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Eye Scream: Live-Action TV
Live, loud, and messy. Here are Eye Scream examples from live action television.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Season one's Big Bad The Master does this to a vampire named Colin.
      "Sorry, you've got something in your eye."
    • When The Dragon Caleb first attacks the Scoobies, he gouges out Xander's eye with his thumb.
    • The monster Der Kindestod from the episode "Killed by Death" has stalked mouths that come out of its eye sockets for easy access to the victim's peepers.
    • In "Lessons" a manifest spirit stabs Dawn in the eye with a pencil. Fortunately, it disappears and she's unhurt.
    • In "The Harvest", after his henchmen fail to capture Buffy and Xander, the Master pokes the lead henchman's eye out with his finger.
    • The Gnarl demon is immune to magic and most injuries. To kill it one has to destroy his eyes. Xander is especially disturbed by this, foreshadowing his own fate above.
    • In "Dead Man's Party", Buffy stops the wearer of the Ovu Mobani mask by shoving a garden spade through the zombie's eyes.
    • In "Surprise", Drusilla threatens to gouge Dalton's eyes out for losing her "present", before Spike stops her.
    • The Bringers in Season 7, the First's assassins and priests.
    • Faith blinded Kakistos in the right eye.
    • Spike put out one of Forrest's eyes with a cigarette.
  • A brief one in Cosmos A Space Time Odyssey during an animated segment. Humphry Davy casually mentions how another scientist lost an eye and three fingers to the chemical Davy is now working with, nitrogen trichloride, while leaning rather too close. There's an explosion, a cloud of smoke, and next we see Davy clutching his face screaming "AAAH! MY—EYES!" with blood running through his fingers.
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation:
    • A hotel maid is found stabbed in the eye with a swizzle stick. They think it's the chauvinistic foreign guest but it's actually her fellow maid who was stealing from all the wealthy guests. The foreigner (a wealthy, extremely demanding Saudi prince) is so moved by "someone who had nothing" protecting his stuff despite his horrible attitude that he gives her struggling family a big check.
    • The investigators were called in after a group of bird watchers found a human eyeball in a crow's nest. Cue audience wincing as Grissom pries a dried contact from the eyeball, then drains it of vitreous humor with a very long needle.
    • A man gets a shard of what turns out to be a CD in his eye (not the cause of death), and we get to see a closeup of the coroner picking it out with tweezers so it can be analyzed.
    • 4x4 with the bodybuilder, who got the coroner's finger into his eye. It semi-burst and oozed out thick black slime ..
    • Very horrifying is a serial killer who not only dresses his vicims up in 70's uniforms and kills them, but also puts hydrochloric acid to their eyes. The first victim was blinded post mortem. The others... not so lucky.
    • The episode involving Lady Heather's daughter from the original CSI TV series, "Pirates of the Third Reich". Heather's daughter Zoe is found dead in the desert with her right hand missing. When the Asst. M.E. take a look at Zoe eyes during autopsy, her right eyes detaches from the socket. Test done on both eyes reveals that the detached eye does not belong to Zoe but to someone who is male. Eventually the audience learns that Zoe and others were held captive and experimented on by a Neo-Nazi. The Nazi follower thought Zoe was the perfect woman, except for the fact that she had mismatched eyes. So he sets out to correct this problem by extracting an eye from a male captive and placing the eye in Zoe socket. (The male victim survived the procedure but was lobotomized in the process.)
  • CSI: Miami:
    • Never to be outdone in over-the-topness, it features a guy getting killed by injecting air into his bloodstream via the veins in his eye. Needless to say, the victim was subdued first. When the investigators figure this out, we get to see it in loving body-cam detail. Although ridiculous, at least it's established as being pragmatic as well... it made it very very hard to figure out the cause of death.
    • The episode where one of the people on the CSI team got shot just under the eye with a nailgun. Cringe-inducing.
    • "Look Who's Taunting" has a killer that pulls out women's eyes and replaces them with glass ones.
  • CSI: New York:
    • They used this in a Season 5 Episode, when Stella and Mac get out to drink a cup of coffee. An eyeball drops from the sky (carried by some kinde of vulture) right into Stella's cup, and leads them to the rest of the body.
    • In season 3,in "Hung Out To Dry", a man was found nailed to a tree through his head. With two long, lumpy stakes.
  • Used for dramatic effect in a number of House episodes.
    • In one, the diagnostics team had to figure out why blood was collecting in one patient's eye, so they numbed his eye and inserted a needle into it to get a sample.
      Patient: This isn't going to hurt, is it?
      Foreman: No, it's just scary as hell.
    • Used in another episode on a female patient. The Squick was only mollified by Special Effects Failure.
    • In the Season 2 finale, after already having gone through some pretty disturbing injuries, a man's eyeball swells up out of its socket and bursts.
    • In one episode, House diagnoses clinic patients as he's walking out. He passes one patient, who's been having trouble taking out his contacts. House points our he's not wearing contacts, "you've been trying to remove your corneas."
    • There's an autistic boy who has parasitic worms in his eyes.
  • Firefly:
    • River Tam had this happen to her with needles at one point during her time at the Academy, though we only see flashes of this from a nightmare in "The Train Job". Later in "Safe", she rails at Mal during one of her crazy fits that "You can't just stick needles in my eyes and ask me what I see!"
    • Dobson suffers a nasty gunshot wound to the eye at the end of the series' pilot. He survives and comes back in the tie-in comic Those Left Behind, where he gets a cybernetic replacement for it. Mal shoots him in his other eye, and then shoots him in the head a few more times, just to make sure he gets the message.
    • In "Jaynestown", Jayne's former partner Stitch who was imprisoned in the town had lost an eye in the (in)famous incident when Jayne threw him out of their plane.
    • "Jaynestown": When Stitch is looking for Jayne to get his revenge, he finds Simon in the local pub. Simon is not as cooperative as Stitch would like him to be, and threatens that it will cost him his eyeball. With a really big knife in his hand.
  • Farscape has several disturbing moments with this trope:
    • In the Season 1 episode "DNA Mad Scientist", the crew voluntarily gives samples from their eyes to an alien scientist called NamTar— which involves a probing machine sticking a needle fully into the eye. Aeryn initially refuses, but when she later agrees to it, the alien gives her an eyeful of LEGO Genetics, causing her eye to immediately turn purple for a few seconds. After a bit of Body Horror, the antidote that will return Aeryn Sun's body to normal must be delivered to the eye. With no time to set up the machine, she is forced to put her trust in John's steady hand as he has to delicately stab her in the eye.
    • Near the end of Season 2 ("Plan B"), Natira, a creepy blue alien with spider legs on her head states a penchant for using said legs to remove eyeballs, and then (it is implied) eat them. It happens to one character, and almost happens to John, though we don't see it in either case.
    • But by far the worst one involves a machine that pulls the eyeball out of the socket, exposing several inches of optic nerve, puts a chip on the exposed nerve, and then puts the eye back in ("A Clockwork Nebari").
    • In a flashback sequence, Scorpius, as part of his Extreme Melee Revenge against Tauza, his Scarran caretaker, stabs her in the eyes with the sharpened ends of a broken coolant rod. Horrifically, it doesn't kill her; seconds later, she rises from the floor, her punctured eyeballs dribbling from around the rods in her sockets. ("Incubator")
    • This trope popped up so much that even the writers themselves started joking about Farscape's "relentless eye pummeling".
  • Colonel Tigh in the 2000s Battlestar Galactica had one of his eyes pulled out by a Cylon during his time in prison on New Caprica. After his release he mentions "(they) ripped it right out onto the floor, picked it up and showed it to me. It looked like a hard boiled egg."
  • Fringe:
    • Episode "The Same Old Story", Walter Bishop takes the Eye Remember trope one step further by taking a murder victim's eye out of the socket in order to scan the retina for it's last image.
    • Walter despairs of his seemingly going insane and attempts a self-lobotomy by hammering a long metal stick through his eye. Thankfully he numbed it first, and Olivia stops him before much damage is done.
  • The death of Jory in Game of Thrones has him get a dagger in the eye, followed by a close-up of his face as he takes a good few seconds to die.
    • Oberyn Martell dies this way by the hand of Gregor "the Mountain" Clegane.
  • In the Grimm episode "Mr. Sandman", the titular Wesen targets his victims' eyes.
  • Supernatural:
    • An abused boy telekinetically stabbing his stepmother to a wall through her eye. Yikes.
    • An episode involving a demented, body-parts-stealing scientist includes a scene where one of the main characters nearly gets his eye scooped out with a melon-baller.
    • The premiere episode of season four had a psychic seeing the true face of an angel (Cas), and in turn had her eyes burned out, complete with blood streaking down her face, and her eye sockets being a black void of nothing.
    • Before he occupies his human vessel, Cas burns out the eyes of a pack of demons. And in another episode, when Michael melts a human to death ( he is talking to Zachariah at the time), and his victim's eyes are shown to be empty sockets.
    • Bloody Mary liquefying people's eyes.
    • The hot poker reflected in Dean's eye in "The Benders".
    • Season eight introduces us to Naomi, a heavenly torturer whose primary method of extracting information and/or brainwashing apparently involves drilling through her subject's eye.
  • A season 2 episode of Teen Wolf has a snake crawl out of Jackson's eye.
  • An episode of The Daily Show has Lewis Black commenting on a basketball commentator discussing in so many words how he's going to masturbate to pictures of Ashley Judd after the game. After reminding us what Judd and the commentator look like, Black goes on "And when I think of him masturbating to her, I look like this!" Cut to a photo of Black jamming his thumbs into his eyes and blood coming out of them. The obvious photoshop work does little to make it less gross.
  • Heroes:
    • The episode where HRG gets shot in the eye. Not only that, but you get the main squick at the end of the episode where he's hooked up to numerous medical equipment, and is brought back to life by his daughter blood. Usually, it's not quite as squick when someone heals, but you get to gradually see it grow back, along with the rest of his face, and smoke coming out of the socket.
    • Claire stabs Sylar in the eye with a pencil in "Pass/Fail". The effect is made partially funny with the pathetically whiny noise he made.
  • In the third episode of the sci-fi series Lexx the crew is stranded on a planet where the inhabitants make "Pattern" out of human body parts. The do this by playing a lottery; one of the participants already lost an eye and has to give his other one.
  • Byker Grove had an infamous episode in which PJ (played by Ant McPartlin of Ant And Dec fame) was blinded when he removed his goggles while paintballing.
  • An installment of the All That sketch "Have a Nice Day with Leroy & Fuzz" showcases the former taking the latter's blood pressure... by wrapping the cuff around Fuzz's neck & pumping until his eyes exploded. (Some squick removed by the fact that Fuzz is a puppet & his eyes had clearly been replaced with balloons for the shot.)
  • In Twin Peaks, Nadine's eye was accidentally shot out by Hank when they were out hunting.
  • Despite being relatively innocuous, How Its Made featured an episode detailing laser eye surgery. In all its horrible detail. It featured, among other things, hooks, sponges, swabs, and what was effectively a miniature wood planer. This all has to be done while the patient is awake and aware...
  • Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner parodies this in their comedy routine, "The 2000-Year-Old Man". One of the Old Man's non-sequitors is "Keep away from my eye!"
  • Comedic example: an episode of Friends involving Rachel with an eye infection reveals Rachel freaks out every time someone gets close to touching an eye.
    • In "The One With the Box," Monica gets ice directly in her eye, forcing her to wear an eye patch for the rest of the episode.
  • Deadwood: In one episode, two of the characters get into a fistfight in the street. While grappling on the ground, one of the fighters jabs at the other man's eye, who then pops up with his eyeball DANGLING FROM THE SOCKET! And oh, how he screams. It's one of the few times something on television has caused me to leap from my seat screaming in terror.
  • While G'Kar is a prisoner of the Centauri emperor on Babylon 5, the emperor doesn't like the way G'Kar looks at him, and has the guards remove one of his eyes. This happens offscreen.
  • Played for laughs in Slings and Arrows in the third season when New Burbage produces King Lear, and Geoffrey has special effects designers demonstrate different approaches to the blinding of Gloucester with dummies.
  • The X-Files:
    • Several Myth Arc episodes had a bunch of alien mooks with their eyes sewn shut.
    • The black oil invades people orifice, including eyes. It can cause a major case of Black Eyes of Evil.
    • Mentioned in "Eve" where the insane Eve 6 says she bit a guard's eyeball (complete with clacking teeth for emphasis). She says she meant it as a sign of affection.
    • Creepy Child Michelle from "Born Again" was reincarnation of a murdered cop and she was channelling his desire for revenge. During therapy sessions, she kept disfiguring dolls in exactly the same way, always gauging out one eye and cutting one arm. This was how Charlie Morris's body had been mutilated to make it look like a signature execution.
    • "Die Hand die Verletzt" features a human body with a heart and eyeballs cut out. Not coincidentally, Mrs Paddock's desk drawer contains a dissecting tray with a fresh and bloody human heart and two eyeballs.
    • The episode "Hell's Money" featured an Asian gambling ring losers had to forfeit their own body parts for organ transplantation. We don't see the actual surgeries, but one of the men who was questioned had a fresh gauze-pad on his face, indicating that he'd just forfeited an eye.
    • In "Unruhe", Gerry Schnauz was giving a transorbital lobotomy to troubled women, believing that it would help them. It used to be known as an icepick lobotomy and it involves inserting a leucotome through the eye sockets. Argh!
    • The murderous doll in "Chinga" made people claw at their eyes in the teaser. Their faces near their eyes are horribly scratched and one poor guy didn't survive the attack: a knife ended up sticking out of his eye socket.
    • "Theef" has a voodoo man who sticks two nails through a poppet's eyes. The doll represents Scully and it makes her eyes turn completely white. It effectively blinds her.
    • In "Je Souhaite", Mulder discusses and tries to defy the trope. He was granted three wishes by a Literal Genie. He carefully words his last wish in legalese so that the genie doesn't interpret it as free card to grow people's eyes on stalks.
  • In an episode of Grey's Anatomy (the one with the bus crash), one of the patients has a pencil driven through his eye into his brain. Not a fun moment when McDreamy takes that cup off his face.
  • The Sarah Connor Chronicles:
    • In the episode "Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep", Sarah stabs the villainous bastard Eugene in the eye with a syringe as she breaks out of his van.
    • Also, in the first series, Cromartie acquiring himself a brand new pair of peepers from the unwitting scientist who grew his new skin. Mercifully offscreen.
  • Kenny Powers knocks his old baseball rival's eye out with a baseball in Episode 5 of Eastbound And Down.
  • Bones:
    • In episode "The Double Death of the Dearly Departed", Cam sticks a needle in the corpse's eye. We get an extreme closeup; Booth has a more distant view, but is visibly squicked.
    • Reversed in "The Gamer in the Grease". The corpse is submersed in beer to remove the flesh. We're treated to an eyeball coming out and floating up. Like the opening scene wasn't squicktastic enough...
  • Dollhouse:
    • A less graphic variation occurs when Echo is turned into a "human camera" — her eyes are used as lenses for a federal agency surveillance cam and she herself is made blind. We cut away from the drill hitting her eye just a second early, but the image is quite horrifying enough.
    • In episode 1x12, Alpha does a two-fisted "bowling ball maneuver" on his handler, with squash and squick ensuing. "I understand hell now!"
  • Oz:
    • When a former rival gang member turned prison guard annoys the boss of El Norte, he orders Miguel Alvarez to make an example of him. We don't see the attack, just a scene where the staff are having a meeting and suddenly hear this terrible continuous scream. Suddenly the guard bursts into the room having been stabbed in both eyes. But luckily we do get to see close-ups of his empty, bloody eyesockets. Several times.
    • There's Schillinger getting some glass shards thrown into his eye courtesy of a drugged up Beecher. He eventually gets better, but for a while he has to wear a cool eyepatch.
    • Peter Schibetta having his evil eye ripped out by Chucky Pancamo
  • Angel:
    • The season 1 episode "Parting Gifts", where demons attempt to remove Cordelia's eyes while she's still conscious.
    • The season three episode "Double or Nothing" featured a demon who sucked out people's souls by sticking his fingers in their eyes.
  • In The Lost Room, there was an artifact known as the Eye. It was a glass eye that allowed its bearer to heal the sick or wounded, but also to fire off disintegrating Eye Beams. The catch? You had to lose your left eye to use it. This leads to one of the characters cutting out his own eye.
  • Deadliest Warrior:
    • In the second episode ("Viking versus Samurai"), the samurai put arrows through test dummy eyes. And then they show it in slow motion, showing the arrows wiggling as they come to a stop. More precisely, the testers set up a gel head with eyeballs and a Viking helmet. The samurai promptly puts one arrow through each eye, leaving the test dummy with twin two-foot arrow hafts sticking out from where his eyes should be. Made worse by the fact that the doctor said that you would still be feeling it, still remember it, and would hemorrhage to death in so much agony.
    • In Episode 3, "Spartan versus Ninja", the ninja demonstrate Black Eggs, which would put crushed glass into the eye.
    • In Episode 7, "Shaolin Monk versus Maori Warrior", the Shaolin representative shish-kababs and yanks out the eyeballs of the dummy with the Emei Daggers before continuing to slash and stab at the dummy for a full half a minute. This even caused one of the hosts to remark: "So, um, what happened to being pacifists?"
  • Lie to Me has a serial rapist who, not happy with just raping his victims, also blinds them by pouring acid in their eyes so that they live to remember him as the last thing they saw, but can't ID him for the police. We are thankfully spared the act itself, but we are treated to a look at the face of one of the victims after the wounds have healed.
  • Ideal: Craig, after becoming leader of his gang by brutally attacking the other members, makes Psycho Paul the leader of the gang again when leadership proves too much for him. Psycho Paul then gouges his eye out with a spoon. And later gives it back to him, encased in glass.
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus had an interscene animation gruesomely exaggerating the point that "television is bad for your eyes."
  • In the season 1 finale of Dark Angel Lydecker knocks a man unconscious and spoons out his eyeball (into what looks like a pudding cup) to use for getting past security.
  • NCIS:
    • One episode focuses on a pair of eyeballs (and nothing else) that were mailed to a Sailor. Extra disturbing moment is that Tony finds himself attracted to them.
    • In one episode, the victim was missing one eye. He pulled out his own eye AND ATE IT.
    • An episode ends with Ziva and Tony in a bar, and Tony receives a gin and tonic from an unknown patron- later thought be the currently re-ocurring Port-to-Port killer- and picks up the glass to drink from it, only to see an eyeball encased in one of the ice cubes. The episodes closes with him yelping and dropping the glass which shatters on the counter
    • In "Under Covers", the late Sophie Rainier had a gold, heart-shaped computer chip surgically embedded in her eye. As Ducky says in the scene where they discover it, no one would normally notice it unless they knew it was there.
  • During a second season episode "Smite", Otto, an incarcerated member of the motorcycle gang Sons of Anarchy has his eye stabbed with a broken mop handle by members of a rival gang. To add insult to injury, it's his good eye that gets stabbed - the other was already mangled by an ugly scar.
  • Given the fact that Red Dwarf's Kryten is an android, he's able to pull out his eyes, and does so from time to time. In one episode, seeing something unbelievable, he pulls them out and rubs them on his pants!
  • An unsub in Criminal Minds is an "Enucleator". It's common enough to have a category.
  • There was a Smallville episode once with a Meteor Freak who had the ability to control glass. In one scene, he has been arrested for trying to kidnap his daughter and is in an elevator with a bespectacled policeman. He compliments the mans eyewear and the next time we see him, he's stepping out of the elevator alone and the cop is on the ground with his face covered in blood.
  • The BBC's production of King Lear is particularly disturbing because Leo McKern, who played Gloucester, was missing an eye in real life.
  • On Brimstone, the only way to return a damned soul to Hell is to put out both of his or her eyes.
  • 24:
    • After being slapped around by Leytanin way too much, Renee finally loses it and stabs him in the eye first before stabbing him another 14 times elsewhere. We are then treated to some wonderful views of the empty socket.
    • At the end of season 6, CTU Agent Mike Doyle opens a rigged case only to have it explode directly in his eyes, and the last time we see him he's being wheeled away in an ambulance bleeding from both sockets. Jack states that if he's lucky, he'll only be permanently blind in 'one'' of his eyes.
    • General Juma threatens to slice out Olivia Taylor's eyes and holds a knife dangerously close to her eyelids before President Taylor reluctantly allows herself to be taken hostage by him. Given how little the show's fanbase cared for her, they may not have really minded much even if Juma had carried out his threat.
  • In Vampire Diaries Pearl's method of pointing out to Damon that she's not asking for his cooperation is to shove her fingers into his eyes.
  • During the credits, one episode of Tosh0 shows a montage of people doing things to or with their eyes (licking them, shooting milk out of the sockets, and so on).
  • In the opening of a Malcolm in the Middle episode, Malcolm uses this to get Hank away from the TV - he pretents to watch a documentary on eye surgery, when he's really watching a lingeri calendar shoot.
  • The Wire:
    • In season one, the most conspicuous injury (and the injury to which the most attention is paid) that Brandon receives when he undergoes torture at the hands of the Barksdale gang is that one of his eyes is gouged out, while the other is left not only intact, but open after death.
    • Prezbelewski pistol-whips a teenage drug runner, blinding him in one eye.
  • In the premiere of Rizzoli & Isles, a serial killer and his apprentice who kidnapped Jane Rizzoli leave her alone in a van to check on her grave. During this time, Jane looks around the van for something to fight back with and/or break free from her wrist-binding duct tape. As the serial killer returns, Jane lays motionless. The killer prepares to continue cutting her, but finds her body is smoking. He goes in for a closer look, but is burned when Jane pokes him in the eye with the lit end of an emergency flare she found.
  • There are at least two counts of this in the TV series of movie shorts Masters Of Horror:
    • In the episode/movie "Incident on and off of a Mountain Road", where the killer (dubbed Moonface) uses a drill press to drill neat holes through victims' skulls—entry point being the eyeballs.
    • In the episode/movie "Cigarette Burns", where the Chinese butler of a wealthy film enthusiast gouges his eyes out with a knife after being driven insane by the cursed film La Fin Absolue Du Monde.
  • In Royal Pains, Hank has a patient who is having an occlusion in a blood vessel of the eye. To relieve the pressure and save his vision, Hank takes a needle and... One of the very few instances of Eye Scream being a good thing.
  • During an episode of the American version of The Office, Michael and Dwight set out to prank the Utica branch of Dunder-Mifflin while disguised as warehouse workers. While passing a security guard, Dwight expressed a nigh-irresistable urge to "do something to his eyes". As Dwight explains, "The eyes are the groin of the head."
  • Believe it or not, one episode of the kids' show Mist: Sheepdog Tales involves a sheep who's fallen over and is surrounded by crows who are planning to peck her eyes out.
    "It happened to my aunt, you know. You remember One-Eyed Betty?
  • Tales from the Crypt:
    • The episode "Carrion Death" features a murderer getting his eyes pecked out by a vulture.
    • The episode "Forever Ambergris" features Steve Buscemi catching a flesh-rotting virus, causing one of his eyes to ooze right out of its socket. His idol then puts out a cigarette out on it.
    • The episode "The Assassin" has a man killed by a woman slamming a high heeled shoe in his eye.
  • Alton Brown explains in the Chili Pepper episode to wear gloves when handling capsicums because, as he found out, capsaicin stays on human skin for hours and is the reason he can't wear contacts. A Scream Discretion Shot is provided to illustrate.
  • In the Law & Order: CI episode, "See Me", an optometrist repeatedly operated on several schizophrenic patients too frequently and often in bizarre ways (only operating on one eye or making an incision on the edge of the iris). As it turns out, he believed that he could treat the visual hallucinations suffered by removing part of the lens. It also turned out that the doctor suffered from schizophrenia as well.
  • 1000 Ways to Die, being a show about freaky deaths, has MANY examples:
    • "Dead Eye": An arrogant gym teacher who throws a javelin and ends up getting it through his eye when he runs around without paying attention.
    • "Vermin-ated": A fugitive stuck in a pipe whose eye is eaten alive by rats.
    • "Succu-Offed": Two stoners stole a Saguaro catcus and celebrate with peyote in the desert. They later get a shared hallucination where the Saguaro tells them they will be punished for their crime. They run screaming as one stoner falls on an Agave plant and is pierced through the heart while the other stoner runs into another Saguaro cactus and gets speared in the eye.
    • "Samurai Death Squad": A Japanese-American street racer gets a lance through his eye.
    • "Contact Die": A chemistry student determined to screw her way to an easy grade by seducing the class genius has her contacts fused to her eyeballs after performing an experiment without wearing goggles. She then spends the last few minutes of her life running around in blind panic (pardon the pun) before slipping on a wax floor, hitting the wall, and breaking her neck.
    • "Scam Eye Am (Dead)": A Nigerian scam artist gets found out and hides behind a door with a coat hook on it. Enter the angry scam victim, who shoves open the door... and guess what's hanging on the coat hook when the door swings the other way?
    • "Eye-Sick-Kill": A lecherous stoner mall Santa who got fired for sexually harassing his female elf workers gets an icicle to the eye when banging on his boss's door.
    • "Champ-Pained": A woman who works in the art black market is holding a mix of auction and party, and tries to open up a champagne bottle. The cork hits her square in the eye... and causes her to collapse on a pyramid of flute glasses right behind her, ending up Impaled with Extreme Prejudice with the shards.
  • Glee: has a moment, when Blaine's eye gets scratched after being slushied by Sebastian because it was full of rock salt.
  • "Heathen", the reviewer for ER on Television Without Pity refused to describe or even think about eye injuries on the show. Instead, the patient had something in his... toe.
  • In Falling Skies "Shall We Gather at the River", Anne finds a small parasite in Tom's left eye. She's forced to remove it... while Tom is still fully conscious.
  • In an episode of the BBC series, "Life", a time lapse video shows nemertean worms and sea stars decomposing a seal pup. How do the worms get in? Guess...
  • On The Colbert Report, Stephen recommends this as a method for Republicans to stop talking about rape. Specifically he recommends jabbing a pencil in your eyes, up into your brain cavity, and continually poking at it, until the thoughts of mentioning rape go away.
  • Dexter: It's the favourite murder method of the Ukrainian mafia boss in season 7. He kills one guy thrusting a screwdriver into his eye, and threatens Louis Greene, a Miami Metro Homicide ex-intern and pain in Dexter's neck, with a hand drill. Subverted in the latter case, as he promises to let him go. But he shoots him anyway.
  • In The Walking Dead, The Governor has this happen to him in the 3rd season's mid-season finale.
  • The Following: This is the main MO of Joe Carroll. He's a worshipper of Edgar Allan Poe, and takes the latter's belief that the eyes are the window to the soul a little too seriously. As such, he and his followers tend to remove the eyes of their victims (usually before killing them). In the pilot, one the aforementioned followers stabs herself in the eye with an ice pick.
  • The climactic torture scene in the pilot of Utopia where Wilson has chili, sand and bleach rubbed into his eyes, then said eye is gouged out with a teaspoon.
  • Series 6 of Doctor Who introduces us to the Silence, a race of aliens who are instantly forgotten as soon as you look away from them. Their mistress, Madame Kovarian wears a special badge on her eye called an Eye-Drive which means the wearer can remember the Silence even when not looking at them. In the series finale the Silence turn on her, electrocuting her through the Eye-Drive.
  • On The Borgias, Della Rovere stabs a potential assassin in the eye through the screen of a confessional.
  • There's an episode of Charmed, where a man cursed with blindness sends his son out to steal a pair of eyes for him. The eyes removed from the bodies are just... ew.
  • Kids in the Hall reminds you: Never put salt in your eyes.
  • In Star Trek, while it's never quite as explicit in the various television series as it is in Star Trek: First Contact, there are often several reminders that Borg assimilation usually leaves the victim missing an eyeball. In I, Borg, Hugh casually removes his cybernetic eyepiece and hands it to Doctor Crusher, exposing the circuitry where his eye should be—Crusher and La Forge appear appropriately disturbed.
    • In The Gift, the Doctor cheerfully shows Captain Janeway the artificial eye that will replace the one that Seven of Nine had plucked out by the Collective.
  • Arrow: At the end of "The Promise," we see Slade Wilson watching camera feeds without his eye patch on. And his missing eye is not hidden in shadow.
  • Hannibal: "Entree" has Dr. Gideon Abel, one of the prime suspects for the Chesapeake Ripper, go to town on a nurse, starting by gouging out her eyes with his thumbs. Thanks to Will's ability to put himself in the mind of the killer, we get to witness this.
    • "Takiawase" likewise features a killer who turns her victims into living beehives. The first step of this is to anesthetize them during acupuncture sessions, then induce a lobotomy, the old-fashioned "ice pick to the eye socket" way.
  • Reign killed King Henry II of France this way a jousting mishap with a broken lance splinter stabbing into his brain through his eye socket which was for once on this fanciful show an actual Truth in Television, as the real King Henry actually did die that way.

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