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So wait, who's Falcon and who's Redwing again?

Samuel Thomas "Sam" Wilson also known as The Falcon is a Marvel Comics superhero introduced in Captain America #117 (September 1969). Born and raised in Harlem, New York, Sam was originally written as a social worker who joined up with Captain America. Later, the story was that while he was initially a happy child and quite fond of birds, as a teen, his experiences with racism and his parents' deaths made him bitter, jaded and angry. Leaving his past behind him, he becomes "Snap" Wilson, a professional criminal, gang member, and pimp. However, Sam himself doubted that story, and was eventually able to tell the Red Skull's daughter, Sin, the truth: he was a social worker who'd been stranded on the Isle of Exiles, who'd saved Steve's life and helped him escape. The true fake memories implanted by the Red Skull were those of him being a criminal, a plot he concocted to discredit Sam, counting on the fact that no one would question a black man from Harlem having a shady past. This was done by the Cosmic Cube, which the Red Skull had possession of.

The cube also gives him an empathic link with Redwing, his pet falcon, and crimefighting partner, giving him an ability to communicate with him telepathically and see through his pet's eyes. This ability will eventually be trained to work with any bird that is near him.

Sam met Steve Rogers who encouraged to stand against the Red Skull's evil. After extensive gymnastics and hand-to-hand combat training by Captain America, Sam Wilson dubbed himself the Falcon. With Cap and Redwing, Falcon defeated the Red Skull and would return with them to Harlem. While working as a social worker, Falcon continued being a hero, protecting his neighborhood from crime. Eventually, he formed a long time partnership with Captain America and received a specialized winged-harness that allows him to fly from the Black Panther.

Falcon and Redwing would go to become members of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Super Agents, the Avengers, the Defenders, and the Heroes for Hire. Initially appearing alongside Captain America in Captain America and The Falcon, Sam would star in his own limited series, The Falcon, in 1983. He was invited to rejoin the Avengers during Marvel NOW!.

In 2014, Sam Wilson became a replacement Captain America after Steve Rogers lost his powers.

Also in 2014, a new version of the character entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, portrayed by Anthony Mackie. The Cinematic Universe Falcon has yet another completely different origin: as an Afghanistan War veteran turned PTSD counsellor, who flies using a one-man powered wingsuit that he used during his military service and subsequently "liberated".

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