Funny / Final Fantasy Tactics

  • When Mustadio and Ramza awaken the Worker 8/Construct 8 robot, shenanigans are had:
    Mustadio: Ramza, give him an order.
    Ramza: What!? An order? No, I'm scared!!
    Mustadio: Don't be silly! You're his master!
    Steel Giant: Repeat, order, please!
    Ramza: Well...well then...Dance!!
    Mustadio: (Face Palm) Do better than that!
    Ramza: A, all right...
    (The robot starts to dance as Mustadio stares in disbelief)
    Mustadio: He's...dancing...I wonder if he is strong?
    Steel Giant:!
    Ramza: Well...well then...Beat Mustadio up!!
    Mustadio: Do better than that!
    (The robot creates a powerful miniature explosion, knocking out Mustadio, causing Ramza to flail in a panic)
    Ramza: Help! Phoenix Down! Where's the Phoenix Down?
  • The original translation definitely had its moments, deliberate and non. I.e:
    Delita: Don't blame me. Blame yourself or God.
    Agrias: GOD!
    • Also:
    Gafgarion: Even princesses can die for getting in the way! That's what "royal blood" is all about!
  • The enemies sometimes do silly things with their abilities. You can sometimes see archers somehow using Equip Knives and barrel towards you with a katana in hand, or a time mage using Jump on you for whooping 56 damage, and so on.

  • ANY moment involving a grass whistle is this. Mainly because of the sound effects involved with the people who try and use them. (Especially when it's Ramza and Delita).

  • Marach uses a talking toad to send a threatening message to Ramza and Rafa. And then when he finishes the message, the frog explodes. The hilarity is amplified by the seriousness of the music.