jokey, singing animal to another until a tiger finally shows up and probably burns to death. The end.
    • The trailer shows that several of the same shots and character animations were reused through the movie, showing the shots side by side for comparison, and that some shots from the movie made it into other Disney movies over the years, such as 101 Dalmatians, The Sword in the Stone, and Robin Hood.
      Narrator: That's like... Michael Bay lazy!
    • The traditional song parodies appear, even though, besides "that great song", "you couldn't name [the other songs] even with a gun in your head", such as:
      • The "'Is this even a song?' song" ("Colonel Hathi's March"):
        There's no need to sing along
        'Cause this barely is a song
        It's so monotone
        It's a boring drone [yawning sound]

        That there's no need to prolong
        So let's skip this boring song [and the trailer does]
      • The "'Time-killing jibbery' song" ("I Wan'na Be Like You"):
        Ooh be dime (Gib-ber-ish)
        'I gotta kill some screen time (This song is 4 minutes long)
        Zee dobba zee dop zime (Huh?)
        Wee dop wime (What?)
        Mi-yi-me (Hey, as long as it rhymes)
      • The "'Touchy Uncle' song" ("Trust in Me"):
        I'm a creep
        Don't trust me
        Like a van
        With free candy
      • There's of course the obligatory "porking" song ("My Own Home"):
        Lead you on
        'Lead you on
        I'll flirt with you from a distance
        Til the day that we can pork
      • And "the only song that you actually remember" ("Bare Necessities"):
        Look, you're a homeless refugee
        Red-diapered homeless refugee
        If you don't starve
        You'll get eaten alive

        Yes you're a liability
        Who almost ends up killin' me
        In real life, I would eat you
        to survive
    • In the "Starring" list: Jumowgli (Mowgli), The Big Balooski (Baloo), Black Panther (Bagheera), Tiger Scar (Shere Khan), The Exact Same Voice As Winnie the Pooh. Creepy, Right? (Kaa), and Louie Armslong (King Louie).
  • Superman Returns (aka Man of Feels):
    • "Before the balls-to-the-wall mayhem of Man of Steel, but after the balls-to-the-wall nonsense of Superman IV, there was the balls-to-the-wall boredom of: Superman Returns."
    • The narrator's opinion of Superman...:
      Narrator: Christopher Reeve is Superman... and Brandon Routh is doing a pretty good impression of him. He's the same dorky All-American hero, but with a brand new twist: Now he's also a deadbeat dad who knocked up Lois Lane, then left for five years to... go double check some rocks.
    • ...and Lex Luthor:
      Narrator: But Supes isn't the only throwback in this Donner party; Kevin Spacey stars as Gene Hackman's Lex Luthor, with his life sentence overturned in the worst court decision since O.J....
      Jimmy Olsen: Well, the appeals court called Superman as a witness and he wasn't around.
      Narrator: ...Lex is free to pursuit his stupid real estate schemes, with his stupid sidekicks, and collection of stupid wigs. [after showing a wig similar to Lex Luthor's hair in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice] Whoa, no way, did that wig grow to become Jesse Eisenberg?
    • After showing Lois Lane denying her relationship with Superman to her fiancé Richard White, the narrator realizes that:
      Narrator: James Marsden has now lost girls to Superman, Wolverine,note  and Ryan freaking Gosling,note  and in the end gets rewarded for his loyalty by raising a kid who might not even be his.
      [cut to the scene of Jason shoving a piano to one of Luthor's mooks]
      Maury Povich: You are NOT the father!
    • The narrator's take on the film's Messianic Archetypes:
      Narrator: Suit up in your Sunday best, because if you though that Zack Snyder was way too on the nose with the Jesus imagery, [shows a scene from Man of Steel in which Clark Kent is seen in front of a Jesus mosaic] Bryan Singer really nails you in the wrist with it; as Superman falls from the sky in cross arms, has his side pierced with a spear, dies and comes back to life, and flies to heaven listening to prayers. Which is pretty ironic considering that Superman was invented by two Jewish guys from Cleveland.
    • The narrator does concede that "Superman rescues a ton of people" through the film, but even then he "still has time to be a boring mopey dick."
      Narrator: See Zack? You can have it both ways.
    • And then there's the final battle...:
      Narrator: ...Where Superman faces off against... an inanimate island. Ugh.
    • In the "Starring" list: Christopher Routh (Superman), Damsel in Dis Dress (Lois Lane), House of Shards (Lex Luthor), Super Muppet (Jason White), Sighclops (Richard White), Kal-El Penn (one of Lex Luthor's henchmen), The Batman v. Superman Script (the headlines The Daily Planet has prepared for Superman's death or recovery), and Why Is Parker Posey In This Movie, And Why Is She Holding An Enormous Glass of Olives? (Kitty Kowalski).
  • Game of Thrones Vol. 2 (aka Clash of Clans):
    • The trailer does a "Previously On" about the first Game of Thrones Honest Trailer. It simply consists of Tyrion Lannister slapping Joffrey Baratheon, Daenerys shouting "WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS!", Catelyn Stark screaming in anguish, and showing Daenerys naked, as the Epic Voice Guys says "BEWBS!"
    • Once again, the narrator gleefully hums along the show's theme song.
      Narrator:Time for Honest Trailer's Game of Thrones...Duh-duh! Duh-nuh-duh-duh! Duh-nuh-duh-duh! How is that song so good?!
    • "Return to TV's most expensive-looking Renaissance fair, where the grounded realism of the first three seasons has slowly given way to crazy heavy metal album art."
    • The narrator complains that the show keeps "introduing new and exciting characters to root for, then finds new and exciting ways to kill them off." He concludes that:
    • The narrator has no time to celebrate that the character he most wanted dead, "King Justin Bieber" (Joffrey Baratheon) is dead, as "a new smirking piece of sh*t will take his place as the fictional character you most want dead," in reference to Ramsay Bolton. He then points out that he wished that Joffrey died in the previous Game of Thrones Honest Trailer and he died shortly after, so he decides to try his luck once again.
      Narrator: And since this worked so well when I said it last time: God, if he doesn't die this season, I'm gonna f*cking kill him myself! He's like, invincible Joffrey! Piece of sh*t!
    • Once again, the narrator is gleeful at seeing all the BEWBS of Westeros, complete with the montage of them being set to the same epic music... until he sees Cersei's boobs from the Walk of Shame, and the epic music is cut short. He says that he does't want so see these boobs because "these boobs are too wrapped up in Character Development," but that at least the boobs can't get any worse... until he sees Melisandre's boobs from "The Red Woman" just after the reveal that she's a centuries-old woman and her young, attractive looks are an illusion. You know the ones by now.
      Narrator: Oh. AHHH! I was so wrong! OH MY EYES! THEY BURN! Go to Starring! GO TO STARRING!
    • Starring: Cruelty, Animal Cruelty, Slaps, Nods, Eye Rolls, Littlefinger's Accent, Littlefinger's OTHER Accent, Dongs, Butts, Stannis Brooding In A Dark Room, Shae Being Called a Whore, and the Lannister Family's Drinking Problem.
  • Captain America (1990) (aka Craptain America):
    • Due to the Retraux nature of the trailer, the narrator is incredulous that Marvel Comics could produce anything resembling a good movie.
      Narrator: You've already sat through Marvel's pathetic attempts at a live-action Spider-Man, Thor, Daredevil, and Punisher. But Marvel's not done embarrassing themselves yet, in a movie so bad, it wasn't even released in theaters: Captain America, the one you rented from Blockbuster Video.

      Narrator: It's 1990, and DC rules the cimemas. [shows Batman and Superman from their respective movies] Now, laugh when the desperate Marvel scrambles to get it together in this rushed attempt to catch up with Batman and Superman's critical and box office dominance.
    • The narrator shows that the Marvel/DC situation isn't the only thing that has turned the movie into a Unintentional Period Piece.
      Narrator: The President has been kidnapped for taking a stand on the only issue that matters in the nineties: the enviroment. Now, after spending forty years frozen in a tiny snowbank, Cap must deal with the culture shock of today's America.
      Sharon Cooperman: I guess that there isn't any VCRs from where you are.
    • The narrator noting that the Red Skull got hit with Adaptational Nationality, with his nationality being changed from German to Italian for this movie for some reason.
      Red Skull: It's him.
      Red Skull's daughter: Who, papa?
      Red Skull: [in the heaviest Italian accent possible] Captain America.
      Narrator: Mamma mia— What a piece of crap!
    • "Stare at Captain America's rubber ears and wonder: Why does Captain America have rubber ears? Couldn't they just, you know, cut a hole for the actor's human ears?"
    • The narrator noting the amount of bizarre jumpcuts in action scenes, with the scene shown having 31 in the span of about 10 seconds.
    • Starring: The Captain in the Rye (Captain America), Reaganstein (Red Skull), Budget Meg Ryan (Sharon Cooperman), and the cast from A Christmas Story? Huh, That's Weird (referring to the actors who played Mr. and Mrs. Parker being in the movie).
    • The Stinger giving one last It Will Never Catch On moment.
      Narrator: Yeah, this movie wasn't great. But what if he teamed up with Eric Kramer's Thor, Lou Ferrigno's Hulk, and Dolph Lundgren's Punisher? They could totally do an Avengers movie! A really... awful Avengers movie. Ah who am I kidding. Just hang it up, Marvel, DC rules!
  • Deadpool (aka Ferris Bueller Jerks Off):
    • The opening has an overwhelming amount of "Do Deadpool!" posts, rivaling other hyper-popular films.
      Narrator: Alright, alright, we're doing f***ing Deadpool! Hold your f***ing horses, geez! Like we weren't gonna f***ing do Deadpool! F***!
    • The narrator lists off the films Deadpool outgrossed, including both Thor films, both Captain America films (minus Captain America: Civil War at this point), and The Amazing Spider-Man Series, then ends up sounding increasingly incredulous when he realizes that the list also includes Guardians of the Galaxy, all X-Men films and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
    • And just after that list, Deadpool himself (as in, played by Ryan Reynolds) shows up.
      Narrator: [regarding its success] ...likely prompting a new wave of R-rated superhero films.
      Deadpool: So, when Aquaman starts throwing out sperm whale jokes, you know who to thank.
      Narrator: Holy crap, Deadpool?!
      Deadpool: No, it's Rhythm Nation-era Janet Jackson. Yeah! I'm motherf***ing Deadpool!
      Narrator: Wow! You showing up in your own Honest Trailer? That's so meta!
      Deadpool: Well, it's kind of my thing. Shall we?
      Narrator: Let's do this!
    • This gem:
      Deadpool: And more dick jokes than you can shake a sack full of dicks at!
    • When the Narrator states the movie is like a "really expensive, longer episode of Family Guy", Deadpool stops him and asks which season, and says he can "take" Season 4.
    • When the narrator says that, while the filmmakers did "beautifully make fun of all the superhero genre's clichés", they also did "the same old conventional love story and a by-the-numbers revenge plot we've seen a million times before", he soon comes to regret it.
      Deadpool: Whoa whoa who, simmer down, big boy. "By-the-numbers"? The f**k is that supposed to mean?
      Narrator: Hey, I said I liked it in the beginning. I think it's fair to point out some flaws, too.
      Deadpool: Oh, "fair". You think I give a moist bag of soggy ***-lint about "fair"? Deadpool is the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time! Except for Jesus.
      Narrator: Uh...
      Deadpool: Everyone's sucking my d**k now. And you sure as s**t should be too, you back-ass twaddle-f**k. And what the f**k is with these beeps?
      Narrator: You know, kids watch these videos, Mr. Pool.
      Deadpool: Kids f**king love it when I curse. S**t! F**k! ***ag! Turbo boner! Mh-hm, that felt good.
    • Deadpool revealing that he's only there because the home release for the movie came out that day.
      Deadpool: Look, the only reason I'm here is to promote Deadpool, which is now on Blu-ray and DVD — blah blah blah blah blah like anyone still buys those glorified f**king drink coasters. So let's be real, Honest Trailer Guy: I'm way too big of a deal to be slumming it in some played out web series.
      Narrator: [sighs, with a defeated tone] Yeah, commenters do say we're not as funny as we used to be.
      Deadpool: Now, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? That's a show I should do.
    • The reveal that Deadpool is actually a fan of the "Starring" part, or as he calls it:
      Deadpool: Hey hey hey, can I listen to you do the Honest Names? I love that part.
      Narrator: Honest... Names?
      Deadpool: You know, the bit you do at the end of your videos that we, uh, quote, "borrowed" for our opening credits.
      Narrator: Well, at least you're admitting it! Let me show you how it's done.
      Deadpool: Great! Just make it snappy, I have to crank out some Deadpool React videos now that those brothers aren't suing people anymore.
      Narrator: Starring: Freak in the Streets, But a Freak in the Sheets (Vanessa), Yakov Strongoff (Colossus), A T.J. Miller Type (Weasel), ♫ Teenage Mutant Nega Sonic ♫ (Negasonic Teenage Warhead), Stan Lee Between Movies (Stan Lee),note  and...
      Deadpool: Oh oh oh oh! Can I do this one?
      Narrator: Sure, it's all yours.
      Deadpool: And, as the fetid testicle wrestler, Van Even Wilder.
    • In The Stinger:
      Deadpool: Great, but don't ask me to do this again for Deadpool 2. I'm serious.
      Narrator: OK. Do... you have... Wolverine's number by any chance?...
      Deadpool: Yes I do. I've got it in my phone under the name Jean Valjean.
      Narrator: Can... you give it to me?
      Deadpool: No.
  • X-Men: The Animated Series (aka X-Men: Better Than the Movies):
    • The narrator saying that the series is "wrapped up in a theme song that's been stuck in your head for decades."
      Narrator: Seriously, if Professor X was real, all he'd hear is ♫ Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuuuuuuh-nuh-nuh...
    • The narrator says that the X-Men team is actually pretty similar to the one from the movies, except for some changes:
      Narrator: Suit up with a X-Men team you're pretty damn familiar with by now, who are all pretty much the same as their movie counterparts, except the spandex is yellower, the Rogues are sexier, and Jubilee is a main character, for some reason. Because what the X-Men really need is a mall rat with the power of sparkles. Stop trying to make Jubilee happen, show, it's not gonna happen.
    • The narrator's way of praising the series for how they brough classic storylines to life... while also pointing out its faults in other departments.
      Narrator: Return to the mid-nineties on Fox, where inbetween reruns of Eek! The Cat and Power Rangers, you'd watch the X-Men bring classic storylines to life, like: The Phoenix Saga, that was so much better than X3; Days of Future Past, that's as good as Days of Future Past; and the Weapon X episode that's so much better than Wolverine Origins, you'll almost give them a pass for the half of season five where they moved production to the Philippines.
      [shows a scene from said season, with some obvious botched animation]
      Narrator: Yeesh, don't get any ideas, Singer.
    • The narrator touches the X-Men's aesop of fighting prejudice, but finds that in this series the aesop was rather... broken.
      Narrator: Prepare for a series that's about so much more than fighting supervillains, it's also about fighting prejudice, as racists and bigots of all stripes are defeated by: A stereotypical Southerner (Rogue), a stereotypical Cajun (Gambit), stereotypical Russian (Colossus), and stereotypical German (Nightcrawler). Because nothing defeats stereotypes like a different, more powerful stereotype.
    • The narrator concludes that overall the series is "great despite being very much a product of its time." Cue the scene of Cyclops answering to a Sentinel's order to surrender with, "Of course... NOT!" (as seen on The Nostalgia Critic) and Morph saying "Makin' copies!" The narrator also states that it "might be the second best superhero series ever made. And when first place is Batman, second place ain't half bad!"
    • Starring: Sentinels Sucking at Their Jobs (shows Sentinels, well, sucking at their jobs), Storm Yelling at Nature (shows Storm loudly calling for the elements), Awesome Easter Eggs (shows cameos of Cable, The Punisher,note  Ms. Marvel, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man), Wolverine Trying to Curse (shows Wolverine doing some mild cussing, like "Gutter trash!"), Cliffhangers (shows the series' many "To Be Continued..." endings), Wolverine Grunting (shows Wolverine grunting), Scott and Jean Yelling Each Other's Names (shows the many instances of Scott and Jean yelling each other's names), and Jean Grey's X-Gasms (shows many of Jean's rather, ahem, impassioned sighing and groaning.)
      Narrator: Is it weird that this is... kinda turning me on?
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: You know the only thing better than the intro? The Japanese intro.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Coming Out of Their Shells. That's right, they made an Honest Trailer for the live musical:
    • For the first time ever, no one apparently came forward with video requests. (The fact that probably no one expected them to do a Honest Trailer for a live musical probably had something to do with that.)
      Narrator: Well, this is awkward. Nobody ever asked for what we're about to do. But we think you'll love it anyway.
    • The narrator goes to town about the music featured:
      Narrator: Prepare to be blown away by music someone thought was good enough to play in public; like this lame Beach Boys knock-off, this rap that makes Vanilla Ice look like Tupac, the one where they just yell at you to be straight,note  April O'Neil's power ballad, and Splinter's... weird, slow Bruce Springsteen homage? Huh?
      [shows a clip of Splinter's performance of "Skipping Stones"]
      Narrator: He can make a funny, but he can not make a sing-y.
    • The narrator praises that in the show "at least you can get five minutes of Shredder roasting an audience of children." Cue Shredder doing a couple of Boring Insults, then doing one just bordering on Getting Crap Past the Radar:
      Shredder: Is that your mom? How would you like a one-way ticket to my Technodrome?
      Narrator: AWWW BURN! You heard that little boy? Shredder's gonna pork your mom, bro!
    • "Strap in for a concert film only the Black Nerd could love." Cut to the Black Nerd himself.
      The Black Nerd: [holding a VHS of the concert] Yeah... ♫ Out of our shells...
    • When the narrator thinks he's seen the Turtles franchise at its lowest, somebody appears to show him some even crappier Turtles material:
      Narrator: what has to be the worst thing ever made with the Ninja Turtles in it.
      The Nostalgia Critic: Not so fast, Honest Trailer Guy!
      Narrator: Who are you?
      The Nostalgia Critic: Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic, I wade through the crap of yesteryear so you don't have to.
      Narrator: I just waded through a lot of crap, my friend.
      The Nostalgia Critic: Oh, the Ninja Turtles suck pile goes even deeper than you know. How about We Wish You a Turtles Christmas?
      Narrator: Huh?
      The Nostalgia Critic: The musical Christmas special, of course! Check it out!
      [cut to the special, where Leonardo sings a reggae version of "Deck The Halls (With Pepperoni)"]
      Narrator: Aw jeez, why does Leonardo have a Jamaican accent?!
      The Nostalgia Critic: Nobody knows. How about Turtle Tunes? The one where they reworked public domain songs with lyrics about stranger danger?
      [cut to the Turtles singing a song named "Don't Talk To Strangers"]
      Narrator: What the—?! How many musicals did they make?!
      The Nostalgia Critic: Just a few more. So, you say you love Out of Their Shells?
      Narrator: No?
      The Nostalgia Critic: Well, then you'll love their even lower-budget follow-up Getting Down in Your Town!
      [shows a clip from it]
      Narrator: Augh! Stop, please! OK, been enough—!
      The Nostalgia Critic: [leans towards the camera with a maniac glare and slasher smile] Now watch their appereance on Oprah!
      [cut to the Turtles on Oprah, in which one of them says that he's tried to talk April O'Neil into an interspecies relationship for months]
      The Nostalgia Critic: [pointing at a kid in the crowd] Look at that kid, he's f*cking terrified!
      Narrator: [depressed] I don't need this...
      The Nostalgia Critic: [getting more worked up] Regis and Kathie Lee!
      [shows the Turtles on Regis and Kathie's show]
      Narrator: Why?
      The Nostalgia Critic: [frantic] Barbara Walters!
      [shows the Turtles on Barbara Walters' show, with one of them crying Ocular Gushers]
      Narrator: Oh I can't take it anymore!
      The Nostalgia Critic: Now feast your eyes on this promotional video for the LA subway system!
      [shows the video, which includes the Turtles]
      The Nostalgia Critic: AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    • The "Starring" list? Simply "Absolutely Nothing of Value." And the suggested new title? "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Your Childhood Always Sucked (You Just Didn't Know It)"
    • In The Stinger, all the narrator can muster to say after all that is:
      Narrator: Man, the past... is really weird.
  • Zootopia (aka Paw and Order *CHUNG-CHUNG*):
    • At the very beginning, the narrator isn't sure who to credit for the film:
      Narrator: From Pixney! I mean, Disnar! Man, these two are really starting to blend together!
    • The narrator credits the movie for "finally [getting] people to stop talking about Frozen."
      Chief Bogo: Let. It. Go.
    • The narrator wonders about the circumstances that led to a world populated by anthropomorphic animals:
      Narrator: [in his lighthearted voice for children's movies] Journey to Zootopia, a place with 12 unique ecosystems [...] that's either a possibly advanced paradise where animals live together in harmony, [switches to his epic voice] or a palace built for our mammal overlords in the ashes of an extinct human world after war and famine wiped us from the Earth. [switches back to his lighthearted voice] You know, one of the two!
    • "Fall in love with smart, complex animal characters and their lazily forced pun names."
      Narrator: Like Judy... Hopps. Get it? Cause she's... [sighs]
    • The narrator going into a rant while describing Judy's job:
      Narrator: ...cinema's most likable meter maid. Actually, cinema's only likable meter maid, because seriously? Meter maids are the worst! I mean, come on! I was only in there for like five minutes, and no, you haven't written your little ticket yet, cause I can see [descends into Angrish] your stupid little machine right there! Get a real job, lady!
      Young Hippo: My mommy says says she wishes you were dead.
      Narrator: So do I! Argh! Get it together, man...
    • After pointing out that Judy and Nick Wilde form a sort of Interspecies Romance, he laments that "sadly, they'll never be able to consumate" it:
      Narrator: Not because I'm speciesist or anything, it's just that nobody in this movie has any genitals, or even, you know, a butt... hole. Seriously, how anyone goes to the bathroom in this place?
    • The narrator concludes that the teachings about discrimination in the movie "will either teach your kids to be more tolerant, or turn them into a furry."
    • He then uses Some of My Best Friends Are X to disprove that he's species-ist, only to dig himself deeper in the process.
      Narrator: Does this mean I'm racist? I owned a bunch of rabbits when I was a kid! I mean, they were mine, not that they're property, or- look, I love rabbits, okay? Just, that came out all wrong! Go to starring. Go to starring!
    • Starring: NYPD Bluth (Nick Wilde), The Part in the Trailer That Made You Want to See the Movie (the sloth), Buff-A-Luther (Chief Bogo), Baaaaaaad (Dawn Bellwether), Mayor Mufasa (Mayor Leodore Lionheart), Shakira As Shakira (Gazelle), Your Stereotypical Italian Mobster (Mr. Big), Your Stereotypical Donut Eating Cop (Officer Clawhauser), Your Stereotypical Dumb Southerner (Gideon Grey), and Hot Fuzz (Judy Hopps).
      Narrator: Get it? Cause she's a bunny cop, but she's hot too!— Wait, I can say that she's hot too, right? Dang it, am I a racist and a furry now? Ah, this movie is such a minefield!
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: [looking at the bootleg movies Duke Weaselton sells] Let's see: Pig Hero 6, Wrangled, Wreck-It Rhino... hmmm, I wonder what they think of The Lion King and The Jungle Book? Are they like, documentaries?
  • Finding Nemo (aka Taken):
    • The narrator starts the trailer saying that everybody is hoping for the sequel to be "a little more Toy Story 2 than Cars 2."
    • "Meet Marlin, a dad coping with living through the first 10 minutes of a Pixar movie."
      Narrator: He'll do whatever it takes to get [his son] back, even if it means taking advantage of the mentally-handicapped. But when the handicapped fish is Ellen, it's okay.
    • While describing Dory, the narrator starts worrying about the choice of her being the protagonist for the sequel:
      Narrator: Fall in love with, and quickly get sick of, Dory, the fish version of the kid who asks their parents what's happening every five seconds, [cue a montage of Dory asking questions] who can't remember anything unless it's convenient to the plot, which makes her a really weird choice for her own solo movie. Man, Pixar better not be going Minions on us. Never go full Minion.
    • The narrator describes the journey of Marlin and Dory as combining "the wonder of The Little Mermaid, the excitement of The Great Escape, and the musical talents of Ellen DeGeneres." Cue Dory's awful singing.
    • The narrator talking about the movie's aesop of having Marvin leting go his fear that the ocean is trying to kill him, even through the movie seems to back him up on that claim by depicting the ocean as a "non-stop murder parade":
      Narrator: Holy crap, the ocean's scary! I think I'm just gonna stay on land where it's safe.
      [cut to the "MINE!" scene]
      Narrator: AW COME ON!!!
    • In a bit of Black Comedy, the narrator pointing out the movie's famous case of Misaimed Fandom:
      Narrator: Reel in the Pixar classic everyone took the wrong lessons from, leading to the capture of thousands of actual Nemos, the death of countless fish that kids tried to free down the toilet, and four new seafood restaurants for complete sociopaths. [shows the marquees of four seafood restaurants, all named "Frying Nemo"] That's messed up, dude. Don't make me think about what I'm eating.
    • While the trailer calls the movie "another fantastic Pixar movie", he also credits it to how it "executes their assembly-line formula perfectly":
      Narrator: With an emotional jarring opening, a sentimental protagonist-wacky sidekick duo, and just enough poop jokes to entertain your kids.
    • Starring: Mr. Mom (Marlin), Memento (Dory), Fishstick (Nemo), Michelangelo (Crush), Willem Dafin (Gill), and The Walking Dead Season 4 (Coral, while showing the scenes of Marlin calling for her)Explanation 
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: Did you know that clownfish are hermaphrodites? That means that when a female dies, the dominant male changes his gender and mates with the next male in line. [shows Marlin and Nemo hugging] Oh no!
  • Pixels (aka Sh*tsels):
    • The narrator calling it "the movie that proves that a fun premise, a good director, and Peter Dinklage are still no match to Adam Sandler."
    • The narrator has some trouble remembering the last funny Adam Sandler movie.
      Narrator: You've been waiting for a funny Adam Sandler movie since... uh, let me see: Big Daddy has its moments; maybe The Wedding Singer? Is definitely something before Little Nicky.
      Nicky: I gotta help her, I gotta help Dad.
      Narrator: Ugh, yikes.
    • The narrator refering to the fact that it was based on a short film that "sparked a bidding war that Adam Sandler won, and so, America lost."
    • The narrator's reaction to Kevin James playing the President of the United States. After showing a scene of James doing an incredibly goofy dance while "Hail to the Chief" plays, all the narrator can muster is let go a pained sigh.
    • When the narrator expects the movie to star Sandler's usual guys, he's surprised to see his new co-stars:
      Narrator: But the Sandman is never alone; you know he's going to bring his old crew along for the ride, like— [shows Josh Gad] Wait, that's not Rob Schneider! Peter Dinklage? What are they doing here? Not cool, man! Suck all you want, but don't drag Tyrion down with you!
    • The narrator finally has had it when:
      Narrator: Josh Gad [turns] Q*bert into a hot chick he can bang, but they still have Q*bert babies?! Argh, what the f*ck?! Who cares anymore?! Clearly they don't!
    • Starring: They're Not Gonna Laugh At You (Adam Sandler); Perl Blerp: Merl Cerp (Kevin James), A Lannister Must Have Needed To Pay His Debts (Peter Dinklage), No-Laf (Josh Gad), Jar Jar Blinks (Q*bert), and Cuuuuubes.
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: I know it looks like Sean Bean doesn't die in this movie, but look closer at his eyes. See? He's dead inside.
  • Jaws (aka Shark Tale):
    • The narrator describing the movie as "the thriller that earned [Steven Spielberg] enough good will to make up for a million Crystal Skulls. OK, one Crystal Skull."
    • The narrator reflects on how the movie used Nothing Is Scarier... because the makers didn't have a choice.
      Narrator: Experience one of the scariest monster movies of all time... with barely any monster in it, that managed to scare the crap out of you with two musical notes, the occasional fin, and some barrels... because Spielberg didn't really have a choice.
      Steven Spielberg: It was frustating, it didn't really work all the time, it didn't work, hardly at all.
      Narrator: Thank God it didn't work; [showing when the shark finally appears on camera while attacking the Orca in the climax] any more of that thing would make Jaws I look like Jaws IV.
      [shows scenes of the Special Effects Failure-laden shark from Jaws IV]
    • "People are dying on Amity Island, and only one monster is to blame — The Mayor!"
      Narrator: Watch as this horrible man, and his even more horrible blazers, do everything they can to keep business going, no matter how many girls, dogs, children, docks, guys and other guys keep getting eaten.
      Mayor Larry Vaughn: But those beaches will be open for this weekend!

      Mayor Larry Vaughn: We need summer dollars!
      Narrator: He is so getting named in a class action suit after this.
    • The narrator's description of our three protagonists:
      Narrator: Out for vengeance is Chief Brody, a cop who wants to keep everyone safe [shows a montage of scenes of Brody drinking] while getting a good buzz going.
      Chief Brody: I can do anything, I'm the chief of police.
      Narrator: He'll take to the sea with Hooper, the original Instagram hipster...
      Hooper: Would you please go to the end of the pulpit?!
      Brody: What for?!
      Hooper: I need to have something in the foreground to give it some scale!
      Narrator: ... and Quint, a grizzled old fish encyclopedia. [cut to scenes of Quint mentioning many types of marine life]
    • The narrator says that Quint "sails out to do two things: Kill sharks and sing sea shanties." Just as he is about to add "and he's all out of sea [shanties]", he gets interrupted by Quint singing more sea shanties. This goes on for a long while, until the narrator just gives up and says "...and he's dead", and shows Quint's death scene.
    • While the narrator says that it inspired other great horror movies like Alien, he also adds that it inspired "every sci-fi movie that combines sharks with tornadoes, an octopus, or Tara Reid."
    • "So before you see the Spielberg film about a big friendly giant, revisit the film about a big f*cking shark..."
    • The narrator tries to find An Aesop about the film's making:
      Narrator: [The film] proves that you don't need fancy CGI to make a great blockbuster, just one of the best living directors, a perfect cast, and one of the most iconic scores of all time. [beat] That, uh... actually sounds pretty hard. Now I get why they sick with CGI.
    • Starring: SeaQuest (Brody), '70s Paul Giamatti (Hooper), Captain AAhab (Quint), When You Fish Upon A Star (a shooting star seen in a scene), The Universal Studios Tour (the shark), This Guy (the guy who says "A what?" when Hooper says "Tiger shark"), The Part That Made You Poop Your Pants (the Peek-A-Boo Corpse found by Hooper), Legs, More Legs, and Seriously, What's With This Movie And Legs? (the many shots of legs through the movie).
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: You know the book this was based on was set on the Jersey Shore, right? That would have been a way different movie.
      [shows a typical scene from Jersey Shore]
      Narrator: Get'em shark, get'em!
  • Big Hero 6 (aka The Incredi-Tweens):
  • The "Starring" list for Mighty No. 9 (aka Giant No. 2):
    Narrator: Rip and Off (Beck and Call), Stoner Dr. Light (Dr. William White), Dr. Thyroid Problem (Dr. Soichiro Sanda), Heatman (Pyrogen), Gutsman (Seismic), Protoman (Brandish), Gyroman (Aviator), Mexican Man (Countershade), Bad Design Man (Battalion), Not a Man (Cryosphere), Shockingly Original (Dynatron), and seriously, that's Just Dr. Wily (Dr. Blackwell)!
  • Ghostbusters II (aka Ghostbusters II: The Secret of the Ooze):
    • "Before you see the reboot that the internet thinks will be an unfunny attempt to cash in on your nostalgia from the original Ghostbusters, revisit the unfunny attempt at a sequel that kinda already took care of that."
    • The narrator is not happy with the Sequel Reset that had the people of New York convincing themselves into believing the events of the first movie were all a hoax.
      Narrator: It's been five years since the Ghostbusters saved New York from a ghostpocalypse. Now everybody believes they're frauds for some reason.
      Kid: My dad says you guys are full of crap.
      Narrator: Did your dad not live in New York five years ago?
      Jack Hardemeyer: ...two-bit frauds and publicity hounds like you and your friends!
      Narrator: Seriously; did everybody just forget that the city was invaded by actual ghosts?
      Judge: So I don't wanna hear a lot of malarkey about goblins, spooks, and demons.
      Narrator: Malarkey? What about the hundred foot tall marshmallow man who destroyed part of the city? Remember: Gozer? Zuul? Huge earthquakes that swallowed the city blocks? Dogs and cats living together?
    • After giving a side by side comparison to the first movie, pointing out how the plot is identical to the first film.
      Narrator: [annoyed] It's exactly the same as the first movie! But bad!
    • The narrator thinks that Vigo the Carpathian should've taken a second calling:
      Narrator: Introducing Vigo the Carpathian, an evil painting who really should have stuck to writing metal lyrics.
      Vigo the Carpathian: [with a heavy metal riff dubbed over in the background] On a mountain of skulls, in a castle of pain, I sat on a throne of blood.
      Narrator: Hell yeah! That painting is awesome! Right? [beat, then sighs] Argh, this movie sucks...
    • The narrator chalks up still feeling nice to see the main characters onscreen together despite not liking their sequel to that "every generation has their Hangover II."
    • After bringing up again the people who criticized the new Ghostbusters movie online before it even came out, the narrator lists all the things that already put a damper on the franchise besides Ghostbusters II:
      Narrator: Unless you think that the franchise was already ruined by the terrible video game, or that other terrible video game, or Extreme Ghostbusters, or this embarrassing cameo in the Casper movie:
      Ray Stantz: Who You Gonna Call? Someone else.
      Narrator: ...or the fact that Bill Murray doesn't want to do another Ghostbusters, or that Rick Moranis gave up acting, or that Harold Ramis passed away, or that Dan Aykroyd is losing his mind.
      Dan Aykroyd: I don't think we will ever have a formal relationship, a formal contact, with any alien species out there, especially after 9-11.
      Narrator: But hey! Ernie Hudson is available for whatever you got! Sequels, reboots, children's birthday parties. Ghostbusters III: Ernie's Gotta Eat.
    • Starring: Elwood Boos (Ray Stantz), Harold Ramissed (Egon Spengler), Ringo (Winston Zeddemore), A Very Murray Sequel (Peter Venkman), Ripley and Newt (Dana and Oscar), Honey, I Busted the Ghost (Louis Tully), The Only Guy Having Fun In This Movie (Janosz Poha), The Photobooth Pinch Filter (Vigo the Carpathian being distorted by the positive slime), Claudio Miranda (Vigo the Carpathian), The Stuff They Make Chicken McNuggets Out Of (the slime), and The Comment Section of the New Ghostbusters Trailer (Ray Stantz yelling at the negative slime).
    • In The Stinger, the narrator muses that even the original movie might have also ruined something...cue clips of the obscure and cheesy 1975 low-budget TV show The Ghost Busters, which later spawned its own animated sequel, Filmation's Ghostbusters.
      Narrator: Yep, that was a thing.note 
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (aka Fans v Batman v Superman v Critics v Other Fans v Executives v Zack Snyder v Expectations: Can't Do Them All Justice):
    • "From Zack Snyder and his accurately named production company (Cruel and Unusual Films), comes the blockbuster that united the world's two biggest superheroes...and divided everyone else."
    • The narrator considers that the movie was "a cool new Batman movie trapped inside a boring, convulted Superman sequel trapped inside...whatever cartoon Lex Luthor is from."
    • At one point the narrator gets so fed up with Superman being so brooding rather than attempting to defend himself from the media circus that he starts yelling at him things he could do to stop people from hating him, finishing off with "do some carpool karaoke and sing that Five for Fighting song!" ("Superman").
      Narrator: ♫ I'm more than a bird, I'm more than a plane... ♫
    • Like in Man of Steel, the narrator is still not impressed with Superman, but is still pleased that he's still such a beefcake.
      Narrator: Those abs are so good, [pans to a pair of fried eggs that Superman is cooking, that look quite fake] you won't even notice how fake those eggs are.
    • The narrator's way of complimenting Wonder Woman:
      Narrator: ...also, everything Wonder Woman did was really cool. Sorry if that seems kind of tacked-on and out-of-place. But y'know, so was she.
    • The narrator starts recounting Lex Luthor's Evil Plan, but soon realizes that it's too long and complicated, so he asks if there can be a list recounting its steps. There are no less than twenty six steps to Lex's plan, some even had sub-sections.
      16. Pee in a jar.
    • After reading through Lex Luthor's year-long plan to kill Superman, the narrator cries out in frustration over how Luthor threw everything but the kitchen sink into his scheme. Cut to Batman braining Superman with a bathroom sink.
      Narrator: ...aaand there's the sink.
    • Among all the things the movie set out to do? "Pander to jar-of-pee enthusiasts".
    • Starring: Batfleck Forever (Batman), Last Son of Crapped On (Superman), Lady in the Water (Lois Lane in a bathtub), Jeremy's Iron (Alfred), Hector Salamanca (Wallace Keefe), Teenage Mutant Abomination Lord of the Rings Cave Troll (Doomsday), Max Landis (Lex Luthor), Worst. Product Placement. Ever. (Luthor pushing a Jolly Rancher onto a senator's mouth), What the Hell Is Even Happening Here? I Had to Ask, Like, 10 Hardcore DC Fans and Even Some of Them Didn't Know (The Flash's appearance to Bruce Wayne), Xena: Warrior Cameo (Wonder Woman), A Democratic Senator From Kentucky? Pffft! Sure, Why Not (Senator June Finch), Tonight, A Comedian Died In Gotham (Thomas Wayne), Martha Wayne, and Martha Kent— Oh! Now I Get It! Nope, Still Dumb.
    • In The Stinger, in a Black Comedy sort of way:
      Clark Kent: How come Dad never left Kansas?
      Narrator: You let him die in a tornado, remember?
  • Pokémon Go (aka Pokémon Go Recharge Your Phone):
    • "Prepare to step into Pokémon's largest region yet: Outside."
      Narrator: Outside features photorealistic graphics, [shows various landscapes] billions of NPCs [shows several large crowds of people] and an unforgiving permadeath system. [shows a cemetery]
    • When the narrator goes to describe the teams:
      Narrator: Where you arbitrarily ride or die for the emo Team Mystic, the asshole Team Valor, or the paint-eating Team Instinct, aka Hufflepuff, aka the pee pants babies. TEAM VALOR FOR LIFE YO!!!
    • The narrator invites the viewer to "get in on this fad before old people ruin it." Cue shots of a The Simpsons short made to blatantly cash-in on the fad, a CBS report on the game made with really conspicuous CGI'd Pikachu, Charmander and Bulbasaur, and Hillary Clinton making a reference to the game in one of her speeches.
    • Starring: Going For A Walk!, Making Some Friends!, Hanging Out At Parks At Night!, Finding A Dead Body (shows a report of three women who found a dead body while playing the game), Getting Mugged (shows a report of players who got robbed), Getting Stabbed (shows a report of a man who got stabbed while playing), and Falling Off A Cliffnote  (shows a report of a man who fell off a bluff while playing).
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: You know, if they really wanted to make Pokémon in real life, your mom would kick you out of the house when you turn ten just so she can bang Professor Willow.
  • The Bourne Trilogy (aka Finding Bourney):
    • "Before you get Bourne again, revisit the trilogy that made the world realize that the kid from Good Will Hunting kicks some serious ass!"
      David:note  Y'know, I always thought that Matt Damon was like a Streisand, but he's rocking the sh*t in this one!
    • The narrator praises the action scenes and the spy technology featured for feeling realistic, but says that "its signature camera work feels like someone strapped a GoPro to a meth head."
      Narrator: [as a fight scene is shown, set to merry-go-round music] Man that is shaky. This is really hard to follow, guys! I... I get kinda dizzy!... Argh, why did I think it was a good idea to sit in the front row?! Oh I think I'm gonna be sick. [gags]
    • The narrator calling Bourne "the spy who made that era's James Bond look like a joke," (while showing Pierce Brosnan in Die Another Day), "with the skills of Liam Neeson in Taken, but the brain of Dory in Finding Nemo," as he shows scenes of Bourne talking about his amnesia.
    • The narrator then lists the useful stuff he does still remember:
      Narrator: Like: how to weaponize an entire Staples catalog; [shows Bourne beating people with a ballpoint pen, a rolled-up magazine, and a book] super bribing [shows Bourne bribing various people] a bunch of other skills that don't seem very relevant;
      Jason Bourne: I can tell you the license plate numbers of all six cars outside. I can tell you that our waitress is left-handed and the guy sitting up at the counter weighs 215 pounds. Now why would I know that?
      Narrator: And his signature move: the old "come alone," [shows a brief montage of Bourne saying "come alone" and derivatives] "slip away." [shows a brief montage of Bourne slipping away from authorities]
    • The narrator lampshades the In-Name-Only nature of the films in comparison to the books they're based on as a good thing, saying that they "couldn't be more different that those long boring books on sale at the airport."
    • The narrator's summary of the three films:
      Narrator: The Bourne Identity, where Bourne tries to figure out who he is, has a cool car chase, and runs from a control room full of people on computers, only to discover that the crooked government guy chasing him was just a puppet for someone else; The Bourne Supremacy, where Bourne tries to figure out why he is who he is, has a cool car chase, and runs from a control room full of people on computers, only to discover that the crooked government guy chasing him was just a puppet for someone else; and The Bourne Ultimatum, where Bourne tries to figure out who made him who he is, has a cool car chase, and runs from a control room full of people on computers, only to discover that the crooked government guy chasing him was just a puppet. For someone. Else. Hey if it ain't broke don't fix it.
    • Starring: Jason Bahn (Jason Bourne), Grumpy Old Men (the many middle-aged men that serve as antagonists), Cameos (The Professor and Kiril), Tommy Lee Joans (Pamela Landy), 10 Things I Hate About Spies (Nicky Parsons), Gun Control, Tactical Monacle-ing, Old-Ass Computer Monitors, Looking Worried While Walking Through A Train Station (shows scenes of Bourne doing that), People Saying ‘Asset’ (shows several scenes of people saying "Asset") and Like, A Million Turtlenecks.
    • In The Stinger, after it's revealed that Jason Bourne is actually a man named David Webb from Missouri:
      Narrator: So he's just some dude from Missouri named David; that's it? International superspy Jason Bourne sounds way cooler, bro.
    • In The Stinger's Stinger (as in, after all the "comments read by the narrator" part, and five seconds before the video ends), the narrator realizes that they forgot something:
      Narrator: Oh that's right, we forgot that Jeremy Renner Bourne movie existed! Admit it, you did too.
  • Watchmen (aka Dr. Manhattan or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dong):
    • The narrator notes Alan Moore's famously negative views on his works' movie adaptations, including this one, alongside other kind of views:
      Narrator: ...a film that Watchmen creator Alan Moore described as, "regurgitated worms." Then again, the guy worships a snake, so take it with a grain of salt.
      Alan Moore: [archive audio recording] When it comes to my spiritual beliefs, perhaps that's why I worship a second century human-headed snake god called Glycon...
    • The narrator says that the movie is "full of so many story threads, it feels like marathoning an entire season of Lost. At the same time."
    • The narrator's description of the protagonists, especially one in particular:
      Narrator: Like The Comedian, who's Captain America, if he were a dick; Rorschach, who's Batman, if he were a dick; and Doctor Manhattan, who's Superman, if he were a dick... who always had his dick hanging out. Seriously, always. So many dicks. There's only three dick shots in the entire comic and the animator had to spend hours getting the dick swing just right. I'd move on but, it's really hard to focus on anything when there's a big blue dick on the screen.
    • As the movie's faults, the narrator singles out "on-the-nose dialogue, bad old person make-up, and the presence of Malin Ĺkerman." Then the narrator tries his best to not sound harsh towards her, while also making clear that they didn't like her acting.
      Narrator: We don't normally like to call out actors, and she seems like a really nice person at all, but this is just... ugh. She makes Matthew Goode look... OK.
    • The trailer points out several things that Zack Snyder later carried over into his next movies in the DC Extended Universe, such as huge amounts of rain, sex, Jesus allegories, graphic violence, apocalyptic dream sequences and a scene where two characters who don't like each other discover that they have the same name (comparing it to the infamous "Martha" scene in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice).
      Narrator: Ugh, so that's where he got it from.
    • Starring: Harvey Birdman (Nite Owl), Homeless Man Man (Rorschach), Silk Spectre (Silk Spectre), The Killing Joke (The Comedian), Max Headwound (a man with a gunshot wound in the head), Zack Snyder Making Zack Snyder References (shows Easter Eggs related to 300), Foreshadowing (shows a poster of Batman, a Time cover about superheroes uniting, and a newspaper headline that includes the word "Doomsday"), Elon Musk (Ozymandias), and Don't You Know? I'm Electro (Doctor Manhattan).
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: I'll bet Doctor Manhattan would have won Vietnam even sooner if he'd taken that thong off! Talk about intimidation! BAAALLS.
  • The Emmy Awards. You see, Honest Trailers got nominated for a freakin' Emmy Award in the category Outstanding Short Form Variety Series. So, they decided to celebrate in the one way they know:
    Narrator: In a World where every network spends millions to get the attention of Emmy voters, the only way we know how to build hype for our own Emmy nomination was to make fun of the TV shows the voters work on. Wait wait wait, go back: We got nominated for an Emmy? Like an Emmy Emmy? That's awesome! Wait, then why are we making fun of the other shows? This is a terrible idea you guys!
    • The Americans (aka Ruskie Business):
      Narrator: Get ready for an action-packed thrill ride about two Russian spies who take down America by Any. Wigs. Necessary., in this winning combination of great acting, historical drama, and Felicity's butt.
    • Better Call Saul (aka Better Not Call Him Saul, Because We're Two Seasons In and His Name is Still Jimmy):
      Narrator: You loved watching the rise and fall of Walter White's meth empire. Now, strap in for the prequel about the time his lawyer brought a class action lawsuit against an assisted living facility. It's... way better than it sounds.
    • Game of Thrones (aka Downers & Dragons):
      Narrator: The epic fantasy returns for a season that outdid even its own high standards, with massive casts, epic setpieces, and some of the good guys actually... winning for once? Oh man, next season is going to be brutal.
    • Homeland (aka Spy So-Called Life):
      Narrator: Prepare for another intense season of political intrigue in this smarter version of 24, where one woman will do whatever it takes to— oh great, she's off her meds again. Look, I love Claire Danes, and I know that she can cry on demand and all, but it doesn't mean you have to do it in every season. That Mandy Patinkin didn't have a breakdown! He went to Juilliard!
    • Downton Abbey (aka Fancy Hats):
      Narrator: The beautifully crafted Upstairs Downstairs drama returns, for even more British people...
      ?: Would you stay and have some tea?
      Narrator: ...being...
      ?: Would you stay for luncheon?
      Narrator: ...British.
      ?: ...invited to dinner tomorrow night.
      Narrator: I really don't know what happened this season; I kind of checked out after Cousin Matthew died.
    • Mr. Robot (aka Byte Club):
      Narrator: Check in into the mind-bending cyber drama that's the most realistic depiction of hacking on television, although the bar for that has been set pretty low. [shows scenes from Chuck, NCIS and Castle displaying Hollywood Hacking]
    • House of Cards (aka The Wolf of D.C.):
      Narrator: Netflix changed the game, and they're still going strong, with the prestige drama that mixes The West Wing with Deadpool, in this twisted nightmare version of American politics... that keeps getting one upped by reality.
      Donald Trump: Actually, I was only kidding, you can get the baby outta here.
    • Veep (aka I'm Not With Her):
      Narrator: Get ready for the reigning champion of political satire, in the prestige comedy that mixes The West Wing with The Office, in this twisted nightmare version of American politics... that also keeps getting one upped by reality.
      Donald Trump: [mockingly] Aaargh! I don't know what I said! Aaargh! I don't remember!
    • Transparent (aka Hey Now, I'm A Woman Now):
      Narrator: Streaming live on Amazon... once you figure out how to actually log in and find it, comes the messy family dramedy that proves that you can be gay, trans, or straight, and still be a dick.
    • Silicon Valley (aka .comtourage):
      Narrator: Mike Judge brings his satirical genius to the world of internet startups, where the egotistical antisocial billionaires get taken down a peg... by a team of egotistical antisocial wannabe billionaires.
    • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (aka Wacky Room):
      Narrator: [in a serious tone, while showing scenes in black and white] She was kidnapped by a sexually abusive cult leader. She was trapped in a bunker for years. Now she's out, and she's looking for... [switches to lighthearted tone and scenes in color] A job and a boyfriend!
    • Modern Family (aka Not As Modern As Transparent's Family):
      Narrator: Cool up for America's favorite comfort show, that after seven seasons, still hasn't told us who's filming them. Seriously, who are they talking to?
    • Master of None (aka Everybody Loves Aziz):
      Narrator: Enjoy the latest and greatest New York City show about nothing, in the rom-com everyone loves about the problems only Aziz Ansari has.
      Aziz Ansari: This is supposed to be the best taco! What am I supposed to do now? Go to the second-best taco like some kind of a**hole?
    • Black-ish (aka Black Family Matters):
      Narrator: From the creator of America's Next Top Model(?), comes the hilarious sitcom in the tradition of The Cosby Show, Good Times, and Fresh Prince, that gives a fresh, funny take on the same old racist bullshit that The Jeffersons had to deal with! [shows that both The Jeffersons, made in the late-'70s–early'80s, and Black-ish had episodes that dealt with racial riots] Come on society!
    • The People v. O.J. Simpson (aka The People v. O.J. Simpson v. Fargo):note 
      Narrator: You already lived through the endless news coverage, the unlikable cast of characters, and the shocking twist ending. [while showing scenes of the actual O.J. Simpson trial] Now, O.J. is back on television, and... it's amazing? Wow, I did not see that coming!
  • Captain America: Civil War (aka Captain America 3: Avengers 2.5: Boy, That Escalated Quickly):
    • The narrator's way of pointing out that "hero vs. hero" isn't that new to the MCU.
      Narrator: You've seen them fight as hero vs. hero, [shows the fight between Captain America and Thor in The Avengers], you've seen them fight as friend vs. friend. [shows the fight between Hulk and the Hulkbuster in Avengers: Age of Ultron] Now, the greatest threat to the Avengers is... it's gonna be themselves again, isn't it? [shows the airport battle] Yeah, that's what happens when your villains kinda suck.
    • The narrator's way of pointing out the tragedy of impulsiveness that forms the bane of the plot.
      Narrator: Loosely based on the comic book crossover event, comes the epic struggle that has your heroes asking: Is it better to be dickishly stubborn?
      Steve Rogers: If I see a situation going south, I can't ignore it.
      Narrator: ...or stubbornly dickish?
      Tony Stark: Sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect teeth.
    • "...a film that settles a moral and political debate the only way superheroes know how: By beating the crap out of each other. [Captain America gets hit with a repulsor blast from Iron Man] Take that, regulatory oversight!"
    • The narrator points out how the government seems a little ungrateful towards the Avengers and their service to the world, except for that one time.
      Narrator: The government wants to reign in the Avengers, for when they recklessly saved the entire world from aliens, that other time when they saved the entire world from a secret Nazi death cult, and again saved the entire world from the army of murder robots they created. OK, that one was on them.
      Tony Stark: Ultron. My fault.
    • The narrator pointing out that the civil war that the title implied... wasn't that much of a war.
      Narrator: Captain America must get in line, or face the prospect of an all-out civil war... or at least one group sparring session, one real fight, and a nice letter reminding us that everything is still hunky-dory. What? You thought there would be lasting stakes? Come on, this is Marvel we're talking about.
    • The narrator calls the Spider-Man that debuted in this film the best version of the character... by virtue of coming with "a pre-murdered Uncle Ben."
      Narrator: If Tony gives the "great power, great responsibility" speech, I'm so outta here.
    • When the narrator goes on to recount Zemo's Evil Plan, he soon realizes that it's too long and complicated, and just like he did in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, he asks if there can be a list recounting its steps. Sure enough, the list rolls on, complete with the same music that accompanied the one of Batman v Superman. This one has twenty four steps.
      Narrator: Uh-huh. Yeah. Wreck his car? Really? Steal a book? Okay... Not sure he drowned in that sink, though... OK, that makes sense. There's no way he knew those guys are gonna show up. Wait, call the maid from Russia? Ah, the old "captured on purpose" ploy! Somebody's been reading Loki's plan... Augh, this is dumber than Luthor's! Ahhh, can we just play the airport scene again? [shows the scene in which Ant-Man turns into Giant-Man and captures War Machine] Ah, that is so cool! He was like the size of an ant and now he's a giant!
    • At one point the narrator gets suspiciously interested in Captain America's love life.
      Narrator: 90 years old and this guy is still a virgin?! Someone please have sex with Captain America already! Hell, you know what, I'll do it! I'll bend over right now!
    • The narrator pointing out that the film has more similarities with the divisive Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice than just two heroes fighting against each other:
      Narrator: So go enjoy the hero vs. hero movie that everyone loved, instead of the hero vs. hero movie that most everyone hated, even through they are a lot more similar than anyone would like to admit; featuring: A non-superpowered villain, tricking a symbol of America, into fighting a billonaire playboy, using an incoherent plan that includes blowing up a meeting of government officials, and using the heroes' moms to manipulate them, that ends with an ominous warning from a prison cell, an sets an universe worth of spinoffs along the way. Uh oh. [whispers] Cut to the airport scene again! [shows the airport scene again] Ahhh, that's better.
    • Starring: Barnes & Noble (Bucky and Captain America), Robert Downey Jr. Jr. (the de-aged Tony Stark), Meh-lissandre (Scarlet Witch), A.W.E.S.O.M.-O (The Vision), Jeremy Againner (Hawkeye), Put a Bird on It (The Falcon), Walky Rhode (James "Rhodey" Rhodes), The Spectacular Sony-Man (Spider-Man), T'Hollaaaa (Black Panther), Womb Raider (Black Widow), Another Blue Marvel Villain (You Know - 'Cause He's Sad) (Helmut Zemo), Brian Fantanta (Ant-Man), and GIANT. LOCATION. HEADERS. (the location headers seen through the film, which take most of the screen)
      Narrator: ["VIENNA" appears on the screen] Vienna! ["QUEENS" appears on the screen] Queens! ["1991" appears on the screen] 1991! ["CLEVELAND" appears on the screen] Cleve— wait, there's no reason to get that exited about Cleveland.
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: So how did Tony know that Peter Parker was Spider-Man? Did he just break in every teenage boy's bedroom in New York until he got lucky? Oh wait, hang on, that sounded really bad.
  • ReCore (AKA Remorse)