Funny / Big Fat Quiz of the Year

TV series (sort of)

2006 Edition
  • While asking for the proper name for the full face veil, Jimmy warned the contestants to "keep the casual racism to a minimum". Russell and Noel wrote "peep scarf".
    Jimmy: Now, Jonathan and Cat have gone for the only slightly less racist...
    Jonathan: ...The post box.

2007 Edition
  • Russell and Noel answered a question with Hitler Diaries. To avoid people thinking that they were endorsing Hitler, they also drew a picture of Hitler condemning him. They condemned him by writing 'Bad, Bad Hitler'.

2008 Edition
  • While everyone else praises the childen of Mitchell Brook Primary School, Sean Lock goes off on a rant berating their acting abilities. He then recounts a story of being hit in the face with a broom by a nun after being in a play himself as a child.
  • Sean Lock and James Corden answer a question (what was unusual about a pregnancy) with 'It was an abomination'. The correct answer is that it was male pregnancy. They manage to convince Jimmy to give them the point.

2009 Edition
  • Rob Brydon's "small man in a box" voice, especially when he's ranting about being treated as a trained monkey who is prodded to do the voice, and mid-rant, Claudia Winkleman (his partner) pokes him in the arm and he immediately starts speaking in the voice.
  • After Jimmy makes a joke, Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand feign outrage and walk off the set. Jimmy's response?
    "Get back here, I've got photos of both of you!"
  • Rob Brydon mocking Jimmy's laugh.
  • Jonathan Ross pressuring David Mitchell and Charlie Brooker to dance to "Poker Face".
    • And failing utterly.
    • David's reaction to the pressure:
      David: I'm hired to sit here and be sarcastic, not dance around like some cunt.
      Jimmy: That some cunt's name is Jonathan, leave him alone.
  • The second Mitchell Brook Primary School play was about the VMAs and Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech. Russell happened to have actually been there, and he said that when Kanye did that, he thought "yes! YOU take the fucking death threats this year!"
    • And then there was his laughter of delight at seeing the child playing him.
    • And Rob bitching that they shouldn't ask questions if one of the panelists was actually there.

2010 Edition
  • VAGNER!!!!!!
  • Double Rainbow!
  • "Oh fuck sake! I'm having a stroke! That's so embarrassing!"
  • Anything Richard and Noel put down as an answer.
  • Richard Ayoade, when asked by Jimmy Carr how he was doing, provided a short story about how, while he was fine, he was having issues with the hot water unit at home, which was bothering him a little. Jimmy begins to make light of the non sequitur, causing Richard to deadpan:
    Richard: I'm sorry, I just made the mistake of genuinely responding to your question.
    • And he manages to stay completely deadpan while saying that the problem might be that he replaced his water tank with a bean bag.
  • When Jimmy asks Jonathan Ross what he's doing, Ross jokes about taking over Carr's shows on Channel Four and Carr gets the funniest faux-Oh Crap! look on his face.
  • When Noel mentions that he hasn't read any Harry Potter books, Jonathan replies that Noel appears in the books as Severus Snape.
    Noel: Was I good?
    Jonathan: You are very good in them.
  • "Why do you think it's weirder throwing a live wasp than a nightmare?"
  • Jimmy and Michael McIntyre arguing over the pronunciation of the word "Apple".

2011 Edition

90s Edition - 2012
  • The entire Mr. Blobby segment must be seen to be believed. The sheer terror on Jack Whitehall's face the entire time is both amazing and hilarious, considering he had earlier in the show stated his fear of Mr. Blobby.
    Jack Whitehall: How the fuck were you allowed near kids?
  • Dara Briain acting out a girl from Babe Station receiving odd requests as if someone has called and demanded she do exercises from a basic acting class.
  • Claudia Winkleman's impression of Damien Hirst.

00s Edition - 2012
  • Jimmy's laugh is mocked again, this time by Noel Fielding.
  • Noel dons an eyepatch at one point for no real reason.
    Jimmy: Have you got an eyepatch on?
    Noel: No.
  • Richard and Noel's answer to "Who managed to set a new world record after spending 71 days crying in the B&Q?".
    Richard: [completely deadpan] Was it your mum? No, seriously, was it your mum?

2012 Edition
  • Jack Whitehall and James Corden randomly order pizza during the middle of the show and they come prepare with a bottle of wine and wine glasses.
  • #susanalbumparty. The guests spend ages riffing of that. Jack and James put down instead #subolovesitinthearse and Richard Ayoade put down #bemoreracist.
    • Richard's comment about the real answer: "What bums aren't anal? There's a redundancy within the hashtag."
  • Jack and James' answer for 'What does Obama do on a Saturday morning?' They're so embarrassed by it when it's about to be revealed, Jack crouches down in front of the screen to block it. Then when Russell sees what they put he helps Jack hide it. The answer, by the way: put on a condom and have a posh wank.

90s Edition - 2013
  • The photos of the guests from the 90s, especially Lee Mack and Jimmy's photos.
  • Jonathan Ross saying "Ferrero Rocher".
  • The look on Richard Ayoade's face when Jimmy revealed the losers will be gunged note .
    Richard: I will kill you in your sleep.

2013 Edition
  • As a Call Back to the pizza from the previous year, Jonathan Ross brought a turkey to the studio and made sandwiches. He also re-gifts his unwanted Christmas gifts, which happen to be Jimmy Carr DVDs. Noel opens a DVD case, fills it with turkey and gives it to a member of the audience, calling it a perfect gift.
  • Kristen Schaal has to explain "cake farts" to all the other contestants.
  • Jack and Dara describing Deal or No Deal to Kristen Schaal:
    Jack: Basically, this guy opens all these boxes, and in one of them is a severed head...
    Dara: And then you just gotta deal with it or not deal with it.
  • Dara putting on Noel's massive black fur coat. Someone points out that they end up looking like two people who've just had a really awkward one night stand at Glastonbury.

2014 Edition
  • Jimmy asks for the title of the tune Dolly Parton played on the saxophone at Glastonbury earlier in the year, and suggested it was probably "a saxophone song".note  The ever pedantic-and-proud-of-it David Mitchell takes issue with his use of the term "song" to describe something played by a saxophone.
    David: Saxophones can't sing.
    Jimmy: Oh yes they can!
    David: No no no, they can't. "Singing" is- is the verb for the- the human musical noises that have words in them.
    Jimmy: (spends a few seconds taking this in) Well, okay, I'd like to formally apologise.
    David: If you can find a saxophone song, then you must have found a talking saxophone. In which case, fucking hell, let's give up on this, there's a talking saxophone in the world!
  • The cast of The Inbetweeners ask the teams to identify a singer whose first name is "Cuban slang for 'clunge'".note  Melanie Brown (AKA Mel B. of The Spice Girls) is confused by the term "clunge", leading to a digression on Unusual Euphemisms for the female and male reproductive organs, ending with Mel asking Kevin Bridges if he has a clunge, and Kevin replying that he has a "clunge plunger".
    Sarah Millican: Get out me clunge!
  • Jon Snow dancing to "All About That Bass".
  • Just about the entire cast making fun Mel B. in Spice Girls lyrics.

Anniversary Quiz - 2015
  • Russell and Noel throughout the entire evening. How many questions did it take them before the quiz went Off the Rails? One.
    • During the first answers, Russell asks the audience for help, while Noel brings a random audience member on stage to replace him. Hilarity Ensues.
  • "I do not look like a ventriloquist doll!"
  • After Chico of The X Factor fame asks the group a question, Jack Whitehall mentions that he texted Chico several years ago, but got no response. He tries again during the quiz, and Chico texts back. Cue Jack exploding with happiness. Doubles as a CMOA.
  • A Dalek (a friggin' Dalek!) asked the final question. And then it exterminated Jimmy.
    Jack Whitehall: Is this a male Dalek or a female Dalek?
    Jimmy Carr: It's... it's hard to tell, I don't know where to look.
    Jack: 'Scuse me, are you a male Dalek or a female Dalek?
    Dalek: There is no such thing as gender in the Dalek world.
    Jack: Right. Good. Okay.
    Russell Brand: Don't matter that much in the human world!
    Jack: You should work more outside of Doctor Who. Have you had any offers?
    Dalek: Many.
    Jimmy: Yeah, he's on 8 Out of 10 Cats next week, it's gonna be huge.
    Dalek: I will exterminate ALL THE CATS!
  • When Russell said he shook Ed Balls' hand "all clicky wrist", Jimmy says he sounds like something out of A Clockwork Orange. So Russell breaks out into a bit of the old Nadsat. Funny enough. Then there's Jack's response.
    Jack: It sounds wonderful, but I'm gonna have to have that Google translated into posh.
  • Noel's button man mask. Whether it's him or Russell wearing it.
  • "So drunk, I tried to fuck voicemail."

2015 Edition
  • All the other panelists (particularly Rob) arguing with Jimmy over why Richard and Greg should have gotten a point for answering 'peer pressure' (question being 'why did David Cameron stick his junk inside a dead pig's mouth').
    • And then the other two teams deliberately answered a question wrong in the next round so they could get the point.
  • And Jon Snow dances again, this time to Hotline Bling by Drake.
  • Rob trying to take over hosting duties.
  • "Yeah, it was, but you don't get any points, cause fuck you, dude!"
    • "I haven't been able to concentrate since you did the 'fuck you, dude' thing. It genuinely turned me on, Jimmy."
  • Bad Dong.
  • Charles Dance's reading of the sex scene from List of the Lost.
  • Nadiya, the series 6 The Great British Bakeoff winner, telling the contestants that she didn't actually make the snacks she brought with her, so if they don't like it, she doesn't care.

Quiz of Everything
  • Tit up.
  • The freakin' dinosaur coming on and just mucking shit up.
  • The Foodfight! which really took the show Off the Rails.
    • Richard's response to it is just as good.
  • Richard mocking Jonathan's clothes. Note that Richard's sitting next to Noel.
  • Jon Snow's best dance yet, this time to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"