Funny / Final Fantasy

Kefka isn't the only one who gets a good laugh from the side-splittingly popular Final Fantasy series, you know.

Final Fantasy Tactics
  • The whole scene when Construct 8 joins your party is made of funny.
    Mustadio: Give it a command, Ramza.
    Ramza: M-me? Must I? Mayhap -you- could—
    Mustadio: What are you talking about? You're the thing's master!
    Ramza: V-very well. Uhmm...Dance!
    Mustadio: Oh, for-!
    [Construct 8 begins to dance in place. Mustadio stares in amazement]
    Mustadio:'s dancing.
    [Construct 8 stops dancing.]
    Mustadio: I wonder how powerful this thing is.
    Construct 8: I AM VERY STRONG.
    Ramza: Well, then...Dispose of Mustadio!
    Mustadio: Oh, for-!
    [Mustadio gets Disposed.]
    Ramza: Oh, no! Phoenix down - where is the phoenix down!?