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Trivia: Final Fantasy Type-0
  • All-Star Cast: The Japanese version features many prominent voice actors, to the point that the final trailer before the release date consists of introducing the Loads and Loads of Characters alongside the names of who provides the voice for them.
  • Fan Nickname: Card-kun for the Ace, who wields Tarot cards as his weapon. Turns out the developers called him that too.
    • Before the character names were divulged, everyone was some degree of [weapon]-[honorific].
    • The developers' nickname for Queen was "Class President."
  • Fan Translation: A completed version by SkyBladeCloud and team was released in June 2014. Two days later, Type-0 HD and Agito were announced for localization, and the patch has since been taken down at Square Enix's request.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Nearly half of the cast has been in a Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts game before.
    • A special endgame scene involving Carla, Cater, and King, three of the four characters voiced by Haruhi Suzumiya actors, can be viewed if requirements are met.
  • Marth Debuted in Smash Bros.: Ace, Machina, and Rem are playable characters in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, which is getting a localized release in September 2014. This will be the first appearance of Final Fantasy Type-0 in English before its own localized release.
  • No Export for You: Was notably that one Final Fantasy title that had gone without an English translation/localization for three years since its release. Now averted as of E3 in June 2014 with the announcement of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, which will be getting a translation alongside Final Fantasy Agito.
  • Vaporware: The game was infamous for this for a while; it was announced in 2006 as a cellphone game (that is, something traditionally very easy to put together), and it was 2011 before we got a release date... on the PSP, on two UMD discs. For a long time, people speculated that the project had just been canceled.
    • The creators of the game admitted that development on the game didn't even really start until 2008, two years after it was announced, and even then it had to be kept to a minimum for the first year so they could focus on The 3rd Birthday.
  • What Could Have Been: What was from all evidence a single Fabula Nova Crystallis game is no longer named Final Fantasy Agito XIII and might be developed into its own series.
  • Working Title: Final Fantasy Agito XIII

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