Funny / Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

  • In the second storyline mission, Marche and Montblanc discuss what kind of bandits would steal a thesis, and wonder if they're dealing with "nerdy bandits." They then overhear the bandit leader arguing with his client over the payment, since the bandits stole the wrong thesis.
  • While the scene is fairly serious, it's funny to hear Doned dismissively ask if Marche is planning to use the Materite he's gathered to make a "magic salad shooter" or "a Murasumthin'."
  • The "Wanted!" missions have you dealing with a variety of notorious criminals, from a counterfeiting alchemist to an assassin. Black Mage Dolce, however, is wanted for dangerous magic use and eating and running.
    Dolce: Who are you guys? Hey! I paid for that food, really!
  • One of the side-quests involves you searching for a lost pet... which happens to be a level 50+ Malboro with 500 HP. Even better yet, the "pet" is named Carrot.
  • The mission in which you recruit Shara initially seems like a standard dispatch mission, until you actually meet the person in question... who was terrified after an antlion larva fell on her head.
  • A lot of the fake laws that the corrupt officials make are completely laughable.
    • The first official has a law against having weapons, but then has a brief Oh, Crap! moment when he realizes that he can't enforce it against you.
    • One puts a law against having full HP, thereby forcing people to injure each other to keep one another in compliance with the law, and he proudly states that it's really fun to watch. Thankfully, you can give him a nice dose of Laser-Guided Karma by beating him up, and hear him complain about how much pain hurts once he's beaten.
    • One official bans reading and writing simply because he's too lazy to do any paperwork.
    • One official requires free kisses, which is one of the most flagrant abuses of power.