Funny / Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

  • When Al appears in the beginning.
  • Basically anything said by Gnash.
    • "Gnash. Name Gnash."
    • "Ohh. King guy's watchdogs. Okay. Out of way. Shoo."
  • Yuri and Chelinka's first trip to Rebena Te Ra definitely qualifies, particularly at the palace gates. The guards assume that a young boy like Yuri would be impressed by their armor—but it's only by their armor. He cheerfully dismisses their duty as "gatekeeping," and Chelinka congratulates him on having higher ambitions, to the guards' aggravation.
    Guard: Yeah, I had bigger dreams. Guess what, kid! Life is tough! Now get lost!
  • Six words: Meeth uses Pot Rain on Al
  • A cutscene at the Villa that you can witness at the start of Multiplayer Mode (even if playing solo) shows Al walking to meet up with Latov and his family with an arrow plant on his head (which everyone notices but no one points out) and Meeth a little too eager to help Aleria and Chelinka give Yuri a bath.