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Funny: Final Fantasy I
  • The official rendering for Dawn of Souls. Red Mage is holding onto his/her hat, Fighter has a sword out, and... White Mage is using Black Mage as a human shield.
  • And of course, there's that ever so infamous supposedly Badass Boast that got translated as "I, Garland, will knock you all down!" The Narm Charm alone has kept this line translated thus even in the various remakes and remasters with improved scripts.
  • Despite lacking overly complex character arcs the game has some decent Deadpan Snarkers, like Matoya and especially Doctor Unne.
    Doctor Unne: Kraken, Fiend of Water, is a joke. A one-eyed squirrel armed with a piece of wet spaghetti could kill twenty Krakens before it needed to heal itself.
  • In the NES original, the revelation that the Lone King in the Western Keep is actually the Dark Elf Astos in disguise is, for some reason, punctuated with the same joyous fanfare you hear whenever you get or experience something really good. Evidently, the game thinks it's just awesome that you're about to lose several party members to Astos and that damned RUB spell of his.
  • The battle with Gilgamesh in the remakes:
    "At long last! The ultimate sword…is…MINE! Now I can finally go home! Hey, where did YOU come from? Oh, you mean you were looking for the Excalibur, too? How rude of me. I mean, the four of you come all this way… Of course I’ll let you have the sword. ...I’d say you’ve been hitting the oxyale a bit hard if you believed THAT!"

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