Funny: Final Fantasy

Kefka isn't the only one who gets a good laugh from these games, you know.

Final Fantasy Tactics
  • The whole scene when Construct 8 joins your party is made of funny.
    Mustadio: Give it a command, Ramza.
    Ramza: M-me? Must I? Mayhap -you- could—
    Mustadio: What are you talking about? You're the thing's master!
    Ramza: V-very well. Uhmm...Dance!
    Mustadio: Oh, for-!
    [Construct 8 begins to dance in place. Mustadio stares in amazement]
    Mustadio:'s dancing.
    [Construct 8 stops dancing.]
    Mustadio: I wonder how powerful this thing is.
    Construct 8: I AM VERY STRONG.
    Ramza: Well, then...Dispose of Mustadio!
    Mustadio: Oh, for-!
    [Mustadio gets Disposed.]
    Ramza: Oh, no! Phoenix down - where is the phoenix down!?

Final Fantasy Tactics A2
  • The poor potion merchant who you have to protect several times. He freaks out every time a clan wants to buy his products and you see his sprite just spinning in circles. Another moment is when you find out that the people who have hired some monsters to steal Prima Donna merchandise is the Devotee and Devotee Jr.. When you beat them, your clan convinces them to try and be less enthusiastic about Prima Dona. The culprits' response? "WOOOO!!! LESS ENTHUSIASM!!!"