Funny / Final Fantasy IV

  • Cecil's reaction to the dancer in Fabul Castle transforming into a burly monk.
    • There's also the Easter Egg regarding what's obviously an adult magazine found in the Dwarves' Castle. "Using" it prompts Cecil's overworld sprite to look in the four directions (akin to someone trying to hide something) before saying: "That's what I call a piece of literature!"
  • Also, Palom and Porom's antics.
    • Special mention goes to Palom commenting on Baigan trying to win Cecil's trust.
    From the J2E translation:
    Palom: I think William Shatner is more convincing than you.
  • Waking Yang up from his coma is a great laugh in itself.
    Cecil: My friend, I ask for your forgiveness...
  • Before that, we have Cecil's thoughts during the Sylph Cave.
    Cecil: Of course! With this we can... cook something?
  • Who could forget the immortal Woolseyism from Tellah?
    Tellah: You spoony bard!
  • Dr. Lugae's battle.
  • From the pub in Troia comes this:
    "Stellaaa! You're so beautiful! ...What!? ... You're (Cecil) a man...!?"
  • Cid has some real gems in the J2E translation.
    From the J2E translation:
    "I'm gonna get medieval on your ass!"
    When he is arguing with Edge and Rydia tells Edge to shut up.
    Cid: Has he been up your butt, Rydia?
    Rydia: No, but he's been scratching his.
    Edge: Shut up!
  • After the party defeats Big Bad Zeromus:
    Rydia: It's hard to believe Zemus didn't use you instead!
    Edge: Don't worry, goodness is my middle name.
    • The J2E translation is even better:
    Rydia: "Bastion of Virtue?" What the hell are you talking about? It's a miracle you weren't the one who was possessed by Zemus!
  • After Cecil tells Rosa and Rydia to stay home, Edge makes a pretty condescending remark to Rydia. In the J2E version, she pretty much says she'd castrate anyone who spoke that way to her!
  • In the DS version, teaching Kain "Cry". Teaching any of them actually. Edge, Cecil, (or with cheat codes) Dark Knight Cecil, Yang, Tellah, Cid or Edward. It's funny shit.
  • Cecil getting shrunk and turned into a toad or a pig by various Mysidian mages. Really, any time those attacks hit an enemy in battle tend to be hilarious.
  • Edge's thoughts after Rydia learns to summon Bahamut:
    Edge: Oh, man...Now I really better not make Rydia mad!
  • Kain's thoughts after encountering and defeating the first trap door monster in the DS version:
    Kain: Please tell me not all of the doors are like that.
  • After exposing the Fake King plot, Paladin Cecil can join in a dance with Baron's Dancing Girl. And in the DS version, it's absolutely hilarious; armor-clad, gallant, Bishounen Cecil copies all of the girl's movements; from the hops to the waves, to the hip thrusts. It tops even the Dancing Girl Surprise in Fabul.

  • Golbez in the original J2e patch is quite the deadpan snarker. Newer versions make him more serious.
    (during the first confrontation in Fabul) "Perfect settings for an introduction, don't you think? Well, perfect for me, anyway. You're all sprawled out on the ground and I'm about to take the crystal
    In King Jiott's Crystal Room" "How could you possibly have known that I love having meteors dropped on my head?"
    "Before I unmercifully and painfully slaughter you, wouldn't you love to know why I'm gathering the crystals?"

  • While the scene that immediately follows it is a major Tearjerker, the short conversation Edge has with his corrupted parents before fighting them is a bit Narmy:
    Queen Eblan: Come, Edge.
    King Eblan: Yes...come with us.
    Edge: With you? Where?
    Queen Eblan: To HELL!!
    *Dramatic music plays*

  • Try not laughing when Dr. Lugae orders Barnabas to attack... and Barnabas attacks Dr. Lugae. It's made even funny with the Special Effect Failure in the 3D versions where you see Barnabas swing towards your party.... yet hit someone who is clearly right next to him.
  • The secret gentlemens' club in Troia was a great dancing girl show in the original game. In the After Years, Palom can enter it. Those who played the original would remember the dancing girl show. Just as the show starts, once the dancers get on stage, they suddenly turn into old ladies, complete with horror chord. Throughout the "dance number", it plays the Suspicion music. Serves as Nightmare Fuel for Palom when the old ladies drag him up on stage, kicking and screaming for Lenora to help him before blacking out.