Trivia / Final Fantasy Tactics

  • In a nod to Cloud's crossdressing caper in Final Fantasy VII, he can equip the female-only headgear (Cachusha, Barette, Ribbon).
  • Dummied Out:
    • Several entries in the Chronicles (or Brave Story, if you're playing the original PS1 version) are technically used, but unable to be seen in normal gameplay, as these entries are only added after crossing the Point of No Return, after which viewing the Chronicles is impossible.
    • The Japanese release contained the Zodiac Brave Story Sound Novels, a collection of four mini-games in the style of Choose Your Own Adventure stories. Because of time and budget constraints, they were never translated and left unused in the non-Japanese versions. This in turn leads to some technically used musical tracks to be Dummied Out of non-Japanese versions as well, though unlike the sound novels, the tracks can at least be listened to in the Sound Test of the PSP version, along with several truly Dummied Out tracks.
    • A good chunk of text is left out of the game, mostly battle classes (and their descriptions) of characters who are normally scarcely, if at all, seen in battle. Notable strange cases include Delita's Sis (Tietra), Bishop (Simon) and Phony Saint (Ajora).
  • What Could Have Been:
    • There were originally going to be twelve Knights Templar, and Matsuno even wrote names, genders and ages down for them.
    • Likewise there were originally going to be a full lineup of thirteen Lucavi, one for each Zodiac Stone. The names of the main twelve (ie excluding Bonus Boss Elidibus/Zodiark) are listed in Ivalice script on the Zodiac circle shown in the background of the save screen, though the six who did not make it to the final game had their names Retconned by Final Fantasy XII.
      • One of those demons was going to be called Rofocale. This name was later used for a zombie enemy in a map where he tries to take the Zodiac Stones from you.
    • It's speculated that Valmafra (Balmafula) was supposed to have a greater role in the game, and was likely to be either a guest or a recruitable character at some stage in the game's production. She even has her own Battle Classnote , yet never once appears on the battlefield.
    • Dummied Out sprites and lines of text suggest that a handful of other characters were meant to be recruitable, or at least guest characters. Aside from the aforementioned Valmafra, such sprites and text exist for Oran, Simon, and even Tietra. The latter two have battle classes of their own (Bishop and Delita's Sis respectively), and Simon even has a full set of battle animations despite never even being seen in battle at any point. Tietra has another oddity; when hacked into the roster, a strange sprite, left unused anywhere in the game, is used as her menu sprite.
  • Word of God: Although the ending was ambiguous, Yasumi Matsuno states that Ramza managed to survive and promptly left the country to have other adventures.

Gameplay trivia
  • Attacks from the sides or behind are more likely to hit (both are usually effective unless the target has a shield or the Parry ability). Shield and Parry in combination can make attacks from the front all but pointless. Shirahadori/Blade Grasp and a Featherweave Cloak can make even back attacks unlikely at a twelve percent success rate.
    • Specifically, attacks from the front have to deal with all 4 types of Evasion in a character's stats (Class, Shield, and Accessory Evasion, as well as Weapon Evasion if Parry is equipped). Attacks from the side ignore Class Evasion, and Attacks from behind ignore Class, Shield, AND Weapon Evasion, leaving only Accessory Evasion. Shirahadori is separate from all this, factored before standard evasion (the game makes a check against Shirahadori first, with the success% being equal to the character's Bravery, THEN calculates against all remaining evasion types that are appropriate for the situation).
      • But Reaction Abilities like Shirahadori only work on the first attack, so if you've got the Dual Wield ability, the second swing will have a far greater chance of hitting. In fact, against a high-Bravery character with Shirahadori, this is virtually the only way to succeed with a physical attack.
      • Unless, of course, the Reaction Ability is Hamedo/First Strike, which will cancel the attack whether the attacker has Dual Wield or not Brave% of the time.