Fridge: Final Fantasy Type-0

Fridge Brilliance

  • During the endgame at Pandęmonium, Machina gets his ass handed to him by Rem, and only survives because his mask comes off before she can land the coup de grāce. When you remember that Machina got his focus from Qun'mi, a Secundus l'Cie, and Rem is filling in for Zhuyu, a Primus l'Cie, the Squishy Wizard beating the Mighty Glacier in a swordfight makes a little more sense.

Fridge Logic

  • WAIT A SECOND. If the world of Orience has its inhabitants literally live by having their memories erased anytime any living being they know dies, then how does Class Zero gain experience?
    • If you meant by gain experience by learning from someone else that died before, then the answer is they learn everything, but not remembering from who they learned it.
    • Alternately, Kazusa's experiments prove that memories are stored within the flesh, as well as in the heart and mind - as far as combat experience goes, muscle memory can fill in when the mind isn't there.