Heartwarming: Big Fat Quiz of the Year

  • One year of BFQ had the guest star as Lola the cat, who was infamously thrown into a bin. When they played the clip, Jimmy Carr asked her owner to "shield Lola's eyes", and the comedians all reacted with shock at the clip, one of them saying in horror, "Why would you do that?"
  • On the 2012 90's quiz, Jack Whitehall's unabashed look of joy when he realizes that the secret identity of the mystery guests were as two of the Teletubbies.
  • During the 2009 edition of the show, Rob Brydon and Claudia Winkleman are set up as teammates, and decide to pretend that they're a newlywed couple. Later, after originally appearing reluctant to do his "Small Man in Trapped in a Box" routine, Rob immediately relents to it after Claudia (literally) prods him in a gentle fashion. Afterward, Claudia is pretty much beaming with pride.
    Claudia: That's who I married.
  • During the Quiz of the Noughties (00's), Jimmy Carr gently jokes around with the Davies-Carr children (of "Charlie bit my finger" internet fame).