Awesome: Final Fantasy Type-0

  • The invasion of Soryu in Chapter 5, you take some time out from the attack to aid other cadets in danger. Cue repeated Big Damn Heroes moments as Class Zero saves their classmates while a Theme Music Power-Up of the main theme plays.
  • The climax of the Soryu invasion. You take command of Bahamut Zero to fight Shinryu Celestia. Yes, a battle between Bahamut and Shinryu at last. And as your Finishing Move, you charge up Tera Flare, which in this game manifests as Bahamut Zero calling upon a flock of regular Bahamuts to bombard Shinryu Celestia with Mega Flares. The attack does repeated hits of 9999, so many that the damage continues to pop up and display even as Shinryu collapses and slides into a chasm. Even better in the HD remake, where the Mega Flares break the damage limit, doing 18,000-ish damage over and over.
  • The Final Boss battle is impossible to lose, but contrary to some other instances of Zero-Effort Boss in the series, it still manages to be epic. Empowered by the spirits of Rem and Machina, Class Zero completely No Sells all of Cid's 9999-damage attacks and absorb the Phantoma empowering him one at a time, sacrificing themselves in sequence to slowly but surely bring him down. All while a Theme Music Power-Up of the game's main theme plays courtesy of a Boss Remix.