Ho Yay / Final Fantasy

Main Series Games

  • The DS remake of Final Fantasy III has some of this when it comes to Arc and Prince Alus. Arc, being as effeminate as he is, forms an immediate bond with Prince Alus, and the two end up spending quite a bit of time together. They even wind up sleeping together at one point (although in seperate beds, and under the pretense of "the prince's safety"). The way they talk to each other seems to suggest that they might be more than "just good friends."

  • For Final Fantasy IV you have Cecil and Kain. Cecil and Rosa are lovers but you would never realize that by the way the game shows it. Right at the beginning, Cecil orders Rosa to leave him alone, before ignoring her to travel with Kain. Cecil and Kain get separated, but when you met Kain again, he is mind controlled by Golbez and helps him take Rosa as hostage in return for the Crystals. The way Cecil acts is really suspicious, like he is more frustrated by the fact that Kain "betrayed" him than the fact that his girlfriend is a hostage; and Kain openly tells Golbez that he views the job of guarding Rosa as punishment duty, begging to be allowed to fight Cecil instead. You also fight with Kain but you can't beat him despite the fact that both start at the same level and should be equally strong. Cecil just hits low or miss while Kain jumps and deals more damage every jump until he defeats you; this leads people to believe that Cecil didn't want to hurt Kain.
    • In the thought bubble lines in the DS version, Cecil has one wishing that Kain was with him when entering Fabul for the first time and also several of being devastated by Kain's betrayals.
    • In The After Years, Cecil and Kain have a conversation when resting in the Depths. Cecil thanks Kain for helping him snap out of the Mysterious Girl's spell, and Kain was acting no less of a type A Tsundere.

  • Sabin's a bodybuilder, and he is the only character whose sequence during the breakup has no female characters. In the Woolsey localisation, Terra mocks his musclebound appearance with the implication that he's a Gym Bunny and he laughs, referring to himself playfully as a 'bear'. In addition, his "fight" with Gau has animation quite unlike any other fight in the game but looking like something else. (Though since there are no sparkles, it can't be sex.) Apparently all the heterosexuality genes went to Chivalrous Pervert Edgar.
    • There's some Terra/Celes Les Yay in VI, with Terra asking Celes (whose situation appears to be similar) if she could fall in love, and most of Celes' dialogue in the final dungeon expresses concern for what will become of Terra once Kefka is defeated and magic fades from the world.

  • Final Fantasy VII and related material:
    • Barret can take Cloud on a date. There is an Achievement for this, called "Best Bromance."
      • The Barret date is mostly achieved by being horrible to the girls, though Cloud also does get the opportunity to flirt with him on several occasions. Some of which, like teasing Barret for being worried about him, the player doesn't even get a say into.
      • You can even have Cloud tell another character that he's in love with Barret, although as part of a scheme to fish information out of them.
      • Barret is, in general, weirdly fixated on Cloud and Cloud's opinion of him despite the fact that he claims to find Cloud annoying. As soon as Cloud gives the faintest indication that he's not a bad person, Barret, who is otherwise very judgemental, takes this as a redemption and apologises for the way he'd been treating him, only for Cloud to shoot the apology down. (If you happen to be on the stairs when they have this exchange, Tifa will even start giggling at Barret's crushed reaction, and Cloud gets defensive, as if to imply she's Shipper on Deck for the two of them.) Even when talking to Red XIII in his prison cell, Barret can't go for a minute without bringing up how Red's personality reminds him of Cloud. When Cloud jokingly compliments Barret's appearance, Barret yells at him, then sneaks off to lock himself in a bathroom with a mirror and check himself out for what's implied to be hours. When Cloud betrays the party, he's easily as heartbroken as Tifa, swinging between grief, self-comparison, and fits of rage at the suggestion that Cloud still matters at all... and when Cid suggests the party go after the Huge Materia, Barret consents only so he can 'see the look on Cloud's face' when Barret shows the Materia to him. Aww.
      • In Advent Children, Cloud is helping raise Barret's daughter, and Barret is wearing a copy of Cloud's ring. Cloud and Barret get a little scene together when fighting Bahamut, with Cloud literally pulling Barret out of danger and the two sharing a look. When Cloud is fighting Sephiroth on his own, Barret is the most eager to jump in the fray with him, and only agrees to wait a few minutes before helping.
      • In On The Way To A Smile: Case of Tifa, Cloud, Barret and Tifa are all living together and building a pub. Cloud won't say he loves Tifa, but apparently knows all about Barret's plan to leave, while it comes as a shock to Tifa.
    • In the Honeybee Inn, Cloud can share a hot tub with male prostitutes. The dialogue keeps it suggestively ambiguous as to what they're actually doing in there - whatever it is, Cloud doesn't seem to be particularly into it, although he does his best, counting to ten to see if he gets into it by the end.
    • Cloud originally had dialogue where he mentioned his obsession with Sephiroth was so great he even dreamed about him all night, and 'my mom gave up on me'. This puts a later scene featuring his mom, in which she begs the uninterested teenage Cloud to settle down with a nice girl, in a different light entirely. Most of the dialogue hinting at Cloud's crush on Sephiroth was cut at some point, though the script does retain a line where Sephiroth mocks Cloud for it - when Sephiroth vanishes and Cloud yells at him to reveal where he is, Sephiroth says "So cold. I am always by your side."
    • There's a mission where Cloud has to dress as a woman to infiltrate Don Corneo's mansion. Aerith is very keen to help him find the right dress and be the prettiest "girl" possible. Make of that what you will.
    • Dirge of Cerberus, the Final Fantasy VII spin-off, hands us a steaming plate of incestuous fanservice with the brothers Weiss and Nero. Strooooong Weiss…
    • There's about no way in hell that their relationship can be read as anything but incest. Strong, strong incest.
    Nero: Let us become one. Let us come together, so that none may ever tear us apart. [Nero hugs him]
    Weiss: Yes. Let us… Let us go join him.
    Nero: Weiss…
    Weiss: Nero…
  • Let's not count Sephiroth whose Ho Yay moments need a page of their own, and focus in Zack and Cloud. There is a moment where Zack undressed Cloud, in the Inn in Nibelheim. Cloud was unconscious.
  • And then of course there is the bridge scene in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children with Reno and Rude. That is NOT the bomb they're talking about there at all.
    • "Ohh good! "
    • "You love it. I know."
    • "If nothing else, it's... flashy." Just the tone of voice he says it in implies it all.
    • The entire scene is loaded with innuendos, but it IS Reno and Rude, who are pretty much walking innuendos.

  • Final Fantasy VIII has a ton of Foe Yay/Ho Yay between Squall and Seifer.
    • Although to be fair, it's almost exclusively from Seifer's end, as Squall denies any sort of human relationship for most of the game, and only stops being a Chaste/Celibate Hero after his Love Epiphany in Disc 3. Seifer, on the other hand, at one point in the games, imprisons Squall, puts him in a kinky position as he tortures him, all the while talking about his "romantic dream". Yeeeeeah....

  • Zidane to Vivi while they're pissing into the ocean together:
    "This is an age-old ritual between male friends!"

  • Final Fantasy X:
    • Lulu sure likes to pet Yuna's head a lot...
    • Rikku's just as bad. At least Lulu doesn't call Yuna, "Yunie"...
    • Rikku/Yuna gets a huge boost in X-2, with a scene where Rikku comes very close to deliberately touching Yuna's breast.
    • And though they're more minor characters, Elma pretty much wants Lucil.
    • It's partly the result of a bad translation but this has quite a few weird Ho Yay moments, like Tidus narrating "I feel happy that Walter (Wakka) wants to arouse me," after meeting and befriending him.
    • And there's Rikku saying to Tidus, "Just a feeling, but I think my dad kind of likes you..."
    • Also, Auron and Kinoc were at the very least Heterosexual Life-Partners before Braska's pilgrimage. Kinoc's death at the hands of Seymour and facing his own killer, Yunalesca are the only times in the game Auron shows emotion. And that hug at Mushroom Rock.
    • The relationships between Auron, Jecht, and Braska went into this territory for at least some of the fanbase. They show a great deal of loyalty and caring towards one another, especially at the end of Braska's pilgramage. Auron's increasing desperation as they near their goal, knowing Braska will die; Jecht's willingness to sacrifice himself for their sakes; Auron's breakdown after their deaths... Auron even becomes an unsent due to his promise to Jecht to watch over Tidus, and then spends ten years in an alien, foreign land just for that purpose (though you could probably say this is out of loyalty toward Tidus, too... they did spend ten years together). He had actually planned to stay in Zanarkand indefinitely, only deciding to bring Tidus to Spira at the last minute, when Sin shows up in Zanarkand at the beginning of the game.
    • Tidus/Wakka seems popular for some reason.

  • Final Fantasy X-2 is probably the most notorious game in the series for this. The list includes:
    • Yuna giving Le Blanc a massage that results in orgasm sounds if she does it right
    • The Hot Spring scene where Rikku remarks to Yuna "I know who's got it going on". And she then proceeds to check out Paine.
    • Buddy getting a shirtless massage from Barkeep in previously mentioned spring.

  • Final Fantasy XI has a quest where a trio of Hume npcs are accidentally splashed with a love potion. Ho Yay ensues. The potion's effects wear off just as they are about to confess their feelings, leading to a Mithran onlooker to remark with the following:
    Kubhe Ijyuhla: I guess it wore off at just the rrright time, though. I don't even want to think of what might have happened if it hadn't! Okay, maybe I'll think about it a little... Heh heh heh...

  • Standard XII got in on this a bit, too. For example, one NPC is labelled as "Lovestruck Man". The first thing he ever says is about Vayne Solidor. It's not until significantly later that you learn his title is because he's crushing on a Viera bunny girl.

  • Square-Enix has certainly upped their Les Yay levels in Final Fantasy XIII. Vanille and Fang care very deeply for other and they also probably have the biggest amount of lovey-dovey physical contact in the entire game. Not only does Fang like petting Vanille's head a lot more than Lulu liked petting Yuna's head, they're also the characters that hug more and more passionately through the game. Every time they talk about each other, the nature of their relationship seems pretty obvious as well. And don't get me started on the ending, where they "die" holding hands while romantic music plays in the background!
    • They're not really dead, they just became crystals for all of eternity. Then again, that only makes it even more romantic. [1] I mean, just look at them.
    • Heck, when they finally meet each other, the game plays a romantic song and they start walking in slow motion to each other, the whole scene just screams "Oh my god they are going to kiss!" but then a random monster appears and you have to fight it...
    • Vanille puts her hand on Fang's breast when they hug at one point!
      • And then Fang kneels down and lifts up Vanille's skirt like she's completely within her rights to do so whenever she wants. Compare to Lightning who was asked to show her brand, instead of Fang just trying to unzip Lightning's blouse herself. Though Fang was not the least bit shy about seeing another woman's breasts in any case.
    • Fang and Vanille's dialogue with one another, at times, closely parallels that of (engaged) Snow and Serah. It could very easily be argued that the game has two central love stories.
      Fang: "I'll tear down the sky if it'll save her...."
    • There are multiple ways to interpret Fang referring to Vanille as her "partner".
    • Both of their Eidolons make their first appearances when they're distraught over the idea of the other one suffering.
      • And speaking of Eidolons, the Shiva sisters' transformation sequence is very, uh, suggestive. They wind their legs around each other quite gracefully, locking each other into place while Snow "rides" them. Heh.
    • Then in Final Fantasy XIII: Reminiscence -tracer of memories-, it is revealed that after the ending of Lightning Returns, Fang and Vanille move to an arid region near a remote village in an area full of cattle ranches and rocky wilderness to live out their days together. Or, in other words, Australia (they already have the accents after all).
    • Let's put it this way; if the developers had gone with their original plan of making Fang a male character, and nothing else about the final product were different, the Fan Dumb would be complaining about how cliché Fang and Vanille's relationship is compared to previous Official Couples.
    • A male example: Snow and Hope. The fans call it 'Snope'

  • Final Fantasy XIV has Haurchefant and the Warrior of Light. Haurchefant makes advances and is implied to have strong romantic feelings for the Warrior, no matter what their gender is, while the later is noted to be very close to the former. Their interractions are also part of the rare ones where the Warrior of Light shows emotions openly. Their reaction when Haurchefant dies sacrificing himself to save them, and subsequent depression which is STILL there and going strong in subsequent updates, heavily hint they might have reciprocated his feelings. It's not helped by the fact that the Warrior of Light is basically treated as a son(or daughter)-in-law by Haurchefant's father after his son's death. It's also lampshaded by several characters. Everyone Can See It indeed.
    • There's also Estinien and Aymeric, but he's also going strong with Alphinaud.
    • Speaking of Aymeric, he is stated to have something for the Warrior of Light.

  • For a game that's not even out yet, Final Fantasy XV seems to basically be about Ho Yay on a design level. Or at the very least, Bro Yay laced with a thick layer of homoeroticism. The "Episode Duscae" demo already shows rather extreme levels of dudebro ass-slapping no-homo-but-yes-homo shenanigans, with strong and unique dynamics between each party member (all of whom are male). The testosterone is palpable, and it has already became fairly infamous because of it.
    • Strap on your Shipping Goggles! The game even seems to poke fun at the Ho Yay potential itself, such as with this bit of banter:
    Prompto: [sigh] "This place is so romantic."
    Gladio: "And you get to spend it with us."
    Noctis: "All three of us."
    Ignis: "You are a lucky man."
    • Prompto's main objects for his photographs are the other three guys. This can and does lead to many photographs of someone's backside. Noctis can even request more shots of one of his friends.
    • After making camp, Noctis may be invited on a 'Tour' with one of his friends, to do a small sidequest. These have been likened to dates by more than one fan.
    • On an individual level, Noctis & Prompto are perhaps the most ripe for Ho Yay moments:
      • Brotherhood shows us the punishing physical fitness routine that an overweight young Prompto went through, before he considered himself physically worthy to become Noctis' friend.
      • At the end of Chapter 11, when Prompto is thrown from the train by Noctis, the prince is absolutely distraught and desperate to go back for him. This also drives much of his desperate fight through the imperial base in Chapter 13. Once finally reunited, Prompto will ask in a desperate and tentative voice if Noctis was worried about him.
      • Prompto begins his Tours by slapping Noctis' arse. During one Tour, he takes attractive shots of Noctis by the sea. These are to give to Lunafreya, but even so, Prompto sounds veeeery appreciative as he's taking the shots. During another camp (at a motel), they have a heart-to-heart about Prompto's insecurities, whererin Noctis can assure him of his worth.
      • Whenever Noctis is seized by an enemy in combat, Prompto will scream: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCT!"
      • If Prompto is downed in combat and rescued by Noctis, this exchange occurs:
    Prompto: "So this is what it's like to be rescued by Prince Charming?"
    Noctis: "Yeah, keep dreaming, Beauty."

    • Noctis & Gladio also have their moments, mostly revolving around Gladio's role as Noctis' protector. This is prominent in Chapter 4, and the Deadeye hunt. He physically puts himself between Noctis and harm's way many times.
    • We often see Ignis looking after Noctis - cooking together, or mending his shirts. Their Brotherhood episode also showed how much time Ignis has devoted to caring for Noct, to the point that it seems the most important thing in his life. He even dedicates a lot of time to perfectly recreating a dessert Noctis enjoyed. Ignis' AI even seems to be programmed to stay close to Noctis in combat, and look out for him there too.
    • Gladio & Ignis often seem to play the role of Team Dad and Team Mom respectively. In Brotherhood, Gladio even complains that Ignis coddles Noctis too much. In the game, Ignis seems to be the one character that Gladio gives his unmitigated respect to (a contrast to Noctis and Prompto, who get a lot of snarky comments and stern lectures.)
      • Gladio spends the entirety of Chapter 10 furious, partly because he thinks Noctis doesn't appreciate Ignis' sacrifice, and isn't considering his wellbeing. It takes Ignis putting his foot down for Gladio to back off and calm down.
    • While Gladio is separated from the party in Chapter 7, Prompto spends a lot of time wishing that he was there too, or wondering what he's up to. When Noctis suggests that Gladio's off picking up girls, Prompto responds with an uncharacteristically vehement "SON OF A BITCH!"
      • During a conversation in the car in the evening, Ignis suggests stopping for the night, and Prompto whines that he needs his "beauty sleep", to which Gladio responds:
      Gladio: Eh, you're pretty enough already.
      • During initial encounters with Ardyn and Ravus, Prompto has a tendency to hide behind Gladio and Ignis. When Ravus knocks Gladio down with ease, Prompto hurries straight over to help him stand.
      • When viewing photos, Prompto will sometimes wistfully comment that the Gladio is very photogenic.
    • In Chapter 10, after Ignis becomes blind, Prompto is often the one who can be seen helping him up when he stumbles, or guiding him around.


  • Ramza and Delita Final Fantasy Tactics have quite a bit of Ho Yay/Foe Yay between them, including a fixation on each other. It's understandable as they were once friends.
  • Vagrant Story (which takes place in the FFXII/FFT universe) might as well have been called "Ho Yay: The Game". For starters, the main character spends 40 hours walking around in assless chaps.