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aka: X-Men60s Members
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     Calvin Rankin / Mimic 

Calvin Rankin/Mimic

See X-Men: Recurring Characters.

     Kevin Sydney / Changeling / Morph 

Kevin Sydney/Changeling/Morph

The second-in-command of Factor 3, a replacement for the Brotherhood of Mutants that wanted to start World War III. The leader of Factor 3 was revealed to be an alien and his organization turned on him and was disbanded. He secretly joined the X-men and was killed shortly after his covert membership was revealed. Morph from the animated series was based on him.

A parallel universe version of him is a constant member of the Exiles, where he's more of a wacky, Looney-Tuneish character who uses his ability to entertain.

The main universe version of Changeling had shapeshifting, and minor psychic powers. The Exiles version has more powerful shapeshifting powers.

     Alexander "Alex" Summers / Havok 

Alexander "Alex" Summers/Havok

Scott Summers' younger and more rebellious brother. When Scott and he were orphaned during an alien-caused plane crash, Alex was adopted, Scott was stuck in the orphanage. Alex likes the X-Men, but resents Scott's position, so is usually a reserve member. Alex has the mutant power to project energy blasts from his hands, but Scott and Alex are immune to each other's powers, leading to fist-fights between them during conflicts. Occasionally sports an out-of-control temper and the power of a small sun. Is the long-time boyfriend of Lorna Dane aka Polaris, and eventually married her after an extremely long period of being unable to decide what to do. Had his own series for several years, Mutant X, which involved him being trapped in a parallel world.

     Lorna Dane / Polaris 

Lorna Dane/Polaris

A young woman with magnetic control powers and the second daughter of Magneto. Although conflicted, she initially wants to side with the villain until Iceman, who was romantically interested in her, provided apparently phony evidence that Lorna's real parents were dead. Her powers along with the eventual confirmation of her parentage as a daughter of Magneto have led her to be slightly mentally unstable.

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