Funny / Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

  • Many of the monsters in this game are a cross between Ridiculously Cute Critter and Ugly Cute.
  • In the first game, there is a trio of thieves including Bal Dat (their Selkie leader), Meh Get (The Old Guy), and the Moogle Artemicion. Usually, there's several funny moments involving them, but one in particular deserves mention. Artemicion tells the other two that he "wants to be a star". When you arrive, the thieves manage to trap you and Bal Dat demands you hand everything over. You can either hand everything over, or charge through the Moogle sending him flying into the sky.
    • At one point, they team up with Gurdy to try and get a huge amount of gil out of the caravan by holding Gurdy hostage. The caravan can just offer a striped apple instead, which they'll gladly take, leading to Gurdy being offended that he's only worth that much.
  • Talking to people in Echoes Of Time may yield to this. And it almost always does.