Heartwarming / Final Fantasy I

  • The Prologue that plays when you cross the newly-built bridge can warm a gamer's heart.
  • If Dissidia is canon, then it makes the Warrior of Light's pledge to save Garland even more moving.
    "Whatever destiny the world may hold for me, I will never give up. This battle shall come to an end, and I shall save you too!"
    • And he does manage to save Garland, just like he promised.
  • In the Dawn of Souls remake, there's a bonus dungeon with a level filled with the souls of various monsters from the game. To beat the level, you need to talk to these souls and listen to their problems.
    • In another one of the dungeons you run into a colony of Dwarves. One of them happens to be a big fan of Nerrick's, if you want you can help him get an autograph signed by the master craftsman.