Funny / Final Fantasy Tactics

  • When Mustadio and Ramza awaken the Worker 8/Construct 8 robot, shenanigans are had:
    Mustadio: Give it a command, Ramza.
    Ramza: M-me? Must I? Mayhap -you- could-
    Mustadio: What are you talking about? You're the thing's master!
    Ramza: V-Very well. Uhmm... Dance!
    Mustadio: (Face Palm) Oh, for-!
    (the robot starts to dance as Mustadio stares in disbelief)
    Mustadio: It... it's dancing. (robot stops) I wonder how powerful this thing is.
    Steel Giant: I AM VERY STRONG.
    Ramza: Well, then... Dispose of Mustadio!
    Mustadio: Oh, for-!
    (the robot turns to Mustadio and creates a miniature explosion, knocking out Mustadio, causing Ramza to flail in a panic)
    Ramza: Oh, no! Phoenix down - where is the phoenix down!?
  • The original translation definitely had its moments, deliberate and non. I.e:
    Delita: Don't blame me. Blame yourself or God.
    Agrias: Oh, God...
    • Also:
    Gafgarion: Even princesses can die for getting in the way! That's what "royal blood" is all about!
  • The enemies sometimes do silly things with their abilities. You can sometimes see archers somehow using Equip Knives and barrel towards you with a katana in hand, or a time mage using Jump on you for whooping 56 damage, and so on. The battle in the Dorter slums always has an archer who forgot to bring a bow.
  • ANY moment involving a grass whistle is this. Mainly because of the sound effects involved with the people who try and use them. (Especially when it's Ramza and Delita).
  • Marach uses a talking toad to send a threatening message to Ramza and Rapha. And then when he finishes the message, the frog explodes. The hilarity is amplified by the seriousness of the music.
  • One of the simplest strategies for an infamous Duel Boss boils down to Ramza booking it around the room, screaming his head off to pump himself up like he's some sort of Saiyan, and punching the boss twice in the face.
  • In the short time that she's in your party, Princess Ovelia has the ability (once learned) to wield a freaking battle axe, without even leaving her default Princess job.
  • Although a mostly meta example, some of the musical tracks have really weird names when viewed from the Jaoanese Sound Test. These include "My Sister's Socks", "Harmful Hormones", "Monkeybaag", and "Adults Only".
  • In War of the Lions, Balthier joins your party. He mentions having some experience "in the chaperoning of children". Ramza takes umbrage.And rightly so... 
    Ramza: I'm no child!
    Balthier: Yes, they all say that, don't they?
    Ramza: And you say you are a sky pirate. Would you have me believe you can fly? I see no wings.
    Balthier: I seem to always find myself a pirate without a sky. At this rate I'm like to forget how to fly altogether.