Heartwarming / El Goonish Shive

NP & Sketchbook
  • This. Just think about it: Tedd could choose ANYONE for his bridge crew. He could have tons of different women in short skirts and Star Trek shirts, but instead he wants them all to look like Grace. Aw.
  • Being single is not the same as being alone.

  • These strips at the end of the Sister plot arc are both a heartwarming and awesome moment for Elliot. Why do you think Ellen is so protective of everyone? Keep in mind that just before this, Ellen thought that she was going to die and had told Elliot that she was going to do nothing but cause trouble for him, yet he still sticks up for her.
    • It's also touching that Tedd's dad is genuinely confused that the kids think he's going to harm Ellen; he's going to do his job sure but there's no way he's letting an innocent get hurt if he can help it.

New And Old Friends

Painted Black

Shadows After Dark

Grace's Birthday Party
  • The comic with Tedd's birthday presents for Grace deserves mention on this list.
  • Part IV of Grace's Birthday Party could be listed as a whole. Especially the final page.
  • This strip where Susan comforts Justin after he reveals the story of his traumatic outing and his unrequieted crush on Elliot.
    Justin ...I'm alone, and I just don't see that changing...
    Susan: You're not alone, Justin.
    Justin: Huh?
    Susan: You have Nanase, Ellen, Tedd, Grace, Sarah, me, and even Elliot. You haven't known all of us for very long, but we're all your friends. Being single is not the same as being alone. It may suck that you can't be romantic with the one you love, but you have people who care about you, and they like you for who you are.
    • Also, the aftermath of the Big Damn Kiss. It really shows just how good their friendship is for those two. Susan manages to help relieve a little of Justin's worries, and Justin helps Susan on the path to overcoming her own issues.

Hidden Genesis
  • When Nanase is stressing out about coming out to her strict mother, she has a small rebellious outburst that causes her to be denied dessert. However the door creaks open and her little sister slips her some cookies on the sly.

Sister II
  • Doubles as a Tear Jerker. Near the end of Sister II, as Angel!Nanase has Abe in her grip, she makes her tell him what he promised, but not what he said. She reminds him that he promised to protect innocents, and, despite being born of the Dewitchery Diamond, Ellen was an innocent. The look on Abe's face as he realizes that he can't harm Ellen (especially since he was very reluctant to do so in the first place), and his exclamation of relief just pulls at the heartstrings, especially when he instantly swears not to harm Ellen when told to.
    Abraham: You're...right... Oh, thank God, you're right!
  • A part of the drama in the story has been of Nanase being afraid to come out, to her family in particular, and the difficulties that this has caused, including insisting that the relationship be kept secret. When her partner's life is in jeopardy, however, she literally risks her life to save said partner; this is not, however, the Heartwarming Moment itself. Later, while she lies in the hospital, recovering from her brush with death, her partner by her side and in tears, and having just being told that it may be months before she can again use magic, having burnt herself out in defense of the one that she loves, we have the following exchange between her and her partner:
    "Small price to pay. You're alive, that's all that matters."
    "I... You know what I want to say, but I know you wouldn't want me to say it in public..."
    "I love you too, Ellen."
  • And then in later strip, when Nanase thinks her mother is okay with her lesbian relationship ... but subverted as it turns out she just doesn't take it seriously, thinking they'll eventually grow out of it.
    • And her next line immediately after that. She is able to put her disagreement aside and remember that her daughter could very well have died that evening.
    Nanase's Mother: Shh... We have all the time in the world to argue.

Bringing Silly Back

Q&A # 5

9001% Serious
  • This page shows Nanase's mother genuinely happy that shy, little Tedd has a girlfriend; yet again proving that while Nanase's mother may be Jerkass-ish in certain ways, she still has her moments.
  • This comic. To see the formerly shy Tedd so firmly defend what was essentially a big string of screw ups is rather smile-inducing.
    • Especially his choice of words: "If you're the result of my mistakes, then they were the best mistakes I ever made." Awwwww...
    • Also touching is Grace's reaction to coming back to find her boyfriend hugging another girl: hugging them both and ignoring the situation completely. Granted, it's not a surprise but it's still sweet.
  • This comic. Ellen and Nanase. That is all.
    • "This is the fifty-sixth day we've been together." "You know how many days we've been together?" "...Maybe."
  • Ice cream.

  • Although it's probably going to come back to bite them, Susan telling her boss that Elliot knows Cheerleadra in order to get him hired is an excellent contrast to her normal Spock behavior.
    Elliot: What the hell, Susan? I thought you were smart.
    Susan: You're my friend. He wasn't going to hire you. I wanted to help.
  • Susan's adorable face when she is explaining why she loves Star Trek. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny when she realizes that the review is still going.
    • On the next page, Susan bitterly asks if he thought her fangasm was funny, but Elliot states that he liked it because she expressed such passion.

The Dawn
  • Elliot's brief summary of what went through his mind when Ellen was created by the Dewitchery Diamond. It was an unbelievably disorienting experience for Ellen, but for Elliot...
    Elliot: I've never been this confused before.
    Ellen: Oh, sure you have. What about after you touched the diamond?
    Elliot: That was pretty simple, actually.
    Ellen: Really. The spontaneous creation of a female twin with all of your memories. That was simple.
    Elliot: "She's family. Help her." Not that complicated.
  • Susan being protective
    Susan: Mean girls? What mean girls? Who's been mean to you?!
  • Susan entering a full-on Crush Blush mode is dangerously adorable.
  • When Ashley and Elliott get together, adorableness ensues.
  • When Susan discovers that Tom's friendly overtures towards her were actually part of his attempts to manipulate her into asking him out, she calls him out on it, takes him down a peg and completely obliterates his attempt at justifying his actions. After the altercation, Sarah asks her if she's okay. Susan's reaction: spontaneous hugging.
  • Near the end of the "Identity" arc, when Diane receives Susan's thank-you message and realizes: "This is from my sister." Her expression in the last panel combined with the realisation is what really sells it.

Pandoras Box

Sister III - Catspaws
  • Pandora legitimately loved Blaike with every fiber of her being and couldn't bear the thought of reducing him to a chapter in a memoir; instead she turns into an utter Mama Bear towards their son to honor her beloved's memory.
  • Pandora protects her family. That goes beyond her son. 'nuff said.
    • As an extension, Pandora offering to help Sarah awaken because "I like her."
  • When Susan is confused and upset about finding out about the possibility of Diane being her sister, Ellen makes this amazing statement, complete with Call-Back.
    You're not the only one who's confused right now, Susan. Diane's spent her entire life with her adoptive family. She loves them very much, but she's spent her whole life not knowing anything about her biological parents. And then she finds out about you. On top of that, she finds out about vampires, and how you have that in common. She feels that whirlwind the same as you, Susan. That makes it simple. She's family. Help her.
  • Not only does Sarah take the time to ask Box what's wrong, she gives her support after hearing why Box is so upset. Said Immortal gives her a big hug afterwards, because she really needed it.
    Box: I'm going to talk to my son on Saturday. Can I tell you how it goes after I do?
    Sarah: Uh, sure, no problem, Box.
    Box: (smiles sadly) ...You're a good friend, Sarah.
  • Immediately after this, Pandora goes to Ted to tell him what he is to the best of her knowledge, that he'll keep his abilities regardless of whether magic changes or not, and that he's done incredible things with what he has. You know, in her own... unique, way.
  • Sarah is freaking out of her "date" and Elliot is not helping. Then Ashley shows up and when Sarah spazzes in front of her, informs her "You don't have to label it."
    Sarah: This one. This one gets it.
  • Susan and Diane start out their meeting actually getting along pretty well.
  • The Reveal that Pandora will indeed retain most of her memories and emotional connections post-reset.