Trivia / Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

  • The Danza: Madam Kiri, who only had her appearance in Vol. 1, is voiced by Kiri Segawa.
  • Word of God (The creator finally clarified: Marche's Ivalice (meaning this one) is a dream. Other games in the same series take place in a real Ivalice during different time periods.)
    • Shrug of God: Although the main character in the second game shows up in the PSP port of Final Fantasy Tactics. The "real Ivalice." Then again, so does Cloud, and he's not from any Ivalice. Though FFT does explicitly show that Cloud was drawn into Ivalice from another dimension, using a poorly-understood Magitek device.
      • It should be noted that the inclusion of other Ivalice characters in Final Fantasy Tactics A2 suggests that, while Marche's Ivalice is an illusion, A2 actually takes place in the real one.