Funny: Bravely Default

  • Ringabel, being a Handsome Lech, is inevitable humor.
    • Since the enemy bios are written by him In-Universe, this even shows through there, as his descriptions of female enemies and Horny Devil monsters frequently fall victim to Distracted by the Sexy.
      Succubus: Flying through the air on black wings, this alluring little demon uses Entice to make victims do as she says, which is not always bad if you like that sort of thing.
      Legion Archer: An archer of the Bloodrose Legion whose Chaos Arrow attack uses poison tipped arrows that sow confusion. Don't let the sexy low cut on her dress back distract you!
    • From a party chat at the start of Chapter 3:
      Ringabel: Tiz, please. You're getting bumpkin all over my feral bikini woman fantasy.
  • Sage Yulyana is a Dirty Old Man. Edea's comment is what sells it.
    Edea: He's like a geriatric Ringabel.
    • Speaking of Ringabel, he and the Sage end up forming a friendship over their philanderer tendencies!
    • And then during the moment mentioned below, finding an outfit to help Agnès stand out at the Flower Festival, you realise he's the guy you need to go to for help. The guy's a tailor and a massive pervert, he's perfect for the job! The outfit he wants Agnès to go in? All you hear of it is her saying "Are you sure this is clothing?" And then we have Ringabel's utter dismay when she decides against it...
    • He gets a funny moment in the ending, where he lingers a bit too long in his hug with Agnès to the point where Lord DeRosso calls him out on it.
    DeRosso: She may not welcome such affection. And Tiz is glaring daggers at you.
    • In the true ending, we have:
    Edea: Planning on letting go any time soon?
    Yulyana: What harm in just a little bit longer? This is my last chance.
    Edea: What harm? Just ask Agnès. And you should see the look on Tiz's face.
    • The last is funnier if Tiz is a Valkyrie or Dark Knight at the time.
  • Yulyana is equally as funny as Ringabel, but during Chapter 8 at the Eternian HQ, Mephillia, Yulyana, Qada, and Crowe team up which results in a hilarious moment with Yulyana and Mephilia.
    Yulyana: I rather like this arrangement. It'll give us some playtime alone, eh Mephillia?
    Mephillia: Back you old lech! Or would you like me to sic Einheria on you!?
    Yulyana: Two jiggly sisters at once!? Ooh, count me in!
  • WE'RE GOING SEXY! note 
    • "It says here in my journal: 'Agnés wore sexy clothes! It was awesome!'" Once again, the delivery of the line is what seals it.
    • While some could call the entire arc filler, the tale of the Bravo Bikini and how it had the power to make everyone hate the Sage, coupled with how Edea and Ringabel go about the whole quest to 'sexify' Agnés, is WELL worth it.
  • Florem is full of these moments.
    • For instance, when talking about the latest trends, Edea says "Fashionaaabluh" instead of "fashionable", and keeps correcting everyone when they say the latter.
    Ringabel: At times one must suffer to be fashionaaabluh.
    • Edea also took Ringabel out on a shopping spree and had him carry all the bags, to which he utters "My poor, numb arms...". When Agnès chastises Edea for her careless spending, she tells her not to worry as she has backup- Tiz's wallet.
    • Quoth Agnès: "What makes a garment sexy, precisely?"
      • And later:
      Agnès: It appears that I have underestimated the beast that is sex appeal.
  • The Jobmasters have some great moments. You could give Barras, Profiteur, and Khint their own talk show, maybe with Holly in it. Almost all of those guys are funny as Hell. Special points in the game are as follows:
    • Anytime Barras opens his mouth. ANYTIME. Holly being his sarcastic wingwoman only helps.
      Barras: There's only two tactics a warrior needs to know! Frontal assault and DEATH BY FRONTAL ASSAULT!
    • Barras hauling a round, fat dragon over his shoulder.
    • Khint's tendency to leave his battlemates to die. With The Jackal, it's somewhat chilling, but with Profiteur it's just hilarious.
      Khint: Our agreement ends here. This is what your money buys.
      Profiteur: What!? I've paid you a small fortune!
      Khint: Any further, and I'll be placing my life on the line. That bears a surcharge of 51.2 billion pg.
      Profiteur: Zat's not a surcharge, it's a national budget! You're mad!
      Khint: Then this is farewell. Best of luck.
      Profiteur: Zis...zis is fraud! I'll see you reported for zis!
    • In another case of what's normally dark becoming funny, Profiteur's Famous Last Words are hilarious.
    • Really, due to the accent and how hammy he is, even when he makes it clear he intends to kill you, it comes out as funny.
      Profiteur: Kill zem all, AND I'LL THROW IN A BONUS!
    • The "Eternian Board of Girl Power," which mostly consists of Victoria bad-mouthing Praline and Holly while Kikyo and Artemia doze off.
    • The Jackal jumps in, out of nowhere, to help Praline. Her response? "Who are you?!" Then, after the battle, she asks if he was sent by Kamiizumi, describing him as a stern swordsman in a green robe... and he mistakenly assumes she's talking about Khint, whom he apparently only knows as "chief".
    • The exchange that takes place in Chapter 8 before you fight Victoria, DeRosa, Khint, and Lord DeRosso, if only for the following line:
      DeRosso: ...Were all of the duchy's psychotics shunted onto this team?
    • The murder-mystery plot in Chapter 5. The party, especially Ringabel, takes advantage of having gone through the same event before, and ham it up while flushing Kikyo out.
  • Upgrade Norende's shops enough, and you may get funny party chats regarding some of the gameplay elements. One of them is about the customizable battle cries when using special moves, leading to an onslaught of lame cries one after the other. Tiz even lampshades how terrible they are.
  • When the group reaches Eternia, Agnès comments that she's never seen snow before. Ringabel promptly goes on to tease her about it and tell her that sometimes fish can fall from the sky, which she completely buys.
  • From The Stinger: "I am Magnolia Arch. Ba'al buster." Made better if you aren't looking at the subtitles and just hear what she says.
  • This is both this and a Tear Jerker since it's about his lost memories, but in several party chats, Ringabel falls asleep and dreams about game mechanics.
  • To enter the Lontano Villa, the party decide that Edea will pretend to have captured the vestal, Agnès, to sneak in. Cue this discussion:
    [Edea and Agnès approach the guard]
    Guard: Lady Edea! Where have you been? We've lost contact with Master Crowe. Wait, that... That woman! The vestal of wind!
    Edea: Yes, and my prisoner besides! Now, if you'll open the gate, I'll bring her to the captain.
    Guard: But what of Crowe?
    Edea: He... I'm afraid he fell before the wicked vestal's cruel magic. But it was his sacrifice that allowed for her capture.
    Guard: I see... Well, I am glad milady is safe. I should expect no less from the grand marshal's daughter. I'll have the gate open straight away! Just a moment!
    [guard walks off]
    [Agnès looks at Edea, seething with rage]
    Edea: Now, now. No need to glare...
    [Agnès sighs]
  • Jackal and Khint misunderstanding the lyrics to Praline's song.
    Jackal: Chief, what are "digits?"
    Khint: Another word for fingers and toes. Why'd you ask?
    Jackal: I met this girl who sang, "I gave him my digits, just to watch him fidget!"
    Khint: That's...awfully macabre.
    • The real hit for this is that Khint actually seems to be amused.
  • Agnès and Tiz head out alone to talk to the sage at Ringabel's request to have Agnès learn the truth about Airy. After they come out, Edea and Airy get the wrong idea about what went on in the cave, Agnès is embarrassed, and Tiz and Ringabel just roll with it.
  • In a more meta example, someone on Miiverse voiced their displeasure with one of the game's examples of No Hero Discount in the most twisted way possible (Warning, spoilers for Chapters 3 and 4). For those who don't have a Miiverse account: in response to Datz charging the player to use the inn, even though the player owns that inn, the poster threatens to throw Datz into a volcano; drop him into Miasma Woods (while lamenting it's not as dangerous as it use to be); leave him in a frozen wasteland said to be a good vacation spot, even though everyone who said that is dead; taking Datz bungee jumping into the chasm, without a bungee cord; stranding him in the middle of the ocean because the player couldn't find an island; and finally, just sleeping in Caldisla's Inn because the player was in a good mood...for now.
  • In one Party Chat, Tiz tries to convince Edea and Agnés to become spell fencers, by pointing out all of the benefits of the job. Why? Because Ringabel put him up to it so the girls would wear the skimpy outfits. It fails.
    Tiz: So what do I say now?
    Edea: Yes, tell us Ringabel...what does he say now? I can't wait to hear this.
  • After the cutscene where Dr. Qada reveals he was just Faking the Dead after his battle with you, only to have Kamiizumi kill him for real, you can go back to where you fought him and he will be there as a ghost. He thinks he's still alive, boasting about how he's so awesome that not even Kamiizumi can kill him.
  • When the Bloodrose Legion decides to take you on together, Artemia spends the entire time before and after the fight insulting DeRosa. With how much of a JerkAss the guy has been, this just comes off as hilarious. Even more so when they start to fight you: during the other fights when you battle one of the divisions of the Eternian army, the leader or at least the person who holds the most influence in the area gives a call to battle, such as Profiteur or Heinkel. With the Bloodrose, Artemia tells Einheria to yell out a battle cry. Einheria protests and looks at Fiore...who then sighs and tells her she can do so, as long as it sounds impressive. Even he knows who the real leader of the Bloodrose Legion is. Einheria even has to take a moment to clear her throat and think of what to say.
  • The first part of the Boss Rush in chapter 8. Einheria almost disables one of Jackal's legs with her spear-skirt which causes him to get so angry he forces her to apologize until she sounds like she means it, since a Fragile Speedster like him needs his legs to move around. Hearing the normally Bad Ass Einheria stuttering an apology that simply won't be accepted is funny. Then she decides a better place to wait for the party would be from above and uses the Valkyrie's jump ability to go off screen, causing Jackal to completely forget what he was angry about and wonder how the hell she did that.
    Jackal: Woah! That was amazing! How'd you do that, frills?
    Jackal: Hel-looooo!
  • Pretty much all of the Boss Rush in chapter 8. Specifically, the teams. Braev may have done strategic planning, but didn't account for personality...Or maybe it's just the voice acting.
    • To put it in specifics, the above example comes first with the Vangaurd.
    Jackal: "Apologies?" That's the best you can do?
    • The we get the Iron Wall, which is mostly heartwarming considering what they do, but of course we have Kiyko there, and the topic is her silence.
    • The third are the Powerhouses. When going over their plan:
    Alternis: It’s actually quite simple. He wants us to—
    Barras: Beat 'em to a pulp!
    Barbarossa: Chop them into mincemeat!
    Praline: Sing their eardrums out!
    Alternis: Yes, well…I suppose that about sums it up.
    • Then there’s everyone’s favorite group, Mega Magic. And they’re lead by Ominas. Made even funnier that he’s the only one who objects to this while the others don’t care.
    Ominas: How am I supposed to fight with, let alone lead you lot!?
    • The fourth group is the aptly named "Ailment Hell". They’re lead by Victora, and aside from Victoria being slightly uncertain about commanding Lester, nobody has a problem… until they go over their course of action.
    Khint: Obliterate the enemy’s hopes of victory in a merciless hail of status ailment attacks?
    DeRosa: Send man and woman alike fleeing from all manner of malicious magical molestations?
    Victoria: Use my dark rituals to cull their lives before they’ve the chance to fret over their health? Make that vestal and her minions taste rapture brimming with despair?
    DeRosso: *shrugs and turns away* Were all of the duchy's psychotics shunted onto this team?
    • Even better, after he says they’re all worse than him, he sees this strategy as a punishment by Braev for never listening.
    DeRosso: Challenge accepted, templar.
    • The final group, which is simply everyone left, has Artemia acting like a rabid animal and Khamer sucking up to the Grand Marshal while he goes over the basic strategy (healer, defender, attacker, status inflicter) and Victor wonders if the Vestal's team is even going to get here.
    Artemia: Yes, Artemia beast! Beast crush enemy! Rawr!
  • The fight against DeRosso in Chapter 8. It seems like it'd simply be just him like usual, as the cutscene beforehand was unaltered unlike the previous time which preceded the fight with Victor coming in to help. When the Fight Woosh ends you see Yulyana floating next to De Rosso, apparently having just teleported in to the fight because he wanted to join in on the fun.
    De Rosso: This castle may be dreary, but it is still my home. I would prefer it remain standing.
    Sage: We're within the asterisk barrier. Absolutely impervious. ...In theory,anyway. Hm hm hm!
    Tiz (and likely the player): WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!?
  • One of the party chats in Chapter 5 is Agnes and Edea arguing. Ringabel walks in and asks what's going on, Tiz says to ask them himself. We soon find out that they're arguing about which dessert is better, strawberry whipped cream custard or sweet bean filled wafers. Ringabel asks if they're really arguing about desserts, and Tiz says that they are, while munching on something. Ringabel asks him what he's eating, and...
  • As you use Bravely Second, the characters will cycle through a whole bunch of quotes. Tiz starts running out of witty remarks.
    Tiz: Here's my ace in the hole!
    Tiz: Now my ace is...out of the hole!
    Tiz: Now...uh...you're going in the hole!
    • Agnès, on the other hand, tries to use her "Unacceptable!" as an intimidationnote ... and doesn't quite succeed.
    Agnès: Unacceptable!
    Agnès: Absolutely, totally, completely unacceptable!
  • In Chapter 7, Ominas Crowe threatens to summon the mighty Bahamut to eliminate your party! ...And it turns out that's just what he named his pet D'gon, whose strongest attack is called Pico Flarenote .