Funny: Final Fantasy Type-0

  • Moglin introduces himself to the group, explaining his name and nickname (MOOGLE or MOG) are both acronyms, so the cadets can call him what they like. Cinque names him "Moglin." Moglin protests that he has a real name — "Hatzkhaminei Lowtoyosna Eripulci." Cinque decides that's too long, Moglin is good enough.
  • Some things don't need a translation to be hilarious.
  • In Chapter 7 you have the option to talk to the class Tonberry in an optional scene, which as usual are marked as needing two hours of in-game time to do. The Tonberry says absolutely nothing, and after two or three dialogue boxes full of "...............", you get an item. At this point the developers are obviously and purposefully Trolling us.
  • Nine bragging that he could name all four nations of Orience when Quon points out his stupidity.
  • One of Deuce's abilities is Dissonant Sonata, which involves her playing her flute really badly, creating a field around her that stuns enemies and even causes a static effect on the PSP's screen!
  • In one village, you're tasked with tracking down a rare jewel that was stolen from the mayor. You eventually find out what happened to it — a Chocobo swallowed it. After you find this out, there's a fade to black, and you get the jewel back. The onlooking in the fan translation sums it up well — "I have witnessed the bravery of Class Zero firsthand!"
  • During the secret ending, Sice works herself up to give a love letter to Kurasame. As she sees him coming down the hall, she closes her eyes, whirls around the corner with her head down, and holds out the letter. Cue Seven popping up between her and Kurasame, and Kurasame walking off as Seven takes the letter.
  • Final Fantasy Agito, being a prequel/alternate universe with more Slice of Life has several instances of this in the form of interactions with Class Zero. One of these is that, if you're playing as a girl and meet Nine for the first or second time, he'll happily confess that Jack has a Porn Stash and he shares it with the rest of Class Zero's boys. But it doesn't end there; apparently, Jack also told Nine that he plans to get rid of them and be "a pure and delicate shonen" so female PC wil llike him better.