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Funny: Final Fantasy VI
  • Who can forget when Edgar and Locke find out that Terra knows M-M-M-M-MAGIC!?
  • The cast gives a Patrick Stewart Speech to Kefka, who makes a face at them and replies, "You sound like chapters from a self-help book!"
  • Ultros' first appearance. He literally attacks the heroes for no motivation and, in the Advance translation, lampshades it.
    "Gwee hee hee... You're up the creek without a paddle! And I'm not gonna let you through! ...does that make me a bad octopus?"
    • How about when he attacks Terra? You can even cast fire on him for an amusing line.
      "I want to wrap my tentacles around her!" and "Seafood soup is NOT on the menu!"
    • The moment where Relm pops up during one of Ultros' boss battles and randomly offers to paint his picture (Ultros being unaware that it's an attack of hers). Ultros makes Relm cry during this scene because he nastily rejects Relm's request, causing Terra and Locke to stop fighting, actually scold Ultros for doing so and make him give in to Relm's request of drawing him! The contrast between Ultros' realistic sprite just lying there motionlessly and staring into the ceiling, and the tiny pixely cheerfully bright sprites of your characters running around him, is pretty hilarious (especially if you imagine Ultros thinking "Uh... What the hell? Can we get back to the fighting, please?")
      Ultros: ................Oh, all right, Uncle Ulty REALLY wants you to do his portrait!!! *Relm sketches him* How can this be? I..I'm nothing more than a stupid octopus! [runs away]
  • Everything about Kefka, particularly his first appearance. He and two soldiers are walking in the middle of Figaro Desert when he stops and forces them to clean off his shoes because they've got sand on them.
    Kefka: AHEM! There is sand on my boots!
    • "SON OF A SUBMARINER!" (In the GBA version it's "You son of a sandworm!")
    • "I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE YOU!!"
    • How about this line from the GBA version: "There is a reason 'oppose' rhymes with 'dispose!' If they get in your way, kill them!"
  • You see a waterfall.
  • Celes complaining about being dressed as Maria: "I'm a general, not some opera floozy!"
  • First time playing, this troper had an... interesting... experience aboard the ghost train. When his party encountered Siegfried, he was ready to fight to the end. Siegfried delivered the first blow. No big deal, the damage was negligible, I thought... then, I hear a familiar barking sound: Siegfried had triggered Interceptor's random attack. Interceptor runs up to him, humps his leg for a bitnote , then runs away. This does an insane amount of damage to Siegfried, and instantly ends the battle. First time through the game. Imagine being in the troper's position.
  • At the opera, triggering one of the switches that makes the 'barking dog' sound. It WILL amuse those who are easily amused.
    • Another one will make you fall smack in the middle of the stage as it's going on and you get kicked out! Though the cast never notices.
      • But the Earth Dragon in the World of Ruin does. In fact, that's how you go about fighting it.
    • Yet another switch simply turns off the lights, prompting many pairs of cartoon eyes to pop up and look around in confusion.
  • Immediately after Celes's Opera Scene, we are treated to Ultros trying to smash her with a four-ton anvil as if it were straight out of Looney Tunes.
    Ultros: Wow! This thing's heavy! It'll take me five minutes to push thing off of here!
    • And before the second Ultros fights, the Opera musicians simply go along with the action that was happening as if it were part of the play.
      • This whole thing gets a massive Lampshade in Dissidia, where a Moogle talks about the actual ending to the opera being pretty forgettable.
  • Sabin and Cyan recruit Gau, who then makes fun of Cyan's speech, and calls Sabin "Mr. Thou".
    Sabin: Mr. Thou's that one — over THERE!
  • There's one time when Cyan is clueless on what to do with a Magitek Armor, ticking off Sabin. Bonus points for getting Sabin to speak like him with a curse cut short.
    Sabin: Thou art such a royal pain in the...Confound it all, now I'm starting to talk like you!
    • The GBA version is a bit funnier:
      Sabin: Oh, for...! Thou art getting to be quite a pain in the— Great, now I'm even starting to talk like you!
  • When Sabin takes Gau to meet the man who Sabin believes is Gau's father, make sure Edgar and Locke are also in the party. It adds a bit of an hilarious Easter Egg to the clothes shopping scene.
  • Cyan: "What a jaunty hat!"
  • On the boat ride to Thamasa, one night is fairly tense, with Terra having a conversation with Leo about her previous status and Leo's guilt over never helping her, and one with Shadow about emotions. After Terra leaves, and while Shadow is still there, Locke suddenly rushes into the scene, horribly seasick, the music changes to "What?" and he starts puking over the side of the boat. Shadow, for his part, walks off without a word.
    GBA!Locke: World's greatest treasure hunter... reduced to this...
    SNES!Locke: Not a word of this to anyone else, o shrouded one...
  • The GBA version's scene of Cyan meeting the woman in the bar. "I call this one Humpty, and this one Dumpty!"
  • "Cyan! These flowers are gorgeous!"
    • It becomes even more hilarious if Shadow is your lead character.
      • The hilarity is just as massive if Mog, Gogo, Umaro, or Gau is leading.
  • An Awesome/Funny combo by way of Good Bad Bugs: presumably due to an oversight, the Phantom Train lacks the usual Contractual Boss Immunity to a number of attacks. This has led Sabin to become a Memetic Badass because, as Spoony memorably put it, "MOTHERFUCKER SUPLEXED A TRAIN!"
  • The last time you meet Ultros he says, "No, really, this is our ''last'' battle trust me!"
  • When Terra meets Sabin for the first time.
    Terra: Younger brother? At first glance I thought he was some body builder who had strayed from his gym!
    Sabin: Body builder? I'll...take that as a compliment
    • Even funnier; the GBA version has Terra mistaking him for a bear.
  • Locke stealing clothes from merchants and Imperial Soldiers in his scenario, even funnier is that they run away.
    • You are given the choice to either steal a sleeping guard's key or not:
  • Mog ordering Umaro to join. A little moogle ordering a big Yeti, and Umaro obeys.
  • Relm threatening to paint someone's portrait as punishment.
  • The name of the airship model at the auction house is "1/1200 Airship". The ratio is actually the scale of the model (most Japanese models are referred to as such as shorthand), but this was naturally confusing to some people. Someone on a Prodigy message board wondered if you bought 1200 of them, you'd get an airship.
  • For a "feral youth", Gau really enjoys opera. "Pretty songs! Pretty songs!"
  • Sabin Suplexes Himself.
  • Let's take the whole Opera scene, and look at it through a lens. Maria has been receiving letters of love from Setzer, a roguish Gentleman Thief, who plans to whisk her away on his airship in the midst of a performance. Upon learning this, the Impressario brings Celes, Maria's Body Double, in to replace her, and act as a snare for the daring Setzer's plans. But the villainous Don Ultros learns of this plan, and attempts to foil it with an assassination in the midst of Celes' concert... The whole thing is a meta-opera.
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