Funny / Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

  • When you find out that the people of your village, save Sherlotta, are actually ghosts, one of them, feeling as if he's a father to the PC, says that he can throw you in the air and rub you with his mustache (or something like that). You get four choices for your response: "Er, thanks, but no thanks.", "No way.", "I'd rather put my head in a bee hive.", and "Why don't you ever shave?" Then, he says you don't need to be shy. Your choices: "This is harassment.", "Touch me and I'll sue you.", "I'll sic my dog on you.', and "I'm going to get a restraining order."
  • Really, it's worth your time to stop and talk to the NPCs whenever you pass through the Town or Village, since their conversations are usually packed with these.
    • And it's worth doing so again when Sherlotta joins you. No-one really knows what to make of her and some are outright scared.