Tear Jerker / Final Fantasy I

  • Five Lufenian warriors were sent to investigate the belief that there is another higher force, the Man Behind the Man controlling Tiamat. However, none of them returned. Turns out those warriors were cursed by the Fiends and turned into bats. That's gotta suck.
  • The fact that defeating the final boss forces you to hit the Reset Button, and turns the Warrior of Light's tale into The Greatest Story Never Told.
  • One floor of Whisperwind Cove is scored with the melancholy church theme and filled with the spirits of monsters you've killed over the course of the game. You have to speak to each one so they can pass on to the next life, and aside from a few sore losers like Astos and the Vampire, most of them don't seem like such bad chaps now that they have nothing left to fight for.