YMMV / Honest Trailers

  • Broken Base: Who is the better Honest Trailer narrator? Gannon Nickell or Jon Bailey? Bailey received a lot of complaints about how he's not as good as his predecessor, but just as many viewers prefer his voice over Nickell's. Another layer was added when Nickell returned to co-voice with Bailey the trailer for The Force Awakens, and the ending of said trailer pointed out that there were two other one-shot Honest Trailer narrators besides them: Dough Medlock (Avatar), and Ptolemy Slocum (The Phantom Menace, the first ever Honest Trailer). Even the Alec Baldwin-sounding Narrator for Every Wes Anderson Movie got people who prefered him over Bailey.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
  • Dan Browned: Despite striving for Brutal Honesty, some inaccuracies manage to slip by. They have their own page.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: For the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer, the narrator says that Khan is "completely justified in his actions" because he's trying to rescue his family. This overlooks the fact that he orchestrated a terrorist attack on a Starfleet facility and killed several of Starfleet's high command, and when Admiral Marcus claims that he was plotting to Kill All Humans out of Fantastic Racism as he thinks he and his cohorts are the Master Race, Khan doesn't confirm it, but he doesn't deny it either. He plans on killing everyone on the Enterprise after he's got what he wants as well, and later crashes his ship into Starfleet Headquarters (aka San Francisco) purely out of spite, probably killing hundreds of people. So yeah, he's actually kind of a dick.
  • Ear Worm: Perhaps its more of a testament to the original arrangements by the likes of Elton John, Tim Rice and Alan Menken, but even the Honest Trailers versions of the Disney songs are pretty damn catchy. It's not uncommon to see comments asking for full versions of the song parodies to be made and released. Just two examples from the Honest Trailer for The Lion King:
    "Weeeee are gooooonna pooooork toniiiiight…"

    "No one knows a-what-a we are saying, but it's fun to sing it anyway-a…"note 
  • Friendly Fandoms: With the CinemaSins crew. They often cover the same movies and even collaborated a number of times. They even decided to trade styles for a day when they both tackled The Amazing Spider-Man 2. To the point where Honest Trailers complained that people think that they're the same and ask them to do sins videos.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • The Honest Trailer for Taken joked a little about how the film made Europe look dangerous and said the message it sent was "Don't go to Europe" while showing a skyline shot of Paris of all places. It was released on January 6, 2015. One day later, the Charlie Hebdo shooting occurred, and the following November, Paris was subject to its worst terror attacks since World War II, killing over 100 people and causing the French government to declare a national state of emergency.
    • The Honest Trailer for The Emoji Movie remarks that Gene is played by the personification of the "meh" emoji, T.J. Miller. While this was probably a reference to his brand of anti-humor, the months following the release of the Honest Trailer saw a number of bad actions come to light about Miller, including sexual assault accusations and calling in a fake bomb threat. Needless to say, the original joke is rather generous about Miller's character now.
  • Genius Bonus: In their Aladdin video during the "Starring" portion, they refer to Jafar as "Male-ficent". This makes sense, as the character of Jafar was actually inspired by Maleficent, right down to their similar appearences, motives and even their clothing.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • In The Stinger of The Dark Knight Rises trailer, the Narrator, who disliked the film, muses "I'm really worried about Man of Steel now." Man of Steel ended up becoming even more divisive than TDKR, and received worse reviews from critics.
    • In the Dragonball Evolution trailer "Starring" gag, Abridged!Vegeta refers to Ernie Hudson as "Nobody's Favorite Ghostbuster". In November 2014, Hudson wrote an essay in Entertainment Weekly detailing how he and his character was forced into this role from a rather major one due to Executive Meddling and the bitterness that haunts him to this very day.
    • The Game of Thrones trailer mentions memorable characters "who were still alive at the time this trailer was written." Right as he says it, the shot is of Barristan Selmy, who died in Season Five. Aww…
    • The ending of the Avatar trailer has the trailer guy saying, "Ugh, we get it, we'll recycle! Please, just make another Terminator already!" Another Terminator movie (albeit not directed by Cameron) was released, but as discussed in one of the Movie Fights episodes, and eventually in its own Honest Trailer, Terminator Genisys isn't actually that good either.
    • Among the many things derided in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies are the obvious presence of a stunt double performing in Christopher Lee's stead during the White Council fight, and the trailer concludes that everything was Jackson's fault and that he did the film for the money. Anyone who had been keeping up with Christopher Lee in the last few years could see that Lee's health was clearly in decline (Lee couldn't even fly to New Zealand to film at his age, and had to be accommodated in London to participate in the trilogy), preventing him from actually performing the fight scene himself, and the actor would pass away several months after the film's release; and in Jackson's case, there's the news that came out later of Warner Bros. Executive Meddling, the Troubled Production and that said things combined nearly led Jackson to have an on-set breakdown, which were confirmed by the cast and crew.
    • One of the complaints that gets lampooned in the teaser for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is "Eh, they should have shown more." Be careful what you wish for...
    • Before Suicide Squad (2016) premiered, the Batman Honest Trailer commented that previews of Jared Leto as the Joker made him seem potentially superior to Jack Nicholson (whom they already admitted didn't come as close as Heath Ledger and Mark Hamill did to becoming the Joker's definitive actor), and posterior Honest Trailers genuinely looked forwards positively about Suicide Squad overall, such as when the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Honest Trailer ended with an excited "But at least Suicide Squad looks good!" despite Batman v Superman's polarizing reception. In the eventual Suicide Squad Honest Trailer, they have nothing nice to say about the 10 minutes ultimately shown in the movie of Leto's performance, and besides the performances of Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jai Courtney ("of all people," as they note, as Courtney's acting being perceived as bland by them made him a sort of Sitcom Arch-Nemesis to Honest Trailers), nothing nice to say about the movie at all.
    • The Starring section in the Honest Trailer for The Mummy (2017) ended mentioning Brendan Fraser, followed by a black screen with the words "FOOTAGE NOT FOUND", which led a disappointed Epic Voice Guy to ask "Where is he these days?" As an interview with GQ months later after the trailer was released revealed, not doing very good.
    • During the Blade Runner Honest Trailer, the narrator comments on how Deckard has no problem with forcing himself on Rachel, showing a clip of Han Solo (also played by Harrison Ford) during The Force Awakens and saying "That's not how consent works!", a play on a phrase Solo says during the movie. This was the last Honest Trailer produced before a stream of sexual harassment and abuse allegations against Andy Signore, creator of Honest Trailers, were made public. The show took a hiatus after the fact, making many fans think Andy's ousting had brought an end to it.
    • Deliberately invoked at the end of the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, where "Mouse" explains how a whole herd of vicious, carnivorous albino rhinoceroses were chasing after them, accompanied by a news article of how the entire species itself was now at risk of complete extinction with the passing of the last surviving male white rhino in the world not even a full week before the trailer was released.
      Epic Voice Guy: Good news, Kevin. Looks like we got them on the ropes. Umm... Yay?
    • In the Honest Trailer for The Last Jedi, one of the narrators asks the question: "Should we do this again for Solo?" which is answered "Nah... I'm not gonna see that crap". Later that year Solo was released and became the first Star Wars movie to lose money at the box office. Made even harsher with the title at the end:
      "Star Wars: The Last One You'll Pay To See (until the next one comes out... Maybe...)"
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks!: Some people missing the satire element is an inherent risk of that type of comedy, but the more caustic videos that don't really hide the writers' disdain for a movie will get more of it due to people feeling they are going on a personal tangent rather than trying to create an entertaining video.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Has its own page.
  • Internet Backdraft:
    • In the video for The LEGO Movie, they talked about how it was snubbed in favor of The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, which they called a movie nobody saw (and erroneously named The Tale of the Tiny Hand Princess?). Studio Ghibli fans were not happy with that one.
    • The Honest Trailer for The Avengers ends saying, "If this doesn't make your inner eight-year-old self squee in delight, you're likely dead inside… or a girl." At least half of the comments in the video are of girls objecting that they loved it.
    • In the Daredevil video, the "Starring" section featuring the artists featured on the soundtrack pretty much saying that the bands sucked and mentioning Evanescence twice resulted in many angry comments from diehard Evanescence Fangirls.
    • When the Honest Trailer for Ghostbusters II, released shortly before the release of Ghostbusters (2016), complained about everybody's eagerness to hate the movie in spite of it still not being out at the time, several comments jumped to accuse them of being studio shills. When a trailer for the 2016 movie was made, knowing from the fact that even Donald Trump weighed in on the controversy surrounding the movie that the comments section would be a huge case of This Is Gonna Suck, disabled them. Cue a metric tonne of commenters going to other videos to yell and scream about not being able to troll for or against the film. (to the point that in the next episode, all phrases the narrator said were requests to allow the comments!)
    • The Honest Game Trailer for the Nintendo Switch was particularly disliked for seemingly being less about being funny and more about really going out of its way in bashing the console. Not helping things were things like the supposed Critical Research Failure of saying that it had "the first 3D Mario since Galaxy", that Smosh Games is owned by Sony, the owner of Nintendo's rival, the Play Station, thus making it seem that the trailer was a straight-up hatchet job, and that the trailer began with an ad for Transformers: The Last Knight, when the Transformers Film Series has been one of Honest Trailers' Sitcom Arch-Nemesis, thus making it seem like Honest Trailers sold out (though as mentioned before, Smosh Games is responsible for Honest Game Trailers, while the Honest Trailers for other media are made by Screen Junkies, meaning that Honest Trailers/Screen Junkies wasn't necessarily responsible for the ad).
    • The Honest Game Trailer for Crash Bandicoot was particularly disliked for being a) not funny and b) extremely mean spirited. It basically doesn't make any jokes at all and instead does nothing except insult Crash Bandicoot, plataformers and sidescrollers in general and state how inferior it is to Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros. More egregiously, it states that the franchise is only remembered because of the Nostalgia Filter, when in fact, the Bandicoot franchise is considered by some to have aged better than Sonic (which has a split opinion on whether or not the transition to 3D worked out.) and even Super Mario Bros., which has carried on by expanding to a lot of other genres as well as platformers.
    • The Honest Trailer for Return of the Jedi was disliked for comparing the film to films like Spider-Man 3, Terminator 3 and The Godfather Part III to underscore how the third instalment in a trilogy is usually the worst. While most fans don't think Jedi is the best of the original trilogy, they don't think it's a bad movie either, and many claimed in the comments that comparing it to such derided flops was both unfair and insulting. This is somewhat made better by the commentary for the trailer, where the writers admitted perhaps the joke was going too far and that they find the film better than the other third movies mentioned.
  • Older Than They Think: The Pearl Harbor Honest Trailer was not the first to refer to the movie as "Bore-a! Bore-a! Bore-a!" in reference to Tora! Tora! Tora!. A Washington Post review did that when the movie came out in 2001.
  • Tough Act to Follow: The other videos made by Screen Junkies tend to receive less attention and acclaim. This is lampshaded in their "Making of Honest Trailers" video.
    Hal Rudnick: So I know a lot of you guys are big fans of the Honest Trailers, so much so that you say you wish I'd die in a fire so there'd be no more Screen Junkies Show and only Honest Trailers! Sorry! I'm still here!