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Four Temperament Ensemble: Anime & Manga
  • The girls in the dorm from Ai Kora fit into this: Tsubame (sanguine), Kirino (choleric, for the most part), Sakurako (melancholic), and Yukari (phlegmatic).
  • Azumanga Daioh: Tomo (choleric), Sakaki (melancholic), Osaka (sanguine), Chiyo-chan (leukine), and Yomi (phlegmatic).
  • Shuya's closest friends before the program begins in Battle Royale fit into this. Shuya (sanguine), Shinji (choleric), Hiroki (melancholic), and Yoshitoki — killed before we get to learn much about him — seems to be phlegmatic.
  • The eponymous band in BECK fits this even better than the Five-Man Band pattern: Chiba (choleric), Taira (melancholic), Koyuki (phlegmatic), Saku (sanguine), and Ryusuke (leukine).
  • Beyblade.
    • The Blade Breakers: Kai (choleric), Ray (phlegmatic), Max (sanguine), and Tyson (melancholic).
    • White Tigers: Kevin (choleric), Lee (melancholic), Gary (phlegmatic), and Mariah (sanguine).
    • All Starz: Michael (sanguine), Eddie (phlegmatic), Steven (choleric) and Emily (melancholic).
    • The Majestics: Robert (melancholic), Johnny (choleric), Oliver (phlegmatic), and Enrique (sanguine).
    • Demolition Boys: Spencer (choleric), Tala (melancholic), Bryan (phlegmatic), and Ian (sanguine).
  • Black Butler: The Phantomhive Manor: Ciel & Sebastian (Melancholic), Tanaka (Leukine), Finnian (Sanguine), Mey-Rin (Phlegmatic), Baldroy (Choleric).
  • Black Lagoon: Revy (very choleric), Rock (melancholic), Dutch (phlegmatic), and Benny (sanguine).
  • BlueExorcist: The Sons of Satan: Rin (Choleric), Lucifer and Yukio (Melancholic), Mephisto (Sanguine), Amaimon (Phlegmatic)
  • In Bosco Adventure, we have Princess Apricot (Sanguine), Frog (Choleric), Tutti (Melancholic) and Otter (Phlegmatic).
  • The original Bubblegum Crisis: Hot-blooded badass Priss (choleric), stoic leader Sylia (melancholic), Linna the average Jane (phlegmatic), and perky and ditzy Nene (sanguine).
  • Chrono Crusade:
    • Sanguine: Rosette (Hot-Blooded, cares a lot about others and has a violent temper).
    • Choleric: Satella (prideful, determined, and focused on her revenge).
    • Melancholic: Azmaria (a prodigy singer, very caring about others, but insecure and hard on herself).
    • Phlegmatic: Chrono (compassionate and nurturing, but easily discouraged).
  • CLANNAD has Kyou (choleric), Tomoyo (melancholic), Nagisa/Ryou/Kotomi (phlegmatic), Youhei/Fuuko (sanguine), and Tomoya (leukine).
  • Code Geass:
  • Cowboy Bebop: The Bebop crew fits perfectly, with even the colors of their hair (or clothes in Faye's case) signifying their humors:
    • Space-case Ed (sanguine), hot-tempered Faye (choleric), high-strung Jet (phlegmatic), and Spike (melancholic through and through).
  • Death Note: Light and Mello (melancholic), L and Near (phlegmatic), Watari and Rem (choleric), Misa (sanguine), and Ryuk (leukine).
    • Also, the Japanese task force: Soichiro Yagami (melancholic), Aizawa (choleric), Matsuda (sanguine), and Mogi (phlegmatic).
  • The boys of Digimon Adventure.
    • Tai (choleric), Matt (melancholic), Izzy (phlegmatic), TK (sanguine), and Joe (leukine).
    • Also the four Dark Masters fit this trope: The leading element Piedmon (choleric), the cold and calculating Evil Genius Machinedramon (melancholic), pragmatic Metalseadramon (phlegmatic) who's a good boss towards his minions as long as they don't fail him; and Puppetmon, with his Hot-Blooded Psychopathic Manchild demeanor (sanguine).
    • Digimon Tamers: Rika (choleric), Henry (melancholic), Takato (phlegmatic), and Jeri (sanguine).
    • Digimon Savers: Marcus (choleric), Thomas (melancholic), Yoshi (leukine/phlegmatic), and Keenan (sanguine). Even the original expedition could fit: Spencer (choleric), Kurata (melancholic), Yushima (sanguine), and the Criers (leukine/phlegmatic).
  • The main girls of Doujin Work. Sora (sanguine), Najimi (choleric), Kaneru (melancholic), and Tsuyuri (phlegmatic).
  • The Z-fighters from Dragon Ball Z (excluding Tenshinhan, Yamcha, and Chiaotzu): Vegeta (choleric), Piccolo (phlegmatic), Krillin (sanguine), Goku (melancholic), and Gohan (leukine).
  • Elfen Lied: Lucy/Kaede (melancholic), Kohta (sanguine), Nana (phlegmatic), Yuka (choleric), and Mayu (leukine).
  • Although there are six main characters, this can work for Et Cetera, too: Fino (choleric), Benkate (melancholic), Baskerville (phlegmatic), Mingchao (sanguine), and Alternate and Yaghi (leukine). Mingchao can also be seen as melancholic while Benkate is sanguine.
  • Eyeshield 21:
    • Ojou: Takami (choleric), Shin (melancholic), Sakuraba (phlegmatic), and Ootawara (sanguine).
    • Kyoshin: the Hiroshis (choleric), Kakei (melancholic), Kobanzame (phlegmatic), and Mizumachi (sanguine).
  • In Fairy Tail, Erza (choleric), Natsu (melancholic), Gray (phlegmatic), Lucy (sanguine), and Happy (leukine).
  • Fate/Zero:
    • Sanguine: Ryuunosuke Uryu, Rider, Caster.
    • Choleric: Kayneth Archibald, Waver Velvet, Archer/Gilgamesh.
    • Melancholic: Kiritsugu Emiya, Saber, Berserker, Kariya Matou.
    • Phlegmatic: Lancer, Kirei Kotomine, Irisveil Von Einsbern, Tokiyomi Tohsaka.
  • From Flying House, we have Justin Casey (choleric), Angie Roberts (sanguine), Corkey Roberts (phlegmatic), SIR (melancholic), and Professor Humphrey Bumble (leukine).
  • If you divide the cast in Fullmetal Alchemist into different groups, it's easy to see this:
    • Of the main protagonists: Edward (melancholic), Alphonse (choleric), Winry (sanguine) and Pinako (phlegmatic).
    • Of the soldiers: Armstrong (choleric), Roy (melancholic), Riza (phlegmatic), and Hughes (sanguine).
    • Roy's male subordinates: Heymans Breda (choleric), Vato Falman (melancholic), Kain Fuery (phlegmatic), and Jean Havoc (sanguine).
    • The Homunculi: Envy, Pride (2009), Wrath (2009) (choleric), Lust & Sloth (2009) (melancholic), Greed & Sloth(2003) (phlegmatic), and Wrath (2003), Gluttony, Pride (2003) (sanguine).
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Chief Aramaki (choleric), Motoko Kusanagi (melancholic), Togusa (phlegmatic), and Batou (sanguine).
  • The Gundam Meisters in Gundam 00 fit this: Tieria (choleric), Allelujah (melancholic), Setsuna (phlegmatic), and Lockon (sanguine).
  • The Le Creuset team in Gundam SEED kinda fits this:
    • Yzak (choleric), Athrun (melancholic), Dearka (phlegmatic), and Nicol (leukine). The four main leads as well with Kira and Athrun being phlegmatic and melancholic, respectively, Cagali being choleric and Lacus being sanguine.
    • The Minerva pilots in Gundam Seed Destiny possess two temparents: Shinn (both sanguine and melancholic), Athrun (choleric and melancholic), Ray (both melancholic and phlegmatic), and Lunamaria (sanguine and phlegmatic).
  • Gundam Wing: Heero Yuy (melancholic), Duo Maxwell (sanguine), Trowa Barton and Quatre Winner (phlegmatic, leukine), and Chang Wu Fei (choleric).
  • The Shuffle Alliance from Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Domon Kasshu (choleric), George DeSand (melancholic), Argo Gulskii (phlegmatic), and Chibodee Crockett and Sai Saici (sanguine).
  • Gurren Lagann — Early episodes: Yoko (choleric), Simon (melancholic), Leeron (phlegmatic), and Kamina (sanguine).
  • The four main boxers from Hajime No Ippo fit this well: Takamura (both choleric and sanguine), Aoki (melancholic), Kimura (phlegmatic), and Ippo (sanguine).
  • Hunter × Hunter: Killua (choleric), Kurapika (melancholic), Leorio (phlegmatic), and Gon (sanguine).
  • Inazuma Eleven has the managers fit into the arrangement perfectly: Natsumi (choleric), Fuyuka (melancholic), Aki (phlegmatic), and Haruna (sanguine).
  • The main cast of InuYasha: Inuyasha (phlegmatic/sanguine), Kagome (sanguine/melancholic), Miroku (sanguine/choleric), and Sango (melancholic/phlegmatic)
  • K-on! has a slight variation: Yui (sanguine/phlegmatic), Ritsu (choleric/sanguine), Mugi (melancholic), and Mio (phlegmatic).
  • KamenRider Den-O's four Imagin: Momotaros (choleric), Urataros (melancholic), Kintaros (phlegmatic), and Ryutaros (sanguine).
  • The main cast of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: Tsuna (phlegmatic), Gokudera (choleric), Yamamoto, Lambo and Ryohei (sanguine), Hibari (melanchonic), Mukuro (sanguine/choleric), and Chrome (leukine).
  • Keroro Gunsou follows the 5-humor style: Giroro (choleric), Dororo (melancholic), Kururu (phlegmatic), Tamama (sanguine), and Keroro (leukine).
  • Kotoura-san has this among five people but nobody is Leukine:
    • Haruka Kotoura: Phlegmatic; she's highly insecure, timid to a fault, wants people to understand her and vice-versa, and is a complete sweetheart.
    • Yoshihisa Manabe: Sanguine; a kooky clown with insatiable humor and energy and is a fun-lover with a love of life.
    • Hiyori Moritani: Choleric; easy to anger and upset, often ignores others' feelings, and gets things done once her mind is set on it.
    • Yuriko Mifune: Choleric/Sanguine blend; highly excitable and takes charge of situations in a tactical manner, a people-person who enthusiastically sets her sights on her goals but sometimes ignores the feelings of her teammates.
    • Daiichi Muruto: Melancholic; unfeeling but highly analytical of everything around him and speaks with precision that often "stings" people.
  • Lucky Star: Kagami (choleric), Miyuki (melancholic), Tsukasa (phlegmatic), and Konata (sanguine). (None of the main characters qualify as Leukine).
  • Lupin III: It's because the characters have a consistent interaction that makes them function in nearly any setting or plot.
    • Melancholic: Lupin and Fujiko (when she's also an Action Girl) are the most extroverted cast members, and pretty self-indulgent, too. They love showing off, and getting people to do what they want.
    • Choleric: Zenigata is obsessed with the success of arresting Lupin. To the point where he will allow Fujiko and others to escape, for a chance at capturing Lupin. Even when the character is more mature, he is as Hot-Blooded as Lupin, and will instruct his subordinates to follow his instructions exactly. It's a good thing that when he does have subordinates, they're intensely loyal to him, or he'd be considered a Bad Boss.
    • Sanguine: The brooding Jigen, and his eternal slouch, is an example of a melancholic who has learned how to relax. When he's ""on the job", his hard-working and detached nature come to the fore.
    • Phlegmatic: Goemon, whose introversion is done as a part of training, does not need to be around other people for his training, but does so for the socialization.
    • Leukine: Whatever Damsel in Distress is around, including Fujiko, if the writers forgot her spunk.
  • Magic Knight Rayearth
    • The heroines: Hikaru (sanguine), Umi (choleric), Fuu (Melancholic), Mokona (phlegmatic)
    • The first season's villains: Caldina (sanguine), Alcyone (choleric), Ascot (melancholic), Lafarga (phlegmatic- though it is more obvious in the second season).
    • The second season's villains: Tatra (sanguine), Tarta (choleric), Aska (melancholic), Eagle (phlegmatic).
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS.
    • Natural leader (former) Tsundere Teana (choleric), knight-in-training Erio (melancholic), Caro (phlegmatic), and Genki Girl Pollyanna Subaru (sanguine). The last two's personalities actually caused a bit of family drama for their also melancholic adopted mother in the second StrikerS Sound Stage, since their combined introvertedness caused some communication problems.
    • Similarly, Hayate's four knights. Vita (choleric), Signum (melancholic), Zafira (phlegmatic), and Shamal (sanguine).
    • After Striker(s), the four Combat Cyborgs who were adopted into the Nakajima family are this: Nove (choleric), Dieci (melancholic), Cinque (phlegmatic), and Wendi (sanguine).
  • Magical Pokaan's four girls match: Pachira (choleric), Aiko (melancholic), Liru (phlegmatic), and Yuuma (sanguine).
  • Kozu's five personalities in Mahoraba: Saki (choleric), Natsume (melancholic), Chiyuri (phlegmatic), and Kozue and her kid-version Nanako (sanguine).
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!:
    • Asuna (choleric), Setsuna (melancholic), Yue (phlegmatic), Kuu (sanguine), and Nodoka and Konoka (leukine).
    • The four sports stars include Yuna (choleric), Ako (melancholic), Akira (phlegmatic), and Makie (sanguine).
  • Monster: Eva (choleric), Tenma (melancholic), Johan (phlegmatic), and Anna/Nina (sanguine).
  • In Naruto: We have the nine rookie genin as well as Team Guy from the Leaf Village collectively fitting this type of ensemble with their contrasting personalities: Naruto and Rock Lee (sanguine, although each of them has a bit of choleric as well since they both have notable Hot-Blooded streaks), Kiba (choleric/sanguine), Ino (choleric), Sasuke and Shino (melancholic), Neji (melancholic/choleric, particularly before his Heel-Face Turn, although he still embodies a lot of the positive traits of this afterwards), Hinata (phlegmatic), Shikamaru (phlegmatic/choleric), Choji (phlegmatic/sanguine), Sakura (leukine/choleric) and Tenten (leukine). This also applies to their respective mentors: Guy (sanguine/choleric), Kakashi (phlegmatic), Asuma (sanguine/phlegmatic) and Kurenai (leukine).
    • The Sand Shinobi (their mentor included) form a temperament combo ensemble: Gaara (melancholic/phlegmatic through and through), Kankuro (sanguine/choleric), Temari (a somewhat unusual mix of choleric and phlegmatic) and Baki (choleric/melancholic).
    • The Four Uchiha Legends: Madara (Choleric), Tobi (Sanguine-Choleric), Sasuke (phlegmatic/melancholic), Itachi (Phlegmatic).
  • The Akatsuki from Naruto Shippuden has every member involved:
  • A good example is Neon Genesis Evangelion: Asuka/Mari (choleric), Ritsuko/Gendo (melancholic), Shinji/Rei (phlegmatic), and Misato/Kaji (sanguine). You could actually also fit in Kaworu here as phlegmatic since he seemingly has absolutely no internal turmoil whatsoever at all. Of course, he only appears once (and when he does appear, Asuka is unconscious) so he doesn't completely count.
  • Nerima Daikon Brothers: Hideki (choleric), Ichiro (melancholic), Team Pet Pandaikon (phlegmatic), and Mako (sanguine).
  • One Piece's main male cast. Zoro (melancholic/sanguine), Usopp (sanguine), Sanji (choleric/phlegmatic), Luffy (sanguine/phlegmatic), and Tony Tony Chopper (phlegmatic/melancholic).
    • Oddly enough is that the remanining members of the crew fit the bill perfectly: Nami (sanguine/melancholic), Brook (melancholic), Robin (melancholic/phlegmatic), and Franky (sanguine).
    • Also Baroque Works' operatives from Little Garden arc: Mister 3 (choleric), Miss Goldenweek (melancholic), Mister 5 (phlegmatic) and Miss Valentine (sanguine).
  • Although everyone in Ookiku Furikabutte gets his/her turn to shine, the story tends to focus on four core members of the baseball team: Hanai (choleric), Abe (melancholic), Mihashi (phlegmatic), and Tajima (sanguine).
  • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: Panty (sanguine), Stocking (melancholic), Garterbelt (choleric), Brief (phlegmatic)
  • Pokémon anime:
    • Bulbasaur (melancholic), Pikachu (choleric), Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard (phlegmatic), and Squirtle (sanguine).
    • Original Series - Ash (choleric), Misty (phlegmatic), Brock/Tracey (melancholic), and Pikachu (sanguine).
    • Advanced Generation - Ash (choleric), Max (melancholic), May (sanguine), and Brock (phlegmatic). If you count Pikachu here, he becomes the leukine.
    • Diamond and Pearl - Ash (choleric), Brock (melancholic), Pikachu (phlegmatic), and Dawn (sanguine).
    • Best Wishes - Ash (choleric), Cilan (melancholic), Pikachu (phlegmatic), and Iris (sanguine).
    • X & Y - Ash (choleric), Clemont (melancholic), Serena (phlegmatic), and Bonnie (sanguine).
  • Princess Tutu has Fakir (choleric), Rue (melancholic), Mytho (phlegmatic), and Ahiru (sanguine).
  • The four ARMS teenagers in Project ARMS: Hayato (choleric), Kei (melancholic), Ryo (phlegmatic), and Takeshi (sanguine).
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Kyoko (choleric), Homura (melancholic), Mami (phlegmatic), Sayaka (sanguine), and Madoka (leukine).
  • Ranma ˝: Despite not always acting as a group: Ranma (sanguine), Akane (choleric), Ryoga (melancholic), and Genma (phlegmatic).
  • Red Garden: Kate (melancholic), Rachel (choleric), Claire (phlegmatic), and Rose {sanguine)
  • Rose of Versailles: Marie Antoinette (sanguine), Oscar (choleric), Rosalie (melancholic), Fersen (phlegmatic), and Andre (leukine).
  • The main cast of Rurouni Kenshin: Sano and Yahiko (choleric), Megumi (melancholic), Kenshin (phlegmatic), and Kaoru (sanguine).
  • Saber Marionette J: Bloodberry (choleric), Cherry (melancholic), Otaru (phlegmatic), and Lime (sanguine).
  • Sailor Moon:
    • The Inner Senshi: Rei/Sailor Mars (melancholic), Ami/Sailor Mercury (phlegmatic), Makoto/Sailor Jupiter (choleric), and Minako/Sailor Venus (sanguine).
    • The Outer Senshi: Haruka/Sailor Uranus (choleric), Michiru/Sailor Neptune (sanguine), Hotaru/Sailor Saturn (melancholic), and Setsuna/Sailor Pluto (phlegmatic).
  • Saint Beast: Goh (choleric), Rei (melancholic), Shin (phlegmatic), and Gai (sanguine).
  • Saiyuki also has two. For the Sanzo party: Sanzo (choleric), Hakkai (melancholic), Gojyo (phlegmatic), and Goku (sanguine). For Kougaiji's group: Kougaiji (choleric) and Lirin (sanguine). Yaone and Dokugakuji switch off between melancholic and phlegmatic, although neither of them is actually lazy.
  • Samurai Champloo: Fuu (choleric), Jin (melancholic), and Mugen (sanguine).
  • Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei:
    • Chiri (choleric), Itoshiki-sensei (melancholic), Nami (phlegmatic), and Kafuka (sanguine).
    • Also in the show: Kuniya (choleric), Aoyama (melancholic), Jun (phlegmatic), and Haga (sanguine).
    • Kaere (choleric), Abiru (melancholic), Harumi/Kiri/Matoi/Other relatively sane characters (phlegmatic), and Maria (sanguine).
  • School Rumble's main girls: Mikoto (choleric), Eri (melancholic), Akira (phlegmatic), and Tenma (sanguine).
  • The Slayers characters fit perfectly into these categories, with the Choleric Lina, Phlegmatic Gourry, Sanguine Amelia, and Melancholic Zelgadis. Any of their secondary allies, Sylphiel in particular, also fit into the Leukine temperament.
  • Soul Eater: Maka is choleric, Soul is melancholic/sanguine, Death the Kid is melancholic/choleric, Tsubaki and Liz are leukine note , Black☆Star and Patti are sanguine.
  • The four main characters from Texhnolyze: Doc is Sanguine, Onishi is Choleric, Ichise is Phlegmatic and Ran is Melancholic.
  • Superbook (second season): Christopher Peepers (choleric), Joy (melancholic), Uriah (sanguine), and Gizmo (phlegmatic).
  • ''The Legend of Zelda:
    • Four Swords Plus'' manga by Akira Himekawa takes a literal spin with this trope by dividing Link into four different entities with personality traits that reflect the color tunic each is wearing: Green is choleric, Red is sanguine, Blue is phlegmatic and Purple is melancholic.
    • The flash animations by Hadouken Dude took this to absolutely hilarious levels, with Green Link as the phlegmatic (calm/rational/leader) one, Blue Link being the melancholic (analytical/reflective/smart) one, Red Link as the choleric (severe testosterone imbalance/lack of foresight) one, and Purple Link being the sanguine (along for the ride/accused of being gay because of personality and color) type.
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Haruhi (choleric, despite the title), Koizumi (melancholic), Yuki (phlegmatic), and Mikuru and Kyon (leukine). Tsuruya, an honorary member of the Brigade, fills the sanguine position.
  • Five-temperament ensemble in Tokyo Mew Mew: Ichigo, although not happy about leading at first, accepting her responsibility later on (choleric); Minto (melancholic), Retasu (phlegmatic), the Genki Girl Bu-ling (sanguine), and Zakuro (leukine).
  • Trigun more often averts this trope in favor of the Lone Hero or the Power Trio. Adding Wolfwood to the cast has a subtractive effect instead, generating a duo dynamic that leaves Meryl and Millie on the sidelines. When they participate equally they fit the four temperaments: Meryl (choleric), Vash (melancholic, though pretending to be sanguine), Wolfwood (phlegmatic), and Millie (sanguine).
  • Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Kurogane (choleric), Syaoran (melancholic), and Sakura/Fay (sanguine).
  • The four aunts in Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Eva (choleric), Natsuhi (melancholic), Kyrie (phlegmatic), and Rosa (sanguine). Probably works with the uncles and cousins too. There are two different ways to categorize the Higurashi girls. The first is — though actually works well no matter who is put in choleric position — Shion (choleric), Rika (melancholic), Satoko (phlegmatic), and Rena (sanguine). Alternately, if you wanted to include Keiichi, the pattern shifts to Keiichi (choleric), Rika (melancholic), Mion - phlegmatic, Rena (sanguine), and Satoko - leukine. Alternately, if you wanted to just do the girls, just replace Keiichi with Shion.
  • In the original Weiß Kreuz: Aya (choleric), Omi (melancholic), Youji (phlegmatic), and Ken (sanguine).
  • In Wolf's Rain: Tsume (choleric), Kiba (melancholic), Toboe (phlegmatic), and Hige (sanguine).
  • Yes! Pretty Cure 5 tries to throw us off by having four temperaments among five characters—both Nozomi and Urara are sanguine. Rin is choleric, Komachi is phlegmatic (though not lazy by any stretch), and Karen is melancholic.
    • In Fresh Pretty Cure!: Love is sanguine, Miki is choleric, Inori is more likely Phlegmatic, and Setsuna is a mix of melancholic and leukine.
    • In HeartCatch Pretty Cure!, Tsubomi is phlegmatic, Erika is sanguine, Itsuki is Leukine, and Yuri is melancholic.
    • This dynamic also returns in Smile Pretty Cure!. Miyuki is sanguine, Both Akane and Nao are choleric, Yayoi is phlegmatic, and Reika is melancholic.
  • Voltron:
    • Boys: Keith (Leukine), Lance (Choleric), Hunk (Phlegmatic), Pidge (Sanguine), Sven (Melancholic).
    • Girls: Allura (Sanguine), Romelle (Melancholic)
  • The main four of YuYu Hakusho: Yusuke (melancholic), Hiei (choleric), Kurama (phlegmatic), Kuwabara (sanguine) and Botan (leukine).
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Yugi/Yami (melancholic) Tea (phlegmatic) Joey (choleric), Tristan (sanguine), and Solomon (leukine).
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds: Jack (choleric), Yusei (melancholic), Akiza (phlegmatic), and Crow (sanguine).

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