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Painted Black

Before The Party

Grace's Birthday Party
  • When explaining how she and Elliot are different (i.e. why Elliot is more of a stick-in-the-mud), Ellen's summation and Elliot's reaction to it in the last panel here are priceless.
    Ellen: You're like me if I was directed by George Lucas.
  • I'M A MOMMY!
  • This comic from Grace's birthday party.
  • Susan and Justin got Grace a plant for her birthday. Jeremy was pleased.
    Tedd: I think I've figured out what kind of plant it is...
  • During Grace's birthday party, Sarah wonders what a date between the genderflipped Sarah and Elliot would be like;
    Sarah: (...Wow. That was the worst fantasy ever, and there wasn't even a party in it. I have no idea what I'm doing, do I?)

Hidden Genesis

Sister II

Bringing Silly Back

Q&A # 5

9001% Serious


The Dawn

Pandoras Box
  • Luke's plan to lose quickly so as to be able to talk to Justin and Grace runs into a snag when...
    Rich: You're using fairies? Pfft. Gay.
    [Luke adjusts his glasses]
    Narrator: Many time consuming turns later...
    Luke: [surrounded by badass fairies and a drake] That's game.
  • Larry hitting on Tedd during the match, not knowing he's a guy.
    Larry: That card reminds me of this one time I saved a puppy from a mountain lion. Punched it right in its nose!
    Tedd: The mountain lion or the puppy?
  • OH YEAH! Tensaided's Oh Crap! face is priceless.
  • In the Squirrel Prophet Part to arc, the "final battle" splash page has something for everyone. Sarah vs. Sam is one of the highlights.
    Sarah: I am jealous of how many pockets you have!
    Sam: [dead serious] I know.
  • "Well good for Spider-Man. I jiggle."
  • This guy has a really annoying playing style.
  • Sarah and Sam's stalemate.
    Sarah: (bored) I summon another vampire. The forest is safer and stuff. Go.
    Sam: Are you sure you don't want to attack?
    Sarah: Why don't you attack?
    Sam: It's your turn.
    Sarah: Nuh-uh, I ended it.
  • After a card tournament that lasts lasts several real-world months, the grand prize goes to a nameless extra.
  • Luke learns about immortals.
    Luke: Whoa... a-and what are they called?
    Justin: Immortals.
    Luke: ...they're literally just called "immortals"?
    Justin: As far as I know.
    Luke: That's... terrible.
  • Proving that Susan and Diane have more in common than it at first seems...
    Diane: I've made a terrible mistake.
  • Ashley saying some stuff about herself:
    Ashley: Um... what else? Oh! I play ballet and dance soccer! *long pause* Wait! I mean-!
    Elliot: One sec, I'm imagining dance soccer.
  • Ashley was advised to avoid the bookstore while on the date. However, she forgot to look prior to suggesting an alternative. Cue the biggest Luminescent Blush in the comic's run.
  • Diane doesn't believe in Tara's supernatural senses and doesn't believe that she's any sort of potential vampire hunter. When her companion points out Tara's uncanny ability to detect that Ellen and Elliot were twins, Diane gave this response:
    Diane: OH MY GOD! She deduced that the people with nearly identical faces are twins?! She must be a wizard griffon!
  • Elliot finds out what happens to his cell phone when he transforms into Cheerleadra with it in his pocket. He starts vibrating in mid-air, then touches his stomach and starts hearing Ashley's voice in his ears.
    Ashley: How are you answering this? Ellen told me you wouldn't have your phone if you weren't changed back yet.
    Elliot: You're calling me on a phone?
    Ashley: Um, yeah?
    Elliot: This is a phone call?
    Ashley: Um...
    Elliot: I don't have my phone! I just sort of... buzzed all over, and now we're talking!
  • When Nanase shows up in fairy doll form and Andrea gushes about how incredibly magically powerful this is, calling her "Your Highness" for the umpteenth time, Nanase corrects her yet again. the griffins point out how powerful her magic is, pointing out "Do you have ANY idea how many laws of physics you've broken just doing that?" Nanase remarks "We view the laws of physics more as polite suggestions."
  • The griffins bantering about alternate universes.
  • This conversation about the recent fight.
  • Andrea's shock at what Nanase and Elliot say about alternate universes.
  • Tara suddenly remembering that Andrea told her, in no uncertain terms, that immortals are capable of lying. "Whoops." "WHOOPS?!?"
    • And from The Rant directly below: "This feels like a very 'me' moment."
  • Continuing on the "Elliot as a human cell phone" track, they're trying to figure out how to get back to the random spot in the woods they are currently at. Nanase suggests he use his GPS function. Elliot tries to brush it off... but fails.
    Elliot: How the fork would I... [beat] I know our exact GPS coordinates and can see what looks like a floating picture of a satellite view of here. I also know where all the nearby restaurants are.