Funny / Final Fantasy XIII-2

  • In Sunleth Waterscape 400 AF, Serah and Noel run into a small group of Miniflan that are unwittingly playing around Cocoon's crystal pillar (melting it little by little in the process). After a short fight, Serah scolds them... AND IT WORKS! Noel's comments only increase the hilarity of this situation.
    Noel: As quick as lightning, she changes from smiling angel to angry ogre... yup, no doubt about it: they're sisters alright.
  • Moogle Throw in general, which consists of Serah or Noel pitching Mog like a football at an out-of-reach object.
  • At the beginning of the game, Yuj asks Serah about her new clothes. Answer that he can wear them if he wants and he will tell you HE doesn't want to look better than Serah in her own clothes.
    • The best part is how he looks like he's actually considering it for a couple seconds.
  • When you first meet Hope, one option causes Serah to ask him why he's so grown up. Hope's response is hysterically snarky.
  • Choosing the Live Trigger option that has Serah gushing over Snow at the beginning of the game to the point where her voice speeds up like a chipmunk on caffeine.
  • This metal chocobo theme can be if you look at it as fitting for the whole Killer Rabbit theme it has by eating all of your greens one by one, and once all out of greens, it literally knocks you off of its back. This song also plays in Sunleth Waterscape 400 AF sometime during the event mentioned above.
    • Depending on which of the miniflans was your Last Lousy Point, you may have to get a slow, boring, peaceful ride back to the Flan gathering on Enlil. SO FUCKING METAL!
  • This paradox ending: Mischievious Mog's Flan Plan. It involves Serah and Noel turning into cutesy monsters and Mog narrating The Plan to poison the giant flan king.
  • When replaying New Bodhum 3 AF, during Gadot and Noel's first meeting, you can pull a timey-wimey through the Live Trigger and say you'll let Snow know when you see him after Gadot warns Noel about him. Cue Gadot shrieking a Big WHAT and running away like a little girl. His voice cracking definitely helps.
    • Regardless of your Live Trigger option, the start of that scene is hilarious. Serah introduces Noel as "helping Lebreau and me out of a tight spot." Noel has a sort of 'yeah' smile on his face until Team NORA's Big Guy steps up into his face all threateningly. "I'm Gadot."
  • Another replay Live Trigger has Serah convincing Rhett (the kid who stole her necklace from Maqui) to talk with Moogle Verbal Tics.
    Serah: Why don't you talk to Miss Farron, kupo? I'm not scary at all, kupopo!
    Rhett: Kupo.
    Noel: (indignant and incredulous) Don't tell me that worked!
    (the second set of Live Triggers shows up to indicate that, yes, it did work)
  • How do you beat Proto fal'Cie Adam? "Hope, your machines are DRIVING ME NUTS!!!"
    • Also, the subsequent exchange, in Academia 4XX AF...
    Hope: So I activated the Oracle Drive and watched a prophecy. I saw you fighting the Proto fal'Cie. And I saw you screaming out at me [imitates Serah] "your machines are driving me nuts!!"
    Serah: Well, I was getting pretty ticked off by that point...
    • ... And Alyssa's little remark on said happening:
    Alyssa: Funny, you lose your temper and the whole future changes...
  • "The chick appears to have found hope in Sazh's afro."
  • Whenever Serah or Noel praise any of their human monsters during battle. Serah's "Good boy!" takes the cake if you have Lightning or Nabaat on your team.
    • "You deserve a treat!"
    • Continues the trend if you have Snow in your party, who's Serah's fiance.
  • The entire battle with Ultros is one big Crowning Moment of Funny, complete with Shout Outs to Final Fantasy VI.
  • There's a Live Trigger in Augusta Tower 200 AF where one of the answers you can choose from is 'Yeul is cute'. Choosing that answer will have Noel start talking about Yeul with a dramatic camera angle about her eyes and stuff.
  • Failing some of the cinematic actions is hilarious.
  • "COME FORTH, PUPU!" Possibly unintentional, but still hilarious, given how the Arbiter says it.
  • The opening cutscene from the Coliseum DLC battle with Snow - Snow's wary about the whole thing, and when Noel asks if he's having second thoughts, Snow's response is an indignant "She's my fiancee!"
    • In the ending, Snow comments that until Noel and Serah come and get him, he'll just hang out with Gilgamesh, Ultros, Typhon and the PuPu.
    Serah: Huh? So while we're out saving the world, you're just gonna hang out and play?
    Snow: Oops. Busted.
    Serah: Snow!
  • The intro to the Coliseum DLC - Gilgamesh is making an over-the-top entrance, and then Snow just walks in and shouts "Oh yeah! Snow Villiers is here!" Cue a beat, followed by Gilgamesh getting upset about Snow ruining his entrance.
    • The two then proceed to trade puns while Snow frontal-assaults him.
      Gilgamesh: (pulls out a pair of rocket launchers) Perhaps you missed... my extra arms! (fires)
      Snow: (freezes missile for a Bullet Catch) Was that supposed to be a joke? Ice one! (hurls missile back at him)
    • The entire rest of the intro scene also counts, with most of the other bosses pulling similar gags while Arbiter introduces them with his by now trademark level of ham. One moment that stands out in particular has Jihl make her Mooks announce her presence by jazz-handing in her direction.
  • In the paradox ending The Future is Hope, Snow shows up out of nowhere with the Academia police and prevents Part 5 - a very anguish-filled chapter - from ever starting, ditches Noel, grabs Serah and takes off into the Historia Crux on Shiva, his flying motorbike. It's as audacious as it sounds.
  • Noel's bickering with Snow in the Sunleth Waterscape, particularly if you feel Noel is essentially a mouthpiece for some of the things you personally have thought about Snow.
  • Snow continuing the Running Gag from the first game by painfully smacking his head against a barrier because he charges at something without thinking. This time it's a time gate that denies him access. To extend the joke even further, there are two possibilities for this cutscene depending on which gate you go into first. In one, Noel warns him that the gates only let certain people through, but Snow proceeds to try anyways. In the other, Noel turns to Serah and explains how the gates only let certain people through... while Snow, behind him, walks up to the gate and bounces off.
  • In Bresha Ruins AF 100, as Noel, running by a bounty hunter in the tunnels will have him quip a hilarious remark, one that can be said true for most—if not all—male Final Fantasy protagonists.
    "You're much too pretty to be a man!"
  • Gilgamesh is always worth a good laugh whenever he makes the scene.
  • In Academia 4XX there is an NPC worried about his wife's odd behavior, as she's been going to Academia every chance she gets. When you finally find her you know why: she has a crush on Hope and openly admits wanting to travel to the future with him, even if it means leaving her husband behind.
  • From the Fragment with the information travel guide information regarding A Dying World: "Frankly, we're not sure if anyone would actually want to visit the place. But 'We'll take you to the ends of the earth!' is our motto, so we've sent our crack intern researcher to check it out. We'll let you know the moment we hear from him again."